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There's Hope for Your Church: First Steps to Restoring Health and Growth
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Books, 2012

A startling 85% of churches in the Us are plateaued or declining, a trend that has been building for the past fifty years. In the face of shrinking attendance and lagging spiritual growth, pastors and church leaders are understandably discouraged and demoralized. But the first step to turning things around is hope. Church health expert Gary McIntosh offers this hope by showing church leaders the first things they need to do to make a new start ...


Biblical Church Growth: How You Can Work with God to Build a Faithful Church
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Books, 2003

Every pastor wants to have a vibrant, dynamic church. There are many popular models for church growth based on outstanding churches led by outstanding pastors. But unfortunately, specific models are temporary and go out of style quickly. Author Gary McIntosh explores the biblical principles for church growth and applies them to today's culture. Instead of concentrating on the ephemeral how of church growth, he focuses on the unchanging why. ...


Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: How to Become an Effective Leader by Confronting Potential Failures
Gary L. McIntosh, Samuel D. Rima

Baker Books, 2007

The Christian world has been rocked by the number of prominent leaders, in both church and parachurch organizations, who have been compromised by moral, ethical, and theological failures. This pace-setting volume addresses this alarming problem and offers Christian leaders valuable guidance in dealing with the inherent risks of their work. Using biblical and current examples, the authors describe the characteristics of five types of leaders and ...


Beyond the First Visit: The Complete Guide to Connecting Guests to Your Church
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Books, 2006

All churches like to think that theirs is the friendliest in town. But do visitors see it that way? Church consultant Gary McIntosh invites readers to take a look at their church through the eyes of visitors and potential visitors. His starting point, grounded in an understanding of God as a "welcomer," is that churches should see those who enter their doors as not merely visitors, but as guests, and themselves as gracious hosts. This ...


Being the Church in a Multi-Ethnic Community: Why It Matters and How It Works
Gary L. McIntosh, Alan McMahan

Wesleyan Publishing House, 2012

The face of America is growing rapidly more diverse, and many churches are wondering what it means to carry out the Great Commission in a community where different ethnicities are represented. Being the Church in a Multi-Ethnic Community is an introductory guide, a basic primer for pastors and congregation leaders who are wrestling with how to reach the ethnic groups next door and welcome them into the multi-ethnic body of Christ. Gary L. ...


Taking Your Church to the Next Level: What Got You Here Won't Get You There
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Books, 2009

All local churches experience a predictable life cycle of growth and decline. But if a church is on a downward trend, how can it turn around? Taking Your Church to the Next Level explains the impact of age and size on churches and outlines the improvements that must be made at each point for a church to remain fruitful and faithful to its mission. McIntosh deftly describes the cycles of fruitfulness and the importance of continual improvement to ...


One Size Doesn't Fit All: Bringing Out the Best in Any Size Church
Gary L. McIntosh

Revell, 1999

Different churches grow in different ways. This book will help you figure out your church's orientation and show the way to healthy growth.


One Church, Four Generations: Understanding and Reaching All Ages in Your Church
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Books, 2002

The challenge facing today's church is simultaneous and effective ministry to people of four widely divergent generations. More than at any time in history, pastors must plan programs that will appeal to a mosaic of groups and subgroups. This updated edition of Three Generations: Riding the Waves of Change in Your Church adds an entirely new section on Bridgers, the youngest generation and perhaps the most difficult one to reach for Christ. ...


What Every Pastor Should Know: 101 Indispensable Rules of Thumb for Leading Your Church
Gary L. McIntosh, Charles Arn

Baker Books, 2013

Pastors and church leaders are constantly faced with strategic questions. How much staff does the church need? How many workers are needed in the nursery this month? When is the right time to start a second worship service? How many people should we train for evangelism this year? How does seating and parking impact worship attendance? When church leaders have questions about planning, running, or growing their churches, they need answers fast! ...


Church That Works: Your One-Stop Resource for Effective Ministry
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Books, 2004

The expertise of veteran church consultant and best-selling author Gary McIntosh is now available in an easily portable format. McIntosh offers readers his invaluable insights on the church in order to help leaders make their churches more effective. It's just like hiring your own church consultant, but at a fraction of the cost. This at-a-glance practical guidebook helps pastors and church leaders with a wide variety of issues, including: ...


Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction
Gary L. McIntosh, Samuel D.Sr. Rima

Baker Books, 1998

Using the early church as a teacher, this video helps you become an overcomer. If your past is chaining down your future, see how you can put aside the beggar's cup for the limitless boundaries of God's blessings.


Staff Your Church for Growth: Building Team Ministry in the 21st Century
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Books, 2000

Why, when, and how should a church add to its professional staff? Here is a practical manual dealing with the issues of hiring and utilizing multiple staff positions to encourage church growth.


One Size Doesn't Fit All: Bringing Out the Best in Any Size Church
Gary L. McIntosh

Revell, 1999

Different churches grow in different ways. This book will help you figure out your church's orientation and show the way to healthy growth.


Make Room for the Boom...or Bust: Six Church Models for Reaching Three Generations
Gary L. McIntosh

Fleming H Revell Co, 1997

Church Growth specialist Gary L. McIntosh explores six different church models designed to reach yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's generations for Christ.


Finding Them, Keeping Them: Effective Strategies for Evangelism and Assimilation in the Local Church
Gary L. McIntosh, Glen Martin

B&H Books, 1991

A basic resource for strategies of outreach and assimilation of new church members. Key resource for pastors and outreach ministers.


The Issachar Factor: Understanding Trends That Confront Your Church and Designing a Strategy for Success
Gary L. McIntosh, Glen Martin

B&H Books, 1999

How to meet the needs of a modern congregation by transforming troubling social trends into opportunities for ministry.


Look Back, Leap Forward: Building Your Church on the Values of the Past
Gary L. McIntosh

Baker Book House, 2001

The rapid changes all around us in the new millennium may cause one of two errors: wishing to return to an idealized past or refusing to look back at all. Both patterns of thinking lead to ineffective churches and communities. Look Back, Leap Forward challenges Christian leaders to balance the two extremes: look back to find the core values that give meaning to ministry and then use them to build the future and take hold of new opportunities. ...


Here Today, There Tomorrow: Unleashing Your Church's Potential
Gary L. McIntosh

Wesleyan Publishing House, 2010

Church leaders are frustrated! Larger churches are bogged down by the weight of their own organizations, and smaller churches struggle with an inability to get things moving. Medium-sized churches tend to get tangled up in their programming. Pastors and church leaders across the country are in the same plight. As a result, their churches stagnate. Veteran leadership expert Gary L. McIntosh provides help to leaders of churches, regardless of ...


It Only Hurts on Monday: Why Pastors Quit and What You Can Do about It
Gary L. McIntosh, Robert L. Edmondson

Churchsmart Resources, 1998

Pastors are quitting! Some leave for what they hope will be greener pastures in another church. Some drop out of ministry altogether. Why? The pressures of ministry are such that many pastors spend their days off simply trying to recover. When a fellow pastor was asked how thing were going in his ministry, his wry answer was 'It only hurts on Monday.' Evidence suggests pastors are moving or dropping out at an increasing rate. The Barna Research ...


Thriving Churches in the Twenty-First Century: 10 Life-Giving Systems for Vibrant Ministry
Gary L. McIntosh, R. Daniel Reeves

Kregel Academic & Professional, 2006

Using the analogy of the human body, Thriving Churches in the Twenty-First Century explores the ten interacting systems that make up a healthy church body such as spiritual energy, corporate intercession, spiritual disciplines, mentoring, and team ministry.



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