Book Review: What a Crooked Web We Weave by Monica Thomas
This novel is about a woman by the name Rachael Delanie. She was a very spoiled brat, She pretty much was used to getting whatever she'd wanted growing up, [...] Mobsters - Book, Fiction, Golf, Gambling, Drugs, Crime, Wealthy, Broke, Family, Loan Shark, Unpaid Depts, Crime Boss

Book Review: HOPE by Robert K. Swisher Jr.
I worked in a rest home for two years and during this time I wrote HOPE. HOPE is the story of a group of residents that feeling abandoned and cut off from the [...] Old Age - Book, Literary, Fantasy, Heartfelt, Determination, Dreams, Birds, Love, Hope, Smiles, Sad, Time

Book Review: Rose Echoes - Glimpses of Life, Real and Imagined by Geoff Piper
These poems come from a time in my life when I was paying close attention to the world around me and my own thoughts and dreams – and writing poems about all [...] Poetry - Book, Poems about Life, Pacific Northwest Poetry, Life Observations Poems

Book Review: Angel to the Rescue by Petie McCarty
Angel to the Rescue is the second of the Hidden Angel romances -- action adventure love stories with an angel hidden in the plot. Readers don't learn the [...] Angels - Book, Suspense, Romance, Thriller, Teen, Contemporary Romance, Action, Kidnapping, Romantic Suspense, Love, Fiction, Paranormal

Book Review: Sand, Sea and Meadow Muffins by Miriam Davison
Sarah Phillips Is bored plain and simple, bored of her married boyfriend's promises and bored of her temp job. she needs to get away, deciding on a road trip. [...] Chic Lit - Book, Romance, Comedy, Road Trip, Romcom, Farm

Book Review: Destiny's Embrace (Mists of Svargo) by Lysette Cohen
As a child rocking the Polish/Czech divide, I grew up on stories of Eastern European Folklore and Mythology. Perun, Baba Yaga, and Koshchei the Deathless were [...] Paranormal Romance - Book, Magic, Eastern European Mythology, Eastern European Folklore, Action Adventure, Fantasy

Book Review: Galactic Empire Wars - Destruction (The Galactic Empire Wars) by Raymond L. Weil
The Kleese and two other races control the majority of the galaxy. They raid primitive planets for conscripts to fight in their wars of aggression. Earth is [...] Science Fiction - Book, Military, Alien Contact, Space Opera, First Contact, Space Marine, Colonization, Galactic Empire, Space Fleet, Space Battle

Book Review: Holiday in Havana - The Adventures Begin (The Martin Culver Series) by Malcom Massey
This novel represents the beginning of The Martin Culver Series. When Martin Culver finds out that his father and his brother have been lost at sea near Cape [...] Thriller - Book, Havana, CIA, Archaeology, Spanish Treasure, Espionage, Scuba Diving, Underwater Archaeology

Book Review: Valens Rise by Sherrel Lee
Mankind's development took two paths, the one we are familiar with and a species hiding behind human faces. These parallel men and women, the basis for the [...] Contemporary Urban Fantasy - Book, Science Fiction, Mythology, Myth, Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, Persium Mythology, Celtic Mythology, Inuit Mythology, Shape-Shifters, Mad Scientists, Genetically Engineered Monsters

Book Review: Gift of Life - Passageway to the Light by Tayyeba Khokhar
I had a really tough time in secondary school. I was new to wearing the headscarf at the age of 15. At that time I had also been experiencing feelings of [...] Poetry - Book, Spiritual, Inspirational, Motivational, Personal Development, Personal Growth

Book Review: Early Children's Book+Video+Audio - by Uncle Amos
A whimsical tale about friendship and getting things done. • "This is a clever twist on a solution to an age old problem – a fun, well written and [...] Children's Book - Book, Friendship, Educational Story, Beginners Readers, Values, Short Story, Manners, School and Education, Bedtime Story

Book Review: Children's Fish Book+ E-Video - by Uncle Amos
You Need To Read This Book Because it's: 1. A tale about fish that has a great message. 2. Excellent story for young children based on real fish [...] Children's Book - Book, Educational Story, Audio Story, Animals, Values, Kids, Short Story, Manners, Illustrated Book, Bedtime Story

Book Review: Fullness of Joy - A Spiritual Guide to the Paradise Within by John Stephenson
The Fullness of Joy grew out of my search for spiritual truth. I had the sense that the universe contained many dimensions, and that somewhere in life was a [...] Spiritual - Book, Mystical, Metaphysical, Guide, Meditation, Inner Self, Joy, Inner Peace, Spiritual Self, Goldsmith, Infinite Way, Truth

Book Review: The Golden Fleece Found by Basil C. Hill
I bought this book two years ago to read on vacation. I picked up the book again today. I am at page 242, Chapter 20b. "Preview of the Final Antichrist." Had I [...] Religious Questions - Book, Religion, Spirituality, Vernal Equinox, Golden Fleece, Knights Templar, Library of Alexandria

Book Review: Lovechild (The Eastbrooke Series) by M.K. Ritter
This book is my baby. I knew that I had a ton of ideas in my head but being a mother with a full-time job and school full-time meant no time. I finally told my [...] Romance - Book, Boarding School, Teen, Contemporary, Mystery, Murder

Book Review: The DCI Jones Casebook - Ellis Flynn by Kerry J Donovan
Set in England and France, the second in Kerry J Donovan's DCI Jones Casebook series, follows the police search for missing fourteen year-old, Hollie Jardine. [...] Crime Thriller - Book, Police Procedural, Murder Fiction, British Detective Story, Mystery, Serial Killers

Book Review: Mothers Ruin (The Reclamation Wars) by Tyhe Paul Egar
This is the first book of what is going to be a large universe. I began writing it as almost a synopsis for the story I originally wanted to tell and it became [...] Science Fiction - Book, Urban, Horror, Explicit, Dark Fantasy, Thriller

Book Review: Under The Burning Sky (The Amarin Trilogy) by Olivia Bersell
After returning from Vietnam Ethan Coles became a school teacher. Ethan lands a teaching position on a remote outback cattle station in Australia, and is [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Love Stories, Passionate Fire, Romance Novella, Interracial, Passionate Journey, Inspirational, Romantic Love, Coming of Age, Fiction, Romantic Fiction

Book Review: Empire of the Worm - An Epic Fantasy Novel of Sword & Sorcery and Occult Horror by Jack Conner
When Davril, the youngest prince of the Empire of Qazradan, refuses to sacrifice his beloved Alyssa to the terrible god his family worships, he ushers in what [...] Epic Fantasy - Book, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Lovecraft, Sword and Sorcery, Pulp, Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, Occult

Book Review: Go From Blog to Brand in 30 Days by Cailin Koy
Bloggers, as a whole, have a problem. They don't treat their websites like businesses. Consequently, they don't become successful, make money, or turn blogging [...] Blogging - Book, Blogs, Internet, Web Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Online Marketing, E-Commerce, Computers, Publishing

Book Review: The Collector - Bar Napkins Memoirs by Dr. Robert Valuk
This book is a science fiction based upon a series of dream-like travels through time and space encountered by the author as he attempted to pass into a full [...] Science Fiction - Book, Aliens, Horce Racing, Time Travel, Sexual Encounters, Seeding Humans, Future Shock, Government Blundering, Human Interactions, Unanswerable Questions, Cosmic Collecting

Book Review: The Options Machine - A Proven System for Generating Wealth Employing Naked Puts & Covered Calls by Dr. Robert Valuk
Having published a national financial newsletter (The Financial Report Card) for over fifteen years and having served clients as a stockbroker, real estate [...] Investing - Book, Naked Puts, Covered Calls, Dividend Paying Stocks, High Dividend Stocks, Trading Group Insight, Proven Techniques, Calculating Option Returns, Option Rollovers, Option Trading Groups, Entering Trade, When to Trade

Book Review: Time Taxi - Book 1 - Back To Your Beginning by Bruce Boyce
How did I get here? Even kids know they weren't flown in by a stork. But how to tell the wonderful story of human evolution in a way that entertains [...] Children's Fiction - Book, Kids' Fiction, Evolution Picture Books, Human Evolution, Dog Evolution, Time Travel, Time Travel Kids, Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Pictures, Science for Kids, Science Fiction, Illustrated Kids Books

Book Review: The Owl by Geoff Piper
Adam is a boy with a mission. His Dad is missing and a snowy Owl has laid before Adam the way to find him. Saving his Dad can also save his family - though [...] Fantasy Adventure - Book, Adult Child Issues, Alcoholism, Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Youth Family Alcoholism

Book Review: Disease Myths by Baz Moreno
We are so overwhelmed with information that we dismiss more information than we actually contemplate. Disease Myths addresses the many questions and concerns [...] Disease - Book, Medisin, Nutrition, Cancer, AIDS, Iatrogenic, Complementary Alternative Medicine, Germ Theory, Fasting for Health, Raw Food, Junk Food