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100 Math Tips for the SAT Publisher: Mostly Bright Ideas
Charles Gulotta, 2005


Dark of the Mind (Dark of the Mind Trilogy Book 1)
C.S. McMillian

C.S. McMillian, 2013

While most people try to avoid death for as long as they can, Tryke Harper can’t get close enough. But even in his chosen profession as a paramedic, he struggles to witness those final moments of life. Tryke’s obsession to find the human soul is matched by a much darker desire. He soon becomes entangled in the violence and injustice behind the emergency calls he must answer. When these two pursuits meet up on the streets of Dallas, they take ...


Learn This! (Stuff You Need to Know, and Mistakes You Need to Stop Making, Before You Step Foot into High ...
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 1999

A detailed review of many of the things high school teachers expect their incoming students to know. Includes astronomy, world geography, U.S. geography, Canadian geography, world history, U.S. history, U.S. presidents, Canadian history, math, science, writing & grammar, literature, art & music history, major religions, languages, famous people, and more. Equally important, the book provides a strategy for learning large and complex chunks of ...


Who Knew?: My reluctant journey to blogging addiction
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 2011

This is a collection of 52 posts from my first year and a half of blogging. Most are humorous essays, although a few are serious; there's also one co-authored short story. The book is illustrated, mostly with cartoons.


500 Key Words for the SAT, and How to Remember Them Forever!
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 2013

500 Key Words for the SAT uses pictures and stories to help you remember the meanings of five hundred of the vocabulary words that appear most frequently on the SAT. Learning is fast, fun, and forever! Also: a special section in the back provides tips for the reading part of the SAT. Remember, no matter how much they change the SAT, vocabulary will always be critically important if you want a high score. This book was originally published in ...


The Long Hall
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 2014

Childbirth is one of the most natural and universal experiences in life. Every year, millions of babies are born, and for new parents especially, it's both an exhilarating and frightening milestone. In July 1985, a young Connecticut couple left their house minutes before midnight and drove to the hospital to have their first child. The husband returned home the next day, his infant daughter a week later. His wife was gone for twenty-seven ...


Writing Rules!
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 2010

This book takes a friendly and humorous approach to many of the most common grammar, spelling, and usage problems. It also walks the reader through the various stages of essay writing, from conception to first draft to revision. Rules are addressed in terms of their context: what may be okay in speech or a creative writing class assignment may not be okay on a standardized writing test. Cartoons appear throughout. The book also features dozens ...


One Thousand Words: That You Must Know For Standardized Tests, High School, University, And Life!
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 2009

Actually, nearly eleven hundred important words. Each entry includes pronunciation, definition, other forms, and the word used in a sentence. This book was designed as a companion to "500 Key Words for the SAT," so there is little duplication between the two.


100 Math Tips For the SAT & How to Master Them Now!
Trish Dardine, Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 1996

This book does more than teach you how to solve the problem. It teaches you how to see the problem, how to recognize and avoid the traps, and how to think! Even if you hate geometry, have nightmares about algebraic equations, and can't stand the sight of a percent sign, this book will turn you into a fearless giant-killer. Using SAT-style questions to demonstrate one hundred critical concepts, it delivers plenty of straight talk, solid ...


Extraordinary Women in Politics
Charles Gulotta

Childrens Press / Grolier Publishing, Danbury, Connecticut, U.S.A., 1998


by Gulotta's 100 Math Tips for the SAT and How to Master Them Now (Paperback) (2005)
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 2005


100 Math Tips for the SAT, and How to Master Them Now!
Charles Gulotta, 2005


500 Key Words for the SAT

Mostly Bright Ideas, 2014

Uses visual images and funny stories to build a bridge between each unfamiliar word and its meaning. Also points out look-alike and sound-alike words and provides alternate parts of speech and sample sentences. More than one hundred cartoons and a section on strategies for the SAT add to the effectiveness of this powerful vocabulary-building tool. More than 85,000 copies sold since original publication in 1992!


100 Math Tips for the SAT, and How to Master Them Now! by Gulotta, Charles (2009) Paperback
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 1011



500 Key Words for the SAT, and How to Remember Them Forever! 10th (tenth) edition
Charles Gulotta, 2007


500 Key Words for the SAT, and How to Remember Them Forever! (Paperback) by Charles Gulotta


500 Key Words for the SAT 10th (tenth) edition Text Only
Charles Gulotta, 2007


By Charles Gulotta - 500 Key Words for the SAT: And How to Remember Them Forever! (8th) (1.2.1992)
Charles Gulotta

Mostly Bright Ideas, 1992



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