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Charlotte Temple and Lucy Temple (Penguin Classics)
Susanna Rowson

Penguin Classics, 1991

"Charlotte Temple" tells the story of a young English girl who elopes to America, only to be cruelly abandoned. The sequel "Lucy Temple" continues the original tale, telling of the experiences of Lucy, Charlotte's orphaned daughter.


Literature Texas Treasures: American Literature
Jeffrey D., Ph.D. Wilhelm, Douglas Fisher, ...

Glencoe/Mcgraw-Hill, 2010

Hardcover Texas Literature Textbook


Solutions Manual to Accompany Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis
Ann G. Ryan, Douglas C. Montgomery, ...

Wiley, 2013

As the Solutions Manual, this book is meant to accompany the main title, Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, Fifth Edition. Clearly balancing theory with applications, this book describes both the conventional and less common uses of linear regression in the practical context of today's mathematical and scientific research. Beginning with a general introduction to regression modeling, including typical applications, the book then ...


Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives- Paperback
John E. Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, ...

Free Press, 1995

Who are the men committing the rising number of serial homicides in the U.S. -- and why do they kill? The increase in these violent crimes over the past decade has created an urgent need for more and better information about these men: their crime scene patterns, violent acts, and above all, their motivations for committing these shocking and repetitive murders. This authoritative book represents the data, findings, and implications of a ...


Crime Classification Manual: A Standard System for Investigating and Classifying Violent Crime
John Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, ...

Wiley, 2013

Praise for Crime Classification Manual "The very first book by and for criminal justice professionals in the major case fields. . . . The skills, techniques, and proactive approaches offered are creatively concrete and worthy of replication across the country. . . . Heartily recommended for those working in the 'front line' of major case investigation." —John B. Rabun Jr., ACSW, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, National ...


Literature: Course 5: Texas Treasures

Glencoe/Mcgraw-Hill, 2011

Glencoe Literature...Student Textbook Course 5...High School level


The Mother of All Pregnancy Books
Ann Douglas

Wiley, 2012

The ultimate guide to conception, birth, and everything in between Unlike those other bossy, tell-you-what-to-do pregnancy books, this funny, entertaining guide presents expectant parents with all the facts they need to know about conception, birth, and everything in between. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of this favorite guide to pregnancy and birth, this new edition is easier-to-use, fully updated, and has a fresh and appealing new design. ...


The Mother of All Baby Books
Ann Douglas

Wiley, 2002

Oh Boy! Or Girl! Just had a baby? Relax, lie down and breathe a sigh of relief. The Mother of All Baby Books has arrived! From the author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, comes the guide that all new parents have been waiting for, whether they know it or not. The Mother of All Baby Books is the instruction manual that Mother Nature forgot to include with your new bundle of joy. Packed with important advice and insider tips to coping with ...


Glencoe Literature: World Literature
Jeffrey D., Ph.D. Wilhelm, Douglas Fisher, ...

McGraw-Hill/Glencoe, 2008

Book by Wilhelm, Jeffrey D., Ph.D., Fisher, Douglas, Chin, Beverly Ann, Ph.D., Royster, Jacqueline Jones


Trying Again: A Guide to Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss
Ann Douglas, John R. Sussman

Taylor Trade Publishing, 2000

Trying Again lessens the uncertainties about pregnancy after miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss by providing the facts to help you determine if you and your partner are emotionally ready for another pregnancy. It also imparts essential advice about preparing and planning for another baby when you decide the time is right.


Crime Classification Manual: A Standard System for Investigating and Classifying Violent Crimes
John Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2006

This is the second edition of the landmark book that standardized the language and terminology used throughout the criminal justice system. It classifies the critical characteristics of the perpetrators and victims of major crimes—murder, arson, sexual assault, and nonlethal acts—based on the motivation of the offender. The second edition contains new classifications on computer crimes, religion-extremist murder, and elder female sexual ...


Understanding Inequality: The Intersection of Race/Ethnicity, Class, and Gender
Barbara A. Arrighi

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2007

As the age of globalization and New Media unite disparate groups of people in new ways, the continual transformation and interconnections between ethnicity, class, and gender become increasingly complex. This reader, comprised of a diverse array of sources ranging from the New York Times to the journals of leading research universities, explores these issues as systems of stratification that work to reinforce one another. Understanding ...


Glencoe Literature: American Literature
Jeffrey D., Ph.D. Wilhelm, Douglas Fisher, ...

McGraw-Hill/Glencoe, 2008

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The Mother of all Pregnancy Books
Ann Douglas

Wiley, 2002

The ultimate guide to conception, birth, and everything in between. Unlike all those otherbossy, tell-you-what-to-do titles, this funny, entertaining guide presents expectant parents with all the facts on such perennial hot topics as pain relief during labor, episiotomy, and circumcision, and empowers them to make informed personal choices. It's packed with tools you won't find anywhere else, including: * Charts highlighting the risks of using ...


Terrible Honesty: Mongrel Manhattan in the 1920s
Ann Douglas

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1996

Terrible Honesty is the biography of a decade, a portrait of the soul of a generation - based on the lives and work of more than a hundred men and women. In a strikingly original interpretation that brings the Jazz Age to life in a wholly new way, Ann Douglas arugues that when, after World War I, the United States began to assume the economic and political leadership of the West, New York became the heart of a daring and accomplished historical ...


Science and Human Origins
Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe, ...

Discovery Institute Press, 2012

Evidence for a purely Darwinian account of human origins is supposed to be overwhelming. But is it? In this provocative book, three scientists challenge the claim that undirected natural selection is capable of building a human being, critically assess fossil and genetic evidence that human beings share a common ancestor with apes, and debunk recent claims that the human race could not have started from an original couple.


Alternative Approaches in Music Education: Case Studies from the Field

R&L Education, 2010

Explore the creative ways music educators across the country are approaching emerging practices in music teaching and learning. Outlined in twenty-five unique case studies, each program offers a new perspective on music teaching and learning, often falling outside the standard music education curriculum. Find innovative ideas and models of successful practice to incorporate into your teaching, whether in school, university, or community ...


Glencoe Literature, Course 5
Jeffrey D., Ph.D. Wilhelm, Douglas Fisher, ...

McGraw-Hill/Glencoe, 2009

Hardcover, book has corners on upper right hand cut off, but cleaned pages, in good condition. Fast shipping...(A-18)


The Mother of All Pregnancy Organizers
Ann Douglas

Wiley, 2004

The perfect companion to the bestselling The Mother of All Pregnancy Books For the four million American women who give birth every year, staying on topof doctor's visits, ultrasound tests, Lamaze classes, baby supplies, birth announcements, and all the other day-to-day realities of pregnancy can seem a little overwhelming. This handy organizer makes it easy. Laminated for durability, wire-bound to lie flat, and featuring section dividers for ...


Trailing Clouds of Glory: Essays on Human Sexuality and the Education of Youth in Waldorf Schools
Douglas J.W. Gerwin, Ann Erwin

Waldorf Publications, 2014

From the clear thinking heart of expert on teaching teenagers, Douglas Gerwin, comes this exceptional collection of thought provoking and information-packed series of essays on all the practicalities and mysteries of human sexuality and the coming of puberty. Every parent and every teacher of students from age eleven up needs this book! It fills the imagination with rich and straightforward ways to explain to the young why sexuality os so ...



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