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Getting to No: How to Break a Stubborn Habit

David C. Cook, 2010

Everyone is familiar with the cycle: We decide to break a bad habit once and for all. We may even experience some short-term success. Yet almost inevitably, we fall back into that undesirable behavior and the frustrating process starts all over again. The experience can leave us feeling powerless to make changes in our lives. Popular author and pastor Erwin Lutzer believes it is possible to break the cycle of addictive behavior. Filled with ...


Life-Changing Bible Verses You Should Know
Erwin W. Lutzer, Rebecca Lutzer

Harvest House Publishers, 2011

After Erwin Lutzer, senior pastor of the Moody Church, and his wife, Rebecca, realized that memorizing Scripture has nearly become a lost pursuit today, they decided to create this practical, relevant resource filled with powerful verses and insightful explanations to help stimulate a spiritual hunger in readers' own lives. With more than 35 topics and questions for reflection and further study, readers will discover how God's Word will: ...


When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 2009

Years ago, a cartoon appeared in a Russian newspaper picturing a fork in the road. One path was labeled freedom; the other path was labeled sausage. As we might guess, the path to freedom had few takers; the path to sausage was crowded with footprints. When given a choice people will choose bread and sausage above the free market and individual liberties. The promise of bread gets votes, even if the bread is at the expense of freedom. The ...


Hitler's Cross: The Revealing Story of How the Cross of Christ was Used as a symbol of the Nazi Agenda
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 1998

Six million Jews...dead. The monstrosity of Adolph Hitler's 'Third Reich' remains a stunning chapter in the pages of history. Although the power by which he hypnotized an entire nation is legendary, one question in particular begs an answer: Where was the church of Christ? Seduced by the Satanic majesty of The Fuhrer, church leaders throughout Germany allowed the Swastika a prominent place alongside the Christian cross in their sanctuaries. ...


One Minute After You Die
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 2007

When you slip behind the parted curtain, your life will not be over. Rather, it will be just beginning--in a place of unimaginable bliss or indescribable gloom. This updated edition of the bestselling One Minute After You Die opens a window on eternity with a simple and moving explanation of what the Bible teaches about death. Erwin W. Lutzer brings a biblical and pastoral perspective to such issues as: Channeling, reincarnation, and ...


The Serpent of Paradise: The Incredible Story of How Satan's Rebellion Serves God's Purposes
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 1996

How we perceive our enemy will largely determine how we fight against him. Unless we grasp how the devil fits into God's scheme of things, we will find it difficult to stand against his conspiracy against us personally and his influence within our culture. We can have a proper theology of the devil only if we have a proper theology of God. Only when we stand in awe of God will we find it unnecessary to be in awe of Satan. As Martin Luther ...


The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent

Harvest House Publishers, 2013

Islam is on the rise all over the West, including America. In this compelling new book, bestselling author Erwin Lutzer urges Christians to see this as both an opportunity to share the gospel and a reason for concern. We have now reached a tipping point—the spread of Islam is rapidly altering the way we live. These changes are cause for alarm, for they endanger our freedoms of speech and religion. At the same time, this opens an incredible ...


Hitler's Cross SAMPLER: How the Cross was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda

Moody Publishers, 2012

Enjoy these SAMPLE pages from  Hitler's Cross- Six million Jews...dead. The monstrosity of Adolph Hitler's 'Third Reich' remains a stunning chapter in the pages of history. Although the power by which he hypnotized an entire nation is legendary, one question in particular begs an answer: Where was the church of Christ? Seduced by the Satanic majesty of The Fuhrer, church leaders throughout Germany allowed the Swastika a prominent place ...


How You Can Be Sure That You Will Spend Eternity with God
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 1996

Here is a passionate, persuasive case for the gospel that will convince the seeker and renew the faith of believers everywhere. (Also available in a two-book set. Keep one and give one away!)


The King is Coming SAMPLER: Preparing to Meet Jesus

Moody Publishers, 2012

Enjoy these SAMPLE pages from  The King is Coming- From panic to punchline, public perception about the return of Christ reveals an alarming lack of understanding of biblical prophecy. In The King is Coming , Pastor Erwin Lutzer lends his knowledgeable, careful handling of a topic that leaves even mature believers and students with difficult questions and unclear conclusions. For the outsiders who doubt end-times prophecy, it's a ...


The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage: 6 Things You Must Know About What's Really at Stake
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 2009

A May 2009 Gallup poll revealed that fifty-seven percent of Americans oppose same-sex marriage, while only forty percent are in favor of it (down from forty-six percent in 2007). This short, easy-to-read book helps shed light on what so many people believe, and why they should not be at a loss about what to do now. The headlines only tell part of the story. In this revised and updated version of his bestselling book, Dr. Erwin Lutzer ...


When You've Been Wronged: Moving From Bitterness to Forgiveness
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 2007

Imagine walking through a maximum security prison and seeing the cell keys hanging inside the cells. By choosing not to forgive, we voluntarily sentence ourselves to diminished, pain-filled lives. Why would anyone do such a thing? Because forgiveness seems an inappropriate response to offense. To experience a broken promise, betrayed confidence, personal rejection, false accusation, injury, or abuse, is to be wounded. Such wounds cry out ...


Dorie: The Girl Nobody Loved
Erwin W. Lutzer, Doris VanStone

Moody Publishers, 1981

"Someone has said that when you have nothing left but God, you realize that God is enough. God had stood beside me when no one else wanted me. He was not going to abandon me now. God would have to heal the emotional pain that throbbed through my body." As a child, Dorie was rejected by her mother, sent to live in an orphanage where she was regularly beaten by the orphanage director, was beaten time and again by cruel foster parents, and ...


Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 2008

Can you trust the Bible? Our culture answers this question with loud "No!" Critics increasingly attempt to poke holes in the authority of Scripture and deflate faith among believers. But ask Erwin Lutzer if you can trust the Bible and he'll respond in one word: "Yes." In this revised and expanded edition of his top-selling Seven Reasons Why you Can Trust the Bible , Dr. Lutzer offers seven foundational arguments for the reliability of ...


Jesus, Lover of a Woman's Soul
Erwin W. Lutzer, Rebecca Lutzer

Tyndale Momentum, 2006

For centuries, Christian women have struggled to find their place in the church—and before God. Deep down inside, a woman may ask herself, Does God really care about me? Does he value me as much as he does men? The answers lie with Jesus himself—in his words and in his real relationships with women during his life. In Jesus, Lover of a Woman's Soul, Erwin and Rebecca Lutzer reveal the truth about Jesus and women. He defied tradition and ...


Failure: The Backdoor to Success
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Publishers, 1975

"This book is sorely needed in our over-analyzed, undermotivated, and guilt ridden Christian society. It can be a life changer to anyone tired of the old one step forward and two steps backward routine"......Howard G.


Christ Among Other Gods
Erwin W. Lutzer

Moody Pr, 1994

Challenging the claim that no religion can be superior to another and the popular move to unite all religions, Lutzer explains that religion is not a wheel whose varied religions are spokes that ultimately lead to the same peace and harmony at the core. As the author confronts these myths, he brings readers face-to-face with Jesus Christ--our only intercessor.


Where Do We Go From Here?: Hope and Direction in our Present Crisis

Moody Publishers, 2013

The America you thought you knew is gone. We are a nation following our leaders willingly into economic, moral, and political decline. No longer is our country based on godly principles and morality. What are Christians to do? Erwin Lutzer offers hope and a challenge to Christians. It is not time to despair even as you face these difficult realities. 2,000 years of church history are behind us to show that the church does not need freedom ...


Your Eternal Reward: Triumph and Tears at the Judgment Seat of Christ (Eternity)

Moody Publishers, 1998

Face to Face with ChristNo hiding. No opportunity to put a better spin on what you did. No attorney to represent you. The look in His eyes says it all.Like it or not, standing before Christ is precisely where you and I shall some day be, 'for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ' (2 Corinthians 5:10). And while we will not lose our entrance to heaven if we are believers, what we do in our earthly life will determine our ...



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