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Last Date (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1994

As part of a psych project, Demi goes out with a couple of guys who've responded to her personal ad in Salem's school paper. When each of them ends up in a mysterious accident not long afterward, Demi is frightened. But when she becomes the target, her fright turns to terror.


Poison (Med Center No. 6)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1997

When dozens of people in Grant, Massachusetts, fall victim to a strange and inexplicable disease that threatens to claim several lives, no one understands what is happening except Patsy Keene, a vengeful ER nurse.


Truth or Die (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1994

Nightmare Hall delivers the chilling tales that the booming teen thriller market craves. This new thriller in the spooky series tracks a group of students who are caught in a deadly game of "truth or dare". If any of them dare to quit, they just might die.


Nightmare Hall: The Roommate
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Inc., 1993

Four very different roommates share a suite in the quad--beautiful Danni, shy Maureen, mysterious Margot, and wild Lacey--and soon one of them may be dead.


Fire (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1996

Casualties from a raging fire at a nearby oil refinery turn the Med Center into a disaster center, as swarms of patients suffering from burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries arrive.


Blizzard (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1997

In the wake of a terrible blizzard, Kate vows to help a homeless family that seeks refuge at the hospital despite Callie's protests, Abby fears for her wheelchair-bound boyfriend, and Sam risks his life to help someone.


Remembering the Titanic
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1998

It is April 1913, the first anniversary of the fateful night on the Titanic. Those who survived the disaster in Titanic: The Long Night have lived with their memories for one year, but it has been a constant struggle dealing with the grief and shock, and memories of those who didn't survive.After writing a well-received article about his dreadful experience, Patrick "Paddy" Kelleher is riding high on the excitement of life in the big city and ...


Prom Date
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Inc., 1996

The forthcoming prom at Toomey High is overshadowed by a series of brutal slayings that replace taffeta and tiaras with mayhem, and students suspect that one of the Pops, an elite clique of girls, may be the killer.


Titanic: The Long Night
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1998

This action-packed big summer read focuses on the lives of several teenage passengers aboard the ill-fated "Titanic."


Blast (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1996

When an explosion destroys the science building at Grant University, Sam and Will put their own lives at risk rescuing people still buried in the rubble, and when the building collapses on Sam, Susannah fears for his life.


Virus (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1996

A lethal virus has taken over Grant, Massacusetts. No one is safe, and no one knows where it comes from. The staff of Med Center is struggling to save lives and find answers for panicked families--but the virus keeps spreading. With a strong cast of teen characters and a gripping story, this first book in the new Med Center series delivers the excitement of the hit TV show ER. Young Adult.


Betrayed (Cheerleaders No 10)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1985


Deadly Attraction (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1993

A young woman obsessed with the campus Romeo teaches him a lesson in integrity when, after he cruelly dumps her, she strikes back, giving him a deadly punishment.


Flood (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1996

Under an ominous black sky, the rain falls in torrents. The once tranquil Revere River swells sending the people of Grant, Massachusetts heading for higher ground--and Med Center. As flood victims pour into the hospital, the staff and volunteers dive into the life-and-death action.


Last Breath (Nightmare Hall No 17)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1994

A student discovers that school can drive you crazy in this entertaining twist on the classic thriller Gaslight. Cassidy has the perfect life . . . until things start to go really wrong. People are starting to whisper that she's losing it, that's she's gone over the edge. Now someone is about to end Cassidy's perfect life--with the perfect death.


Virus and Flood (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 2005

Two Novels in one volume.


Monster (Nightmare Hall)

Open Road Media Teen & Tween, 2014

There’s a legend of a monster that preys on Salem University students—and now there is deadly proof that it’s real Abby McDonald works harder than anyone to keep her straight A’s, along with her scholarship, even at the cost of not having much of a social life. Her understanding boyfriend, David, wants her to relax a little, but Abby is driven to succeed. She can’t let her emotions get in the way.   Plunging into a demanding ...


The Coffin (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1995

New from the series that combines a hip college setting, a top-ten genre, and a bestselling author to create chilling tales that young adults read. It's a crash course in terror and resourcefulness when a madman traps a helpless coed in a soundproof room.


Kidnapped (Nightmare Hall #27)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1995

This time, poor Nora, an education major working at the campus daycare center, becomes the prime suspect when her favorite child is kidnapped in a spooky tale of sisterhood gone stark-raving wrong.


The Accident

Open Road Media Teen & Tween, 2012

On the eve of her “sweet sixteen” birthday, a girl meets a ghost with a tragic past Megan Logan’s sixteenth birthday party is in eleven days, and she still doesn’t have a date. For months she’s been secretly in love with her best friend, Justin, but she’s afraid to tell him how she feels. By the time her party starts, though, boys will be the last thing on her mind.   While Megan tries on her party dress, three of her friends ...



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