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Becoming a Vessel of God's Power: Give God Thirty Days and See What He Will Do
Donna Partow

WaterBrook Press, 2007

Joseph woke up in a palace. Peter led 3,000 to Christ with one sermon. The walls of Jericho fell with a shout. The waters of the Jordan parted while the Israelites slept. When fire fell from heaven on Elijah’s sacrifice, it didn’t start as a “spark to get the fire going.” It fell in a consuming fire, not demonstrating a reward for Elijah’s faithfulness but demonstrating God’s power. Throughout the Bible, when God showed up, ...


Making Money from Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business
Donna Partow

Focus on the Family, 2010

In tough economic times, conventional jobs can be hard to find. A home-based business could be the answer for many people. Making Money from Home compares the cost of working outside the home with the benefits of working from home. It provides readers with the tools they need to run a successful home business, such as time management advice, details on the foundations of a solid business, tips on marketing goods and services, legal issues to ...


Living in Absolute Freedom (Ten-Week Journey)
Donna Partow

Bethany House Publishers, 2000

Speaking to the Hearts of Women Donna Partow knows the hard road that must be traveled to escape a life enslaved by sin. She knows your struggles, your excuses, and the small ways that can encourage your soul. Most of all she knows the deep desire you have to experience freedom in Christ. Her newest ten week devotional, Living in Absolute Freedom, can be viewed as a map to help you navigate around the dead ends and rough patches that have ...


A 10-Week Journey to Becoming a Vessel God Can Use
Donna Partow

Bethany House Publishers, 2004

The author's transparent, vulnerable message impacts women in a profound way, showing them that God loves them, imperfect as they are. They discover how God will transform them so that, whoever they are, they can make a difference in their worlds. Written in a ten-week study format, readers dig into Scripture, memorize it, and apply it to their lives, individually or in groups. The revised and enlarged leader's guide makes it even more helpful ...


This Isn't the Life I Signed Up For: ...But I'm Finding Hope and Healing, A 10-Week Journey
Donna Partow

Bethany House Publishers, 2010

This new edition of This Isn't the Life I Signed Up For now follows the format of Donna Partow's most popular book, Becoming a Vessel God Can Use. Each of the ten chapters includes an integrated Bible study, along with helps for group leaders. In her signature honest and transparent style, Partow offers encouragement and help for women who "signed up for" a great marriage, lifelong friendships, and vibrant health, but now find ...


Becoming the Woman I Want to Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul & Body
Donna Partow

Bethany House Publishers, 2004

In her signature style, Donna Partow encourages and instructs women by combining solid biblical teaching and stories from her life. Written for the busy, often stressed-out woman, this practical, doable plan provides insight and ideas to regroup and renew all aspects of her life. Memorizing Scripture, spending time in prayer, eating healthy, and exercising are all part of the achievable plan laid out in one handy volume for readers to follow.


Humility: The Journey Toward Holiness
Andrew Murray

Bethany House Publishers, 2001

When Jesus ""made himself nothing. . .taking the nature of a servant,"" He modeled for all believers true humility. Andrew Murray calls this ""our true nobility"" and ""the distinguishing feature of discipleship."" With insightful, penetrating clarity, Murray calls all Christians to turn from pride, empty themselves, and study the character of Christ to be filled with His grace. Often ...


Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be: A 90-Day Guide to Living the Proverbs 31 Life
Donna Partow

Revell, 2008

Every woman needs a little jump start in life. Donna Partow knows how to make it happen. In Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be, author Donna Partow shows women how to reenergize their lives in 90 days. She covers everything from faith and family to fitness and fashion (with lots more) in this comprehensive plan for greater vitality in life and intimacy with God. This in-depth study of Proverbs 31:10-31 will make women feel in control and on ...


Extracting the Precious from Isaiah: A Bible Study for Women
Donna Partow, Lin Johnson

Bethany House Publishers, 2003

Teaming with Lin Johnson, Donna Partow combines her varied life experiences with solid Bible teaching for unique books that will appeal to women's Bible study groups of all ages and interests as well as to individuals. Practical life applications are included in each inspiring lesson. Isaiah explores the faithfulness of God, including his choice to redeem a fallen world.


A Woman's Guide to Personality Types: Enriching Your Family Relationships by Understanding the Four ...
Donna Partow

Bethany House Publishers, 2002

The First Personality Book Exclusively For Women Why can you organize the church retreat at the drop of a hat, but never get your laundry done? What makes your husband clearn the garage and his car every week? Why doesn't your toddler play quietly for the entire morning like the neighbor's child does? What motivates your son to join all the clubs and teams known to the fourth grade? Or maybe you wonder why he doesn't do anything more ...


This Isn't the Life I Signed Up For: A 10-Week Journey to Finding Hope and Healing
Donna Partow

Bethany House, 2003

Donna Partow shares stories from her life and solid Bible teaching to show women that no matter how life has disappointed them, God can bring new life and hope where there was destruction, unforgiveness, or suffering. The audiobook, condensed to three hours, is read by the author. An accompanying Growth Guide provides a related Bible study for individuals or groups.


Homemade Business ~ A Woman's Step-By-Step Guide to Earning Money at Home
Donna Partow

Focus on the Family Pub, 1992

Homemade Business outlines the basics and offers strategies for a successful home business. From discovering your marketable skills to setting up your home office to finding paying customers, author Donna Partow provides the know-how to get started.


Becoming the Woman I Want to Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul, & Body (Christian Softcover ...
Donna Partow

Walker Large Print, 2006

A CBA Bestseller Are you becoming the woman God wants you to be - a vessel He can use? Donna Partow knows that good intentions aren't enough, so she's created an easy-to-use plan for better spiritual and physical health. If you're like Donna, you've tried a lot of ways to improve your life. Now is the time for results! In three months you'll be well on your way to becoming the woman you want to be.


Walking in Total God-Confidence
Donna Partow

Bethany House, 1999

A ten-week devotional for women's Bible studies or individuals that explores how to gain confidence that God will work in you and through you.


Personalities in Love: Understanding Yourself and the Man in Your Life
Donna Partow

Revell, 2011

Romantic relationships are always an experiment in chemistry. Just like elements in the periodic table, personalities combine and react in predictable ways. In her candid style, bestselling author Donna Partow helps women identify their own personality type and that of their man in order to bring harmony to their relationship. She gives a woman concrete advice on how to make the most of her personality, how to complement her significant other, ...


How to Work with the One You Love--And Live to Tell about It
Cameron Partow, Donna Partow

Bethany House Publishers, 1995

"Working and living together can present knotty problems. The Partows' helpful insights and advice can help you prevent or unknot these problems." Paul & Sarah Edwards Authors of Working from Home and Making It on Your Own With more than 40 million people working at home, many of them in family run businesses, you may be one of an increasing number of spouses who has the privilege and at times the pain of working alongside your mate. ...


Becoming a Vessel God Can Use Prayer Journal
Donna Partow

Bethany House, 2002

Christian women find their experience of Becoming a Vessel God Can Use being enriched and enhanced as they read excerpts from the book, pray, worship, and personally respond. To help readers more fully interact with this study, Donna Partow has prepared a Prayer Journal, perfect as a follow-up to the book or used in partnership with it. Also available is a three-hour, two-tape audio abridgment of the original book, read by Donna Partow. Use it ...


This Isn't the Life I Signed Up For Growth Guide: ...But I'm Finding Hope and Healing
Donna Partow

Bethany House, 2003

Donna Partow shares stories from her life and solid Bible teaching to show women that no matter how life has disappointed them, God can bring new life and hope where there was destruction, unforgiveness, or suffering. The audiobook, condensed to three hours, is read by the author.


A Woman's Guide to the Temperaments: How Understanding Your Personality Type Can Enrich Your Relationship ...
Donna Partow

Zondervan, 1998


Let Your Life Count: Make a Difference Right Where You Are
Donna Partow

WaterBrook Press, 2006

Are you ready to discover what God can do through you? You long to live with purpose, to touch the lives of others with God’s grace. But this just doesn’t seem to be the right time–maybe after your life is in order or when your schedule is more manageable or you land the right job or the kids leave home or… If you want to serve God in a big way, writes author and speaker Donna Partow, the secret lies not in waiting for the perfect ...



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