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Teachings on Love
Thich Nhat Hanh

Parallax Press, 2006

Relationships are always complex and challenging, but never more so than in today’s hectic, stressful world. Weaving together traditional stories, personal experiences, and a deep understanding of the Buddha's way of mindful living, Thich Nhat Hanh's Teachings on Love provides step-by-step practices that foster understanding and intimacy in any relationship and extend our love even to those who cause us pain. This book, written in the ...


Delicious Low fat recipes in 30 Minutes: Make simple, healthy and satisfying low fat recipes in 30 minutes, 2014

Cook delicious and satisfying low fat meals in just 30 minutes! The Delicious Low Fat Recipe in 30 Minutes book offers a variety of low fat recipes that make eating healthy and watching your weight easy and delicious. This book will help you create low-fat versions of all your favourite comfort foods. Filled with dishes the entire family will love, this handy cookbook will take the stress out of planning low fat meals. While most low-fat ...


5 Minute Weight Loss Solution with Essential Oils: Relaxing Your Weight Off with Divine Aromatherapy Recipes, 2014

Shed that Weight with Divine Aromatherapy and Get the Body You Have Always Desired! Have you been thinking of getting rid of those pesky pounds that refuse to let you fit into your gorgeous silky sheath dress? Or are you the best man that needs to look super smart next to the groom? Maybe you want to look just right at your prom! Whatever your reasons may be, if you want to get rid of your extra fat, then this is the perfect book to help you ...


Unbroken (The Young Adult Adaptation): An Olympian's Journey from Airman to Castaway to Captive

Delacorte Press, 2014

The #1 New York Times  bestseller, which is also a major motion picture directed by Angelina Jolie, has now been adapted by the author for young adults. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this riveting biography includes more than 100 black-and-white photos, as well as exclusive content, "In Conversation," with Laura Hillenbrand and Louie Zamperini.   “Every young person should have the chance to read this book. It’s easy to think, ...


She Smiles, 2013

She Smiles, is a coming of age novel that uncovers the secret life of a broken family, as told by Angelina and her drug addicted older brother, Aaron. A master at disguise, over-achieving 17-year-old Angelina Hulgey hides her family’s violence and her boss’s bizarre behavior from even her closest friends. Secretly, she dreams of a normal life—to be liked (ok, loved), feel safe, and become a veterinarian. She also wants a bigger bra size ...


The Boy Who Grew Flowers
Jennifer Wojtowicz

Barefoot Books, 2005

Rink s grandmother was raised by wolves, his Uncle Dud tames rattlesnakes, and Rink grows beautiful flowers all over his body when the moon is full. Townspeople just don t understand the Bowagons. But one day a new girl named Angelica arrives at Rink s school, and he soon discovers she has some unique qualities too. Using humor and metaphor to promote acceptance, this touching story shows us that what makes us different makes us beautiful.


Slow Cooking For Beginners: The step-by-step guide to slow cooking with over 35 delicious slow cooking ..., 2014

“Slow Cooking for Beginners” Take out your slow cooker and start enjoying these delicious recipes In a busy life, there are many times when you just don’t feel like cooking. You may end up relying on junk food or just throwing something together for dinner. Now you can easily make delicious meals with a slow cooker and these great recipes we offer in the Slow Cooking for Beginners. This cookbook is a collection of over 35 slow cooking ...


Angelina's Prayer

Counseling for the Soul/Bark of the Tree Communications, 2014

"What if Daddy decided to come home? How would he ever find me?” Ever since Angelina's father abandoned her and her mom, all she wants is for her dad to come back home. But now that she's moving from New York to New Mexico, she fears he'll never find her . . . until she discovers the magic of the luminarias . . . an ancient means of lighting the way that has become a special Hispanic tradition for the winter holiday season. While learning ...


Feel Fabulous with Every Girl's Essential Homemade Beauty Products: 50 DIY Recipes for a Beautiful Skin, ..., 2014

Your Beauty Ingredients in Your Own Kitchen! Your skin and body deserves the best and most natural products! Women everyday look for different recipes for their skin and hair care that can be prepared with natural ingredients loaded with nutrients straight from their garden, refrigerator, pantry, or kitchen. Now ask yourself, are there any real benefits of using homemade beauty products that are completely natural? Well of course, the most ...


A Whale Who Dreamt of a Snail

Heimbach LLC, 2013

"When I was little, I had a dream." So begins the new book by William Heimbach, illustrated by Angelina Tolentino. This story inspires us to think about our dreams while playfully showing kids the diversity of animals and environments in the world. If we dream about a whale, what does the whale dream about (perhaps a snail,) and then what? How are we all connected? The poetic quality of the story and the vivid illustration style makes ...


Paleo Smoothies And The Paleo Diet for Beginners - 2 in 1 Paleo Smoothies, The Paleo Diet for Beginner Box ..., 2014

GET 2 BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF 1! THAT'S RIGHT BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! ALSO, BONUS BONUS BONUS! BONUS INSIDE THIS BOOK! PLEASE ENJOY IT FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT!   Delicious smoothie recipe book which is quick & easy to make for weight loss and Healthy! The Paleo diet may seem restricting but with this cook book, the reader can find a variety of smoothie recipes that are acceptable meals or snacks in the paleo diet. Recipes for the following ...


The Other Side of Goodbye

JGS Publishing, 2014

Tragic circumstances have thrust Claire Eva Brandt into an unfamiliar new life. Now, she must decide if this new life is one that’s worth living, despite being given an incredible opportunity to begin again. Will Claire pursue this rare second chance? Or will she remain eternally angry with God and choose to live life in the past…alone? This ‘What if’ story, based in Ireland, will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you just might ...


The Lottery Heiress

The City of Palms Publishing Company, 2014

Right out of college, Megan Pagano lands her dream job and dream man. After a tragic accident leaves her with more money than she could ever spend, she realizes that money really can't buy love. When a chance encounter takes her on a journey of self-discovery, Megan decides to leave her life in the fast lane behind. However, her past comes to haunt her when Hollywood Bad Boy, Mark Taylor comes into her town to make a movie. Will she be able to ...


50 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Your Slow Cooker And Slow Cooking For Beginners - 2 in 1 50 Healthy Chicken ..., 2014

GET 2 BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF 1! Free Gift Also Included! 50 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Your Slow Cooker "Your Fast Track to Acing Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes for All Ages, Occasions and Taste Buds" This book contains the following: * Tips for cooking in a slow cooker * Complete lunch and dinner meals that will instantly become family favorites * Quick slow cooker chicken recipes * Recipes for special occasions * Designated chicken ...


Zentangle: Learn Zentangle FAST - The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of the Zentangle In No ..., 2014

Zentangle Are You Ready to Know All Basics About Zentangle? * * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 25% OFF! (Regular Price $3.99) * * * *** FREE GIFT INSIDE! *** Today only, get this Kindle Book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $3.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. This is an art form which is being taken very seriously as a way for people to enjoy art, but also to gain a lot of self-confidence and work ...


The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill
Dorothy Wall

Benediction Classics, 2011

This delightful set of stories about the adventures of a mischievous koala has been loved by generations of young Australians. Dorothy Wall's amusing tales and drawings, and her love of the bush and concern for its conservation, still have the power to enchant children everywhere. This handsome new edition contains the complete text of 'Blinky Bill', 'Blinky Bill Grows Up' and 'Blinky Bill and Nutsy', with all the original charming illustrations.


Confessions of Madame Psyche
Dorothy Bryant

The Feminist Press at CUNY, 1998

1987 American Book Award Winner    This ambitious and enchanting novel is both modern-day epic and a work of great emotional and spiritual death. Bold in its historical scope, rich in colorful settings, and eminently readable, Confessions of Madame Psyche also reaches inward, toward quieter truths.    The novel is narrated by Mei0li Murrow, born in San Francisco in 1895, the illegitimate daughter of a charismatic confidence man and the ...


The Paleo Diet for Beginners And 25 Make Yourself Skinny Slow Cooker Recipe Meals - 2 in 1 The Paleo Diet for ..., 2014

GET 2 BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF 1! Free Gift Also Included! The Paleo Diet for Beginners "The natural way to lose the excess pounds…without ever feeling hungry" Learn how to get started with the Paleo diet, and its challenges Get healthier just by giving up some types of food, and substituting them with something more delicious! Learn recipes that will fill you up and make you appreciated at dinners – and they’re all healthy! Learn ...


The Man Who Killed The Deer: A Novel of Pueblo Indian Life
Frank Waters

Swallow Press / Ohio University Press, 1989

The story of Martiniano, the man who killed the deer, is a timeless story of Pueblo Indian sin and redemption, and of the conflict between Indian and white laws; written with a poetically charged beauty of style, a purity of conception, and a thorough understanding of Indian values.


Paleo Smoothies And 25 Make Yourself Skinny Slow Cooker Recipe Meals - 2 in 1 Paleo Smoothies, 25 Make ..., 2014

GET 2 BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF 1! THAT'S RIGHT BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! BONUS ALSO INCLUDED! Paleo Smoothies: Recipes to Energize and for Weight Loss Delicious smoothie recipe book which is quick & easy to make for weight loss and Healthy! The Paleo diet may seem restricting but with this cook book, the reader can find a variety of smoothie recipes that are acceptable meals or snacks in the paleo diet. Recipes for the following smoothies are ...



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