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Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle
Brian Dennis, Mary Nethery, ...

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2009

Nubs, an Iraqi dog of war, never had a home or a person of his own. He was the leader of a pack of wild dogs living off the land and barely surviving. But Nubs's life changed when he met Marine Major Brian Dennis. The two formed a fast friendship, made stronger by Dennis's willingness to share his meals, offer a warm place to sleep, and give Nubs the kind of care and attention he had never received before. Nubs became part of Dennis's human ...


The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition
Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie

Prentice Hall, 1988

The authors present the complete guide to ANSI standard C language programming. Written by the developers of C, this new version helps readers keep up with the finalized ANSI standard for C while showing how to take advantage of C's rich set of operators, economy of expression, improved control flow, and data structures. The 2/E has been completely rewritten with additional examples and problem sets to clarify the implementation of difficult ...


Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle (Hardcover)
Brian Dennis (Author) Mary Nethery (Author) Kirby Larson (Author)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers,, 2009


Monster! #6
Tim Paxton, Steve Fenton

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Do you love MONSTER movies? I mean, REALLY love them? Then MONSTER! zine is for you! This issue is jam-packed with reviews and articles on new, old, obscure, and weird monster movie from the world over! Steve Bissette analyzes THE DUNWICH HORROR, John Szpunar reviews Hammer's THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN, Louis Paul covers Vampire film, plus articles and reviews of THE CYCLOPS, PROJECT: METAL BEAST, and much more! Over 70 pages of must see material!


The R Student Companion
Brian Dennis

Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2012

R is the amazing, free, open-access software package for scientific graphs and calculations used by scientists worldwide. The R Student Companion is a student-oriented manual describing how to use R in high school and college science and mathematics courses. Written for beginners in scientific computation, the book assumes the reader has just some high school algebra and has no computer programming background. The author presents ...


The C Programming Language
Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie

Prentice, 1988

The computing world has undergone a revolution since the publication of the first edition of the C Programming Language. During this time, the C language has changed and spread beyond its origins as the language of the UNIX operating system. This second edition provides a more comprehensive and contemporary definition of the C language as defined by the ANSI standard_the "ANSI C". The most striking change relates to the new form of function ...


Electro-Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics: Theory and Numerical Simulation
George Dulikravich, Brian Dennis

Wiley, 2014

Electro-Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics provides an innovative account of the state-of-the-art in mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of combined electro-magneto-fluid-dynamics (EMFD) and its more traditional sub-models, electro-hydro-dynamics (EHD), and magneto-hydro-dynamics (MHD), governing electrically conducting fluid flows under the influence of externally applied electric and magnetic fields.


I'm a T. Rex! (Little Golden Book)
Dennis Shealy

Golden Books, 2010

A dinosaur book with humor and fun facts—perfect for the youngest dino fans! "I'm a T. rex! I ROARRRR and I romp! I GRRROWWLLL and I stomp! I'm a T. rex." In this brand-new Little Golden Book, a T. rex tells all about his great and terrible self. Facts about the T. rex are humorously presented: "Does the T stand for toothy? Does the T stand for tall? Does the T stand for terrible? I am known as them all!" The ending reveals a surprise: ...


Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle By Brian Dennis
Brian Dennis

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2008


Sadistic Shorts: Tales from the Devil's Drawers, ...

Mbedzi Publishing, 2013

“Freeing herself, she immediately took off the ropes from around her wrists and raised the sack above her head. As soon as she did she screamed with terror. The whole room was engulfed in blood—the walls splattered, pools all around the bodies, arms and legs split apart, heads severed from shoulders. She stumbled backwards away from the sight. She tried to run but the pain in her body from the beatings was intolerable, and her feet slid ...


Monster! #4: April 2014
Tim Paxton, Steve Fenton

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Do you like Monster Movies? Well, if you do than MONSTER! is for you. 100% monsters -- no slashers allowed! This issue features a brand new interview with film maker Joe Dante (THE HOWLING, GREMLINS), Steve Bissette on Steve Ditko's GORGO comics, Bollywood monster movies, Greek zombie flicks, Louis Paul's coverage of retro HK cinema, and loads of reviews!


Monster! #3 (Volume 4)
Tim Paxton, Steve Fenton

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

MONSTER! is the hideous brainchild of cinema magazine guru and masterful film critic, Tim Paxton. MONSTER! is a monthly digest dedicated to all things monstrous. If you love monsters, you're going to have a snarling good time reading MONSTER! In this issue we explore FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, Hong Kong Horrors, BIGFOOT, CANUXPLOITATION, Hal Hartley's NO SUCH THING, The Indian creature features of The Ramsays, and much more!


Christian Education: Foundations for the Future

Moody Publishers, 1991

Whether in the home, in the church, or in a Christian school, the challenge of contemporary Christian educators is to meet the academic needs of students while remaining unswerving in adherence to biblical principles. Christian Education: Foundations for the Future introduces you to the basics of a healthy Christian education program, then takes you beyond, showing you how to develop a fresh, innovative Christian education program that ...


CCIE Routing & Switching. Lab Workbook Volume II
Brian Dennis, Brian McGahan

Internetwork Expert Inc., 2007

Internetwork Expert's CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume II (IEWB-RS-VOL2) is the most comprehensive self-paced resource available for the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab exam on the market today. IEWB-RS-VOL2 is designed to be used as a supplement to other self-paced and instructor-led training materials in preparation for Cisco Systems' CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Exam. IEWB-RS-VOL2 consists of 20 full scale lab scenarios designed from ...


Chaos in Ecology, Volume 1: Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics (Theoretical Ecology Series)
J. M. Cushing, Robert F. Costantino, ...

Academic Press, 2002

It is impossible to predict the exact behavior of all biological systems and how these same systems are exemplified by patterns of complexity and regularity. Decades of research in ecology have documented how these sorts of patterns are the consequences of deceptively simple rules that determine the nature of the patterns created. Chaos in Ecology will explain how simple beginnings result in complicated results. Chaos in Ecology is the ...


Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome: A Guide to Emotional and Behavioral Strengths and Challenges
Dennis McGuire, Brian Chicoine

Woodbine House, 2006

(2007 Independent Publisher Award, Bronze Medalist in Psychology/Mental Health category) (2006 ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award: Finalist in Psychology Category) (2006 Best Books Book Awards, Psychology/Mental Health Finalist) In this groundbreaking book, the founding directors of the Adult Down Syndrome Center of Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois the first and premier facility of its type in North America share ...


Improvisation At The Piano ( A Systematic Approach For The Classically Trained Pianist)
Brian Chung, Dennis Thurmond

Alfred Music, 2007

This unique text uses a step-by-step approach to guide the reader from fundamental concepts to advanced topics in improvisation. Each subject is broken into easy to understand segments, gradually becoming more complex as improvisational tools are acquired. Designed for the classically trained pianist with little or no experience in improvisation, it uses the reader s previous knowledge of basic theory and technique to help accelerate the ...


A Hard Ride
Richard Everette Dooley, Dennis Brian Dooley

Dennis Dooley, 2012

There were many amazing people who lived through the incredible twentieth century, but too few were able or motivated to write about their experiences. Their experiences and attitudes are an inspiration to all of us. This is a book filled with short stories and poetry written by my father, born in 1911 and died in 1996. We knew that he was doing some writing about his life, but we did not know the scope of his work until after he passed ...


Love's Book

Xlibris, 2013

"Intro Love is often looked at in ways that can be difficult to understand. This book is my way of trying to make it a little easier to understand from my point of view. The contents are not meant to share everyone’s experiences with love because we are all going to have different ones. My only hope is that you can read this book with the passion I used to write it, and try to relate my experiences to yours. Love has given me one great ...


The Guide to Good Health for Teens & Adults With Down Syndrome
Brian Chicoine, Dennis McGuire

Woodbine House, 2010

2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Silver Award Winner, Health Category Chosen as a Library Journal Best Consumer Health Book of 2010 The authors of the bestselling Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome turn their attention to the physical health of teens and adults with Down syndrome. Drs. Chicoine and McGuire provide invaluable insight into what health problems are more common in their patients, and how medical issues ...



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