Book Review: Chapel Springs Revival (Women's Humorous Fiction) by Ane Mulligan
Claire can get in to situations that you can't help but feel bad for her and you will shake you head in disbelief. From an exploding meal to an oh so funny [...] Women's Fiction - Book, Humorous, Contemporary, Marriage, Empty Nest, Romance, Recipes, Miscommunication, Faith

Book Review: Texas Haven (Dawson Ranch Series Book 1) by Kathleen Ball
FREE Burke Dawson's luck with women has left him love shy. He no longer believes in love and happily ever after but he wants a family, kids to leave his ranch [...] Western Romance - Book, Cowboy, Ranch, Texas

Book Review: Why Does My Book Not Sell? 20 Simple Fixes (Writer's Craft) by Rayne Hall
Does your book sell as well as it deserves? If it doesn't, one of twenty blocks may hinder its sales—blocks which can be easily removed once you're aware [...] Book Marketing - Book, Book Promotion, Book Selling, Writing, Book Publicity, Book Exposure, Author

Book Review: ECHOES, A Story of Suspense by Kassandra Lamb
Part ghost story, part mystery, Echoes makes a great Halloween read! James Fitzgerald often spends his weekends with his closest friends at the house in [...] Ghost - Book, Halloween Read, Suspense, Virginia, Small Town Mystery, Haunted House

Book Review: Rebels and Patriots (Imperium Cicernus Book 3) by A.G. Claymore
Rebels & Patriots is set in a shared universe developed by bestselling author Chris Nuttall. It follows Inspector Paul Grimm's desperate struggle to clear [...] Space Opera - Book, Contact, Invasion, Empire, Colonization, Soldier, Fleet, Marine, Alien, Falling Empire

Book Review: WHEN GOD WASN'T LOOKING by Eunice Heath Tate
WHEN GOD WASN'T LOOKING is the story of a Caribbean woman battling ghosts. Abandoned as a child, sexually abused, and forced to grow up way too fast while the [...] Sexual Abuse - Book, General Fiction, Caribbean Fiction, Inspirational, African American, Forgiveness

Book Review: Running For Beginners - Get A Glimpse Inside The Runner's World by Chris Adkins
I was inspired to write this book because I have a love for running and I wanted to be able to help those who want to begin running. There are many who have [...] Running - Book, Exercise, Fitness, Jogging, Sports, Recreation, Health, Weight Loss, Start Running, Training Plan, Running for Beginners, Running Tips, How To Run

Book Review: Rings of Smoke by Diane O'Toole
Rings of Smoke is about a serial killer who targets young females (mostly teenage girls) he doesn't have a sexual motive; his reason is to torment and [...] Crime Thriller - Book, Serial Killer, Police Investigation, Murder, Abduction, Torture, Kidnapping

Book Review: My Little People - A Social Worker's Journey by Annie Brown
Many times as a society we fail to make hard choices. We rather place hard choices in our subconscious and take the stance of--- if the choices do not bother [...] Hospice - Book, Instructional, Educational, Self-Help, Death and Dying, Inspiration, Caregivers, Social Workers, Pastors, Counselors

Book Review: A Taste of Gold by Deryn Pittar
This novella is my first Young Adult. I set it in the Bay of Plenty, where I live, and enjoyed introducing features of the area, including two Taniwha [...] Young Adult - Book, Gold Prospecting, New Zealand, Mythology, Taniwha, Gold and Silver, Precious Jewels, Kidnapping, Stolen Gems, Cub Reporter, Telepathy, Diamonds

Book Review: In Too Deep (Due South Book 1) by Tracey Alvarez
In Too Deep is the first book in a series set on a remote New Zealand island called Stewart Island. Piper Harland is a dive cop—a highly trained diver who as [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Small Town Romance, Sexy Romance, Beach Romance, Second-Chance, New Zealand, Reunion, Family, Community, Series

Book Review: Melting Into You (Due South Book 2) by Tracey Alvarez
Melting Into You is the second book in the Due South series, set on a remote New Zealand island called Stewart Island. It features the heroine from book one's [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Small Town Romance, Sexy Romance, Beach Romance, Single Dad, New Zealand, Family, Community, Series

Book Review: Ready To Burn (Due South Book 3) by Tracey Alvarez
Ready To Burn is the third book in the Due South series, set on a remote New Zealand island called Stewart Island. Shaye Harland is the youngest Harland [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Small Town Romance, Sexy Romance, Beach Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Chefs, New Zealand, Series

Book Review: Little Miss HISTORY Travels to FORD'S THEATER (Volume 4) by Barbara Ann Mojica
We are approaching the 150th Anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theater. In her fourth adventure, Little Miss HISTORY pulls up her [...] Children's Book - Book, American History, Ford's Theater, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War, John Wilkes Booth, Museums, Our American Cousin, Appomattox Court House, Petersen House, McLean House, Anderson Ruffin Abbott, John T. Ford

Book Review: Maggie's Ghost: A Maggie McGill Mystery (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 6) by Sharon Burch Toner
In January, 1930, Sylvie St. Ange, an aspiring movie actress takes advantage of the depression of property values and of her own recent movie success to [...] Cozy Mystery - Book, Female Protagonists, California, Early Motion Pictures, World War II, Desert, Cottage, Kidnapping, Art, Film Preservation, Espionage, Boulangerie

Book Review: Maggie in White (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 7) by Sharon Burch Toner
Maggie in White is the seventh book of the Maggie McGill Mysteries. Maggie McGill, a psychotherapist turned artist, and her photographer daughter, Allie, are [...] Cozy Mystery - Book, Blizzard, California, Mountain Lodge, World War II, Nazi Art, Artists, Food, Europe, U-Boats, Lisbon, Refugees

Book Review: Blood & Soul - Creed of Kings Saga - Book One by Allen G. Bagby
If you are not chosen, you must still face the future. This truly epic fantasy begins with action and never lets up. From humble, unassuming human emotions [...] Epic Fantasy - Book, Coming of Age, Heroic Quest, Sword and Sorcery, Strong Women, Myths, Legends, Warfare, Gods, Goddess, Battle, Romance

Book Review: Cinderella Tears by Jui-Wei Yang
• What inspired you to write this book? ~Academic research on abuse to women When I was studying a combine degree in social science and media in [...] Abuse - Book, Narrative, Poststructuralism, Romance, Young Woman, Gender, Violent Relationship, Fairy Tale, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Dating

Book Review: Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! - Paranormal Menage and Multiple Partner Romance Stories by Giselle Renarde & Savannah Reardon
A special note from author Giselle Renarde: Everybody loves a shifter. Well, each and every tale in this new box set of paranormal erotic romances includes [...] Paranormal - Book, Shapeshifters, Werewolf, Haunted House, Paranormal Romance, Box Set, Historical, Demonic Possession, Monsters, Alpha Male, Biker Hero, Incubus, Fairy Tale

Book Review: Landscapes Of Lust by Virginnia de Parté
I was challenged to write a story about two cougars and their gardener. What I didn't expect was to fall in love myself with Raffety Blake, a complicated but [...] Erotic Romance - Book, Gardener, Cougars, Seasons, Native Bush, Widows, New Zealand, Welsh Heritage, Gardening

Book Review: His Unquenchable Desire by Joy Tremay
What would you do if a sinfully handsome man was determined to get you into his bed? For spirited beauty Cathlene Patterson, the answer is to ignore her [...] Romance - Book, Los Angeles, Working Girl, Love, Bad Boy, Steamy, Sexy, Sizzling, Romantic, Passion, Desire, Affair

Book Review: Day Stalker - A Murder Mystery by Mitt Winstead
Day Stalker was loosely based on a true story in Tucson, Arizona, during the late 60s. The foothills rapist was an elusive and dangerous cocaine addict with [...] Murder Mystery - Book, Fiction, Detective, Criminal Minds, Murder, Crime, Drug Murders, Drug Addiction Crimes

Book Review: Budget Body Movers - Paranormal Vampire Romance (Blood Circle) by Hillary Stone
Lucky Day is the main character in this paranormal romantic thriller. She is gut wrenching, throw up afraid of dead people. That's a serious problem when [...] Paranormal Romance - Book, Thriller, Girl Fun, Vampire, Mysterious, Romantic, Exciting

Book Review: To Love A Scoundrel (The Law and Disorder Series, Book 1) by Sharon Ihle
To Love a Scoundrel is about a headstrong young woman, Jewel Flannery, who is employed by Allan Pinkerton of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. While on a case, [...] Historical Romance - Book, Humor, Spicy, Western, Comedy, Love

Book Review: Writing for Children (Aber How to become an author) by Stephanie Baudet
The sub-title of this book is: 'A Step-by-Step Guide', and that's just what it is. I lead you through the process from developing an idea right through to [...] How To Write - Book, Writing Books, Publication, Children, Step-by-Step Guide, Author