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On the Shores of the Mediterranean
Eric Newby

Little Brown & Co (T), 1985

With his trademark charm and sharp wit, Newby leaves no stone unturned in his quest for wonderfully detailed and quirky knowledge to share with his reader. Insightful, hilarious and sheer fun, this is an adventure not to be missed, by Britain's best-loved travel guide, and father of the genre. 'Why don't you start in Naples and go clockwise round the Mediterranean instead of dashing off in all directions like a lunatic?' Fortunately, Eric Newby ...


When the Snow Comes, They Will Take You Away
Eric Newby

Charles Scribner's Sons, 1971

Suspense - Wartime Drama


A Traveller's Life

HarperPress, 2013

A chronicle of travels, some homely some exotic, from the man who can make a schoolboy holiday in Swanage as colourful as a walk in the Hindu Kush. Eric Newby's life of travel began in 1919, on pram-ride adventures with his mother into the dark streets of Barnes and the chaotic jungles of Harrods, and progressed to solo, school-bound adventures around the slums of darkest Hammersmith. His interest piqued, Newby's wanderlust snowballed, and his ...


A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
Eric Newby

Lonely Planet, 1998

The view was colossal. Below us on every side mountains surged away it seemed forever; we looked down on glaciers and snow-covered peaks that perhaps no one has ever seen before, except from the air.' Feeling restless in the world of London's high-fashion industry, Eric Newby asked an old friend to accompany him on a mountain-climbing expedition in the wild and remote Hindu Kush, in north-eastern Afghanistan. And so they went - although they ...


Slowly Down the Ganges
Eric Newby

HarperPress, 2011

'Slowly Down the Ganges' is seen as a vintage Newby masterpiece, alongside 'A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush' and 'Love and War in the Apennines'. Told with Newby's self-deprecating humour and wry attention to detail, this is a classic of the genre and a window into an enchanting piece of history. On his forty-forth birthday, Eric Newby sets out on an incredible journey: to travel the 1,200-mile length of India's holy river. In a misguided attempt ...


The Last Grain Race (Picador Books)
Eric Newby

Picador, 1995

At the age of 18, Eric Newby signed on as an apprentice on the four-masted sailing ship Moshulu of the Erikson line for the round trip from Europe to Australia and back, outwards by way of the Cape of Good Hope and round Cape Horn. This was to be an historic voyage, a dramatic personal adventure.


Love And War in the Apennines
Eric Newby

Lonely Planet, 1999

Eric Newby escapes through a hospital window to become a POW on the run in Italy in 1943. With the Nazis moving in from the North and no certain way back to England, his situation appears grim. But with the help of local farmers and villagers, who risk their lives to shelter him, he survives. Hiding in shepherds' buts and even a cave, he achieves three precious months of freedom - and meets the determined and courageous young woman who would ...


A Small Place in Italy
Eric Newby

Lonely Planet, 1998

In 1967 Eric and Wanda Newby fulfilled a long-cherished dream when they bought a run-down farmhouse in northern Tuscany, in the foothills of the Italian Alps. They were the first foreigners to live in the region. A Small Place in Italy describes how the house was restored with the help of their neighbors, a colorful east of characters who quickly befriended the Newbys. With his characteristic wry humor and sharp eye for the quirks of human ...


A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Newby. Eric ( 2010 ) Paperback
Newby. Eric

HarperPress, 0100


Round Ireland in Low Gear
Eric Newby

Viking Adult, 1988

'You've had some pretty crazy ideas in your life, Newby, but this is the craziest.' Grandmother Wanda Newby was exasperated after continuous rain, snow, and gales that knocked from her bike. Twice. To avoid other tourists, Eric Newby had decided that the depths of winter would be the very best time to explore Ireland by mountain bike. More astonishing still, he managed to persuade Wanda, his long-suffering wife and life-long co-traveller, to ...


Learning the Ropes: An Apprentice on the Last of the Windjammers
Eric Newby

Times Books Random House, 1999

In 1938, Eric Newby signed on as an apprentice on the Finnish four-masted barque Moshulu for a 'round-the-world' voyage transiting between Europe and Australia. It was the toughest imaginable introduction to the sailor's life. Few of the crew spoke English, and he was ordered atop the rigging -- 200 feet above deck -- before he could get out of his best jacket and shoes. More extraordinary still, between his shifts he managed to photograph ...


What the Traveller Saw
Eric Newby

Viking Adult, 1990

This outstanding collection of pieces, illustrated with his own superb photographs, is a unique record of Newby's travels all over the globe - and a lasting tribute to lost and fading worlds. One of the funniest and most entertaining of all travel writers, Eric Newby has been wandering the by-ways of the world for over half a century. Admired for his exceptional powers of observation, Newby's genius is also to capture the unexpected, the curious ...


Big Red Train Ride
Eric Newby

St Martins Pr, 1979

The only continuous land route between Western Europe and the Pacific coast of the USSR, the Trans-Siberian Railway covers nearly a 100 degrees of longitude, seven time zones and 5900 miles in a journey lasting 192 hours and 35 minutes. In 1977 Eric Newby set out with his wife, an official guide and a photographer to gather a wealth of irreverent and humorous detail about life in the USSR. Eric Newby has also written "When the Snow Comes, They ...


Departures & Arrivals
Eric Newby

The Lyons Press, 2002

The renowned Eric Newby recounts his offbeat world travels. (SEE QUOTE.)


A short walk;: A preposterous adventure
Eric Newby

Doubleday, 1959


The world atlas of exploration
Eric Newby

AH, Artists House, 1982

Very Good


On the Shores of the Mediterranean
Eric Newby

Lonely Planet, 1998

As they travel around the sea at the center of Western history, Eric Newby and his wife Wanda visit not only the better-known Mediterranean sights and cities but also venture into places where Westerners are few: Albania under Hoxha, the holy Muslim city of Fez, and a country about to disappear in civil war - the former Yugoslavia. Eric Newby entertains and enlightens as he follows in the footsteps of Cleopatra and St John, and waits for a ...


Round Ireland in Low Gear
Eric Newby

Lonely Planet, 1998

Having decided to explore Ireland by bicycle, Eric and Wanda Newby set out one December - not the best time to ride a bike around the highways and by-ways of the Emerald Isle, even when protected by thermal underwear. From the Cliffs of Moher to St Brigid's Vat, Dublin, the Aran Islands, the Ring of Kerry and Croagh Patrick, their rain-soaked journey is beset by minor disasters ranging from ferocious storms to even more ferocious dogs. Along the ...


A Book of Traveller's Tales

Penguin Books, 1987


Great Ascents: A Narrative History of Mountaineering (A Studio Book)
Eric Newby

Viking Press, 1977



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