Book Review: Voices - The Reincarnation Series (Book 1) by R.E. Rowe
In a small town in Arkansas, two troubled teens find romance but the truth they discover might just destroy them. A brilliant but tormented street artist and [...] Paranormal Romance - Book, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Action Thriller, Teen Science Fantasy, High School Romance

Book Review: MBA 101 - The Business School Admissions Guide by Someone from the Committee by Marcus Young
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Book Review: Modeen - Black Ops (The Jo Modeen series Book 3) by Frank H Jordan
Readers of action/adventure and military thrillers will enjoy MODEEN: BLACK OPS, the fast-paced third book in the Jo Modeen series. Ex-SASR soldier and now [...] Military Thriller - Book, SAS, Australian Army, Female Protagonist, Action Adventure, Fast-Paced, Series, Secret Agent, Security Agency, Sniper, Black Ops, Terrorist

Book Review: Partners - Everyday working dogs being heroes every day by Nan Walton
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Book Review: Indecent Seduction by Kayla Star
"A betrayed woman called, Olivia, is enticed by a man online going by the name of 'Romeo'. But is the handsome Italian, who claims to own a successful [...] Erotica - Book, Erotic Romance, Italian, Online Romance, Webcam, Cybersex, Love

Book Review: Daughters of the Dragon - A Comfort Woman's Story by William Andrews
DURING WORLD WAR II, the Japanese forced 200,000 young Korean women to be sex slaves or "comfort women" for their soldiers. This is one woman's riveting story [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Comfort Women, World War II, Korea, Japan, Rape

Book Review: CreateEnergy - Co-Creating Your Life with Conscious Intention, Balance and Simplicity by F. Mikel Carmon
CreateEnergy is just what the title says ... we are all energy and our lives our energy. Question: are you living the life of your ultimate dreams and creating [...] Spiritual - Book, Energy, Manifest, Lifeplanner, Simplicity, Co-Creating, Universe, Intentional, Create, Conscious, Balance, Reality

Book Review: The Rain Song (The Zeppelin Series Book 1) by Janice Grove
Oswego, Kansas isn't a remarkable town. It's an average quiet town with friendly neighbors and lazy sweltering summers but things are about to go from [...] Paranormal - Book, Supernatural, Thriller, Young Adult, Demons, Foster, Action, Horror, Family, Kansas, Oswego

Book Review: Charity's Heart by Sofia Diana Gabel
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Book Review: Two Brothers - Origin (A Ramtalan Trilogy Book 1) by Sofia Diana Gabel
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Book Review: A Woman's Way by Sofia Diana Gabel
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Book Review: The Boy Who Walked A Way by Nancy Janes
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Book Review: Exposed - Book 4 of A New Life Series by Samantha Jacobey
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Book Review: Trouble Times Two (Deuce is Wilder - Troubled Book 2) by Calinda B
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Book Review: Looks like Trouble to Me (Deuce is Wilder - Troubled Book 1) by Calinda B
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Book Review: The Valley of Volcanoes - Climbs in East Africa by Steven James Foreman
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Book Review: The Spark That Left Us by K. Brooks
The Spark That Left Us, is at the heart, a story about family. It is about the love between siblings, and the lengths we will go to protect them, and [...] Supernatural - Book, Paranormal, Horror Fiction, Souls, Family, Murder, Hell, Road Trip, California, Boston, Psychic, Travel

Book Review: A Rip in the Veil (The Graham Saga Book 1) by Anna Belfrage
If you'd asked Alex Lind what she thought about time travel BEFORE that fateful August day in 2002, she would have laughed you in the face. Of course, after [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Time Travel, Scottish History, Family Saga, Historical Romance, Action

Book Review: Like Chaff in the Wind (The Graham Saga Book 2) by Anna Belfrage
Alex and Matthew are back! When time traveller Alex's husband Matthew is brutally abducted in Edinburgh, Alex knows immediately who has done it – and why. [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Time Travel, American Colonies, Family Saga, Historical Romance, Scottish History, Colonial Virginia, Indentured Servants

Book Review: The Prodigal Son (The Graham Saga Book 3) by Anna Belfrage
How much should a man risk for his faith? That is a question Alex Graham repeatedly asks herself as she watches her man slip away night after night to help the [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Time Travel, Scottish History, Family Saga, Love, Restoration Period, Religious Persecution

Book Review: A Newfound Land (The Graham Saga Book 4) by Anna Belfrage
There's nothing easy about setting off across an ocean to start anew in a new place. But that is what you get if you set religious conscience before comfort, [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Time Travel, American Colonies, Family Saga, Love, Action, Adventure, Colonial Maryland

Book Review: Wildcard (Wildspace (cyberpunk) Book 1) by Kelly Mitchell
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Book Review: Folk by Chris Winterton
Chris likes hats, which is good because for his novel Folk, he had to wear quite a few. He's made a career out of being a polycreative; he's a writer, [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Musical Fiction, Australian Fiction, Carnival, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Vaudevillian, Vaudevillian Carnival, Gypsy Music, Bootleg Gangsters, Sagas, Literary Fiction

Book Review: The Adventures of Joe Fenek by Graham Bayes
I used to tell stories to my children when they were young. Imaginary stories, with characters the children could relate to. The stories in this book are not [...] Children's Book - Book, Rabbit, Children, Animals, Malta, Hedgehog, Horse, Feast, Monster, Ghost, Chocolate, Adventure, Imagination