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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cartooning But Were Afraid to Draw (Christopher Hart Titles)
Christopher Hart

Watson-Guptill, 1994

Written by a master cartoonist with a combination of wit (which every cartoonist needs) and invaluable advice, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cartooning But Were Afraid to Draw is the ultimate cartooning book. It serves as a complete course for beginners as well as a great tool for the most advanced cartoonist. Author Christopher Hart covers everything a cartoonist needs to know to tell a joke visually, from the effective use of ...


First Day Jitters
Julie Danneberg

Perfection Learning, 2000

Everyone knows that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach just before diving into a new situation. Sarah Jane Hartwell is scared and doesn't want to start over at a new school. She doesn't know anybody, and nobody knows her. It will be awful. She just


What to Do When You're Scared and Worried: A Guide for Kids
James J. Crist

Free Spirit Publishing, 2004

From a dread of spiders to panic attacks, kids have worries and fears, just like adults. This is a book kids can turn to when they need advice, reassurance, and ideas. They’ll find out where fears and worries come from, practice Fear Chasers and Worry Erasers, and learn to seek help for hard-to-handle fears they can’t manage on their own.


Hinds Feet On High Places
Hannah Hurnard

Wilder Publications, 2012

Much-Afraid had been in the service of the Chief Shepherd, whose great flocks were pastured down in the Valley of Humiliation. She lived with her friends and fellow workers Mercy and Peace in a tranquil little white cottage in the village of Much-Trembling. She loved her work and desired intensely to please the Chief Shepherd, but happy as she was in most ways, she was conscious of several things which hindered her in her work and caused her ...


Becoming a Woman of Simplicity: "I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds ...
Cynthia Heald

NavPress, 2009

In a culture that pulls women in multiple directions at once, is it possible to adjust priorities, reexamine your time management, and reduce your busyness in exchange for what is truly important--becoming like Jesus? Written by Navigator author and Bible teacher Cynthia Heald, Becoming a Woman of Simplicity is a topical Bible study that delves into Scripture to offer practical, real-life counsel on rest and stress to women. • Personal study ...


Children's Book: "I am Afraid of the Dark" (Good Night books, ages 2-6. The Adventures of Robin and Sunbeam ..., 2013

                                  A Must Read Good Night Book for Any Child Afraid of the Dark! *************************************************** Does this sound familiar to you? " I am afraid of the dark !" That's what Robin calls out every night, even after Mom reads him a bedtime story, tucks him in for the night, and gives him his last drink of water. ...


Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid

Hachette Audio, 2014

Fear commonly affects our ability to live fully, holding us back from what enriches our lives and the lives of others. But our quality of life will improve when we learn how to be courageous in the face of fear. In Living Courageously , Joyce Meyer explains how, as Christians, we can overcome the paralyzing power of fear by calling upon the Lord. "Fear not" is written throughout the Bible. God knows His children will be confronted with fear, ...


Do Not Be Afraid!: How to Find Freedom from Fear

Destiny Image, 2014

You Can Live Without Fear! For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:7 Everyone deals with fear; not everyone conquers it. Throughout our lives we all experience different kinds of fears. Unfortunately, many of us believe the lie that fear is something we have to live with. You don't! According to Scripture, God desires every one of His children to be free from ...


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (Books Out Loud)
Linda Williams

The Trumpet Club, 1990

The story is told on audio cassette and includes the songs "Old Roger is Dead," "In a Dark, Dark Wood," "There Was an Old Witch," "Somebody's Under the Bed," and "Three Little Ghostesses."


My Dog May Be a Genius
Jack Prelutsky

Greenwillow Books, 2008

Have you ever encountered an underwater marching band, a pig in a bathing suit, a pet orangutan, or a witch in a hardware store? Have you ever sat with a skunk in a courtroom, shopped for a dinosaur, or conversed with a Bupple, a Wosstrus, a Violinnet, or a Celloon? You will have, once you've read this exuberant collaboration from Jack Prelutsky and his "partner in crime" James Stevenson. The "reigning czars of silliness" have once again teamed ...


Alone and Afraid?: 5 Tips That Can Save Your Life!

Canary Islands Press, 2014

Alone and Afraid? 5 Tips That Can Save Your Life! Author J.J. Luna entered the alarm/protection field in Europe 50 years ago. He knows all the tips and tricks, and discusses the following: The most valuable method.of self protection that is free, and can be put into action the day you buy the book. The one special kind op bed that can save your life. How to set up a remote control alarm bell. A $20 marine item that will put any ...


Franklin in the Dark
Paulette Bourgeois

Kids Can Press, 2013

This larger-format special collectible edition of the first Franklin book celebrates the 25th anniversary of the world's most beloved turtle.?Includes never-before-seen archival material? and personal letters from the author and illustrator that offers a fun behind-the-scenes peek at this Canadian classic.A perfect gift for long-time fans and a new generation of readers alike. In the Franklin Classic Storybook that started it all, poor little ...


Afraid to Hope (Secrets & Seduction)

MJ Nightingale, 2014

Louisa Sears is ready to start over. Escaping her small town where prejudice, long memories, and old fashioned values haunt her, Louisa embarks on her dream of finding love, and a man who can warm up her bed at night. Pregnant at sixteen, divorced from an abusive husband at twenty, and raising a daughter alone, Louisa is now ready to live. She wants what every woman wants. A rock hard man, who knows how to love. Will Florida be the place where ...


Fear of Life
Alexander Lowen

The Alexander Lowen Foundation, 2012

Fear of Life is an in-depth study of the human condition within modern culture.


The Monster Bed
Jeanne Willis

Andersen Press, 2007

Little Dennis doesn't want to go to sleep because there might be something under his bed. Dennis isn't afraid of monsters—after all, he's a monster himself. He's afraid that humans will get him. His mother says that humans are only in made-up stories, but Dennis is not convinced—but just try telling that to the lost little boy who wanders into Dennis's cave one night! Rollicking rhyme and delightfully detailed illustrations make this ...


Afraid to Speak to Paid to Speak: How Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety Boosts Your Confidence and Career, 2014

Do you hate to speak in front of people? When you think about having to address a group, are you filled with fear, dread, anxiety? Do you suffer from shaking hands, pounding heart, sweaty palms, trembling voice, or a reddening face? What if you had the opportunity to significantly reduce your nervousness? How would you feel if you knew you could boost your confidence any time you had to give a professional or personal presentation to an ...


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book
Lauren Child

Hodder Children's Books, 2002

Have you ever fallen into a storybook? Well, if you do, just make sure it isn't a fairy tale! Because in every one there is a 'wicked this, an evil that and a hungry somebody.' Find out what happens to Herb when he falls into a fairy tale!


The Courage Box (Inner light for kids Book 1), 2013

It’s not always easy to fall asleep. Especially when your teddy bear is afraid. And even more so, when you find out that a scary monster is there in the room with you! In cases like this, it’s a good thing to have your “courage box” at hand… In this magical story your child will find the most amazing tool to deal with any night fear. The “courage box” is a wonderful way to help your child find the strength and courage within, so ...


The New Evangelization and You: Be Not Afraid

Franciscan Media, 2013



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