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Fire (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1996

Casualties from a raging fire at a nearby oil refinery turn the Med Center into a disaster center, as swarms of patients suffering from burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries arrive.


Pretty Please (Nightmare Hall)

Open Road Media Teen & Tween, 2013

Looks can be deceiving . . . and sometimes, they can kill Along with her four best friends, Johanna Donahue is one of “the Beautiful People” at Salem University. It’s Friday evening—party night on campus—and Johanna’s got a hot new outfit to wear. Everything is perfect . . . except for the voice in her head warning her not to go. Against her better judgment, Johanna goes to the party, where she meets a great guy named Evan Colt. ...



Audible Studios, 2013

Framed for a crime she didn't commit, Nora must prove her innocence.... For Nora Mulgrew, the days between the end of Salem University's summer session and the start of fall semester are the 'dead time'. The campus is deserted, and Nora is the only resident in eerie old Nightingale Hall, a ramshackle dorm whose dark past has earned it the nickname 'Nightmare Hall'. Nora hasn't heard any of those rumors, but her own nightmare is about to ...


Diane Hoh

Bt Bound, 2003

When dozens of people in Grant, Massachusetts, fall victim to a strange and inexplicable disease that threatens to claim several lives, no one understands what is happening except Patsy Keene, a vengeful ER nurse.


Don't Let Me Die
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, Inc, 1998



Flood (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Demco Media, 1996

Under an ominous black sky, the rain falls in torrents. The once tranquil Revere River swells sending the people of Grant, Massachusetts heading for higher ground--and Med Center. As flood victims pour into the hospital, the staff and volunteers dive into the life-and-death action.


Diane Hoh

Bt Bound, 1999

When an explosion destroys the science building at Grant University, Sam and Will put their own lives at risk rescuing people still buried in the rubble, and when the building collapses on Sam, Susannah fears for his life.


Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1996

A lethal virus has taken over Grant, Massacusetts. No one is safe, and no one knows where it comes from. The staff of Med Center is struggling to save lives and find answers for panicked families--but the virus keeps spreading. With a strong cast of teen characters and a gripping story, this first book in the new Med Center series delivers the excitement of the hit TV show ER. Young Adult.


Blizzard (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1997

In the wake of a terrible blizzard, Kate vows to help a homeless family that seeks refuge at the hospital despite Callie's protests, Abby fears for her wheelchair-bound boyfriend, and Sam risks his life to help someone.


The Voice in the Mirror (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1995

Annie is terrified when she learns the truth about her friend, whose split personality includes an evil half that believes every girl he meets is the reincarnation of a girl he once murdered, and Annie may become his newest victim.


Chiller Thrillers/Mother's Helpers/Waitress/Teachers Pet/Fun House/Boxed Set
A. Bates, Sinclair Smith, ...

Scholastic Trade, 1992



Audible Studios, 2013

One day after school, Maggie Keene and her friends sneak into the abandoned courthouse in the middle of town to explore the old jail cells. Maggie doesn't know that there's a terrible secret buried in the basement - and a cold-blooded killer nearby who's determined to keep it that way.


Fire (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Demco Media, 1996

Christina knows the Shevvingtons have left a trail of hollowed-out, lost girls in mental hospitals across the country, and she has seen the secret files that prove it. But the Shevvingtons are determined to destroy the evidence ­ and Christina. This time, they'll use fire. They stuff her pocketbook full of matchbooks, scribble flames over her class notes ­ anything they can do to make it look like Christina is obsessed with fire and a danger ...


Deadly Visions (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1995

Paintings hide prophetic scenes of death that only two young Nightmare Hall students seem to notice--Rachel and the psychotic art major responsible for both the paintings and the murders.


Titanic The Long Night
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1998



Student Body (Nightmare Hall)

Open Road Media Teen & Tween, 2013

It’s payback time when an accidental fire sends an avenging stalker after a group of college friends Victory Alexander and her buddies are celebrating Salem University’s big team win with a barbecue in the woods. But when gusty March winds ignite a fire that rages out of control, Tory barely escapes the blaze in time. Basketball star Hoop Sinclair isn’t so lucky. When Tory and her friends realize he’s missing, it’s too late to ...



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