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Nuclear Medicine: 2-Volume Set, 2e
Robert E. Henkin, David Bova, ...

Mosby, 2006

The revised and updated 2nd Edition of this groundbreaking work reflects the growing importance of nuclear medicine within radiology, presenting definitive coverage of diagnostic nuclear medicine as it is practiced today. Encyclopedic in scope, this authoritative two-volume reference is organized for ease of use, providing guidance on the basic science and clinical aspects of this modality, as well as the latest advances in this specialty. More ...


Society's Final Solution: A History and Discussion of the Death Penalty
Laura Randa King

University Press of America, 1997

This book offers an in-depth examination of the historical perspective on the death penalty, discusses the process involved in the sentencing and administration of justice, and clarifies facets of an issue which is riddled with inequities and ambiguities that reflect gender bias, and racial and economic disparity. For example, of the 3028 people on 'death row' as of August 1995, only 15% were women. Of those who are on 'death row' today, ...


The Adventures of Señor Kitty: Señor Kitty Comes to America
Brenda L. Wagner

America Star Books, 2011

Brenda Wagner was born in 1966 in Baltimore, MD. She graduated from Patterson High School in 1984. She currently works in the insurance industry. The Adventures of Seńor Kitty: Seńor Kitty Comes To America was inspired by a stray tabby kitten found in the author's backyard that possibly came from a farm.


Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America
David L. Wagner, Dale F. Schweitzer, ...

Princeton University Press, 2012

This lavishly illustrated field guide features more than 800 species of the most common, interesting, beautiful, and important owlet (noctuid) caterpillars found in eastern North America. More than 2,100 color photographs include numerous stunning images, and the guide's introductory sections offer a wealth of information on noctuid natural history, morphology, larval diets, natural enemies, and classification; suggestions for finding and ...


Nuclear Energy (Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - ...

Springer, 2005

The three volumes VIII/3A, B, C of Energy Technologies should primarily serve scientists, engineers, and students to gain information on physical, chemical, and technical properties of all technologies to provide, convert, distribute, store, and finally use energy. They are supplemented with economic background information and with specific concepts, to allow the reader a proper comparison of different energy technologies. In this way these ...


Making Healthy Places: Designing and Building for Health, Well-being, and Sustainability

Island Press, 2011

The environment that we construct affects both humans and our natural world in myriad ways. There is a pressing need to create healthy places and to reduce the health threats inherent in places already built. However, there has been little awareness of the adverse effects of what we have constructed-or the positive benefits of well designed built environments.   This book provides a far-reaching follow-up to the pathbreaking Urban Sprawl and ...


Caterpillars of Eastern North America
David L. Wagner

Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2005


Sitting Pretty: The Life and Times of Clifton Webb (Hollywood Legends Series)

University Press of Mississippi, 2011

More than any other male movie star, the refined Clifton Webb (1889-1966) caused the movie-going public to change its image of a leading man. In a day when leading men were supposed to be strong, virile, and brave, Clifton Webb projected an image of flip, acerbic arrogance. He was able to play everything from a decadent columnist ( Laura ) to a fertile father ( Cheaper by the Dozen and The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker ), delivering lines in an ...


Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels
C. Peter Wagner

Destiny Image, 2012

Spiritual warfare victory!   A biblical and theological rationale with practical tools for advancing God’s Kingdom.   Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels is a compilation of keynote speaker presentations in an important symposium that was a public legitimizing of academic pursuits in fields related to the supernatural power of God both for local church ministries and for world evangelization.   ...


Renewable Energy: Sources For Fuels And Electricity

Island Press, 1992

Renewable Energy: Sources for Fuels and Electricity provides a sound and thorough look at the need to find new ways to meet the growing demand for energy. Because of the increasing severity of problems posed by conventional sources of energy - threats to the security of the world's oil supply, the environmental costs of burning fossil fuels, issues of safety and weapons proliferation related to nuclear power - the world's dependence on ...


Breastfeeding rates at an urban medical university after initiation of an educational program.: An article ...
Carol L. Wagner, Thomas C. Hulsey, ...

Southern Medical Association, 2002

This digital document is an article from Southern Medical Journal, published by Southern Medical Association on August 1, 2002. The length of the article is 3389 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser. Citation Details Title: Breastfeeding rates at an ...


Clifton Webb,David L. Smith, Robert Wagner'sSitting Pretty: The Life and Times of Clifton Webb (Hollywood ...
Robert Wagner (Foreword) Clifton Webb (Author)David L. Smith (Author)

University Press of Mississippi, 2011


Davidson's Radiology of the Kidney and Genitourinary Tract, 3e
Alan J. Davidson MD, David S. Hartman MD, ...

Saunders, 1999

This 3rd Edition presents a comprehensive, systematic approach to the radiologic diagnosis of diseases of the kidney and genitourinary tract. Dr. Davidson and his co-authors have meticulously revised this edition to offer readers clear, concise, and useful discussions of the state-of-the-art in the field. Integrates 4 new chapters on the male and female genital system.



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