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New Kid Catastrophes (TJ and the Time Stumblers Book 1)

Tyndale Kids, 2013

This six-book series centers around two 23rd century goofballs, Tuna and Herby, who travel back in time to study TJ Finkelstein for their history project. TJ will someday become a great leader who demonstrates honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, self-sacrifice, respect for others—all traits she hones and grasps through her adventures in this series. Unfortunately, Tuna and Herby get stuck in TJ’s time (modern day), so she has to deal with ...


Mango Bay (A Mango Bob Adventure), 2013

Mango Bay, the latest novel in the Mango Bob series by Bill Myers. Laugh out loud funny, filled with zany characters living life in a sleepy beach town on Florida's west coast. Take an unemployed computer hacker living in an RV on the beach in Florida, a cranky cat named Mango Bob, Oscar the wiener dog, a pot smuggling granny, and a once famous Hollywood movie star out to reclaim lost glory. Put them all together in a clothing optional ...


Blood of Heaven (Fire of Heaven Trilogy Book 1)

Amaris Media, International, 2011

What if the DNA of Jesus Christ was discovered and cloned in another human? What if that human was a killer? Mysterious blood has been discovered on the remains of an ancient religious artifact. Some believe it is the blood of Christ. And experiments with specific genes from the blood have brought surprising findings. Now it’s time to introduce those genes into a human. Enter Michael Coleman: multiple killer, death-row resident . . . and, if ...


Buying a Used Motorhome - How to get the most for your money and not get burned, 2012

If you've ever thought of buying a motorhome, this is the book you'll want to read first. In this book, you'll learn just about everything you need to know to find the right motorhome at the right price and not get burned in the process. You'll learn about the kinds of motorhomes to look for, where to find the best deals and how to get the best prices, and how to avoid 'deal killers'. You'll find checklists to use when inspecting a ...



Zondervan, 2009

What If Jesus Had Not Come Until Today? Who Would Follow Him? Who Would Kill Him? A fiery car crash hurls TV journalist Conrad Davis into another world exactly like ours except for one detail--Jesus Christ did not come 2,000 years ago, but today. Starting with angels heralding a birth in the back of a motel laundry room, the skeptical Davis watches the gospel unfold in today’s society as a Messiah in T-shirt and blue jeans heals, raises ...


The Face of God (Supernatural Thriller)

StoneHouse Ink, 2012

When senior pastor Daniel Lawson steps down from his mega-church in an attempt to rediscover the fervent love of God he once had, he stumbles upon one of the mysterious stones used by the High Priest in the Old Testament and soon finds himself rushing to different parts of the Arab world in a race with a terrorist to find the other stones. THE PASTOR His wife of twenty-three years has been murdered. His faith in God is crumbling before his ...


Mango Bob, 2012

In this first book in the Mango Bob series, Walker has just lost his job, his wife has filed for divorce, and he’s living in a tent down by the river. Being ever resourceful, Walker swaps his truck for a motorhome (aka ‘the Love Bus’), and agrees to drive it cross-country to sleepy Englewood Florida so he can deliver a cat named Mango Bob to a woman he's never met. Should be easy, right? Drive to Florida, hand over the cat, and then hang ...


Fire of Heaven (Fire of Heaven Trilogy Book 3)

Amaris Media International, 2011

Suspense aficionados need to keep their calendars wide open for the release of Fire of Heaven--because once they start reading Bill Myers's thrilling story of Revelation's two witnesses, they won't be putting it down! In this third installment of his trilogy, Myers connects plot threads and characters from his previous best-sellers Blood of Heaven and Threshold, weaving an enthralling new story. Newlyweds Sarah Weintraub and Brandon Martus ...


Mango Lucky (Mango Bob Book 2), 2012

John Walker — recently divorced and living in a motorhome near the beach in Florida — seems to be on a lucky streak. No matter what he does, he comes out a winner. He's won the lottery, found a pot of gold, and met the perfect woman. But things are rarely as they seem, and Walker's good luck comes with a few complications. His perfect woman 'needs some space,' and suggests he take a vacation on the other side of the state - without her. So ...


Threshold (Fire of Heaven Trilogy Book 2)

Amaris Media International, 2011

From the realms of science, the paranormal, and Bible prophecy emerges a novel for our times: fast-paced, carefully researched . . . with a warning none can ignore. Some say Brandon Martus has a mysterious ability to see into the future, to experience what scientists refer to as a "higher dimension." Others insist he is simply a troubled Generation-X member plagued by the accidental death of his little sister. It isn’t until he teams up with ...


My Life as a Smashed Burrito With Extra Hot Sauce (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #1)
Bill Myers

Thomas Nelson, 1993

Twelve-year-old Wally - "the walking disaster area" - is forced to stand up to Camp Wahkah Wahkah's number one, all-American bad guy. One hilarious mishap follows another until, fighting together for their very lives, Wally learns the need to love even his worst enemy.


My Life as a Toasted Time Traveler (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle Book 10)

Thomas Nelson, 1996

What could be more hilarious than one Wally McDoogle How about two? Or Six? Or a dozen?! Wally travels back from the future to warn himself of an upcoming accident. But it takes more than one visit to get the message across. Before he knew it, there are more Wally's running around than even Wally can handle. Catastrophes reach an all-time high as Wally tries to out think God and rewrite history.


Ancient Forces Collection (Forbidden Doors)
Bill Myers

Zondervan, 2012

Some doors are better left unopened. Join teenager Rebecca “Becka” Williams, her brother, Scott, and friend Ryan Riordan as they head for mind-bending clashes between the forces of darkness and the power of God. The Ancient Forces Collection brings together three fast-paced novels of the supernatural by bestselling author Bill Myers. The Ancients Sent to a remote village in the mountains of New Mexico by the mysterious Z, Becka, Scott, ...


Stink Bug Saves the Day!: The Parable of the Good Samaritan (The Bug Parables)
Bill Myers

Zonderkidz, 2008

This retelling of The Good Samaritan teaches the importance of being a good friend. Mom and Pop Roly Poly and their little Rolies, Junior and Sissy, find themselves face-to-face with some biker flies. It looks like big trouble for Pop! Will anyone stop to help him? Someone will---the last person anyone expects.


The Presence: Soul Tracker, Book 2

Zondervan, 2005

The first subjects exposed to The Presence went insane. Now, a far more terrifying experiment is about to begin. A diverse group of unusual characters are airlifted to a remote mountain lodge. Here they hope to participate in a seance connecting them to the spirit world. David Kauffman and his teenage son have joined them to debunk a world-class psychic and expose her as a hoax. But not even David is prepared for what greets them. Still shaken ...


Invisible Terror Collection (Forbidden Doors)
Bill Myers

Zondervan, 2011

Some doors are better left unopened. Join teenager Rebecca “Becka” Williams, her brother, Scott, and friend Ryan Riordan as they head for mind-bending clashes between the forces of darkness and the power of God. The Invisible Terror Collection brings together three fast-paced novels of the supernatural by bestselling author Bill Myers. The Haunting Becka and Scott’s greatest enemy is the owner of an occult bookshop. She is requesting ...


My Life as Alien Monster Bait (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle #2)
Bill Myers

Thomas Nelson, 1993

"Hollywierd" comes to Middletown! Wally's a superstar! A movie company has chosen our hero to be eaten by their mechanical "Mutant from Mars!" It's a close race as to which will consume Wally first - the disaster-plagued special-effects "monster" or his own out-of-control pride. . . Until he learns the cost of true friendship and of God's command for humility.


Supernatural War

Amaris Media, International, 2012

Bill Myers releases his autobiographical encounter with a nationally-acclaimed psychic. As a young writer, he stumbled into a life-changing showdown which shaped much of his best-selling fiction. The fierce, spiritual battles and multiple exorcisms that followed brought him face to face with the unforgettable evils of Hell and the absolute Power of Heaven.


Supernatural Love

Amaris Media, International, 2011

"A moving account of God reaching into the darkest of places and pulling out a life." - James Scott Bell, Best Selling Author Based upon a true story Beth Miller bolted up in bed. No one told her; she knew her son had just been murdered in a drug deal gone bad. Later, as she paced the darkened house and backyard, planning revenge on the killer, she heard the clear and audible voice of God: “Beth, I want you to love the murderer of your son ...


Dark Power Collection (Forbidden Doors)

Zondervan, 2009

Some doors are better left unopened. Some doors, you don’t want to find out what lies behind them. In the Forbidden Doors series by bestselling author Bill Myers, teenager Rebecca “Becka” Williams, her younger brother Scott, and her friend Ryan Riordan are swept into heart-stopping encounters with an all-too-real invisible world—a world fraught with deception and spiritual adversaries that promise goodness and enlightenment but will stop ...



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