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Remembering the Titanic: A Novel

Open Road Media YA, 2012

A year after the sinking of the Titanic , four teens try to cope with memories of that horrific night It’s April 1913, and survivors of the RMS Titanic have gathered to remember those who didn’t make it onto the lifeboats. Debutante Elizabeth Farr, who had been in first class, lost her father. Steerage passenger Katie Hanrahan nearly lost her life. Still, neither of them wants to be at the remembrance service. All they really want to ...


Fire (Med Center)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1996

Casualties from a raging fire at a nearby oil refinery turn the Med Center into a disaster center, as swarms of patients suffering from burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries arrive.


Prom Date
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Inc., 1996

The forthcoming prom at Toomey High is overshadowed by a series of brutal slayings that replace taffeta and tiaras with mayhem, and students suspect that one of the Pops, an elite clique of girls, may be the killer.


Sorority Sister (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1994

Maxie dreams about joining Omega Phi Delta, the hippest sorority on campus, but some mysterious person on campus is pledging to destroy the Omega house--and everyone in it.


The Vampire's Kiss (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1995

There's a vampire roaming Nightmare Hall. A Salem University co-ed, still mourning the loss of Lucas, her recently deceased boyfriend, is suddenly drawn toward death. Which one of the new men in her life is really Lucas come back as a vampire to lure her to the other side?


Diane Hoh

Point, 1990

When the Devil's Elbow roller coaster goes off track, killing one teenager and maiming two others, everyone thinks it's just an accident . . . except Tess. She saw someone tampering with the track. Then another "accident" occurs in the Funhouse and Tess may have been the intended victim.


Win, Lose or Die (Nightmare Hall, No. 18)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1994

Not everyone loves a winner. In this newest Nightmare Hall chiller, the new star of Salem University's tennis team discovers the price of success when horrifying things begin to happen to her and those around her. A bestselling author, a hip college setting--Nightmare Hall delivers.


Titanic: The Long Night
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, 1998

This action-packed big summer read focuses on the lives of several teenage passengers aboard the ill-fated "Titanic."


Deadly Visions (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1995

Paintings hide prophetic scenes of death that only two young Nightmare Hall students seem to notice--Rachel and the psychotic art major responsible for both the paintings and the murders.


The Invitation

Open Road Media YA, 2012

At the party of the year, a rich girl’s practical joke turns deadly For the high schoolers of Greenhaven, Cass Rockham’s fall party is the social event of the year. Each October, students wait by their mailboxes, praying for the gilt-edged invitation that grants entry into the inner circle of the most popular crowd. And now Cass has planned her finest party yet, with a new sauna, a hot band, and no parents for miles. But to make this ...


The Whisperer (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic, Inc, 1994

When a schoolgirl cheats on an exam, a frightening whisperer blackmails her. When she decides to pay, she discovers the blackmailer wants something more than money . . . .


The Train
Diane Hoh

Point, 1992

Hannah and her friends are excited about the cross country teen tour--until they learn that their train is carrying a coffin. From the author of The Invitation and Funhouse.


Book of Horrors (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1994

Horror book author Victoria McCoy, the new Salem writer-in-residence, knows how to make horror come to life. So Reed is thrilled when McCoy hires her as her new assistant--until she finds out that McCoy's previous assistants have all disappeared. Then frightening things start happening to Reed. . . .


The Scream Team (Nightmare Hall, No. 5)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Inc., 1993

An all-new, riveting tale of campus terror at Nightmare Hall. The coach of the new cheerleading team at Salem University isn't just working the new cheerleaders to death--she really wants to kill them . . . just like the last team.


Monster (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1994

This all-new thriller is an eerie Jekyll and Hyde tail of a science major who inhales the fumes of her mysterious science project and turns herself into a monster. Can she be saved? Or will she spend eternity roaming the campus of Salem University?


The Coffin (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1995

New from the series that combines a hip college setting, a top-ten genre, and a bestselling author to create chilling tales that young adults read. It's a crash course in terror and resourcefulness when a madman traps a helpless coed in a soundproof room.


Revenge (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1995

When the students at Salem University are terrorized by a vengeful stalker, Addie Adair, a co-ed who is working on an English paper at the computer lab, fears that she will be the next victim when she discovers a strange disk.


Student Body (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Scholastic Paperbacks, 1995

A bonfire seems like the perfect way for Tory and her friends to celebrate. But when the winds gust and the fire gets out of control, everyone panics and tries to escape. Later, they realize their friend, Hoop, isn't with them--they left him there to die. Now someone wants to make them pay with their lives.


Deadly Attraction (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1993

A young woman obsessed with the campus Romeo teaches him a lesson in integrity when, after he cruelly dumps her, she strikes back, giving him a deadly punishment.


Truth or Die (Nightmare Hall)
Diane Hoh

Point, 1994

Nightmare Hall delivers the chilling tales that the booming teen thriller market craves. This new thriller in the spooky series tracks a group of students who are caught in a deadly game of "truth or dare". If any of them dare to quit, they just might die.



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