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Alex : the life of a child
Frank Deford

Alexandra Deford, a precious and precocious girl, was just eight years old when she died in 1980 following a battle against the debilitating effects of cystic fibrosis, the number-one genetic killer of children. Her poignant and uplifting story touched the hearts of millions when it was first published and then made into a memorable television movie. A new introduction contains information on the latest cystic fibrosis research, and a touching ...


The Heart of a Champion: Celebrating the Spirit and Character of America's Sports Heroes
Frank Deford, 2002

In this exciting new book, award-winning sports writer and commentator Frank Deford captures the inspirational stories of many of the greatest athletes and teams to appear on a Wheaties box. For more than 75 years, the Wheaties box has celebrated the essence of being a champion: the character of excellence, the spirit of achievement, and the triumph of determination.


The Best American Sports Writing 1993

Houghton Mifflin, 1993

A collection of sports writing features William Nack on Hurricane Carter's release from jail, a coming-of-age baseball memoir by Roger Angell, and a conclusive look at race and athletic excellence.


An American Summer
Frank Deford

Sourcebooks, 2002

Set in the nostalgic year of 1955, this touching novel reveals a unique kind of love between kindred spirits. It is told through the voice of 14-year-old Christy Banister, a sweet, slightly naïve young boy in need of guidance as he makes his way through adolescence. He has moved to Baltimore with his father, and as the new kid on the block in an isolated new neighborhood, Christy has few opportunities to make new friends. At the start of the ...


The Virtuoso: Face to Face With 40 Extraordinary Talents
Ken Carbone, Ashton Applewhite, ...

Stewart Tabori & Chang, 1999

Defined as the unthinkable ventured and the impossible attained, the virtuosos in this book are from dif ferent generations and cultures, but they share certain qual ities: dignity, self-disciplines, determination, courage and focus. '


The Spy in the Deuce Court
Frank Deford

Ivy Books, 1987


A Year in Sports: From the Rose Bowl to Figure Skating
Neil Leifer

Abbeville Press, 2006

Neil Leifer is a master of the art of sports photography. Among his wellknown images is a victorious Muhammad Ali having just defeated Sonny Liston in Lewiston, Maine, considered by many the best sports picture of all time. More than forty-five years after publishing LeiferGÇÖs first photograph in Sports Illustrated, the current editor assigned him to go on a year-long shooting spree. It was a chance for Leifer to go back in time and shoot ...


Bliss, Remembered
Frank Deford

Blackstone Audio, Inc., 2011

With Bliss, Remembered , the celebrated Frank Deford has produced a work of literature that ranks with the best of his many novels, including Everybody's All American , which Sports Illustrated ranked as one of the twenty-five best sports books of all time. In Bliss, Remembered , Deford explores new territory as he tells two love stories from the perspective of a beautiful should-have-been Olympic champion named Sydney Stringfellow. At ...


Casey on the Loose: What Really Might Have Happened
Frank Deford

Viking Press, 1989

Deford ( Everybody's All-American ) uses Ernest Thayer's classic poem "Casey at the Bat" to create a whimsical tale blending fact, fiction and fantasy. Timothy Casey is a brilliant young "ballist" (as they were called back in 1888) whose extraordinary hitting has galvanized the town of Mudville. Living near Boston, Casey falls in love with beautiful Florence Cleary, a recent Irish immigrant working as a maid. "Mighty Casey" also meets Chester ...


The Old Ball Game
Frank Deford

Grove Press, 2005


The Other Adonis: A Novel of Reincarnation
Frank Deford

Sourcebooks Landmark, 2002

If true love can travel across time, can true evil be far behind? When the beautiful Dr. Nina Winston's patient Bucky Buckingham reveals his secret to her, she has to doubt him. Reincarnation? True love across four centuries? But Nina is fascinated and lets herself be drawn into the charming and vulnerable Bucky's tale and into his life. Through hypnotherapy, she meets his former identity, and in real life, she meets his former paramour. If ...


Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter
Frank Deford

Atlantic Monthly Press, 2012

Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter is as unconventional and wide-ranging as Frank Deford’s remarkable career, in which he has chronicled the heroes and the characters of just about every sport in nearly every medium. Deford joined Sports Illustrated in 1962, fresh, and fresh out of Princeton. In 1990, he was Editor-in-Chief of The National Sports Daily , one of the most ambitious—and ill-fated—projects in the history of American print ...


Big Bill Tilden
Frank Deford

Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, 1977

William T. Tilden II dominated the courts during the 1920s. For seven years in a row, he never lost a significant match. Flamboyant both in public and private, Tilden was eventually arrested — and shunned — for his homosexuality. He died penniless and alone, years before his election into the tennis Hall of Fame.


A Gift for Ron: Friendship and Sacrifice On and Off the Gridiron
Everson Walls, Kevin B. Blackistone, ...

Lyons Press, 2009

A Brian’s Song for a new generation … the moving story of a rare friendship between two pro football stars


Baseball and the Baby Boomer: A History, Commentary, and Memoir
Talmage Boston

Bright Sky Press, 2009

Tapping into the nostalgic era of feel-good baseball in the late 1940s and moving up to the Mitchell report, this collection documents the story of baseball as seen through the eyes and experiences of the postwar generation. From daytime games heard on the radio to players testifying before Congress on steroid usage, baseball has undergone a major transformation over the past sixty years. This chronicling of such vast changes features stories ...



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