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Courage to Change Publisher: Al Anon Family Group Headquarters
Al-Anon Family Group Head Inc, 1992


Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph, 2012

This is the story of the first airline pilot ever arrested and sent to prison for flying under the influence. He was fired by his airline, stripped of his FAA licenses, tried, convicted, and sent to Federal prison. This was a first. It had never occurred before. Lyle Prouse came from a WWII housing project in Kansas and an alcoholic family where both parents died as a result of alcoholism. He rose through the ranks of the United States Marine ...


Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint
Nadia Bolz-Weber

Jericho Books, 2013

Now a New York Times bestseller, Nadia Bolz-Weber takes no prisoners as she reclaims the term "pastrix"(pronounced "pas-triks," a term used by some Christians who refuse to recognize female pastors) in her messy, beautiful, prayer-and-profanity laden narrative about an unconventional life of faith. Heavily tattooed and loud-mouthed, Nadia, a former stand-up comic, sure as hell didn't consider herself to be religious leader material-until the ...


Addict In The Family 1st (first) edition Text Only
Beverly Conyers, 2003


Brooklyn NY: A Grim Retrospective, 2010

This explosive autobiographical volume is a gripping account of entertainer Jerry Castaldo growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY, his agonizing descent into the darkness of the city's underbelly and his desperate struggle back to normalcy. Celebrated NY Post columnist, author and playwright Chip Deffaa edited this dark, yet highly inspirational story.  "Heartbreaking," "surprising," "emotionally charged." "Shocking," "volatile," ...


The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter's Worst Nightmare
Kristina Wandzilak, Constance Curry

Jeffers Press, 2006

A child caught in the horror of alcohol and drug addition. A mother helplessly standing by unable to save her. The Lost Years is the real life story of just such a mother and child, each giving their first-hand accounts of the years lost to addiction and despair. Kristina, the second of four children, tells how she turns to alcohol for comfort when she is thirteen. She gives a brutally honest description of her descent into addiction, ...


Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up with a Christian Drunk
Heather Harpham Kopp

Jericho Books, 2014

Where do you turn for hope when you already have the answer--but the answer isn't working? As a long-time Christian, Heather Kopp never expected to become an out-of-control alcoholic who kept private stashes of booze all over the place--tucked behind books in her study, zipped into a special compartment in her oversized purse, at the back of her closet stuffed inside her boots. Even as her career and marriage teetered on the brink, Kopp ...



Big House Press, 2012

At the age of twenty-eight, Greta Mills leans heavily on her closest companion - stashed away bottles of vodka hidden in every nook and corner of her daily existence. Traumatized by her hand in the death of a young boy seventeen years prior, Greta struggles to change her cycle of never-ending defeat. Through her desperation and hard lessons comes a surprising journey of self-discovery and inner-strength as she forges to come to terms with her ...


Nocturnes (Hard Rock Harlots)

Howling Mad Press LLC, 2013

Book 3 in the Hard Rock Harlots series NOCTURNES contains 511 F-bombs, 81 well-endowed male chickens, 65 girl kitties, 58 Richard the Lessers, 10 C-U-Next-Tuesdays, and a plethora of other colorful words and phrases that would deafen your virginal mother’s ears and make her bust out her “Shame on you!” finger. If you’ve been tuned in since the beginning of the Hard Rock Harlots series, you know the drill. The sex is extreme, the ...


Paths to Recovery: Al-Anon's Steps, Traditions and Concepts
Al-Anon Family Group Head Inc

Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., 1997

Book looks unused - clean pages and tight spine. Fast Shipping! Ships within 24 hours! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess and How We Can Get Out
Mike Gray

Random House, 1998

Six years in the making, Drug Crazy offers a gripping account of the stunning violence, corruption, and chaos that have characterized America's drug war since its inception in 1914. Weaving a provocative analogy between the drug scene today and the failure of Prohibition in the 1920s, Drug Crazy argues that the greatest danger we face is prohibition itself.         While the target of our nation's controlled-substance laws may have ...


The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction: A Guide to Coping with the Grief, Stress and Anger that Trigger ...
Rebecca E. Williams, Julie S. Kraft MA

New Harbinger Publications, 2012

Most addictive behavior is rooted in some type of loss, be it the death of a loved one, coming to terms with limitations set by chronic health problems, or the end of a relationship. By turning to drugs and alcohol, people who have suffered a loss can numb their grief. In the process, they postpone their healing and can drive themselves further into addiction. The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction offers readers an effective program for ...


Spoons Are For Stirring Coffee, 2012

An incredibly raw and powerful memoir, a journey through addiction and recovery that will keep you entertained and hooked until the final page is turned. Spoons Are For Stirring Coffee is a comeback story, Austin Coats’ comeback story…and a hell of a story it is. Austin grew up in a middle class neighborhood, raised by a top class family. A high school football injury gave birth to a hole in his soul and he looked to anything and ...


The Anonymous Press Study Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous
Bill W.

IWS Inc, 1997

6" x 9" burgundy leather-bound hard cover with: - First 164 pages of the Big Book with lined pages opposite the text for note taking; - Paragraph numbers along side the text for easy reference; - Comprehensive index with 8000+ word and subject references; - entire Original Manuscript including the stories; -Footnotes explaining the more obscure references in the text and text changes over the years; - two place keeping ribbons and ...


Thirty Rooms To Hide In: Insanity, Addiction, and Rock 'n' Roll in the Shadow of the Mayo Clinic
Mr. Luke Longstreet Sullivan

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

“’The Shining’ . . . but funnier.” That's how the author describes his memoir “Thirty Rooms To Hide In: Insanity, Addiction, and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Shadow of the Mayo Clinic.” It's the story of six boys growing up in a great dark house in Minnesota, as the father – a respected surgeon – goes slowly insane. With winters raging outside and the father raging within, it is their mother's protection that allows the boys to ...


Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond
Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain

Grove Press, 1994

Few events have had a more profound impact on the social and cultural upheavals of the Sixties than the psychedelic revolution spawned by the spread of LSD. This book for the first time tells the full and astounding story—part of it hidden till now in secret Government files—of the role the mind-altering drug played in our recent turbulent history and the continuing influence it has on our time. And what a story it is, beginning with LSD’s ...


Love First: A Family's Guide to Intervention
Jeff Jay

Hazelden, 2008

A standard-setting book on intervention, Love First has helped tens of thousands of families, friends, and professionals create a loving and effective plan for helping those who suffer from addiction. This revised and expanded edition adds to the core material in this classic book with the most up-to-date scientific information and new intervention techniques for alcohol and other drug addictions--and an array of disorders. "Building a ...



ACA WSO INC., 2012

DISCLAIMER:  This is the official ACA Fellowship Text that is Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization (ACA WSO) Conference Approved Literature.     Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families (ACA) is an independent 12 Step and 12 Tradition anonymous program.  ACA’s Tenth Tradition states that ACA has no opinion on outside issues; hence the ACA name ought never be drawn into public controversy.  ACA’s Sixth ...


Gambling with Demons & Drinking with the Devil: An Unforgettable Journey Through the Eyes of a Fearless Mind
Mr Nicholas Woolworth

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

It began as a dream and inspiration for the game of poker as a curious teenager and would culminate on the highest of stages Las Vegas had to offer. Join me on a detailed, yet grueling excursion through the emotional journey I once had of being a high stakes alcoholic gambler in my early 20's. This story recites the intense, yet memorable career I survived and lived to tell about. From presidential suites to waking up on hotel benches, the ...


The Book That Started It All: The Original Working Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous

Hazelden, 2010

An extraordinary reproduction of the original working manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous, with essays and notes by a panel of celebrated AA historians. The Book That Started It All offers fresh insights into the history and foundation of the revolutionary Alcoholics Anonymous program. Reproduced in this elegant gift edition with essays and notes by a panel of celebrated AA historians, the original working manuscript is the missing link in our ...



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