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The Original Alibi (A Matt Kile Mystery Book 2)

Telemachus Press, LLC, 2012

* ON 3 DIFFERENT AMAZON BEST-SELLLING LISTS * ON 3 DIFFERENT AMAZON TOP-RATED LISTS Eleven years ago General Whittaker, long retired, former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, bought an alibi for his grandson who had been arrested for the murder of his fiancée, Ileana Corrigan, and the general’s unborn great grandson. The charges were soon dropped and the grandson released. General Whittaker is now dying and he can no longer restrain ...


The Third Coincidence

Oceanview Publishing, 2012

Headlines scream across the nation as a country in near panic pleads for the capture of the killers. With little progress, U.S. President Samuel Schroeder asks Jack McCall, a veteran of the CIA and Defense Intelligence, to head up a special multi-agency task force to find the killers. A frustrated and unhappy FBI designates, as its representative, Rachel Johnstone, an agent with whom Jack has had some personal history. The Third Coincidence ...


The Woman

Telemachus Press, LLC, 2013

* #1 BEST SELLING MYSTERY AMAZON eBOOK (MARCH 2012) * MANY MONTHS ON THE AMAZON LIST OF BEST-SELLING MYSTERY SERIES There are approximately one-hundred-and-sixty million women living in America. This is a story of just one woman. As the story unfolds Linda gradually learns that some people do deserve to die, but that she is not one of those people. Linda Darby is a seven-year divorcee, living quietly in a small let-the-world-go-by ...


The Beholder (A Maddie Richards Mystery Book 1)

Telemachus Press, LLC, 2014

* AMAZON LIST OF TOP-RATED MYSTERY SERIES * AMAZON LIST OF BEST-SELLING MYSTERY SERIES Maddie Richards is an efficient and resourceful detective with a secret wish that she could handle her messy personal life as well as she handles her work life. As a homicide sergeant for the Phoenix, Arizona Police Department, she has one of the highest solve rates in America. Her success leads her chief of police to assign her a serial killer case. Some ...


Who Murdered Garson Talmadge (A Matt Kile Mystery Book 1)

telemachus Press, LLC, 2013

* AMAZON LIST OF TOP-RATED MYSTERY SERIES * AMAZON LIST OF BEST-SELLING MYSTERY SERIES Matt Kile, ex-cop and ex-con, current smart-aleck, and a neighbor of Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge has built himself a comfortable career writing mysteries. Garson Talmadge sold weapons to Saddam Hussein, then moved out of France, came to America and married Clarice, a woman half his age. When Clarice is arrested for murdering her husband, Matt becomes the ...


Find My Little Sister (A Matt Kile Mystery, Book 4), 2014

NEW RELEASE BY BEST SELLING MYSTERY AUTHOR, DAVID BISHOP. In 1938, Frances Hopkins ran away from home to chase the glitz of movie stars and the titillation of rubbing shoulders with gangsters. Her older sister, Calandra, hires Matt Kile to help locate Frances and bring her home safely. Matt and Callie soon find themselves embroiled in a torrid romance wrapped in the magic of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Colorful fictional ...


Money & Murder (A Matt Kile Mystery Book 3)

Telemachus Press, LLC, 2012

P.Q. Winston Rutledge is the richest man in Copper City, Arizona, and he believes someone will soon try to kill him. The story quickly deteriorates into murder, and the ambitions of relatives in pursuit of his fortune. PQ’s family is a collection of oddballs with a common bloodline. Fascinating people you’d love to have at your next dinner party, but each comes with their own set of secrets and entanglements. PQ is survived by a widow, the ...


Death of a Bankster (A Maddie Richards Mystery Book 2)

Telemachus Press, LLC, 2013

Maddie Richards finds herself in the middle of a case which starts with the sights and sounds of just another murder investigation. A woman claims her husband, a banker, was murdered. Later, Maddie learns that the woman had begun divorce proceedings the day before she claims a bullet had taken her husband from her. The murder greased her path to not only ending her marriage, but negating any need to divide their marital property. Then the wheels ...


The Blackmail Club, a Jack McCall Mystery

Telemachus Press, LLC, 2013

* MANY MONTHS ON THE AMAZON LIST OF TOP-RATED MYSTERY SERIES * MANY MONTHS ON THE AMAZON LIST OF BEST-SELLING MYSTERY SERIES * MANY MONTHS ON THE AMAZON LIST OF BEST-SELLING HARD-BOILED MYSTERIES Washington, D.C., is a town full of powerful people hiding ugly secrets. The blackmailer, a renaissance man, keeps his promise: pay me, I'll return the juicy evidence I have against you, and you'll never hear from me again. Jack McCall, a former ...


House of God Teen Sabbath School Lessons 2014-2015
David Wallace Jr.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Sabbath School lessons for 7th Day Sabbath observers. These lessons are designed for teens ages 13 - 19 and can be applicable to any Christian denomination.


The Hidden Covenants of Blessings
David Oyedepo, Bishop David Oyedepo

Dominion Publishing House, 1995

You may have been wondering why things are not the way they should be with you. well, it might well be that you've been despising some hidden covenants. In his usual dynamic, matter-of-fact style,Dr, David Oyedepo, in this very revealing book, brings you face to face with some hard truths; "God is never at fault or to blame when things are not working in our lives.... we have a responsibility to locate what is wrong in our lives and put them ...


The Unlimited Power of Faith (Latest Release By Bishop David Oyedepo)
Bishop David Oyedepo, David Oyedepo

Dominion Publishing House, 2011

Faith is one of the greatest mysteries of life; because as far as destiny is concerned, it is to everyone according to his faith. This why every great story in the Kingdom is by grace through faith. Scripturally, faith is fake if it is void of proofs. According to Dr David Oyedepo; 'faith sees the invisible, dares the impossible, and delivers the incredible' Therefore, faith is the master key to a world of unlimited possibilities. This is the ...



To have received the ministry from the Lord does not guaranty its fulfillment. And there are laws that will help you to fulfill the ministry that you have in the Lord. You reading this book is a sign that you want the best profit you can make for the Lord who has count you faithful and putting you into the ministry. As Christ had twelve foundational disciples, so also in this book you will find twelve fundamental laws that if you will put them ...


Group Theory and Chemistry (Dover Books on Chemistry)
David M. Bishop

Dover Publications, 1993

Group theoretical principles are an integral part of modern chemistry. Not only do they help account for a wide variety of chemical phenomena, they simplify quantum chemical calculations. Indeed, knowledge of their application to chemical problems is essential for students of chemistry. This complete, self-contained study, written for advanced undergraduate-level and graduate-level chemistry students, clearly and concisely introduces the subject ...


Love & Other Four-Letter Words: A Maybe Murder (Plus 6 More Short Stories), 2013

David Bishop - Top 100 best selling author of mysteries. Titles in this short story volume: LOVE AND OTHER FOUR-LETTER WORDS: A MAYBE MURDER. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NOVELIST. LITTLE GIRL LOST. RANDOLPH ALLEN BENNINGTON, III. THE BIJOU, THE MOVIE HOUSE OF OUR YOUTH. MACEE’S PLACE. THE TAKING OF #38. ˃˃˃ David's novels maintain a constant presence on Amazon Best Selling Lists in multiple categories of mystery novels. He has also ...


The Complete Inspector Morse (New Revised Edition)
David Bishop

Titan Books, 2011

A companion to the PBS Mystery! hit  Inspector Morse TV series, covering all 33 episodes of the show, as well as the original novels that inspired the series and other related media such as the radio plays.  Also includes a critique of each episode, along with useful facts, details of the soundtracks and key character beats. It also includes a brief discussion of the hugely successful spin-off series, Lewis .


A Massacre in Marienburg (Warhammer Novels)
David Bishop

Games Workshop, 2008

Great book


Naval Submarine Base New London (CT) (Images of America)
David J. Bishop

Arcadia Publishing, 2005

The first U.S. naval submarine base traces its origin to 1868, when the state of Connecticut and the city of New London granted the navy one hundred twelve acres of land across the Thames River in Groton. Naval Submarine Base New London shows how this land developed from a depot for dry-docked ships and a coaling stationfor navy warships to its present designation as a submarine base. Nearly two hundred images depict the sailors and civilian ...


Be Thou My Vision: Meditations on the Priesthood
Bishop David L. Ricken

Institute for Priestly Formation, 2009

Bishop David Ricken leads priests on a contemplative journey to the core of priesthood in his new book. Be Thou My Vision: Meditations on the Priesthood will deepen and renew a priest's love of his own vocation. In a series of short meditations, Bishop Ricken invites the reader not only into a clearer image of priesthood but into a deeper perception of how these images open the mind to healing and prayer. All priests will benefit from ...


The Law of Faith
David Oyedepo, Bishop David Oyedepo

Dominion Publishing House, 1985

The Law of Faith [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1985] David Oyedepo and Bishop David Oyedepo The Law of Faith [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1985] David Oyedepo and Bishop David OyedepoThe Law of Faith [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1985] David Oyedepo and Bishop David Oyedepo



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