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Tuatha De Danann
Lea Ann Douglas

Jei'Ala Press, 2012

So begins the saga of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the People of Dah'nu, which tells the very first story ever told. Herein lies the creation of the Sidhe, the starting point for a million years of mystery, tragedy, and magic. Long before Tir Na N'og was divided from the human world, before Rhiannon defeated the Formorii or Kali wove her magical tapestry of tales, the Sidhe were One. The First Age was the age of the Capercaille, the lemur-like ...


The Queen's Rune and Other Tales of the Sidhe

Vulgar Marsala Press, 2013

Welcome to the magical, mysterious, heroic, tragic, and hauntingly familiar world of the Sidhe. In The Queen's Rune and Other Tales of the Sidhe, Shannon Avery takes readers on a mystical journey through the millennia-old culture of humanity's closest cousins. The original tale of the Garden of Eden unfolds in epic poetry; a lonely "vampire" sings of her pain; the Sidhe Merlyn defies his Queen and his beloved to win one last battle and become ...


The Mother of All Baby Books 2nd edition: An All-Canadian Guide to Your Baby's First Year

HarperCollins Canada, 2013

The Mother of All Baby Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Your Baby's First Year, 2nd Edition is the instruction manual that Mother Nature forgot to include with the new arrival--a hands-on guide to coping with the joys and challenges of caring for your new baby. It's a totally comprehensive guide that features a non-bossy, fresh, and fun approach to Baby's exciting first year. Features a directory of Canadian organizations for new parents ...


The Mother of All Toddler Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Your Child's Second and Third Years
Ann Douglas

Wiley, 2003

THE MOTHER OF ALL TODDLER BOOKS is the one toddler book no Canadian parent should be without.  Written in the same friendly and non-bossy tone as the previous books in this bestselling series—and based on the best advice of more than 100 Canadian parents— The Mother of All Toddler Books takes you on a guided journey through the toddler years, highlighting they key attractions you and your child can expect to enjoy along the way.  Warm ...


Bardic Tales and Sage Advice [Volume 4]
Lynn Veach Sadler

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Though originally meant as a standalone anthology, the Bardic Tales and Sage Advice collection has evolved into an annual celebration of speculative fiction. The collection is now an invitation-only anthology. Each volume features the winners of our annual writing competition, the winners of our annual Reader's Choice Awards, and select private invitation authors.


Bamboo Chapel: Letters from India
Edgar Lamar Douglas

Susan Pearce, 2012

This chronicle of letters sent home by Chaplain Lamar Douglas to his family during the Second World War begins in field school in the United States and ends with the close of the War in India. We learn first-hand about how war is lived through the eyes of a chaplain, including his proud creation of a bamboo chapel in the jungles of India.


Thorns To Be Thankful For: Personal Stories Of Overcoming Hard Times
Rachel J. Rofe, Anna George, ...

River Styx Publishing Company, 2014

One of the greatest things about being human is that we get to experience a wide range of experiences. Sure, sometimes we’re hit with low periods that make us question everything. We also have the high periods – the feeling of new love, the first warm day out of winter; the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio. While they don’t feel like it at the time, low periods certainly have their value. They make way for ...


The Lamp in the Desert: The Story of the University of Arizona
Douglas D. Martin

Sentinel Peak Books, 2014

With six teachers, no books, and thirty-two students, Old Main opened its doors to the first pupils of the University of Arizona in 1891. A rugged beacon among the cacti, the campus emerged from a forty-acre donation from two gamblers and a saloonkeeper. The Lamp in the Desert is Douglas D. Martin’s history of the first seventy-five years of the University of Arizona. From early football wins by Coach McKale to the work of celebrated ...


Canuck Chicks and Maple Leaf Mamas: Women of the Great White North--A Celebration of Canadian Women
Ann Douglas

Mcarthur & Company, 2002

This is the first Canadian pop culture book to focus exclusively on the lives of Canadian women.


SkillShare: Learn How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things Every Day, ...

Rachel Rofe, 2014

Have you ever read something or had a conversation where you walked away feeling really jazzed up and excited? Maybe you learned something new that you couldn’t wait to tell a friend about? Or maybe your mind was blown open when you learned something that you’d never known, that explained so much and changed your entire viewpoint about something? That feeling you get from those things is what’s behind this book. In SkillShare, ...


Crime Classification Manual
John Douglas, Ann and Al Robert Rassler

Simon & Shuster, 1993


The Family Tree Detective: Cracking the Case of Your Family's Story
Ann Douglas

Maple Tree Press, 1999

Create a wonderful family record to be treasured and enjoyed Everyone loves having a case to solve. This time the subject really hits home - your family's history! The quest is to discover everything you want to know about your own family's story. No two families are exactly alike; each one has its own cast of amazing characters. Author Ann Douglas is the ideal tour guide on a fascinating journey of discovery, revealing ways to uncover ...


Too Deep for Tears: A Christian Response to Personal Loss
Douglas And Ann Hare

Autumn House, 2004


Choosing Childcare For Dummies
Ann Douglas

For Dummies, 2003

The demand for child-care spaces is huge. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 13 million children under the age of six spend some or all of their day being cared for by someone other than their parents. The child-care shortage is everyone's problem – for parents (whether you work outside the home or not), employers, and the children. The prospect of choosing the right childcare can be overwhelming. Put your ...


More Than Scuttlebutt: The U.S. Navy Demolition Men In WW II
Sue Ann Dunford, James Douglas O'Dell

Privately Published, 2009

More Than Scuttlebutt contains a comprehensive description, from concept to realization, of the U.S. Navy's demolition programs. It uses a remarkably straightforward narrative to bring together painstaking historical research, archival documentation, and gripping first hand accounts to create a fully-realized mosaic of historical details, and to bring order to chronological complexity. The book meticulously documents the diverse activities that ...


Literature: Course 5: Texas Treasures

Glencoe/Mcgraw-Hill, 2011

Glencoe Literature...Student Textbook Course 5...High School level


Retrieving the American Past (College of Lake County Edition)

Pearson Custom Publishing, 2003

Special edition of textbook for the College of Lake County


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Canadian History: The Simple Way to Learn about Your Country, All the Facts and ...
Ann Douglas

Prentice-Hall Canada, 1997


Temptations & Other Sins (Fantastic Horror)
Chris Stevens, Richard Eline, ...

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Aira-An out-of-work writer is sent a picture of a woman so lovely, so enchanting, so deadly, that he cannot resist her charms. Dolly-An old doll unexpectedly begins to talk. What does it want in exchange for eternal beauty and eye-popping wealth? The Color of Sin-How great is the temptation to put it all on the rack, the one shot, does the ball drop or does it not? What are the stakes? The Demon Next Door-Midnight snacks are bad for you, ...



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