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Savage Sword of Conan Volume 16
Various, Chuck Dixon

Dark Horse Books, 2014

"Crom curses me!" Plagued by the apparition of a lost lover in torment, Conan returns to the Valley of Howling Shadows, a forbidding land of dark magic and suffocating madness. But the visions are the conjurings of a treacherous necromancer who needs Conan's aid to claim a treasure of ultimate sorcerous power! The Savage Sword of Conan features over 500 pages of Conan tales never-before collected and out of print for over twenty years!


Savage Sword of Conan Volume 15
Chuck Dixon

Dark Horse Books, 2013

"Crom, count the dead!" The wanderings of the barbarian warrior Conan bring him to the desert kingdom of Stygia, whose mad queen seeks to perform a dark ritual that will bridge universes and draw an ancient, malefic god back into this world — and with it an eternity of death, horror, and chaos! Conan's lust for temple treasure puts him in with a company of acolytes who will risk all to prevent the ritual's completion. A mighty sword arm like ...


The Hobbit: A Graphic Novel (#1 of 3)
J. R. R. Tolkien

Eclipse Books, 1989

Book one of three. For the first time this Tolkien's fantasy is adapted into a fully painted graphic novel by Charles Dixon and David Wenzel.


The First Law: The Blade Itself (Graphic Novel)
Joe Abercrombie, Chuck Dixon

Blind Ferret Entertainment, 2014

Logen Ninefingers, infamous barbarian, has finally run out of luck. Caught up in one feud too many, he s on the verge of becoming a dead barbarian, leaving nothing behind but some bad songs, a few dead friends, and a lot of happy enemies. Captain Jezal dan Luthar has nothing more dangerous in mind than fleecing his friends at cards and dreaming of glory in the fencing circle. But war is brewing, and on the battlefields of the frozen North they ...


The Spider Chronicles SC (New Printing)
John Jakes, Mort Castle, ...

Moonstone, 2007

More just than the law, more dangerous than the Underworld... hated, feared, and wanted by both. One cloaked, fanged, border-line crazy denizen of the dark force, feeding hard justice with a pair of 45's! Moonstone is proud to present 20 new short stories of searing white hot prose starring pulpdom's most violent and ruthless crime fighter ever: The Spider! Here you will find relentless, hard-fisted action that remains true in tone to his ...


Civil War Adventures #2.1: Real Stories of the War that divided America
Chuck Dixon

History Graphics Press, 2010

More stories of the war that divided America in the popular graphic novel format by the world's top writers and illustrators. "Will the Black Man Fight?" is the story of the first battle of the Civil War for the Union's new colored troops . "The March to Romney" continues the story of the men of the Stonewall Brigade as they move into West Virginia with General Jackson; includes "The Gray Ghost" and fact pages.


Savage Sword of Conan Volume 14
Chuck Dixon

Dark Horse Books, 2013

"Give me a sword, I will give you a show." Chained for another man's crime, Conan is sentenced to a Nemedian gladiator arena. While at first the mob howls for Cimmerian blood, the barbarian warrior gives the crowds all the blood they could ever desire. As word of Conan's prowess on the bloody sands spreads, his fame do the jealousies of his masters, who conspire to accomplish with base treachery what they could never achieve with ...


Nightwing: Love and Bullets
Chuck Dixon

DC Comics, 2000

The fourth fast-paced volume in the Nightwing series features the mentally twisted vigilante Nite-Wing and the physical twisted villain Torque, plus a delightful team-up with Robin and an appearance y Nightwing's one-time-girlfriend the Huntress. Featured prominently on Batman: The animated Series (on both the Kids WB! and the Cartoon Network), Nightwing is quickly becoming one of DC's most popular heroes.


Airboy Archives Volume 1

IDW Publishing, 2014

Airboy, Valkyrie, and Skywolf are back! As the original Airboy is murdered, his son Davy Nelson takes over the cockpit to avenge his father. The high flying action-adventure of the Eclipse Comics series comes roaring back to life! Collects the first 16 issues of Airboy including the back-up Skywolf stories starting in issue #9.


Civil War Adventure: Real History Stories of the war that divided America
Chuck Dixon

History Graphics Press, 2010

From the smoke-covered battle field of Mannassas to the dueling ironclads on the Mississippi, Civil War Adventure tells stories of courage and cowardice, bravery and death set against the real history of the American Civil War. A father and son reluctantly leave their farm and family to join the Stonewall brigade in “Tainted by Blood.” The young, brash, Union general, George Custer, makes his first stand, against the Confederate cavalry in ...


Infestation 2: The Complete Series
Duane Swierczynski, Chuck Dixon, ...

IDW Publishing, 2012

The Elder Gods of H.P. Lovecraft invade the worlds of IDW in Infestation 2! Call of Cthulhu infests 30 Days of Night, Dungeons & Dragons, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers. If zombies weren't bad enough, how do you stop inter-dimensional monsters?


G.I. Joe Cobra Command Vol. 2 (G.I. Joe: Cobra), ...

IDW Publishing, 2012

COBRA COMMAND CONCLUDES! The new Cobra Commander is on a path of conquest and destruction. The G.I. JOE, Snake Eyes, and Cobra story lines converge in this second volume as the JOES struggle to survive. Everything changes here! Who lives - who dies - who wins? The answers aren't what you expect, and the foundation for the future of G.I. JOE starts here!


Airboy Archives Volume 2
Chuck Dixon

IDW Publishing, 2014

The action continues in Airboy Archives Volume 2, collecting the Eclipse Comics Airboy series issues #17-25, the first three-issue Valkyrie mini-series, and all of the Skywolf back-up stories.


Aliens: Pig
Chuck Dixon

Dark Horse Comics, 1997

comic book


The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Five (Wheel of Time Other)
Robert Jordan

Tor Books, 2014

The fifth volume of the authorized, New York Times bestselling graphic novel adaptation of Robert Jordan's New York Times, USA Today , and Toronto Globe and Mail bestseller, The Eye of the World Well-known comic book writer Chuck Dixon, working closely with the Jordan estate, continues his New York Times bestselling graphic novel adaptation of Robert Jordan's international bestseller, The Eye of the World . Volume Five, which ...


A-Team: War Stories
Joe Carnahan, Chuck Dixon, ...

IDW Publishing, 2010

A collection of four action-packed standalone prequel stories to this summer's most anticipated movie! Co-written by Chuck Dixon (G.I. Joe) and Erik Burnham (Nanovor: Game Day), A-Team: War Stories gives fans a look at the team before it was a team, showcasing individual wartime adventures of Hannibal, B.A., Murdock, and Face. Together or alone, one thing is guaranteed when these four are involved: high-explosive excitement!


SEAL Team Six Box Set Vol. 1 (Books 1-6)

Dynamite Entertainment, 2014

SEAL Team Six: No More Book #5 and Book #6 Bundle! SEAL Team Six: No More Book #6 SEAL Team Six: No More Book #5 SEAL Team Six: No More Holiday Bundle 10 Book Set! They are the team with no name. They own the night. Welcome to the adventures of the American heroes you’ll never meet: ...


Chuck Dixon

Moonstone, 2012

Join Moonstone for this very special "Return of the Originals" event! A once in a lifetime aerial extravaganza! Two high-flying ace legends meet for the very first time in a brand new all out adventure by action-master Chuck Dixon!


Marvel Visionaries: John Romita Jr. HC
J. Michael Straczynski, Frank Miller, ...

Marvel Comics, 2005

Celebrating the artwork of John Romita Jr, a legend in his own right, on the anniversary of his first work on Amazing Spider-Man! Tony Stark battles alcoholism! Spider-Man battles the Juggernaut though the streets of New York! The dawn of a New Universe! Daredevil and Kingpin celebrate Christmas! The Punisher joins the mafia! Also featuring the Hulk, Magneto, Professor X, a masterful retelling of Daredevil's origin, and more! Collects Amazing ...


Robert Jordon Wheel of Time the Eye of the World #1 Cover A
Robert Jordan

Dynamite Entertainment, 2010



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