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dragonology the complete book of dragons
ernest drake

templar publishing, 2006


The Dragonology Handbook: A Practical Course In Dragons
Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2005

This indispensable workbook teaches everything you need to know to become an esteemed dragonologist. Attention, devoted dragonology students! How many classic riddles do you know that could help you survive a dragon encounter? What dragon species attacks its victims with a "frosty blast" instead of a jet of flame? Which historical questions should you ask a dragon in order to estimate its age? Can you write your name using only dragon runes? ...


Dragonology Code-Writing Kit (Ologies)
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2007

The perfect hands-on gift for ’Ologists! Learn the keys to cracking secret codes — and use cool stationery to send missives to your friends. If your aim is to master dragon runes, this ornate writing kit includes everything you’ll need. Inside are simple instructions as well as writing paper, envelopes, postcards, and sticker sheets, all in a handsomely designed slipcase. Each kit contains: - Code-making instructions - 16 sheets of ...


Dragonology Tracking and Taming Dragons Volume 1: A Deluxe Book and Model Set: European Dragon (Ologies)
Ernest Dr Drake

Candlewick, 2006

Here is the essential reference for all budding dragonologists - the ultimate companion to the 1-million-copy, #1 national bestseller DRAGONOLOGY! Inside this deluxe guidebook and model package, readers will find the complete TRACKING AND TAMING DRAGONS, in which preeminent dragonologist Dr. Ernest Drake shares all you need to know to set out on the trail of dragons in the field. Plus, each pack features an easy-to-assemble, lifelike hanging ...


Monsterology: The Complete Book of Monstrous Beasts
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2008

A second major volume by the esteemed Dr. Drake — a lavish exploration of fantastical beasts, from yetis to unicorns Do krakens really lurk below the ocean waves? Do griffins command the air above? In a fascinating new discovery sure to rival the ground-breaking DRAGONOLOGY, the intrepid Dr. Ernest Drake turns his inquisitive gaze from dragons to other so-called mythical creatures. Included are: * a removable letter from Dr. Drake * ...


Dragonology: Pocket Adventures
Ernest Drake

Candlewick Press, 2007

For true dragonologists! Four exciting pocket-size books packed with choose-your-own adventures A rogue frost dragon is devastating Iceland and blasting everyone in its path. A savage serpent has been disturbed by treasure hunters diving in its lake home. What is a dragonologist to do? These irresistible adventures outline each mission, propose choices along the way, and detail the consequences (scrunched! frozen! drowned in a vat of gold!) ...


Dragonology: Bringing Up Baby Dragons (Ologies)
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2009

Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 2/12/2008 Pages: 40 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up


The Monsterology Handbook: A Practical Course in Monsters (Ologies) [Hardcover]
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2009


Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology (Ologies) [Hardcover]
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2009


Dragonology: 2011 Wall Calendar
Dr. Ernest Drake

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2010


Monsterology with free Monsterology card pack: The Complete Book of Monstrous Creatures (Ologies)
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2012

Monsterology is an innovative 3D turn-based strategy game based on the bestselling Ology book series. Players can collect the full set  of 100 trading cards called 'Nuko' that magically come to life within the 3D game environment. Battle your way through twenty levels of gameplay. Spawn monsters, lay traps, play magical items against an AI opponent. 100 unique Nuko cards to collect. Varying level objectives offers ongoing replayability once ...


By Dr. Ernest Drake Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons (Ologies)
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2003


3 book SET: Fairyopolis, Dragonology, Egyptology
Cicely Mary Barker, Ernest Drake, ...

Candlewick Press, 2005

A three book set.


By Dr. Ernest Drake Dragonology Tracking and Taming Dragons Volume 1: A Deluxe Book and Model Set: European ...
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2006


By Dr. Ernest Drake - Monsterology: The Complete Book of Monstrous Creatures (7/13/08)
Dr. Ernest Drake

Candlewick, 2008


BRINGING UP BABY DRAGONS: A Guide for Beginners ( Dragonology )
Ernest (edited by Dugald A. Steed, B.A., S.A.S. D. ) Drake

Five Mile Press, 2005


Dragonology: Field Guide to Dragons (Ologies)
Ernest Dr Drake

Candlewick, 2007

Twelve intriguing mini models in the most deluxe field guide yet — an irresistible hands-on resource for devoted dragonologists! Even skilled dragonologists need special preparation to study in the field. What if an unfamiliar species should approach? Now an impressive guide highlights nineteen different dragon species, many seen here for the first time. Focused on species from the obscure tree-climbing monkey dragon to the better-known ...


Analysis Of Heat And Mass Transfer
Ernest R. Eckert, E. R. G. Eckert

CRC Press, 1986

The present book has evolved from a series of lectures to graduate students. The text is therefore envisioned as one which will enable the student to learn and understand the fundamental laws in depth and detail, to study and appreciate the power of analytical methods, and to recognize their limitations. The book provides a clear understanding of the fundamental principles required for application to specific situations as they occur in ...


Obscure Spells and Charms of Dragon Origin: A Dragonology Kit
LLC Andrews McMeel Publishing, Dr. Ernest Drake

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006

Based on the best-selling book Dragonology and including exclusive content - two new spells and a new talisman description - this unique kit is chock-full of dragon charm and will amaze you and your friends. It comes with dragon dust from Wyvern's cave, Master Merlin's talisman that doubles as a pendant, and even a translation key for the written draconic language.



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