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The Best Soups & Stews (Best Recipe)
Cook's Illustrated Magazine Editors

America's Test Kitchen, 2006

What’s the secret to great chicken stock? Which cut of meat makes the best beef stew? What’s the best way to thicken New England clam chowder? Do you really need to soak black beans before making soup? In an exhaustive effort to answer these and many more questions, the test kitchen simmered more than 6,000 pots of soup and stew. The result is this definitive collection of more than 200 recipes covering just about every soup and stew ...


The Best Recipe
Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine

Boston Common Press, 1999

Founded in 1980, Cook's Illustrated (formerly Cook's Magazine) has emerged as "America's Test Kitchen," renowned for its near-obsessive dedication to finding the best methods of American home cooking. Over the years, we've tested 80 recipes for chocolate chip cookies, more than 70 recipes for gumbo, 40 versions of the peanut butter cookie, and more than 20 versions of such simple recipes as coleslaw, roast chicken, and hash brown potatoes. The ...


834 Kitchen Quick Tips: Tricks, Techniques, and Shortcuts for the Curious Cook

America's Test Kitchen, 2006

Restart the grill with a hairdryer. Use chopsticks to dry wine glasses spot-free. Peel a kiwi with a spoon. Skewer cheese using pretzel sticks. Leak-proof a cone with mini-marshmallows. Slice strawberries with an egg slicer. Protect a cake during transport with toothpicks with mini-marshmallows. Soften butter with a rolling pin. Prevent a scorched saucepan with marbles. Clean a garlic press with a toothbrush. Melt chocolate with a coffee ...


Here In America's Test Kitchen: All New Recipes, Quick Tips, Equipment Ratings, Food Tastings, and Science ...
Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine

Boston Common Press, 2002

Book annotation not available for this title. Title: Here in America's Test Kitchen Author: Cook's Illustrated Magazine (EDT) Publisher: Cooks Illustrated Publication Date: 2002/12/01 Number of Pages: Binding Type: HARDCOVER Library of Congress:


America's Test Kitchen Live!: The All-New Companion to America's Favorite Public Television Cooking Series

Americas Test Kitchen, 2004

Book by


How to Make a Pie
Cook's Illustrated Magazine, Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine, ...

Boston Common Press, 1996

An illustrated step-by-step guide to perfect pie crusts and fillings


Cover and Bake (With Free Issue of Cook's Illustrated)

America's Test Kitchen, 2004


The Cook's Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue
Cook's Illustrated Magazine Editors

Americas Test Kitchen, 2005

The Cook’s Illustrated Guide to Grilling and Barbecue is a comprehensive nuts and bolts volume that thoroughly examines outdoor cooking—starting with the basics. The 12-page introduction to grilling, "Outdoor Cooking 101," walks you step-by-step through the essentials of grilling, grill-roasting, and barbecuing using both charcoal and gas grills. And since outdoor cooking requires just the right tools and equipment, the editors of Cook's ...


The Best Recipe: Grilling and Barbecue
Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine

Boston Common Press, 2001

The staff of Cook's Illustrated magazine lit more than 5,000 charcoal fires to learn how grilling and barbecue techniques compare. The result is this book: a volume filled with no-nonsense equipment ratings, taste-tests of supermarket foods--such as bottled barbecue sauces--and more than 400 fantastic recipes. 300 helpful illustrations.


Baking Illustrated
Cook's Illustrated Magazine Editors

America's Test Kitchen, 2004

The practical kitchen companion for the home baker with 350 recipes you can trust. Drawing from more than 10 years baking experience and exhaustive equipment and ingredient testing Baking Illustrated is packed with over 500 pages of sweet and savoury recipes including breads, pizza, cookies, cakes, pies and tarts. There are home classics, contemporary favourites and European baked goods.


How to Make Quick Appetizers
Cook's Illustrated, Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine, ...

Boston Common Press, 2000

An illustrated step-by-step guide to perfect party food.


America's Test Kitchen-Season Eight
Cook's Illustrated Magazine

W G B H Boston Video, 2008

I have found America's Test Kitchen TV series to be outstanding! (As well as their cookbooks.) Seaon 8 containes 26 TV episodes which give you recipes like "Pasta & Tomatoes Reimagined," "Favorite Slow-Cooker Classics," and "Rainey Day BBQ Pork Chop." They provide step-by-step instructions. Perhaps the most outstanding thing about their recipes is that they may cook a recipe 30 times, a number of ways, until they get it perfect.


The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook [AMER TEST KITCHEN FAMILY CKBK]
Cook's Illustrated Magazine(Editor)

America's Test Kitchen, 2006


The Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes From 20 Years of America's Most Trusted Cooking Magazine ...

Cook's Illustrated, 2011


Soups & Stews 2011

Cook's Illustrated, 2011

The test cooks and editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine have devoted a special issue to the best recipes for soups, stews, chilis, and chowder, guaranteed to please any palate, and warm any cold soul. This 64-page special issue has more than three dozen foolproof recipes for everything from regional and family favorites like Farmhouse Chicken Chowder, White Chili, 15-Bean Vegetable Soup, New England Fish Stew, Beef Burgundy, and Great ...


Cooks Illustrated, Summer 2008 Issue
Editors of COOKS ILLUSTRATED Magazine



Cook's Illustrated, April 2008 Issue
Editors of COOK'S ILLUSTRATED Magazine



How to Make Simple Fruit Desserts
Editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine

Boston Common Press, 1998

An illustrated step-by-step guide to crisps, cobblers, shortcakes, compotes, fools, baked apples and poached fruit



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