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Procedures in Marriage and Family Therapy (4th Edition)
Gregory W. Brock, Charles P. Barnard

Pearson, 2008

The New Fourth Edition of Procedures in Marriage and Family Therapy guides practitioners through the procedures in marriage and family therapy - from common to troublesome situations - including child-custody evaluation, alcohol abuse, and more!   This handbook is both a student's and clinician's guide to handling situations through in-depth explanations.  Those just starting their careers will especially appreciate the ...


Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy, Fourth Edition

The Guilford Press, 2008

This authoritative handbook provides a definitive overview of the theory and practice of couple therapy. Noted contributors--many of whom developed the approaches they describe--combine clear conceptual exposition with thorough descriptions of therapeutic techniques. In addition to presenting major couple therapy models in step-by-step detail, the book describes effective applications for particular populations and problems. Chapters adhere ...


France in the Sixteenth Century
Frederic J. Baumgartner

Palgrave Macmillan, 1995

Both the golden age of the Renaissance state and the catastrophic era of the Wars of Religion, this fascinating period in French history has been oddly neglected by English-language historians. Professor Baumgartner's book fills a major gap in the textbook market: an accessible, fully current account which covers the principal political, economic and cultural themes from Francois I's successful centralization of the state, through France's near ...


The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy: Creating Connection (Basic Principles Into Practice ...
Susan M. Johnson

Routledge, 2004

Since its original publication in 1996, this volume has been a helpful guide to therapists in the practice of emotionally focused therapy. This second edition addresses the many changes in the field of couples therapy, including updated research results linked to clinical intervention and new information on using EFT to address depression and PTSD. A new section covers the growth of couples therapy as a field and its overall relevance to the ...


Empire of Nations: Ethnographic Knowledge and the Making of the Soviet Union (Culture and Society after ...
Francine Hirsch

Cornell University Press, 2005

When the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917, they set themselves the task of building socialism in the vast landscape of the former Russian Empire, a territory populated by hundreds of different peoples belonging to a multitude of linguistic, religious, and ethnic groups. Before 1917, the Bolsheviks had called for the national self-determination of all peoples and had condemned all forms of colonization as exploitative. After attaining power, ...


Solution Building in Couples Therapy
Elliott Connie

Springer Publishing Company, 2012

At the core of this step-by-step guide to solution focused therapy is a real-life evolving case study, offering readers a highly detailed panorama of couples therapy in action. Beginning with a clear explanation of the assumptions and tenets required for the practice of solution focused therapy, the book presents a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how to conduct solution-focused sessions with couples. Each chapter highlights a different part of ...


Working With Families: Guidelines and Techniques
John T. Edwards PhD

Wiley, 2011

A complete guide for helping professionals, with tried-and-true techniques for practicing family counseling therapy Now in its second edition, Working With Families: Guidelines and Techniques is filled with up-to-date, systems-oriented techniques focused on field-tested results. Outlining the dos and don'ts of working with different types of families and the various complications, nuances, and complexities that can occur, this practical guide ...


Advanced Race Car Chassis Technology HP1562: Winning Chassis Design and Setup for Circle Track and Road Race ...
Bob Bolles

HP Trade, 2010

Updated with nearly 60 percent new material on the latest racing technology, this book details how to design, build, and setup the chassis and suspension for road race and stock cars. Includes chassis dynamics, spring and shock theory, front and rear suspension geometry, real world racing aerodynamics, steering systems, racing chassis software and all you need to know to set you chassis up to win races.


Beneath the Cross: Catholics and Huguenots in Sixteenth-Century Paris
Barbara B. Diefendorf

Oxford University Press, 1991

The religious conflicts of sixteenth-century France, particularly the St. Bartholomew's Day massacres of 1572, continue to draw a good deal of attention from historians. What started as a limited coup against the Huguenot leadership became instead a conflagration that left two thousand or more Protestants dead in the streets and ushered in a series of bloody religious battles. Until now, however, historians have been preoccupied with the ...


Counseling and Therapy for Couples (SW 393R 15-Couples Counseling)
Lynn L. Long, Mark E. Young

Cengage Learning, 2006

Prepare for couples work with COUNSELING AND THERAPY FOR COUPLES! This counseling text includes wide coverage of topics in couples counseling, giving you exposure to the key issues and the varieties of couples with which you will be working. Numerous case examples and role-play scenarios illustrate the application of concepts to real-life situations. The integrative model discussed in the text encourages you to identify workable goals and lead ...


A Hundred Giants: The French Huguenot Experience in Florida: 1562-1565
Tyrrell L. Armstrong, Dr. Robert H. Baer, ...

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

The first settlement of Europeans in Florida occurred in 1564 in the vicinity of Jacksonville. French Huguenots attempted a foothold there and lasted a year before being wiped out by the Spanish. As the struggle between the French and Spanish developed, French forces were shipwrecked along the Florida coast and executed by the Spaniards in the vicinity of Matanzas Inlet. In 2008 the authors began translating a Dutch manuscript published by ...


Governing Passions: Peace and Reform in the French Kingdom, 1576-1585
Mark Greengrass

Oxford University Press, 2007

The French kingdom dissolved into civil wars, known as the "wars of religion", for a generation from 1562 to 1598. This book examines the reactions of France's governing groups to that experience. Their major political endeavour was securing peace. They attempted to achieve it through a religious pluralism not envisaged in any other state on this scale in this period. Its achievement would only be fulfilled, however, alongside a reform of the ...


The Turkish Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, Imperial Ambassador at Constantinople, 1554-1562: ...
Ogier Ghislain De Busbecq, Edward Seymour Forster

Louisiana State Univ Pr, 2005

A native of western Flanders, Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq served in several posts as diplomatic representative for the Habsburg ruler Ferdinand I (King of Bohemia and Hungary, 1526–64, and Holy Roman Emperor, 1556–64). Busbecq’s most famous mission was undoubtedly to the Ottoman Empire at the zenith of its power and glory during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. In four letters to his friend Nicholas Michault—who had been Busbecq’s ...


Clinical Casebook of Couple Therapy

The Guilford Press, 2010

An ideal supplemental text, this instructive casebook presents in-depth illustrations of treatment based on the most important couple therapy models. An array of leading clinicians offer a window onto how they work with clients grappling with mild and more serious clinical concerns, including conflicts surrounding intimacy, sex, power, and communication; parenting issues; and mental illness. Featuring couples of varying ages, cultural ...


Society and Culture in Early Modern France: Eight Essays
Natalie Zemon Davis

Stanford University Press, 1975

These essays, three of them previously unpublished, explore the competing claims of innovation and tradition among the lower orders in sixteenth-century France. The result is a wide-ranging view of the lives and values of men and women (artisans, tradesmen, the poor) who, because they left little or nothing in writing, have hitherto had little attention from scholars. The first three essays consider the social, vocational, and sexual context of ...


The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629 (New Approaches to European History)
Mack P. Holt

Cambridge University Press, 2005

This book is a new edition of Mack P. Holt's classic study of the French religious wars of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Drawing on the scholarship of social and cultural historians of the Reformation, it shows how religion infused both politics and the socio-economic tensions of the period to produce a long extended civil war. Professor Holt integrates court politics and the political theory of the elites with the religious ...


Getting the Sex You Want: Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together
Tammy Nelson

Quiver, 2008

A proven couples counseling method applied to sex for the very first time. Communication problems can erode a relationship in and out of the bedroom. This guide takes a proven communication method, which has been used to counsel millions of couples, and applies it to sex for the very first time. The Imago Relationship Therapy, which was pioneered by Harville Hendrix in the national bestseller and self-help classic Getting the Love You Want , ...


Finite Fields (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)
Rudolf Lidl, Harald Niederreiter

Cambridge University Press, 2008

The theory of finite fields is a branch of algebra with diverse applications in such areas as combinatorics, coding theory and the mathematical study of switching circuits. This updated second edition is devoted entirely to the theory of finite fields, and it provides comprehensive coverage of the literature. Bibliographical notes at the end of each chapter give a historical survey of the development of the subject. Worked examples and lists of ...


The King's Army: Warfare, Soldiers and Society during the Wars of Religion in France, 1562-76 (Cambridge ...
James B. Wood

Cambridge University Press, 2002

Historians have long ignored the military aspect of the French wars of religion. In contrast, The King's Army--a meticulously researched analysis of the royal army during the early civil wars--brings warfare back to the center of the picture. The King's Army makes an important contribution to the history of military forces, warfare, religion and society in France, and will be of great interest to those engaged in the debate over the "Military ...


Antonio Gardano, Venetian Music Printer, 1538-1569 (A Health Care for Women International Publication) (v. 3)
Mary Lewis

Routledge, 2005

Antonio Gardano's publications are among the most important sources of sixteenth-century music. This final volume in Mary Lewis's three volume set completes the catalogue of Antonio Gardano's publications, covering the years 1560-1569.



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