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El arte del placer sexual: Ejercicios y tecnicas para alcanzar nuevas cimas de extasis y placer (Spanish ...

Ediciones Robinbook, 2009

Geared towards individuals who want to experience making love as an extremely pleasing interchange that is equally physical and emotional, this informative handbook teaches how to feel pleasure through the sense of touch. It argues that to reach profound sexual pleasure, one must learn how to enjoy the feeling of caresses in a relaxed and stress-free way. Additionally, exercises to increase pleasure and prolong sex are included. Dirigido a las ...


All Night Long : How to Make Love to a Man Over 50, 2011

Keesling, a sex therapist for ten years and the author of several other sex manuals, focuses not on illnesses associated with aging that affect sex but on coping with the normal and gradual decline in the speed and intensity of male sexual response. She prescribes two approaches for women partners: firstly, find the advantages in your man's sexual changes and use them to improve your sex life together; secondly, work with your main in a series ...


Sexual Healing: A Self-Help Program to Enhance Your Sensuality and Overcome Common Sexual Problems
Barbara, Ph.D. Keesling

Hunter House, 1990

This expanded edition of Sexual Healing examines every known sexual problem and all possible treatments, including many that are new and experimental. The book includes more than 125 exercises for specific problems — including premature ejaculation, female sexual arousal disorder, low sexual desire, and sexual aversion — as well as a new section on advanced sexual healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. Written by a sex ...


Discover Your Sensual Potential: A Woman's Guide to Guaranteed Satisfaction
Barbara Keesling

Harper Perennial, 1999

Sex is one of the purest forms of human endeavor--the ultimate arena of sharing between people. It is the nourishing confluence of so many special elements: touch, physicality, communication, play, arousal, and intimacy. So why so often does the entire focus of sex for women become: Will I have an orgasm or won't I? Wouldn't it be wonderful--for both men and women--if female orgasm were no longer an uncertainty, but rather, a given? Dr. ...


Hot to Make Love All Night: and Drive Your Woman Wild!
Barbara Keesling

HarperTorch, 1997

Proven techniques from an expert to help anyone enjoy intimate relationships to the fullest. Readers discover the secret that will allow them to bring unmatched pleasure to that special someone in their life--while increasing their own pleasure.


Super Sexual Orgasm

HarperAudio, 1999

Hear the author of How to Make Love All Night unleash the mysteries of the female anatomy. Dr. Barbara Keesling's proven set of techniques will enable all women to not only reach climax easily, but to experience an incredibly intense orgasm that rivals all other erotic sensations. The key to this revolutionary method lies within the cul-de-sac, an ultra-sensitive region in the vaginal canal that once stimulated can regularly trigger explosive ...


Sex So Great She Can't Get Enough
Barbara Keesling

Insatiable Press Limited, 2013

Why be good in bed when you can be great? Renowned sex therapist and bestselling author Barbara Keesling, Ph.D. shows you how to have mind-blowing sex every time you slide between the sheets. Her message, like her philosophy about sex, is simple: every man can be an amazing lover. The path to being great in bed is easy to follow—all you need is more understanding of a woman’s body and greater control over yours. Learning something new has ...


Sexual Pleasure: Reaching New Heights of Sexual Arousal & Intimacy
Barbara Keesling

Hunter House, 1993

SEXUAL PLEASURE is for everyone interested in experiencing a deeply satisfying sex life. To experience deep sexual pleasure, you must explore your ability to enjoy - openly and sensually - basic human touch and relaxed, anxiety-free caressing. This book shows how to fully appreciate the pleasure of touching and being touched. SEXUAL PLEASURE encourages you to focus on your own sexual desire, rather than looking for ways to please your partner. ...


Bad Girl Sex. Was Good Girls über Lust und Verführung wissen wollen.
Barbara Keesling

Hugendubel, Verlag Heinrich, 2002

If you’ve always been a good girl, maybe you’ve been a little envious of the bad girls and all the wild experiences they seem to be having. And maybe you just haven’t felt comfortable about crossing that bridge to the bad-girl side. What’s the difference between being good and being bad? A good girl says “no” to sexual experimentation and enhanced pleasure, and a bad girl says “yes,” and “yes again.” But why should bad girls ...


Acercate Mas (Spanish Edition)
Barbara Keesling

Robin Book, 2002



Talk Sexy to the One You Love
Barbara Keesling

HarperAudio, 1996

When it comes to the language of love, we may talk a good game in the powder room or the locker room, but we still have a lot to learn where it counts most...the bedroom. According to sex therapist Dr. Barbara Keesling, nothing is more exciting than talking sexy to the one you love and having him or her talk sexy to you. The right words at the right time can start a fire burning inside that feels like it will never go out. It can make you feel ...


All Night Long: How to Make Love to a Man Over 50 (Paperback) - Common
By (author) Barbara Keesling

M. Evans& Co Inc, 2004

This book is not about Viagra--it is about making love. Getting older really does mean getting better. By taking the mystery out of the aging process, this book educates, reassures, and reinvigorates.


Bad Girl Sex!
Barbara Keesling

Goldmann Wilhelm GmbH, 2004


Men in Bed: Everything a Woman Needs to Know About the Good, the Bad, and the Kinky
Barbara Keesling

Hudson Street Press, 2008

The bestselling author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex helps women understand what goes on between men’s ears when they’re between the sheets Noted sex educator Barbara Keesling presents a much needed toolkit for women seeking a more satisfying sex life with their men. She explains the physical and psychological causes of common (and not so common) male sexual concerns—including lack of desire, longevity and erection ...


Simultaneous Orgasm: And Other Joys of Sexual Intimacy
Michael Riskin, Anita Banker-Riskin

Hunter House (CA), 1997

The first book solely dedicated to helping couples achieve simultaneous orgasm, this work is based on the premise that seeking new experiences and intimacies within a relationship is crucial to its health and longevity. This book describes a method for partners who want to experience simultaneous and multiple simultaneous orgasms at will.


comment faire l'amour toute la nuit
Barbara Keesling

J'AI LU (�DITIONS), 2005


Comment faire l'amour toute la nuit
Barbara Keesling

J'ai Lu, 2014



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