Book Review: War of the Druid King (Elvenshore Series Book 6) by Clark Graham
The Valkyrie Prince has left the land, but before he went he spilled the blood of the Druids. Now the Druids are angry at the Seven Dukes and are demanding the [...] Epic Fantasy - Book, Druids, Dragons, Trolls, War, Battles, Swords

Book Review: Dwarves, Druids and Dragons (Elvenshore Series Book 7) by Clark Graham
Against hopeless odds, the men of the Seven Dukes struggle on. Their largest city has been destroyed and their army is under siege in the northern city of Lanu [...] Epic Fantasy - Book, Battles, Elves, Trolls, Swords, Dwarves, Druids

Book Review: International Mysteries - Boxed Set Four Books in One (Jack Warden Detective Series Book 5) by Clark Graham
Four books in one. Follow the adventures of Jack Warden, a detective that is trying to get out of the shadow of his father and prove himself in the quiet town [...] Mystery - Book, Cruise, High Seas, Honeymoon, Detective, Killer, Murder, Gangs

Book Review: Emily and the Shadow King by Clark Graham
Young Emily has a wonderful and happy life. She has just seen the King of the land pass by in a wonderful carriage and he even waved to her. But soon war has [...] Dwarves - Book, Swords, Battles, War, Young Adult, Hero

Book Review: The King's Book of Numerology - Volume 1 - Foundations and Fundamentals by Richard Andrew King
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY, VOLUME 1 – FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS is the first text in "The King's Book of Numerology" series. It is referenced in short [...] Numerology - Book, Numerologist, Master Numerologist, Astrology, Tarot, Metaphysics, Numbers, Numerology Basics

Book Review: The King's Book of Numerology II - Forecasting - Part I by Richard Andrew King
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY II – FORECASTING, PART 1 (aka as KBN II) is the second volume in The King's Book of Numerology series. To understand and gain [...] Numerology - Book, Numerologist, Astrology, Tarot, Metaphysics, Numbers, Numerology Forecasting, Life Cycle Patterns, Timelines

Book Review: The King's Book of Numerology 3 - Master Numbers by Richard Andrew King
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 3 – MASTER NUMBERS (aka KBN3) is the third book in The King's Book of Numerology series. It continues the exciting and [...] Numerology - Book, Forecasting, Telling the Future, Destiny, Master Numbers, Celebrity Master Numbers, Master Number 33, Master Number 22

Book Review: You're Not My Mommy! WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother by Donna Jarrett
This book tells it like it is. It made me stop in my tracks when it comes to dating a man with kids. You have to be fully prepared before taking on risk with [...] Parenting - Book, Stepmother, Warnings, Motherhood, Horror, Cheating Husband, Mamma Drama, Marriage, Stepparent, Stepchildren

Book Review: Played to Death - A Scott Drayco Mystery by BV Lawson
Still suffering nightmares from his last case, former FBI agent-turned crime consultant Scott Drayco considers retiring from crime solving altogether. Then a [...] Murder Mystery - Book, Crime Fiction, Detective, Music, Virginia Eastern Shore, Vengeful, Conspiracies, Psychological, FBI Agents, Police Procedural, Private Eye

Book Review: Dangerous Liaisons - A Story of Men and Women who Loved Too Much (Royal Command Book 1) by Sarah Stuart
Show business became part of my life when a director chose one of my dogs to play Sandy in the musical "Annie", arguably the most difficult role for a dog, and [...] Romantic Suspense - Book, Romance, Show Business, Theatre, Crime, Thriller, Erotic, Wildlife Conservation, Historical

Book Review: The Age of Eisenberg by Andrew Bellamy
"The Age of Eisenberg" is a science fiction tale that spans two centuries and looks at the affects that a singular time-travel event has on an entire [...] Time Travel - Book, Science Fiction, Realistic, Future, Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Review: Temptation by Shirley Martin
Fed up with an abusive boyfriend, Jennifer leaves her home in Pittsburgh and settles in Miami, where she obtains a position as a high school teacher. She vows [...] Vampire - Book, Beautiful Heroine, Vampiress, Jealous Boyfriend, Good, Evil, Schoolteacher, Kidnap, Glittering Nightclubs, Miami Beach, Cancer, Paris

Book Review: The Power to Navigate Life - Your Journey to Freedom by Tony Fahkry
For those who feel like they are not going anywhere in life, this book encourages purpose, passion, enthusiasm and most importantly, meaning. The book is a [...] Personal Growth - Book, Self-Help, Self-Awareness, Health, Spirituality, Healing, Emotions, Consciousness, Mind, Subconscious Mind, Personal Development, Navigate Life

Book Review: The World, the City, and the Wakemans by Richard French
"The World, the City, and the Wakemans" is a family saga with several themes -- the advantages and troubles of modern urban life, ambitions for improvement, [...] Literary Fiction - Book, Satire, Improvisation, Urban Living, Middle Age Dilemmas, Family Life, Family Saga

Book Review: Striking Out by Robert Lamb
Striking Out, a coming-of-age story, was my first novel. Nominated for the PEN/Hemingway Award, it seems to resonate most with males who came of age in the [...] Coming Of Age - Book, Catholic Education, Rich-Girl, Poor-Boy, First Love, Growing Up, South, 1950s, Double Dating, Caught Making Out, Sexual Initiation, The Hill, Augusta, Georgia, Partying

Book Review: From There to Here-Journey of a Skinned Rabbit by Sylvia Bryden-Stock
Sylvia was inspired to write her story to share some of her life journey challenges and experiences so that others may realise that they too can overcome deep [...] Autobiography - Book, Spiritual, Life Story, Nursing, Coaching, Healing, Post War Years, Childhood Dreams, Food Intolerances, Transformational Coaching, Reiki Healing, Counselling

Book Review: CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE - A Metaphysical Journey by Myrna Lou Goldbaum
This is a story of a dysfunctional family dynamic where hate turns to love. A mother, Shirley and daughter, Reggie, go on a cruise vacation. On the island of [...] Metaphysical - Book, Cruise Ship, Palm Reading, Guardian Angel, Visions, Ghosts, Crystal Ball, Psychic, Afterlife, Contact, Death

Book Review: When Angels Fingerpaint - Poetry of Life by Heather Fraser
There are many here who are earth angels. No doubt if you are reading this, you are one of them. Earth angels are no better than anyone else. They are not [...] Poetry - Book, Spiritual, Angels, Love, Relationships, Meditation, Trancendence, Consciousness, Nature, Soul, Personal Growth, Creativity

Book Review: Romance - The Publisher by Amanda Reed
Words can't express how much I loved this book. It is so full of emotion that I literally went through half a box of Kleenex while reading it. When I saw the [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Suspense, Multicultural, Interracial, Love Story

Book Review: Romance - A Spark of passion by Amanda Reed
I download and purchase a lot of books for my kindle- both free and ones that cost money. Most books that I read I forget about within a short amount of time, [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Suspense, Multicultural, Interracial, Love Story

Book Review: Romance - Passionate Desire by Amanda Reed
This is a novella, not a novel and is not even 200 pages. It is a fun book which is very entertaining, although it ends very quickly. I got this book on the [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Multicultural, Interracial, Suspense

Book Review: Zaci the Zebra Is Very Brave by Pippa Wilson
Zaci the Zebra and his friends are looking forward to a big day of fun under the wide African sky. Zaci, along with his friends Eevie Elephant, Jabalani [...] Children's Book - Book, Animals, Bedtime Story, Friendship, Making Friends, Kid's Book, Kids Animal Stories, Zebras, Zebra Stories

Book Review: Finally I Left Him (Now and Then Series Book 1) by Gwendoline Ewins
For some reason, and much to the surprise of everyone in Frankton, newcomer Gerald decided to marry Sylvia. Not only was he good-looking, he was clever and [...] Women's Fiction - Book, Growing Up, Contemporary Fiction, Mature Students, Tertiary Education, Coming of Age

Book Review: TOUCHING THE WIRE by Rebecca Bryn
Touching the Wire Publishing date 1st November 2014 Available for pre-order on Part One A young doctor and one of his nurses struggle to [...] Suspense Thriller - Book, Nazi War Criminals, World War II, Doctor and Nurse, Wartime Romance, Crime, Mystery, Suspense Romance, Death Camps, Auschwitz, War Crimes

Book Review: Finding Penelope by James Lawless
Apart from casting a wry glance at the phenomenon of chick lit and treating of the role of patriarchy in a family, the novel Finding Penelope is essentially a [...] Romance - Book, Spain, Family, Self-Realisation, Loyalty, Goodness