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Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature (Princeton Classics)

Princeton University Press, 2013

More than half a century after its translation into English, Erich Auerbach's Mimesis remains a masterpiece of literary criticism. A brilliant display of erudition, wit, and wisdom, his exploration of how great European writers from Homer to Virginia Woolf depicted reality has taught generations how to read Western literature. This new expanded edition includes a substantial essay in introduction by Edward Said as well as an essay, never before ...


The Question of Palestine
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 1992

Still a basic and indespensible account of the Palestinian question, updated to include the most recent developments in the Middle East- from the intifada to the Gulf war to the historic peace conference in Madrid.


Edward W. Said

Vintage, 1979

The noted critic and a Palestinian now teaching at Columbia University,examines the way in which the West observes the Arabs.


Culture and Imperialism
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 1994

A landmark work from the intellectually auspicious author of Orientalism that explores the long-overlooked connections between the Western imperial endeavor and the culture that both reflected and reinforced it. "Said is a brilliant . . . scholar, aesthete and political activist."--Washington Post Book World.


Out of Place: A Memoir
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 2000

From one of the most important intellectuals of our time comes an extraordinary story of exile and a celebration of an irrecoverable past. A fatal medical diagnosis in 1991 convinced Edward Said that he should leave a record of where he was born and spent his childhood, and so with this memoir he rediscovers the lost Arab world of his early years in Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt. Said writes with great passion and wit about his family and his ...


Blaming the Victims: Spurious Scholarship and the Palestinian Question
Edward Said

Verso, 2001

Since the 1948 war which drove them from their heartland, the Palestinian people have consistently been denied the most basic democratic rights. Blaming the Victims  shows how the historical fate of the Palestinians has been justified by spurious academic attempts to dismiss their claim to a home within the boundaries of historical Palestine and even to deny their very existence. Beginning with a thorough exposé of the fraudulent assertions ...


Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature (Fiftieth-Anniversary Edition)
Erich Auerbach

Princeton University Press, 2003

A half-century after its translation into English, Erich Auerbach's Mimesis still stands as a monumental achievement in literary criticism. A brilliant display of erudition, wit, and wisdom, his exploration of how great European writers from Homer to Virginia Woolf depicted reality has taught generations how to read Western literature. This new expanded edition includes a substantial essay in introduction by Edward Said as well as an essay, ...


The Edward Said Reader
Edward W. Said, Moustafa Bayoumi, ...

Vintage, 2000

Edward Said, the renowned literary and cultural critic and passionately engaged intellectual, is one of our era's most formidable, provocative, and important thinkers.  For more than three decades his books, which include Culture and Imperialism , Peace and Its Discontents , and the seminal study Orientalism , have influenced not only our worldview but the very terms of public discourse. The Edward Said Reader includes key sections from ...


Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 1997

From the Iranian hostage crisis through the Gulf War and the bombing of the World Trade Center, the American news media have portrayed "Islam" as a monolithic entity, synonymous with terrorism and religious hysteria. In this classic work, now updated, the author of Culture and Imperialism reveals the hidden agendas and distortions of fact that underlie even the most "objective" coverage of the Islamic world.


Joe Sacco

Fantagraphics, 2001

A landmark of journalism and the art form of comics. Based on several months of research and an extended visit to the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the early 1990s, this is a major work of political and historical nonfiction. Prior to Safe Area Gorazde: The War In Eastern Bosnia 1992-1995 —Joe Sacco's breakthrough novel of graphic journalism—the acclaimed author was best known for Palestine , a two-volume graphic novel that won an American ...


Power, Politics, and Culture
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 2002

Edward Said has long been considered one of the world’s most compelling public intellectuals, taking on a remarkable array of topics with his many publications. But no single book has encompassed the vast scope of his stimulating erudition quite like Power, Politics, and Culture , a collection of interviews from the last three decades. In these twenty-eight interviews, Said addresses everything from Palestine to Pavarotti, from his nomadic ...


Reflections on Exile and Other Essays (Convergences: Inventories of the Present)
Edward W. Said

Harvard University Press, 2002

With their powerful blend of political and aesthetic concerns, Edward W. Said's writings have transformed the field of literary studies. This long-awaited collection of literary and cultural essays, the first since Harvard University Press published The World, the Text, and the Critic in 1983, reconfirms what no one can doubt--that Said is the most impressive, consequential, and elegant critic of our time--and offers further evidence of how ...


Edward W Said

Vintage Books, 1994

Near Eastern Studies. 25th anniversary edition


Parallels and Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society
Edward W. Said, Daniel Barenboim

Vintage, 2004

These free-wheeling, often exhilarating dialogues—which grew out of the acclaimed Carnegie Hall Talks—are an exchange between two of the most prominent figures in contemporary culture: Daniel Barenboim, internationally renowned conductor and pianist, and Edward W. Said, eminent literary critic and impassioned commentator on the Middle East. Barenboim is an Argentinian-Israeli and Said a Palestinian-American; they are also close friends. As ...


Representations of the Intellectual: The 1993 Reith Lectures
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 1996

In this series of essays, based on his 1993 Reith Lectures, Edward Said explores what it means to be an intellectual today. It is, he argues, the intellectual's role to represent a message or view not only to, but for, a public, and to do so as an outsider - someone who cannot be co-opted by a government or corporation. Interweaving literature, history and philosophy, Said describes and demonstrates how the intellectual must remain a dissenter, ...


I Saw Ramallah
Mourid Barghouti, Edward W. Said, ...

Anchor, 2003

Winner of the prestigious Naguib Mahfouz Medal, this fierce and moving work is an unparalleled rendering of the human aspects of the Palestinian predicament. Barred from his homeland after 1967’s Six-Day War, the poet Mourid Barghouti spent thirty years in exile—shuttling among the world’s cities, yet secure in none of them; separated from his family for years at a time; never certain whether he was a visitor, a refugee, a citizen, or a ...


The End of the Peace Process: Oslo and After
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 2001

     Soon after the Oslo accords were signed in September 1993 by Israel and Palestinian Liberation Organization, Edward Said predicted that they could not lead to real peace.  In these essays, most written for Arab and European newspapers, Said uncovers the political mechanism that advertises reconciliation in the Middle East while keeping peace out of the picture.      Said argues that the imbalance in power that forces ...


On Late Style: Music and Literature Against the Grain
Edward W. Said

Vintage, 2007

In this fascinating book, Edward Said looks at the creative contradictions that often mark the late works of literary and musical artists. Said shows how the approaching death of an artist can make its way into his work, examining essays, poems, novels, films, and operas by such artists as Beethoven, Genet, Mozart, Lampedusa, Euripides, Cavafy, and Mann, among others. He uncovers the conflicts and complexity that often distinguish artistic ...


Beginnings: Intention and Method
Edward W. Said

Columbia University Press, 1985

A "beginning," especially as embodied in much modern thought, is its own method, Edward Said argues in this classic treatise on the role of the intellectual and the goal of criticism. Distinguishing between "origin," which is divine, mythical, and privileged, and "beginning," which is secular and humanly produced, Said traces the ramifications and diverse understandings of the concept of beginning through history. A beginning is a first step in ...


Orientalismo (Ensayo-Historia / Historay Essay) (Spanish Edition)
Edward W. Said

Debolsillo, 2007

Una obra imprescindible para comprender los eternos malos entendidos sobre el mundo islamico. Un autor de gran lucidez y actualidad, en este texto imprescindible para comprender los eternos malos entendidos sobre el mundo islamico, muchos de ellos provocados por el poder establecido de Occidente. Para entender una cultura apasionante, mas alla de las redes secretas de la desinformacion y los cliches establecidos.



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