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Spurgeon on Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Whitaker House, 1998

Prayer is the Christian's lifeline to God, and with it lives are changed for eternity! Charles Spurgeon knew the secrets of prayer and that God has established divine principles and promises for our every need. He reveals these principles and shares how God has answered the prayers of men and women since the beginning of Bible times. He also shows how you can gain freedom over sin, enjoy peace in troubled times, and protect yourself from Satan. ...


Spurgeon On The Holy Spirit
C H Spurgeon

Whitaker House, 2000

Who can measure the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives? When we are in the dark, He brings the Light. When our minds are perplexed, He gives the Answer. When we need an encouraging promise, He provides the Word. When we are lost, He shows the Way. In these pages, Charles Spurgeon clearly communicates profound truths about the Holy Spirit. Discover the joy of having the Spirit of Christ within you, and learn how He will, remind you of God's ...


Morning and Evening Daily Devotions with Charles Spurgeon Book (Annotated), 2013

Spend time daily in prayer, study and meditation with the guidance of one of the premier Christian Authorities of all time. This Daily Devotional and readings book will help you get your day started right and get your mind put at ease before bedtime. Every Christian family ought to read a devotional daily This version of Morning and Evening adds a section of King James power verses to help inspire you, get you motivated and renew your hope.


The Treasury of David (3 Volumes Set)
C. H. Spurgeon

Hendrickson Pub, 1988

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the "Prince of Preachers," composed and polished The Treasury of David over the span of nearly half his ministry. This incomparable commentary and omnibus on the Psalms has been prized by Christians ever since. Spurgeon'''s own commentary on every verse of the Psalms is extremely insightful, and by itself it would have been rich enough for posterity. But there'''s much more in The Treasury of David. You'''ll find a ...


Daily Devotional Collection for Each Day of the Year, ..., 2014

Seven daily devotionals to refresh your spiritual journey and strengthen your relationship with the heavenly Father, this collection include a daily prayer, a daily thought and the following daily devotionals: Faith’s Checkbook Days of Heaven Upon Earth Daily Meditations for the Circling Year Spurgeon Mornings Spurgeon Evenings


Chequebook of the Bank of Faith - Tan/Green (Daily Readings)
C. H. Spurgeon

Christian Heritage, 2005

A short reading for every day. Spurgeon wrote this selection of readings to encourage believers to enter into the full provision that their relationship to Jesus entitled them to realise, on a daily basis. He explains we have to present the promises of Scripture to God in prayer and faith, anticipating that he will honour what he has said. Beautiful volume in tan and green leather.


Morning and Evening: Daily Readings : A Contemporary Version of a Devotional Classic Based on the New ...
C. H. Spurgeon

Hendrickson Pub, 1995

Charles Haddon Spurgeon's classic Morning and Evening collection of daily devotionals was written in England more than a century ago. For generations, its cherished gems of daily strength and meditation inspired millions. However, in recent times, its archaic words, English spellings, and 19th-century expressions had become a barrier to many of today's readers and had obscured the vitality of this magnificent volume. In this new revised and ...


Spiritual Warfare in a Believer's Life
C. H. Spurgeon, Robert Hall

Y W A M Pub, 1993

Spurgeon was a seasoned veteran in meeting Satan at every corner and defeating Satan in the power of the gospel. But in keeping with his practical style, there was nothing abstract or mystical about Spurgeon's teaching. He directed his focus where he found Satan at work in the lives of people - enslaving them in sin, keeping them from the influence of the gospel, hindering their spiritual development, bringing discouragement, depression, and ...


Morning & Evening, King James Version: A Devotional Classic for Daily Encouragement
Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Hendrickson Publishers, 1990

For tens of thousands of Christians over the last century, Charles Haddon Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" has been a daily devotional guide through life's ups and downs. New generations can once again enjoy Spurgeon's beautiful prose and elegant command of the English language in this completely revised edition. "Morning and Evening "offers readers the best of Spurgeon's insight and wise counsel on themes that are as relevant to our day as they ...


Morning And Evening (Daily Readings)
C. H. Spurgeon

Christian Heritage, 2004

A wealth of Biblical meditations from Spurgeon with applications that are relevant for contemporary Christians. Spurgeon's characteristically pithy comments hit home with a wit and elegance rarely found in other writing. Christians young and old will find his words challenging and stimulating. Complete and unabridged in a beautiful matt black edition.


Holy Spirit Power

Whitaker House, 1996

Spurgeon shows that the Holy Spirit wants to be our Comforter, Teacher, and mighty Helper. The miraculous new life the early Christians lived amazed the world and turned it upside down. You can know Him personally and experience His miracles.


Finding Peace in Life's Storms
C. H. Spurgeon

Whitaker House, 1997

Charles Spurgeon unwraps God's gift of hope as he presents us with strong encouragement and a powerful tool for surviving daily struggles and temptations. This book will renew and strengthen your walk with Christ as you discover how to weather difficult personal storms, experience God's secure protection, receive daily strength and encouragement, turn painful memories into blessings, and build a solid foundation of faith and trust. No case is ...


Power In Prayer

Whitaker House, 1996

Charles Spurgeon wrote this book for Christians who want to be mighty prayer warriors. He explains that you can be absolutely sure of success in prayer. As you read the book, you will discover...Why God is bound to answer our prayers How short prayers bring big answers Why God answers even faulty prayers How to use arguments with God When God answers the prayers of sinners Learn to develop the essential characteristics required for power-packed ...


Praying Successfully
C H Spurgeon

Whitaker House, 1997

Tragic circumstances surprisingly changed, a desperate cry for help heard and answered, a nagging need met––how can such things happen? Through the powerful resource of prayer. As you read these pages, you will understand how to turn adversity into advantage, get ahead without competing, see your desires fulfilled, obtain the wealth available to you, find peace in life's storms, be free from sin, and receive the free gift of salvation. Begin ...


Selected Sermons on the Incarnation

Blue Letter Bible, 2012

Blue Letter Bible is pleased to present this special edition of Selected Sermons on the Incarnation, which is a compilation of four hand-selected sermons from Martin Luther and C.H. Spurgeon. These insightful messages on God clothing Himself in human flesh are based on passages of Scripture showing how wonderfully providential was this pivotal moment in history. Divine Sovereignty came to the humble abode of Bethlehem. Jesus is Emmanuel—“God ...


Spurgeon's Sermon Notes: Over 250 Sermons Including Notes, Commentary and Illustrations
C. H. Spurgeon

Hendrickson Pub, 1997

One of the world's most prolific preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon had already preached more than 600 times by the age of twenty. By age twenty-two he was the most popular sermonizer of his age, dubbed the "Prince of Preachers." Spurgeon's sermons are notable not merely for their quantity, but also for their quality. His sermons combine keen intellect, scriptural truth, and a passionate love for God. Gems of insight and truth shine form the ...


Morning and Evening: Daily Readings
C. H. Spurgeon

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Morning and Evening: Daily Readings is a work by C. H. Spurgeon now brought to you in this new edition of the timeless classic.


Morning And Evening

Whitaker House, 2001

Charles Spurgeon's uplifting messages for each day of the year will comfort and refresh you in your walk with God. Spending time with God at the start and the close of each day will bring a new joy in your life. Supplemented by key verses of Scripture, these devotional passages will help you to experience God's free favor, obtain victory through Christ, and receive help through every trial. As you reflect upon God's Word and His principles, you ...


Christ's Glorious Achievements (The Spurgeon Collection)
C.H. Spurgeon

Christian Heritage, 2006

The popular view of Christianity today is a list of rules. Do's and Don't seems to be what it is all about. But if that's what we think Christianity is all about then we have a lot to learn. The key to understanding Christianity is not something we have to do, but rather something that Jesus Christ has already achieved on our behalf. This book, by one of the most influential Christians of the last 200 years, looks at what Christ has done for us. ...


Chequebook of the Bank of Faith - Tan/Burgundy (Daily Readings)
C. H. Spurgeon

Christian Heritage, 2005

A short reading for every day. Spurgeon wrote this selection of readings to encourage believers to enter into the full provision that their relationship to Jesus entitled them to realise, on a daily basis. He explains we have to present the promises of Scripture to God in prayer and faith, anticipating that he will honour what he has said. Beautiful volume in tan and burgundy leather.



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