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Terminal Town: An Illustrated Guide to Chicago's Airports, Bus Depots, Train Stations, and Steamship ...
Joseph P Schwieterman

Lake Forest College Press, 2014

Whether by road, rail, water, or sky . . . people come to Chicago. In droves. In waves of migration and immigration. For work and for play. But how do they get to Chicago? Terminal Town answers this question with a fast-moving history of Chicago’s many passenger transportation terminals. These have, for generations, served as defining features of the city’s cosmopolitan character. Showcasing great icons of transportation, including ...


Terminal Freeze

Anchor, 2008

A breathtaking discovery at the top of the world… A terrifying collision of modern science and Native American legend… The electrifying new thriller from bestselling author Lincoln Child. Alaska's Federal Wildlife Zone is one of the most dangerous and inhospitable places on Earth. For paleoecologist Evan Marshall, an expedition to the Zone offers an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the mounting effects of climate change. But once ...


Brian Keene

Spectra, 2005

From award-winning author Brian Keene comes a darkly suspenseful tale of crime and the common man–with a surprising jolt of the supernatural… Tommy O’Brien once hoped to leave his run-down industrial hometown. But marriage and fatherhood have kept him running in place, working a job that doesn’t even pay the bills. And now he seems fated to stay for the rest of his life. Tommy’s just learned he’s going to die young–and soon. But ...


Union Station : A Decorative History of Washington's Grand Terminal
Carol Highsmith, Ted Landphair

Chelsea Pub, 1988

Railroads were king in l903, and Union Station in Washington, D.C. was an imperial transportation palace. From its grandeum to its dowdy decline and second coming, this is Union Station's story. Prominent Washington architectural photographer Carol M. Highsmith spent parts of five years documenting the pathetic dilapidation, and the painstaking rehabilitation, of this titanic building in the l980s. Other collections produced memorable and ...


Classic American Railroad Terminals
Kevin J. Holland

MBI, 2001

A coast-to-coast tour of the nation's greatest railroad stops! "Classic American Railroad Terminals" delivers some of America's great terminals, past and present. Illustrated with archival black-and-white photos, archival color shots, and new color photos, this book is worthy of your attention as a railroad enthusiast! Offers footage from New York's Grand Central Terminal, Pennsylvania Station, Washington D.C.'s Union Station, Chicago's Union ...


Terminal Man

Vintage, 2012

From the bestselling author of  Jurassic Park ,  Timeline , and  Sphere  comes a neurological thriller about the dangers of cutting-edge medical experimentation.    Harry Benson suffers from violent seizures. So violent that he often blackouts when they take hold. Shortly after severely beating two men during an episode, the police escort Benson to a Los Angeles hospital for treatment. There, Dr. Roger McPherson, head of the prestigious ...


Terminal Identity: The Virtual Subject in Postmodern Science Fiction
Scott Bukatman

Duke University Press Books, 1993

Scott Bukatman's Terminal Identity —referring to both the site of the termination of the conventional "subject" and the birth of a new subjectivity constructed at the computer terminal or television screen--puts to rest any lingering doubts of the significance of science fiction in contemporary cultural studies. Demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge, both of the history of science fiction narrative from its earliest origins, and of cultural ...


The Terminal Experiment
Robert J. Sawyer

Ace, 2011

Dr. Peter Hobson has created three electronic simulations of his own personality. But they all have escaped from Hobson's computer into the web-and one of them is a killer.


The Terminal Man
Michael Crichton

Vintage, 2014

From the bestselling author of  Jurassic Park ,  Timeline , and  Sphere  comes a neurological thriller about the dangers of cutting-edge medical experimentation.    Harry Benson suffers from violent seizures. So violent that he often blackouts when they take hold. Shortly after severely beating two men during an episode, the police escort Benson to a Los Angeles hospital for treatment. There, Dr. Roger McPherson, head of the prestigious ...


Terminal City
Linda Fairstein

Dutton Adult, 2014

With her newest Alexandra Cooper novel, Terminal City , New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein delivers another breakneck thriller that captures the essence of New York City—its glamour, its possibilities, and its endless capacity for darkness. Linda Fairstein is well-known for illuminating the dark histories in many of New York’s forgotten corners—and sometimes in the city’s most popular landmarks. In Terminal City , ...


And a Time to Die: How American Hospitals Shape the End of Life
Sharon R. Kaufman

University Of Chicago Press, 2006

Over the past thirty years, the way Americans experience death has been dramatically altered. The advent of medical technology capable of sustaining life without restoring health has changed where, when, and how we die. In this revelatory study, medical anthropologist Sharon R. Kaufman examines the powerful center of those changes: the hospital, where most Americans die today. She deftly links the experiences of patients and families, the work ...


Opioid Therapy in the 21st Century (Oxford American Pain Library)
Howard S. Smith

Oxford University Press, 2013

Over the last thirty years, the concern of Pain Medicine practitioners about the potential for their patients to develop a dependence on opioids has left opioid therapy as a largely underutilized treatment. While there is no simple answer to chronic pain, opioids remain the only class of drugs capable of providing relief to patients experiencing serious pain. Opioid Therapy in the 21st Century, Second Edition fills a dearth of clinical knowledge ...


Terminal Island
Walter Greatshell

Night Shade Books, 2012

As a child, Henry Cadmus lived on Catalina Island, a scenic vacationland off the Southern California coast. But Henry's experiences were far from idyllic. Today, even though Henry has seen firsthand the horrors of war, the ghastly images that haunt his dreams are ones he associates with his childhood... and the island: a snarling pig-man holding a cleaver; a jackal-headed woman on a high balcony, dripping blood; strange occult rituals... and ...


Oxford American Handbook of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (Oxford American Handbooks of Medicine (Quality ...

Oxford University Press, 2011

This handbook provides an easily navigable source of information about the day-to-day management of patients requiring palliative and hospice care. Succinct, evidence-based, topically focused content is supplemented by extensive tables and algorithms. The table of contents and balance of coverage follows the core curriculum of the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, thus meeting the educational and clinical information needs of ...


Awesome Grandeur: Greco-Roman Classicism in American Railroad Stations
Nancy B. Reed Ph.D.

American Book Publishing, 2010

Listen to the echoes from deep antiquity as you become absorbed in the stories and illustrations of these truly magnificent American railroad stations. Although the focal point for travelers and commerce has shifted to airports and highways, you can relive the gentility of a bygone era when railroads were the center of social activity for their towns. As the author so eloquently says, We can no longer linger in the waiting room of Pennsylvania ...


Because . . . Someone I Love Has Cancer: Kids' Activity Book
American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society, 2002

This inspired publication is designed to address the basic goals of therapeutic support for children who have a loved one with cancer. Featuring five self-sharpening crayons to inspire creativity, this activity book also includes a 16-page removable guide for caregivers with family and group activities, as well as activities that offer ways to discover inner strengths and enhance self-esteem.


Palliative Aspects of Emergency Care (Oxford American Palliative Care Library)

Oxford University Press, 2013

The process of patients with advanced illnesses entering the emergency department is fraught with uncertainty for both patients and medical providers. Yet, there is a lack of definitive and accessible resources which provide immediate guidance for the care of these patients. Palliative Aspects of Emergency Care is a practical guide designed to fill this void. From the paramedic struggling with difficult and/or conflicting information in the home ...


The Reading Terminal Market Cookbook
Ann Hazan, Irina Smith

Camino Books Inc, 1997

Quality, variety, and freshness have been hallmarks of the Reading Terminal Market for over a century. Now everyone can treat themselves to the tastes of the market in their own homes and, at the same time, learn the remarkable history of one of America's premier farmer's markets. Each section of the book presents a different aspect of the market, and all of the merchants share special recipes that can be created easily with ingredients that ...


Terminal Visions
Richard Paul Russo

Golden Gryphon Press, 2000

Richard Paul Russo is known for his dark and sinister views of the future and the human spirit. In his first collection of short fiction, Russo presents a wide variety of tales—“More Than Night” and “In the Season of the Rains,” tales of gritty alien encounters, and the ultimate road story, “Just Drive, She Said.” In other stories, the hopelessness of the human condition is examined—on Earth in “Cities in Dust,” in space in “The ...


Terminal Life: A Suited Hero Novel
Richard Torregrossa

Oceanview Publishing, 2014

Luke Stark, a Special Forces veteran, returns home from his second tour in Afghanistan to learn that his wife has been mysteriously murdered and his son has disappeared. These tragedies, in addition to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, push him over the edge. He has also been diagnosed with an incipient form of cancer, but he forgoes treatment, a decision that is akin to a slow suicide. Although he languishes in a shelter, he wears ...



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