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The Last Girl (The Slave Auction Trilogy Book 1)

Movellas, 2014

“The Slave Auction.” “What the heck is the Slave Auction?” I ask. Jenna Brown has just started her freshman year with her two best friends, Jessica and Daisy. They hear a rumor about the school’s fundraiser called the Slave Auction, where the seniors bid on the hottest freshmen girls and the freshmen get to stay at their house all week! A whole week with the most popular seniors sounds like anyone's dream. Right? Part One of The ...


The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit: How to Make Money Buying Distressed Real Estate -- Before the ...
Thomas Lucier

Wiley, 2004

Pre-foreclosure real estate is one of the hottest investment opportunities on the market. The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor?s Kit offers step-by-step instruction and no-nonsense advice on how to find great deals, estimate fair market value, negotiate with sellers, sell your property on your own, and win big in real estate. You?ll learn how to get the best deals on foreclosure properties before they go to auction and utilize simple ...


Putting Auction Theory to Work (Churchill Lectures in Economics)
Paul Milgrom

Cambridge University Press, 2004

Providing a comprehensive introduction to modern auction theory and its important new applications, this book is written by a leading economic theorist whose suggestions guided the creation of the new spectrum auction designs. Aimed at graduate students and professionals in economics, the volume provides the most up-to-date analysis of traditional theories of "optimal auctions" as well as newer theories of multi-unit auctions and package ...


Markets in Profile: Profiting from the Auction Process
James F. Dalton, Robert B. Dalton, ...

Wiley, 2007

Markets in Profile explores the confluence of three disparate philosophical frameworks: the Market Profile, behavioral finance, and neuroeconomics in order to present a unified theory of how markets work. The Market Profile is an ever-evolving, multidimensional graphic that gives visual form to the market's continuing auction process, revealing the myriad underlying dynamics that influence market activity. Behavioral finance posits that ...


How To Net A Property Auction Bargain In An Hour: Yes You Really Can Work Full-time And Build A Very ...

Sharon King, 2014

This book is about my true experiences buying bargain properties at auction. I will tell you how I went about sourcing the under market value properties, how I identified the best buys, finding out rental market demand and other vital criteria amongst many other things. I will also share and my results – exactly where I am now, and how I will be able to keep growing my portfolio, whilst holding down a full time job. This book ...


Auction Theory, Second Edition
Vijay Krishna

Academic Press, 2009

Vijay Krishna's 2e of Auction Theory improves upon his 2002 bestseller with a new chapter on package and position auctions as well as end-of-chapter questions and chapter notes. Complete proofs and new material about collusion complement Krishna's ability to reveal the basic facts of each theory in a style that is clear, concise, and easy to follow. With the addition of a solutions manual and other teaching aids, the 2e continues to serve as ...


Ebay Auction: Learn About Ebay And How To Get Started As A Seller And A Buyer
Andrew Schirmer

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Getting registered with eBay as either a auction seller or buyer is a very simple process. As a buyer, all you need to do is provide some minimal information such as name, address, e-mail address, and create a user ID and password. To register as a seller requires some additional steps, primarily focusing on financial matters, though you'll also be expected to agree upon what you can and cannot put up for auction, and the rules and regulations ...


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Live Auctions
The National Auctioneers Association

Alpha, 2008

Do I hear $16.95? A $227.5 billion enterprise around the world, live auctions feature everything from cars to homes, fine art to coal. The only book of its kind, this guide will show how lucrative, fast-paced, and exciting this business is. It covers rules, lingo, setting up an auction, hiring professional auctioneers, and how the most popular auctions work. • 24% of U.S. consumers, or around 50 million people, spend an average of four ...


The Auction

Boroughs Publishing Group, 2012

In order to conceive a baby Kat goes to a bachelor auction and buys back her ex-husband for a week. Katherine Blake wants a baby. At thirty-three, she has a home and an antique business that she loves, but she is running out of time. Kat hasn’t had a man in her life that she would even consider fathering her child…except her ex-husband. Michael Blake is for sale. In support of special-needs children, he offers himself up for one week as a ...


Auctions: Theory and Practice (The Toulouse Lectures in Economics)
Paul Klemperer

Princeton University Press, 2004

Governments use them to sell everything from oilfields to pollution permits, and to privatize companies; consumers rely on them to buy baseball tickets and hotel rooms, and economic theorists employ them to explain booms and busts. Auctions make up many of the world's most important markets; and this book describes how auction theory has also become an invaluable tool for understanding economics. Auctions: Theory and Practice provides a ...


The Auction App: How Companies Tap the Power of Online Auctions to Maximize Revenue Growth
Leland Harden, Bob Heyman

McGraw-Hill, 2002

How companies such as L. L. Bean and Sun Microsystems are using online auctions to help boost their bottom lines From liquidating excess inventory to B2B materials procurement, corporate America has discovered online auctions as a catalyst for redefining old supply-chain relationships and business practices. Most analysts consider them the next big business opportunity. The Auction App details the tools and tactics employed by Sun ...


How To Buy Foreclosure Homes Step-By-Step Guide With 40+ FREE Foreclosure Listings Sites: Real Estate ...

Lance Wills Publishing, 2013

Learn the little known method that Investors use to fund and purchase Foreclosures Are you just getting started in investing in Foreclosures or interested in learning how? Perhaps you haven't yet purchased your first Foreclosure investment property because you don't have the seed money. Well, you don't need it! Learn how to purchase Foreclosures using little to none of your own money Using a method only known by Investors, ...


The Auction (Song of the River) (Volume 1)
Anna Erishkigal

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Dumped at the altar and left without a home, Rosie Xalbadora takes a job as a governess at the edge of the Australian outback. There she meets Pippa Bristow, a sensitive child who copes with her parent's bitter divorce by escaping into a magical world of fairy queens and unicorns. Pippa's enigmatic father, Adam Bristow, is willing to endure whatever he must to keep his daughter safe from his oil heiress ex-wife. Struggling to shield Pippa ...


EBAY Auction Power: The Crafters 9-Step Guide To Avoid Bargain Hunters, Ensure Dramatic Bidding & Achieve ...

Liberty Jane Media, 2014

eBay auctions are a powerful tool to help crafters and artisans launch products and establish utra-premium prices. In this 9-Step guide you'll learn how to maximize your sales success through eBay auctions.


Auctions: The Social Construction of Value
Charles W. Smith

University of California Press, 1990

Long the preferred method of exchange for antiques and horseflesh, auctions are used today to sell everything from bestselling books to real estate, government bonds to abandoned automobiles. As sociologist Charles Smith reveals, the mechanical law of supply and demand rarely governs the auction process. Rather value is determined by a complex social process combining both the beliefs and actions of the auction participants and the assumptions ...


The Auction: (A Sweet Contemporary Romance) (Song of the River Book 1)

Seraphim Press, 2014

All profits for the month of November will be donated to a non-profit Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation organization Dumped at the altar and left without a home, Rosie Xalbadora takes a job as a governess at the edge of the Australian outback. There she meets Pippa Bristow, a sensitive child who copes with her parent's bitter divorce by escaping into a magical world of fairy queens and unicorns. Pippa's enigmatic father, Adam Bristow, is ...


The Auction

Burlesque Press, 2011

The Auction is the first novella in the erotica anthology: Submissive Fairy Tales by Kitty Thomas. The Auction is a 20,000 word novella. (1-2 hours of reading time, or approximately 80 pages.) DESCRIPTION: Belle Walker lives in a strict society where women are treated as property, sold to the highest bidder soon after their eighteenth birthday. But the auction isn’t the only danger. Though she’s never seen them, she knows monsters live ...


Auction Theory
Vijay Krishna

Academic Press, 2002

Through accessible, detailed examinations of themes central to auction theory, Vijay Krishna explores auctions and competitive bidding as games of incomplete information. His results on bidding strategies, efficiency, and revenue maximization, and his clear proofs for each proposition, make this book both the standard reference on auctions and the first source of authoritative information about multi-unit auctions. Well organized and featuring ...


The Ghost Who Came Home from the Auction
Dolores Stewart Riccio

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

When Olivia Andreas goes to an auction with her friend Jamie Finch, she doesn’t expect to bring home a ghost! A professional records organizer who starts every day with a “To Do” list and is always on time for appointments, Olivia is not a believer in the paranormal or even an afterlife. In fact, she never glances at her astrology in the newspaper (even though she’s a perfect Virgo). But on a whim, she buys a silver frame and ...


Selling Groceries & More on Amazon: The Ultimate Home Based Business for Families

Media 1 Inc, 2014

Selling online has always been a great way to earn extra money, but it can be challenging trying to juggle an online business, a full time job and a family. How can a working mom, dad or student: • Find the right products to sell? • Photograph and create listings for inventory items? • Pack and ship products multiple times a week? • Keep track of it all? The answer is simple – Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). FBA has changed ...



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