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Finding Harmony (Book #3 in Katie & Annalise Series) (Volume 3)
Pamela Fagan Hutchins

SkipJack, 2014

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist (Winner TBA July 21, 2014)! Finding Harmony takes you on a high stakes race through the islands, with suspense, a little voodoo, and laughs. Katie’s already on edge when a dead guy shows up at Annalise and shady locals claim there are slave remains in the foundation, but when Nick doesn’t come home to her and the kids, she’s ready to lose it. A frantic Katie launches a Caribbean-wide ...


Preemptive Strike
D. L. Wanna

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

The year is 1953. The Cold War is frigid and the Soviets are winning. Their intercontinental nuclear missile program is five years ahead of America’s but lacks a single critical technology: the material to protect the missile nosecones on reentry. The Kremlin knows the Americans possess this technology and activates its gorgeous and ruthless American-embedded spy, Agent Sonya, to obtain the carefully guarded secret with full authority to ...


Looking Like the Enemy (The Young Reader's Edition)
Mary Matusda Gruenewald

NewSage Press, 2011

Mary Matsuda is a typical 16-year-old girl living on Vashon Island, Washington with her family. On December 7, 1942, the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and Mary's life changes forever. Mary and her brother, Yoneichi, are U.S. citizens, but they are imprisoned, along with their parents, in a Japanese-American internment camp. Mary endures an indefinite sentence behind barbed wire in crowded, primitive camps, struggling for survival and dignity. Mary ...


Security Analysis: Principles and Techniques
Benjamin Graham, David Dodd

McGraw-Hill, 2002

"Graham's ideas inspired the investment community for nearly a century."-- Smart Money "Graham's method of investing is as relevant today as it was when he first espoused it during the Roaring Twenties."-- Investor's Business Daily Benjamin Graham's revolutionary theories have influenced and inspired investors for nearly 70 years. First published in 1934, his Security Analysis is still considered to be the value investing bible for ...


Remember Me (Dear Diary Series #2)
Cheryl Lanham

Berkley, 1996

A new teen tearjerker in the heartwrenching Dear Diary series for young adults. Leeanne never thought she'd love working at the hospice so much, or that it would be so hard. Her new friend Gabriel isn't like other boys. He is dying. But in his final days, he has one last lesson to teach her.


Sons of the Great Satan
Anthony H. Roberts

Big Zig Publishing, 2012

"TWO NATIONS BOUND BY BLOOD AND VIOLENCE" When American teenager Joey Andrews and his family arrive in Tehran, Iran in 1976 they find an expatriate paradise within one of the world's oldest civilizations. Through the bold and imperious leadership of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, this ancient land is thrust into the modern age bringing great progress to some and seething resentment to others. It is the twilight of an empire and the last days before ...


The Trojan Horse Conspiracy: The Infiltration and Destruction of American Democracy
Dick Nelson

Outskirts Press, 2012

For centuries, the mythical story of the Greek Trojan Horse has become a metaphor for the covert infiltration of an enemy's organization. In this action-packed spy thriller, FBI Agent Brad Tilsdale and his special counter-intelligence team work tirelessly to prevent foreign enemies from penetrating the U.S. government. An ex-Navy SEAL, Tilsdale heads a group of agents that confront the Soviet KGB and Chinese MSS intelligence services, Al-Qaeda ...


Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees
Nancy R. Hugo

Timber Press, 2011

Have you ever seen the delicate flowers of a red maple? The emerging leaves of a tulip poplar? The twigs of a beech? When you look at a tree up close, you begin to appreciate trees in a whole new way. Seeing Trees invites readers to watch trees with the care and sensitivity that birdwatchers watch birds. Focusing on 10 common trees of North America, Nancy Ross Hugo highlights the rewards of tree viewing and describes some of the most visually ...


Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am
Robert Gandt

Black Star Productions, 2012

In Skygods, Robert Gandt, a Pan Am pilot for twenty-six years, gives the first inside account of Pan Am's unprecedented demise. To tell the complete story, Gandt interviewed hundreds of former Pan Am airmen and executives. Gandt reveals what really happened in the cockpits, where Pan Am's captains, dressed in Navy-style uniforms, once ruled their ships like petty tyrants. Though Pan Am captains were considered the best and the brightest in the ...


Sugar Alpha: The Life and Times of Señor Huevos Grandes
Roger Nelson

iUniverse, 2013

Skydiving and drug smuggling pioneer Roger Nelson lives life out of the box. Fueled by a love for adrenaline and adventure, Roger goes after everything he wants with gusto. But now Roger is ready to retire from smuggling. With a parachute center to run and a family to raise, Roger knows it is time to stop the cat-and-mouse games he has been playing with the authorities for years. He and his longtime partner, Hanoi, plan one final run to Belize, ...


DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Chicago
DK Publishing

DK Travel, 2012

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Chicago will lead you through the best attractions the city has to offer, including fully illustrated coverage of all the major sights from Lincoln Park Zoo to the Art Institute of Chicago. The fully updated guide includes unique illustrated cutaways, floor plans, and reconstructions of the city's architecture, plus a pull-out city map clearly marked with attractions from the guidebook and an easy-to-use street ...


The Original Shticktionary: 1,111 Servings of Shticken Soup for Wordplay Lovers
Dr. Dennis Raymond Ridley

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

The Original Shticktionary is a comic dictionary in the tradition of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary and Evan Esar's Comic Dictionary. But according to Dr. Richard Summerville's Prologue, the Shticktionary is much more than a comic dictionary. The work, says Dr. Summerville, is "filled with rich tongue-in-cheek humor, irony, and occasional lampooning." Much of the wordplay is adapted to the contemporary American scene in 2012. Again ...


Airport Systems: Planning, Design, and Management
Richard de Neufville, Amedeo Odoni

McGraw-Hill Professional, 2003

* The new standard on airport systems planning,design, and management * Provides solutions to the most pressing airport concerns: expansion, traffic, environment, additions, etc. * Full coverage of computer-based tools and methodology * Additional reports and updates available via authors' website


Flowering Plant Families of the World
V. Heywood, R. Brummitt, ...

Firefly Books, 2007

The definitive reference on flowering plants, thoroughly revised. The widely acclaimed Flowering Plants of the World , the original edition of this book, has never been surpassed in its depth and scope. Written by a team of internationally recognized authorities, this thoroughly updated edition provides the latest information and solidifies the book's position as the definitive guide on the subject. At the core of the book are the ...


Miami Then and Now (Then & Now)
Klepser Carolyn, Arva Moore Parks

Thunder Bay Press, 2002

A look at the history of Miami, with stunning modern and historic photography and captions describing the development of this famous town. Part of the highly successful "Then & Now" series, this book looks at the changes in this attractive city.


Flying Through Time: A Journey into History in a WWII Biplane
Jim Doyle

Potomac Books Inc., 2003

Imagine what it would be like to talk and fly with the men who flew the airplanes of World War II. What was in their minds as they made their first solos? And what was air combat like? Flying Through Time is the closest many of us will come to understanding what it was like to be a WWII aviator. Tens of thousands of America’s pilots during World War II trained in the Boeing Stearman biplane. For most, it was their first airplane in a series ...


Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling (Casino Edition)
David G. Schwartz

Winchester Books, 2013

A history of gambling from its origins to the present day, with a highlight on the development of casino gaming. After discussing the origins of casinos in Venice and European spas, the book shifts to the United States, where illegal gambling halls and legal frontier gambling came together in Nevada casinos. From there, the book charts the rise of the casino business in Las Vegas, its transplanting to Atlantic City, and its spread across the ...


An Act of War
Michael K. McMahan

Brad Kelly Books, 2013

The incident was not particularly gruesome or harrowing, compared to most. It was a brief, solitary encounter, one that ended with Travis Kelly still alive and his enemy counterpart, an NVA officer, dead on a trail near the Cambodian border. It was the aftermath—as chilling as it was distressing—that stays with Travis, now a retired tool and die operator and part-time farmer in North Carolina. Just feet away from the slain officer lay a ...


Because . . . Someone I Love Has Cancer: Kids' Activity Book
American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society, 2002

This inspired publication is designed to address the basic goals of therapeutic support for children who have a loved one with cancer. Featuring five self-sharpening crayons to inspire creativity, this activity book also includes a 16-page removable guide for caregivers with family and group activities, as well as activities that offer ways to discover inner strengths and enhance self-esteem.


The Man Who Walked Out Of Isabelle
J. C. Bourg

Three Greyhounds, 2013

In 1954 on the remote jungle battlefield of Dien Bien Phu, the communist Vietminh defeated French Colonialism. The pursuing peace was only a pause between conflicts on the Indochinese Peninsula, sustainable peace a myth. Beneath the surface of perpetual wars, Corsican syndicates, Vietnamese gangsters, and the CIA postured for control of the Laotian opium trade. American puppets under an anti-communist banner, exploited the populous. Communist ...



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