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Departures & Arrivals
Eric Newby

The Lyons Press, 2002

The renowned Eric Newby recounts his offbeat world travels. (SEE QUOTE.)


Learning the Ropes: An Apprentice on the Last of the Windjammers
Eric Newby

Times Books Random House, 1999

In 1938, Eric Newby signed on as an apprentice on the Finnish four-masted barque Moshulu for a 'round-the-world' voyage transiting between Europe and Australia. It was the toughest imaginable introduction to the sailor's life. Few of the crew spoke English, and he was ordered atop the rigging -- 200 feet above deck -- before he could get out of his best jacket and shoes. More extraordinary still, between his shifts he managed to photograph ...


In the Shores of the Mediterranean (Picador Books)
Eric Newby

Pan Books Ltd, 1985

A humorous account of the travels of Eric Newby and his wife Wanda, round the Mediterranean littoral starting from Naples onwards. Last published in 1985.


The Last Grain Race - Complete / Unabridged
Eric Newby

Penguin Books, 1958

251 Pages, plus 24 B&W photo plates. Import.


Southern Cross to Pole Star
A. F. Tschiffely

Century Publishing Co., 1982

No one knew they were looking at a hero and his two horses. Instead the local press derided him as "a lunatic proposing to ride overland to New York." The time was 1925. The place, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Standing on the threshold of equestrian travel history was a young Swiss Long Rider named Aimé Tschiffely. Next to him were his two faithful Criollo horses, Mancha and Gato. Their collective goal was to ride more than ten thousand miles from ...


Last Grain Race
Eric Newby

Pan Books, 1972


On Sledge and Horseback to Outcast Siberian Lepers
Kate Marsden

Sterling Publishing, 2001

The extraordinary and very readable story of a formidable Victorian lady, who was so moved by the plight of lepers, that she undertook a marathon journey, from 1890-1892, to leper colonies in Siberia.


Lonely Planet A Small Place in Italy (Travel Literature)
Eric Newby

Lonely Planet, 2008

In 1967 Eric and Wanda Newby fulfilled a long-cherished dream when they bought a run-down farmhouse in northeastern Tuscany, in the foothills of the Italian Alps. They were the first foreigners to live in the region. A Small Place in Italy describes how the house was restored with the help of their neighbors, a colorful cast of characters who quickly befriended the Newbys. With his characteristic wry humor and sharp eye for the quirks of ...


Wonders of Ireland and How to Find Them
Eric Newby, Diana Petry

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 1969


What the Traveller Saw

Flamingo, 2013

This outstanding collection of pieces, illustrated with his own superb photographs, is a unique record of Newby’s travels all over the globe – and a lasting tribute to lost and fading worlds. One of the funniest and most entertaining of all travel writers, Eric Newby has been wandering the by-ways of the world for over half a century. Admired for his exceptional powers of observation, Newby’s genius is also to capture the unexpected, the ...


A Traveller's Life
Eric Newby

HarperPress, 2010

A chronicle of travels, some homely some exotic, from the man who can make a schoolboy holiday in Swanage as colourful as a walk in the Hindu Kush. Eric Newby's life of travel began in 1919, on pram-ride adventures with his mother into the dark streets of Barnes and the chaotic jungles of Harrods, and progressed to solo, school-bound adventures around the slums of darkest Hammersmith. His interest piqued, Newby's wanderlust snowballed, and his ...


A short walk in the Hindu Kush.
Eric Newby

The Popular Book Club, 1958


Lonely Planet Love & War in the Apennines (Travel Literature)
Eric Newby

Lonely Planet, 2008

Eric Newby escapes throug a hospital window to become a POW on the run in Italy in 1943. With the Nazis moving in from the north and no certain way back to England, his situation appear grim. But with the help of local farmers and villagers, who risk their livs to shelter him, he survives. Hiding in shepherd's huts and even a cave, he achieves three precious months of freedom - and meets the determined and courageous young woman who would become ...


A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Newby. Eric ( 2010 ) Paperback
Newby. Eric

HarperPress, 0100


A Short Walk In The Hindu Kush
Eric Newby

Books on Tape, Inc., 1992

No mountaineer, Newby set out with a friend to explore the formidable peaks of the Nuristan Mountains in northeast Afghanistan. His witty, unorthodox report is packed with incidents both ghastly and ecstatic as he takes us where few Western feet have trod. Newby belongs to that enduring set of English travelers who investigate the world for their own amusement and then, to our great profit and pleasure, share their experience with us. This ...



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