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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Betty Smith

Harper, 2001

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts by Women in SNCC

University of Illinois Press, 2012

  In Hands on the Freedom Plow, fifty-two women--northern and southern, young and old, urban and rural, black, white, and Latina--share their courageous personal stories of working for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement.   The testimonies gathered here present a sweeping personal history of SNCC: early sit-ins, voter registration campaigns, and freedom rides; the 1963 March ...


Maggie-Now: A Novel
Betty Smith

Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2012

Betty Smith, the beloved author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn , weaves a riveting modern myth out of the experiences of her own life in this rediscovered classic. In Brooklyn's unforgiving urban jungle, Maggie Moore is torn between answering her own needs and catering to the desirous men who dominate her life. Confronted by her quarrelsome Irish immigrant father, the feckless lover who may become her husband, and others, Maggie must learn to ...


Joy in the Morning: A Novel
Betty Smith

Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2010

“A glad affirmation that love can accomplish the impossible.” — Chicago Tribune "Weeping, laughing, raging, exulting... Intensely emotional... Inspired." — New York Times Joy in the Morning is the magnificent million-copy bestseller of young love and marriage by Betty Smith, beloved author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Tomorrow Will Be Better , and Maggie-Now . In 1927 Brooklyn, teenagers Carl Brown and Annie McGairy meet and ...


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: A Novel
Betty Smith

Harper Perennial, 2014

The beloved perennial classic—named as one of the books of the twentieth century by the New York Public Library. Orville Prescott has called this American classic “one of the most dearly beloved and one of the finest books of our day.” Indeed, when A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was first published in 1943, four printing plants were required to keep up with the demand. Seventy years later, readers are still fascinated by Betty Smith’s ...


Teaching Reading in Today's Elementary Schools
Betty Roe, Sandra H. Smith, ...

Cengage Learning, 2011

This market-leading text sets the standard for reading instruction to ensure that aspiring teachers are able to help students learn not only how to recognize words, but also how to comprehend what they read--and enjoy the process. The book balances new approaches to reading, such as language arts integration and emergent literacy/literacy as a continuum, with more traditional foundations of strong skills and phonics instruction. Updates to the ...


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (P.S.)
Betty Smith

Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2006

The beloved American classic about a young girl's coming-of-age at the turn of the century, Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a poignant and moving tale filled with compassion and cruelty, laughter and heartache, crowded with life and people and incident. The story of young, sensitive, and idealistic Francie Nolan and her bittersweet formative years in the slums of Williamsburg has enchanted and inspired millions of readers for more ...


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (P.S.) by Smith, Betty unknown Edition [Paperback(2005)]
Betty Smith

Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2001

Includes a foreword by Anna Quindlen. Was published in 2001 by HarperCollins Publishers.


Beginning Cherokee
Ruth Bradley Holmes, Betty Sharp Smith

University of Oklahoma Press, 1978

This book, the first of its kind, teaches the rudiments of Cherokee, which is the native tongue of about 20,000 Americans, although most of those who speak it use it only as a second language. Cherokee has had several recognized dialects in the past. The two main dialects today are the North Carolina, spoken on the Qualla Reservation by about 3,000 persons, and the Oklahoma, or Western, which is a consensus of the different ways of speech ...


The Gift of Music (Expanded and Revised, 3rd Edition): Great Composers and Their Influence
Jane Stuart Smith, Betty Carlson

Crossway, 1995

One of the finest achievements of Western culture is its brilliant heritage of classical music. A Gift of Music looks at the lives of the greatest composers who have given us this heritage, and especially at how their music was shaped by their beliefs. The result is a remarkable and inspiring book, showing the importance of Christian faith for many composers, and the effect of this upon their music. But it also shows how the lack of faith has ...


Elvis: An American Trilogy - Volume One: Family, Mississippi to Memphis
Dennis W. Forbus

DenKar Publishing Group a division of DenKar Enterprises,LLC, 2014

A journey through the world of Elvis, before the world knew Elvis. This volume one of our trilogy brings out the very roots of the Presley and Smith Families, in depth stories never before shared in publications, from people never before heard of in the Elvis world. Yes, some fresh stuff for the Elvis fans and collectors. This project will reveal family photos, historical documents, and property locations and proof of places Elvis lived that ...


The Doctoral StudentOs Advisor and Mentor: Sage Advice from the Experts

R&L Education, 2010

This book focuses on using faculty mentoring to empower doctoral students to successfully complete their doctoral studies. The book is a collection of mentoring chapters showcasing professors and dissertation advisors from the most prestigious universities in the United States. They provide an extraordinary range of mentoring advice that speaks directly to the doctoral student. Each chapter addresses a professional or personal component of the ...


Art of the Carousel
Charlotte Dinger

Carousel Art, 1984

Book by Charlotte Dinger


Great Christian Hymn Writers
Jane Stuart Smith, Betty Carlson

Crossway, 1997

Consider the worshipful lyrics of "Holy, Holy, Holy"; the comforting assurance of "His Eye Is On the Sparrow"; the trusting submission of "Have Thine Own Way, Lord"; the bold declaration made by "O for a Thousand Tongues." They are some of our greatest hymns--and some of the most powerful words in Christendom. Lyrics that help us grasp the reality of faith, set to beautiful music that speaks to our hearts. The stories behind the hymns are ...


Considering God's Creation: A Creative Biblical Approach to Natural Science
Susan Mortimer, Betty Smith

Eagle's Wings, 2002

Considering God's Creation: A Creative Biblical Approach to Natural Science


Tomorrow Will Be Better
Betty Smith

Harper & Brothers Publsihers, New York, 1948


Morgan Is Coming!: Confederate Raiders in the Heartland of Kentucky
Betty J. Gorin

Harmony House Publishers (KY), 2006

John Hunt Morgan, and his dauntless cavalrymen, roamed the countryside of Taylor and surrounding counties in KY, burning Pleasant Hill Church, stockades and bridges, tearing up rail lines, and striking fear into the hearts of Kentuckians, with Union forces in hot pursuit. The "invincible" Morgan met his match in Michigan's Col. Orlando Moore at the decisive bloody battle of Tebbs Bend, July 4, 1863. Book includes: 15 maps, 42 illustrations, 233 ...


Student Teaching and Field Experiences Handbook, 7th Edition
Betty D. Roe, Elinor P. Ross, ...

Pearson, 2009

For K-12 student teaching courses or field-based practicum.   Written for teacher candidates in all major fields of study and beginning teachers with limited classroom experience, this comprehensive handbook presents practical theory-based applications for a full range of teaching concerns that student teachers and practicum students have—from preparing to teach to the integration of instructional technology in the classroom. By ...


A Tree Grows In Brooklyn; Maggie-Now: Two Novels
Betty Smith

Harper & Row, 1958

1943 Copyright- by Betty Smith- Two novels in one book.


Jane Hicks Gentry: A Singer Among Singers
Betty N. Smith

The University Press of Kentucky, 1998

"Winner of the North Carolina Society of Historians Award Jane Hicks Gentry lived her entire life in the remote, mountainous northwest corner of North Carolina and was descended from old Appalachian families in which singing and storytelling were part of everyday life. Gentry took this tradition to heart, and her legacy includes ballads, songs, stories, and riddles. Smith provides a full biography of this vibrant woman and the tradition into ...



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