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David and the Phoenix
Edward Ormondroyd

Purple House Press, 2012

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Edward Ormondroyd

Houghton Mifflin (Juv), 1969

Book by Ormondroyd, Edward


Johnny Castleseed
Edward Ormondroyd

Houghton Mifflin (T), 1988

As Evan's father shows him how to make a wonderful sandcastle, they see the idea spread and grow in the minds of others on the beach, as if from scattered seeds.


Time at the Top
Edward Ormondroyd

Purple House Press, 2003

It's strange enough when Susan Shaw disappears without a trace on a wintry March afternoon. It's stranger still when her uninformative note is found in the hallway of her apartment building, along with a black cat that no one has seen before. And it's strangest of all when she suddenly appears again, wearing clothes that are eighty years out of date, and tells a wild story about an old woman with a fly-away hat, an elevator that travels into the ...


David and the Phoenix: With linked Table of Contents

SMK Books, 2014

When young David moves into his new home, he decided that it would be more fun to go exploring the mountains around him, rather than unpack. When he reaches the summit of the mountain, he is met by a phoenix. After getting over their initial fright, they become good friends, and the phoenix decides to show him the magical wonders of his world. During their adventures there are many narrow escapes!


All in good time
Edward Ormondroyd

Parnassus Press, 1975

A young girl is granted three rides in a magic elevator that transports her to the end of the nineteenth century.


Castaways on Long Ago
Edward Ormondroyd

Green Mansion Pr, 2003

Meet Richard, Linda and Dudley Waite — three everyday children spending time on a farm one hot summer’s week while their parents are away at a conference. The week promises to be perfectly ordinary — that is, until they discover Long Ago Island, overgrown, deserted, forbidden and beckoning.


Time at the Top and All in Good Time: Two Novels
Edward Ormondroyd

Purple House Press, 2011

Two novels by Edward Ormondroyd, Time at the Top and its sequel All in Good Time . "Wait a minute!" Mr. Shaw said. "You want to take me back to the nineteenth century, to marry somebody there?" His daughter Susan must be mad! Only a girl suffering from hallucinations would make a request like that, on top of a wild story about a good witch, an elevator that travels to 1881, a vanquished scoundrel, a dug-up treasure, and a distressed ...


David and the Phoenix [Active Links] [Illustrated], 2011

This eBook is included Active Links in Table of Contents ---------- From School Library Journal Grade 3-6-Edward Ormondroyd's 20-year-old fantasy title (Purple House Press, 2nd ed., 2001) makes a welcome re-appearance in this full-cast recorded version. He narrates it himself, bringing a lively interpretation to his words thanks to an energetic and touching reading. Young Galen Druke reads the part of David, providing a terrific feel for the ...


Theodore's Rival
Edward Ormondroyd

Houghton Mifflin (Jp), 1986

Theodore is jealous of the new "bear" in the house until he finds out it's really a panda.


Edward Ormondroyd

Parnassus Press, 1966

Theodore loves Lucy even though sheÂ’s often careless with him. HeÂ’s an old experienced bear, comfortably smudgy, and he knows that itÂ’s part of a bearÂ’s life to be forgotten in a closet now and then. But when heÂ’s accidentally mixed in with the laundry and gets washed and dried, heÂ’s suddenly so shiny-clean that Lucy doesnÂ’t recognize him. He needs to figure out a way to get himself smudgy and bearish again! Theodore ...


David and the Phoenix [Epic Audio Collection]
Edward Ormondroyd, 1899

David and the Phoenix [Epic Audio Collection] is an live audio recording of performers reading the book in it's original text. This edition is part of the Epic Audio Collection of talking books.


Imagination Greene
Edward Ormondroyd

Parnassus Press, 1973

When a young boy in colonial Pennsylvania draws pictures of his wishes he doesn't realize he is simply ahead of his time.


By Edward Ormondroyd Time at the Top (40 Anv) [Hardcover]
Edward Ormondroyd

Purple House Press, 2003


The Tale of Alain
Edward Ormondroyd

Follett Pub. Co, 1960


Michael the Upstairs Dog
Edward Ormondroyd

Dial Press, 1967


[ David and the Phoenix ] By Ormondroyd, Edward ( Author ) [ 2009 ) [ Paperback ]
Edward Ormondroyd

Smk Books, 2009


La passion de tony la souris
Ormondroyd Edward


18x11x0cm. Poche.


By Edward Ormondroyd David and the Phoenix [Paperback]
Edward Ormondroyd

Purple House Press, 2012



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