Book Review: Office Hours (Red Series Book 1) by Fawn Atondo
This was an enjoyable little read. Well done in getting the characters established and developed enough for you to relate and care what happens to them. Lots [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Office Hours, Ballet, Sexy Novella

Book Review: Crowdfunding - The Winning Formula - How to Raise Money For A Business That Works For You by Gary Spirer
In Crowdfunding: The Winning Formula: How to Raise Money For A Business That Works For You, you will learn the secrets of how to: • raise money for your [...] Crowdfunding - Book, Money Raising, Capital Raising, Raise Money, Income, Liabilities, Business

Book Review: On a Sphere's Edge by Keith Mosher
This work started over 30 years ago as a round-robin story on a Bulletin Board System (BBS) that I owned and ran, in those days prior to the Internet. Very [...] Science Fiction - Book, Mystery, Sci-Fi Contemporary, Addiction, Attraction, Myth, Friendship, Humor

Book Review: Artist's Touch by Kerry Adrienne
Artist's Touch is the first book in a series about a gay art guild in New York City, published by Ellora's Cave publishing. Why New York? Well, I love [...] LGBT - Book, Artist, Gay, Romance, New York City, Gay Romance, Love, Friendship, Painter

Book Review: The Sleeping Pool (Destination Series Book 1) by P. Zoro
Any African myth or legend is dismissible as a figment of someone's imagination, someone long dead. Shaun discovers on a mission to Zimbabwe's Chinhoyi Caves [...] Action Adventure - Book, Fantasy, Travel Fiction, Zimbabwe, Africa, Holidays

Book Review: My Journey to Now, Plus Tools for the Seeker - A Spiritual Memoir by James Westly
This is the story of the culmination of my life-long search for Life's meaning and purpose. It is a memoir detailing my discovery of a powerful spiritual [...] Memoir - Book, Consciousness, Spiritual, The Fourth Way, Personal Evolution, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Self-Awareness, Eckhart Tolle, Self-Help, Spiritual Psychology, Spirituality, Self Development

Book Review: Sisters of the Night (Blood & Company Book 2) by Linda Lee Williams
Return to Old Town, Chicago...and get to know a trio of female hybrid-vampires, struggling to find happiness with the special men in their lives. Sisters of [...] Vampires - Book, Paranormal, Supernatural, Romance, Contemporary, Chicago, Lake Michigan, Women

Book Review: Saints in the Shadows (The Madame Budska Series) by Alana Cash
Saints in the Shadows is set between Manhattan and New Orleans, the dream state and memory with elements of the descent of Persephone. Maud Strand has moved [...] Psychological - Book, Mystery, Paranormal, Psychic, Women's Fiction, Literary Fiction, New Orleans, Manhattan, Physics, Awareness, Carl Jung, Tarot

Book Review: Rainstorms & Rainbows by Rebecca ''Butter'' Garrett
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Book Review: First Chapters
First Chapters, sponsored by Jackie Weger, the founder of eNovel Authors at Work is just what is says: An omnibus of First Chapters up to 5,000 words each, to [...] First Chapters - Book, Thriller, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Indie Authors

Book Review: Fighting Fifty, Hot Flushes and Nose Hair by Elaine Naylor
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Book Review: Peeling Oranges by James Lawless
Peeling Oranges: The Provenance of a Novel. In the nineties I wrote a short story called Diaries about Derek Foley, who sifted through the diaries of his [...] Mystery - Book, Paternity, Love, Diplomacy, Mothers, Intrigue, Ireland, Spain

Book Review: How To Pursue An Idea by Chris Shorty
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Book Review: Brahma's Maze by Immanual Joseph
I am a cancer biologist, author of five books in two languages and a budding entrepreneur. Brahma's Maze was written a year and half ago, during a dark phase [...] Suspense Thriller - Book, Revenge, Crime, Mystery, India, Science Fiction, Redemption, Scientific Thriller

Book Review: If mistakes could fly, You'd be a Superhero - Flash Fiction Detective Humor (Jonny Gonzo and Money Man Book 1) by Kenyon Ledford
Flash fiction is supposed to punch you in the nose as hard and as quickly as possible. This collection of stories in, If Mistakes Could Fly, You'd Be a [...] Flash Fiction - Book, Detective, Humor, Funny, Superhero, Batman, Batman and Robin, Fantasy, Funny Cop Stories, Police Parody, Superhero Parody

Book Review: One More Tomorrow by Shirley Martin
Imagine a vampire who is transformed against his will, who goes through the centuries seeking mortality again. On the evening of the Battle of Hastings in [...] Vampire - Book, Romance, Mortal Woman, Good, Evil, Reincarnation, Bookstore, Evil Vampire, Vampire Society, Magic Elixir, Enduring Love, Beautiful Heroine

Book Review: The Lost Cities of Elvenshore (Elvenshore Series Book 2) by Clark Graham
The Lost City of the Valkyrie has been found, but an unknown evil lives there. The Dwarves have adopted a Human as one of their princes. It is up to him to [...] Epic Fantasy - Book, Gremlins, Elves, Dwarves, Lost Cities, Ghouls, Valkyrie

Book Review: Elf's Bane (Elvenshore Series Book 3) by Clark Graham
Life in the Far Shore was great for the Elves that fled from Elvenshore during the First Gremlin War. But now their idealistic society is in danger. A danger [...] Epic Fantasy - Book, Trolls, Elves, Heroes, Dwarves, Princes

Book Review: The Last of the Minotaur (Elvenshore Series Book 4) by Clark Graham
The Minotaur were a race made in a lab. Unnatural, something even their own written history did not record. They were created by the Elf Nevelef because he [...] Epic Fantasy - Book, Minotaur, Gremlins, Elves, Dwarves, Battles, Heroes

Book Review: Curse of the Druid King (Elvenshore Series Book 5) by Clark Graham
For four hundred years the Valkyrie have endured a curse, the warrior women can only have female children. This curse is finally broken and Signar, the prince [...] Fantasy - Book, Druids, Dwarves, Dukes, Trolls, Satyr, Battles, Kings, Valkyrie

Book Review: Flying Solo - An Unconventional Aviatrix Navigates Turbulence in Life by Jeanette Vaughan
Flying Solo features a woman ahead of her time. Nora Broussard seemed just like any other upper crust housewife from New Orleans on the outside. Slim, gorgeous [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Women's Fiction, New Orleans, Aviation, French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Award Winning, Metairie, Deep South, Southern Lit, Beignet, Drama

Book Review: Bend With The Wind by Suraya Dewing
Bend with the Wind is a marvelous read for those readers who are looking for a lovely romance interwoven with history. Suraya Dewing artistically sets her [...] Historical Novel - Book, Protest, Love Story, History, Conflict, Battle, Church, Injured, Fear, Peaceful, Contemporary, Historical, New Zealand, Civil Rights

Book Review: Solo Vietnam (Flying Solo Series Book 2) by Jeanette Vaughan
The second book in the FLYING SOLO trilogy, SOLO VIETNAM focuses on the star-crossed love between pilots Nora and Steve. Can love survive the dark tableau of a [...] Military Fiction - Book, Vietnam War, War Fiction, Historical Fiction, Tailhook, #FlyNavy, Award Winning, A-4 Skyhawk, USS Coral Sea, Naval Aviation, New Orleans, French Quarter

Book Review: Waiting in the Wings (Flying Solo Series Book 3) by Jeanette Vaughan
WAITING IN THE WINGS is the finale of the FLYING SOLO trilogy. This book answers all the questions about what exactly happened to that baby given up for [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Adoption, Drama, Women's Fiction, Vought Corsair, Family Ties, New Orleans, Dallas, Catholic

Book Review: Atlantis Pyramids Floods - Did Noah's Flood Destroy Atlantis and Damage the Pyramids? by Dennis Brooks
Did Noah's Flood Destroy Atlantis and Damage the Pyramids? This nonfiction book is by Author Dennis Brooks. First, let me say I found the book eminently easy [...] Atlantis - Book, Mystery, Flood Myths