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One Buck Horror: One Buck Zombies, ...

Coronis Publishing, 2011

From the editors of One Buck Horror come five chilling tales of the walking dead! These incredible authors bring us stories steeped in emotion, packed with excitement, and dripping with gore - everything you'd expect from the zombie apocalypse! Being dead doesn't stop Jimmy's mom from being "The Best Mother". The neighbors may not understand, but when they try to come between them they find out there's nothing stronger, or more terrible, than a ...


Cthulhu Mythos Writers Sampler 2013, ..., 2013

Inside this book you’ll find a taste of some of today’s top Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian writers. “The Great White Bed” – A senile old man makes a deal with a strange being for a new lease on life. What happens when a book reads you? “The Cellar Gods” – In the 1940s, a young medical student protects a beautiful Asian woman from prejudiced townsfolk, only to discover she is connected to mysterious entities from an ...


Holiday of the Dead, ...

Wild Wolf Publishing, 2011

WINNER OF THE BEST HORROR ANTHOLOGY OF 2011 AT THE THIS IS HORROR AWARDS The zombie apocalypse can really put a downer on your holiday… 38 holiday-themed zombie stories from new and established authors including Night of the Living Dead co-writer, John Russo, Tony Burgess, Shaun Jeffrey, Rod Glenn, Iain McKinnon, Matt Hilton, David Dunwoody, Wayne Simmons, Bowie V Ibarra, Joe McKinney, Remy Porter, A P Fuchs, Thomas Emson and Eric S Brown. ...


Eldritch Chrome: Unquiet Tales of a Mythos-Haunted Future (Chaosium Fiction)
Robert M. Price, D.L. Snell, ...

Chaosium Inc., 2013

UNQUIET TALES OF A MYTHOS-HAUNTED FUTURE During the decades since H.P. Lovecraft first wrote of the Cthulhu Mythos, many authors have crossed his themes into other genres, enhancing his original vision with stories taking place in the distant past, in the far-flung future, and in myriad places in-between. Cyberpunk tales are written in dark, gritty, film-noir styles. Their protagonists live and die at the bottom echelon of an electronic ...


Dead Bait: Horror Anthology
David Dunwoody, Gregory L. Norris, ...

Severed Press, 2009

A husband hell-bent on revenge hunts a Wereshark...A Russian mail order bride with a fishy secret...Crabs with a collective consciousness...A vampire who transforms into a Candiru...Zombie piranha...Bait that will have you crawling out of your skin and more. Drawing on horror, humor with a helping of dark fantasy and a touch of deviance, these 19 contemporary stories pay homage to the monsters that lurk in the murky waters of our imaginations. ...


UNBOUND and Other Tales
David Dunwoody

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

UNBOUND & OTHER TALES is an excursion into the most bizarre corners of author David Dunwoody's imagination. The titular novel and eight short stories that follow present strange horrors from every walk of life - and beyond. Insects imprinted with human rage, gleeful heralds of the apocalypse, ghosts who take the living for joyrides, and a fictional villain come to life wait within. Here are 9 tales of the weird and the obscene...of things that ...


The Harvest Cycle

Permuted Press, 2012

It has been fifty years since the first Harvest. Hideous creatures, lethal and lightning-fast, were sown into the beds of Earth's oceans eons ago. Now every year, in service to a mad god, they rise from the depths and hunt humans. Man hides underground in fear of the Harvesters. But he is also sought by other predators: the robots that for years were his companions are now driven to exterminate him in a warped mission of mercy. In a race ...


Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 from Outer Space, ...

Ludicrous Speed Designs, 2012

Greetings, my friends – the Amazing Criswell here. Anyone who is familiar with Ed Wood’s “classic” film Plan 9 from Outer Space knows that the sometimes-nefarious aliens and their ninth attempt to interact with humanity didn’t quite work out. What we don’t know is this: what were the first eight Plans? When did they happen? What did they entail? How and why did they fail? This book, my friends, will answer those questions. With ...


Shroud 12: The Journal of Dark Fiction and Art (Volume 3)
David Dunwoody, Charlie Stella, ...

Shroud Publishing, LLC, 2012

More thrilling stories and articles from an array of talented authors. Illustrated with original woodcut and linoleum block prints from Danny Evarts. Table of Contents: Meet Jeremy Wagner An Interview by Timothy P. Remp Michael Knost’s “ProgKNOSTications” JERRY GORDON Scott Christian Carr’s Someone Oughta Sell Tickets …! MAX Skinning the Cat Featuring Maurice Broaddus CRACKER TRAP Dementis Mortuus Word Games for the Worst of ...


Darkness Ad Infinitum: Villipede Horror Anthology 1

Villipede Publications, 2014

Villipede Publications' first horror and dark speculative fiction anthology will tenderly caress your amygdalae and viciously twist your imagination. With fifteen short stories and four poems from both established and upcoming authors, this haunting collection will force readers to reevaluate their thoughts on what darkness really is: something we're all born of yet perpetually trying to flee; a malevolent force that desires our servitude or ...


Orpheus and the Pearl - Nevermore: "Duel" Novella Series
Kim Paffenroth, David Dunwoody

Belfire Press, 2010

In Belfire Press' first "Duel" Novella Series release, we bring the second printing of Kim Paffenroth's Orpheus and the Pearl, dueling with a brand new story by David Dunwoody. Orpheus and the Pearl by Kim Paffenroth In 1920 Massachusetts, Dr. Catherine MacGuire is mysteriously called to the home of the famous Dr. Wallston, to assist with some medical emergency that defies even his skill. The life-threatening problems she finds there have less ...


The Dead Parade
James Roy Daley

Permuted Press / Swarm Press, 2008

The Dead Parade was my first completed novel, written shortly after I graduated from film school. It was published by Permuted Press as a trade paperback, then Bad Moon Books released it in a 'deluxe hardcover edition' with artwork by punk legend Eerie Von of the Misfits. The ebook rights had been originally signed by Permuted Press, but were later acquired by my newly formed publishing company: Books of the Dead Press.  Of all the books I ...


Old School
Belfire Press

Belfire Press, 2010

Old School, a traditional horror collection born of seven twisted minds, invites you back to a time when vampires and werewolves were monsters who made humans quiver in terror. Fourteen short tales offered by David Dunwoody, Jackie Gamber, R. Scott McCoy,Natalie L. Sin, Horace James, Gregory L. Hall, and Louise Bohmer, all tied together by selected poems from Zombie Zak – Old School reminds one of terrors best not forgotten. Within these ...


Evil Jester Digest Volume One (Volume 1)
Peter Giglio

Evil Jester Press, 2012

10 Stunning Stories from the Masters and Rising Stars of Horror Fiction. GPS by Rick Hautala DUST DEVIL by Gary Brandner SHARPE IS EXTRAORDINARY by David Dunwoody THE GIRL WHO DROWNED by Tracy L. Carbone DUST AT THE CENTER OF ALL THINGS by John F.D. Taff LOOK BEHIND YOU by Eric Shapiro LONE WOLF by Gregory L. Norris WIDDERSHINS by Hollie Snider A GENTLEMAN'S FOLLY by Phil Hickes And the novelette THE END OF AUTUMN by Aric Sundquist. Edited by ...


David Dunwoody, Eric S. Brown

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

ANTI-HEROES. They're not cut from the same pure cloth as some of your typical supermen. But in a world where villains are of another world altogether - or simply unkillable - sometimes your best odds lie with a guy who's not all that good. Eric S. Brown's AGENT DEATH and David Dunwoody's ENSLAVER OF WORLDS will do whatever it takes to save the planet. In fact, there may not be much of a planet left when they're done. In these novellas, it's ...


Ice Picks: Most Chilling Stories from the Ice Plaza
Robert R. Best, Jeremy C. Shipp, ...

Rainstorm Press, 2012

Each winter sparkling grand resorts rise from the depths of frozen lakes and fjords from Scandinavia to Canada. Wealthy travelers from the far reaches of the globe pay large sums of money to dine under glittering ice chandeliers, drink from glasses chiseled from crystalline ice, and to lay their heads upon animal skins atop beds fashioned from solid blocks of ice. Vacations to be frozen into memories for a lifetime. In this collection, some of ...


Death, Be Not Proud
Jonathan Maberry, Gord Rollo, ...

Dark Quest, LLC, 2011

The Walking Dead Challenge the Grim Reaper with every staggering step they take out of the grave. Their reeking existence mocks and defies the Master of the Underworld and scoffs at his very existence. Even the cold grasp of the grave can't deny the undead of their taste for flesh and hatred of the living. In This collection, You will find tales that are dark, gory and satirical. They examine flesh-eating zombies from a fresh perspective while ...


The Undead: Headshot Quartet (Four Zombie Novellas)
D.L. Snell, John Sunseri, ...

Permuted Press, 2008

Join authors D.L. Snell, John Sunseri, Ryan C. Thomas, and David Dunwoody as they fire four more rounds into the growing horde of living dead. * MILLION-DOLLAR MONEY SHOT: The dead are rising in Aruba, and Vince has just made off with a couple million in mob money. As if mob hit men and rotting corpses weren't bad enough, the big trouble is the creatures in the water-the ones who only come onto shore at night... * MORTAL GODS: A man with the ...


Empire (Zombie Novels)
David Dunwoody

Permuted Press, 2010

The year i s 2112. T he crippled U.S. government and its military forces are giving up the century-long fight against an undead plague. Born of an otherworldly energy fused with a deadly virus, the ravaging hordes of zombified humans and a nimals have no natural enemies. But they do have one supernatural enemy: Death himself. Descending upon the ghost town of Jefferson Harbor, Louisiana, the Grim Reaper embarks on a bloody campaign to put down ...


Alien Aberrations: Sci Fi Horror Stories, ...

Grand Mal Press, 2011

From the cute and cuddly to the giant and hideous, on distant planets to our own backyards, aliens have different motivations for making contact. Sometimes inquisitive, sometimes defensive, and sometimes, unfortunately for us, aggressive, these other-worldly visitors have agendas we can only begin to uncover. Join some of today's most imaginative writers as they show us just what happens when we encounter these strange and wonderful beings from ...



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