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Poverty & Race in America: The Emerging Agendas

Lexington Books, 2006

Collected in this volume are the best articles and symposia from Poverty & Race , the bimonthly newsletter journal of The Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC), a Washington, DC-based national public interest organization founded in 1990. Poverty & Race in America includes over six-dozen works originally published between mid-2001 and 2005, many of which have been updated and revised. The contributors represent the best of ...


The Seven Liberal Arts in the Middle Ages
David L. Wagner

Indiana Univ Pr, 1986


New Directions in Contemporary Sociological Theory

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2002

Written by eminent sociologists, this book introduces and assesses some of the most influential, recent sociological theories. Each chapter explains the theory and describes a related program of empirical research. Chapters are authored by the actual founders (and/or leading exponents) of these theoretical programs; many chapters contain a description of the inception, growth, and present status of the theoretical program. The book covers a ...


Caterpillars of Eastern North America: A Guide to Identification and Natural History (Princeton Field Guides)
David L. Wagner

Princeton University Press, 2005

This lavishly illustrated guide will enable you to identify the caterpillars of nearly 700 butterflies and moths found east of the Mississippi. The more than 1,200 color photographs and two dozen line drawings include numerous exceptionally striking images. The giant silk moths, tiger moths, and many other species covered include forest pests, common garden guests, economically important species, and of course, the Mescal Worm and Mexican ...


Sitting Pretty: The Life and Times of Clifton Webb (Hollywood Legends)
Clifton Webb, David L. Smith

University Press of Mississippi, 2011

More than any other male movie star, the refined Clifton Webb (1889-1966) caused the movie-going public to change its image of a leading man. In a day when leading men were supposed to be strong, virile, and brave, Clifton Webb projected an image of flip, acerbic arrogance. He was able to play everything from a decadent columnist ( Laura ) to a fertile father ( Cheaper by the Dozen and The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker ), delivering lines in an ...


Night Visions 2
Charles L. Grant, David Morrell, ...

Dark Harvest Books, 1985

Book by Charles L. Grant, David Morrell, Joseph Payne Brennan, Karl Edward Wagner


Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America
David L. Wagner, Dale F. Schweitzer, ...

Princeton University Press, 2012

This lavishly illustrated field guide features more than 800 species of the most common, interesting, beautiful, and important owlet (noctuid) caterpillars found in eastern North America. More than 2,100 color photographs include numerous stunning images, and the guide's introductory sections offer a wealth of information on noctuid natural history, morphology, larval diets, natural enemies, and classification; suggestions for finding and ...


Renewable Energy: Sources For Fuels And Electricity

Island Press, 1992

Renewable Energy: Sources for Fuels and Electricity provides a sound and thorough look at the need to find new ways to meet the growing demand for energy. Because of the increasing severity of problems posed by conventional sources of energy - threats to the security of the world's oil supply, the environmental costs of burning fossil fuels, issues of safety and weapons proliferation related to nuclear power - the world's dependence on ...


Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels
C. Peter Wagner

Destiny Image, 2012

Spiritual warfare victory!   A biblical and theological rationale with practical tools for advancing God’s Kingdom.   Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels is a compilation of keynote speaker presentations in an important symposium that was a public legitimizing of academic pursuits in fields related to the supernatural power of God both for local church ministries and for world evangelization.   ...


The State of the Parties: The Changing Role of Contemporary American Parties

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2014

Continuing a three-decade tradition, The State of the Parties 7 th edition brings together leading experts to evaluate change and continuity in American electoral politics. Political parties in America have never been more contentious and divided than they are right now. Even splits within the parties themselves have the power to elevate relatively unknown candidates to power and topple established incumbents. With sections devoted to ...


Digital Electronics
David L. Wagner

Harcourt College Pub, 1988


Society's Final Solution: A History and Discussion of the Death Penalty
Laura Randa King

University Press of America, 1997

This book offers an in-depth examination of the historical perspective on the death penalty, discusses the process involved in the sentencing and administration of justice, and clarifies facets of an issue which is riddled with inequities and ambiguities that reflect gender bias, and racial and economic disparity. For example, of the 3028 people on 'death row' as of August 1995, only 15% were women. Of those who are on 'death row' today, ...


The Family, Civil Society, and the State

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1998

The exact place of the family in a healthy political community, and the appropriate way to sustain it, are profoundly complicated and difficult questions. The distinguished contributors to this book endeavor to provide some answers. The first part of the book explores what is distinctive in the current situation of the family, and offers both optimistic and pessimistic assessments of the family in our time, as well as a historical overview. In ...


Light and Color
R. Daniel Overheim, David L. Wagner

Wiley, 1982

Equally valuable as a semester course for non-majors or an introduction for general readers, this text uses only a minimum of science and mathematical background to explain the physical principles of light. It emphasizes color: the properties of light and materials that give rise to it, how it is described and analyzed, how it is produced in nature, and how the eye sees it. Also discusses topics such as geometrical and wave optics and color ...


Nuclear Medicine: 2-Volume Set, 2e
Robert E. Henkin, David Bova, ...

Mosby, 2006

The revised and updated 2nd Edition of this groundbreaking work reflects the growing importance of nuclear medicine within radiology, presenting definitive coverage of diagnostic nuclear medicine as it is practiced today. Encyclopedic in scope, this authoritative two-volume reference is organized for ease of use, providing guidance on the basic science and clinical aspects of this modality, as well as the latest advances in this specialty. More ...


Hands-On Biology: Introductory
Theodore L. Taigen, Thomas Terry, ...

Mcgraw-Hill College, 1991


Pikes Peak Vision: The Broadmoor Art Academy, 1919-1945
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

University of Nebraska Press, 1990

Book by Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center


The Uses and Abuses of Knowledge: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust and ...
Henry F. Knight, Marcia Sachs Littell

University Press of America, 1996

The theme of the 23rd Annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust and the German Church Struggle, 'The Uses and Abuses of Knowledge,' emphasized the epistemic dimensions of what happened in the Shoah and the accompanying church struggle along with the hermeneutical issues which arise from them. The major plenaries and accompanying panels examined a variety of related topics with particularly focused opportunities for examining how knowledge, as ...


Investigating Play in the 21st Century: Play & Culture Studies (Play and Cultural Studies)

University Press of America, 2007

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Design and Historic Preservation: The Challenge of Compatability

University of Delaware, 2009

Design and Historic Preservation: The Challenge of Compatability addresses two questions central to design and historic preservation: what are the parameters of "compatability" in the design of additions to historic buildings and of new infill buildings in historic districts and landscapes. These papers, presented at the Third National Forum on Historic Preservation Practice: A Critical Look at Design in Historic Preservation, were written by ...



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