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The New World of Mr Tompkins: George Gamow's Classic Mr Tompkins in Paperback
George Gamow

Cambridge University Press, 2001

Mr. Tompkins is back! The mild-mannered bank clerk with the short attention span and vivid imagination has inspired, charmed, and informed young and old alike since the publication of the hugely successful Mr Tompkins in Paperback (by George Gamow) in 1965. Now, this highly affable character returns to embark on a set of adventures that explore the extreme edges of the universe--the smallest, the largest, the fastest, and the farthest. Just by ...


The Great Physicists from Galileo to Einstein (Biography of Physics)
George Gamow

Dover Publications, 1988

"This book is Gamow at his best, which means the very best in science for the layman." — Library Journal Widely recognized as one of the 20th century's foremost physicists, George Gamow was also an unusually capable popularizer of science. His talents are vividly revealed in this exciting and penetrating explanation of how the central laws of physical science evolved — from Pythagoras' discovery of frequency ratios in the 6th century B.C. ...


Mr Tompkins in Paperback (Canto Classics)
George Gamow

Cambridge University Press, 2012

Since his first appearance over sixty years ago, Mr Tompkins has become known and loved by many thousands of readers as the bank clerk whose fantastic dreams and adventures lead him into a world inside the atom. George Gamow's classic provides a delightful explanation of the central concepts in modern physics, from atomic structure to relativity, and quantum theory to fusion and fission. Roger Penrose's foreword introduces Mr Tompkins to a new ...


Creation of the Universe
George GAMOW

Viking Press, 1956


George Gamow

Dover Publications, 2003

A distinguished physicist and teacher, George Gamow also possessed a special gift for making the intricacies of science accessible to a wide audience. In Gravity , he takes an enlightening look at three of the towering figures of science who unlocked many of the mysteries behind the laws of physics: Galileo, the first to take a close look at the process of free and restricted fall; Newton, originator of the concept of gravity as a universal ...


Mr. Tompkins in Paperback
George Gamow

Cambridge University Press (Canto Imprint), 1993

Mr Tompkins has become known and loved by many thousands of readers (since his first appearance over fifty years ago) as the bank clerk whose fantastic dreams and adventures lead him into a world inside the atom. George Gamow's classic provides a delightful explanation of the central concepts in modern physics, from atomic structure to relativity, and quantum theory to fusion and fission. Roger Penrose's new foreword introduces Mr Tompkins to a ...


Thirty Years that Shook Physics: The Story of Quantum Theory
George Gamow

Dover Publications, 1985

"Dr. Gamow, physicist and gifted writer, has sketched an intriguing portrait of the scientists and clashing ideas that made the quantum revolution." — Christian Science Monitor In 1900, German physicist Max Planck postulated that light, or radiant energy, can exist only in the form of discrete packages or quanta . This profound insight, along with Einstein's equally momentous theories of relativity, completely revolutionized man's view of ...


The Project Physics Course : Reader 3 : The Triumph of Mechanics
Richard P. Feynman, George Gamow, Jacob Bronowski, James R. Newman, Leo L. Beranek, Einstein & Enfeld, Martin Gardner etal) Harvard Project Physics editors . (authors reprinted here include Arthur C. Clarke

Holt, Rhinehart, Winston, 1971

This book, "Reader 3 - The Triumph of Mechanics: Project Physics", by F. James Rutherford, Gerald Holton, and Fletcher G. Watson, is a replication of a book originally published before 1971. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible. This book was created using print-on-demand technology. Thank you for supporting classic literature.


One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science (Dover Books on Mathematics)
George Gamow

Dover Publications, 1988

". . . full of intellectual treats and tricks, of whimsy and deep scientific philosophy. It is highbrow entertainment at its best, a teasing challenge to all who aspire to think about the universe." — New York Herald Tribune One of the world's foremost nuclear physicists (celebrated for his theory of radioactive decay, among other accomplishments), George Gamow possessed the unique ability of making the world of science accessible to the ...


The Creation of the Universe, Revised Edition;
George; Gamow

1967, 1967


The Hopkins Manuscript
R. C. Sherriff

Macmillan Company, 1963

Originally published by Victor Gollanz in 1939. Part of the Macmillan's library of science fiction classics. Introduction by John Gassner. Epilogue by George Gamow. Illustrated by Joseph Mugnaini. A classic catastrophe novel depicting survival after the earth is struck by the moon.


One two three ... infinity: Facts and speculations of science
George Gamow

New American Library, 1953

Facts & theories of modern science explained to the lay-person circa 1953, intersting to read today.


The Atom and Its Nucleus
george gamow

Prentice-Hall, 1961


The Birth & Death of the Sun: Stellar Evolution and Subatomic Energy
George Gamow

Dover Publications, 2005

How did our sun come into being? What keeps it hot and luminous, and what will be its ultimate fate? This fascinating and informative book offers answers to some of nature's most exciting and difficult questions. George Gamow, renowned physicist and author of the best-seller One Two Three . . . Infinity, outlines the fundamental discoveries and theories of modern physics that illuminate the evolution of our world. One of the founders of Big ...


Physics: Foundations and frontiers
George Gamow

Prentice-Hall, 1976



The creation of the universe
George Gamow

Viking, 1952

"Fascinating. . . . Distinctly readable and highly informative." — San Francisco Chronicle. Since time immemorial, people have attempted to explain the origin of the world, from the creation myths of the ancients to the more sophisticated views that developed with the progress of observational astronomy. This lively and authoritative survey by an internationally famous physicist and one of the formulators of the Big Bang theory of cosmology ...


My World Line : An Informal Autobiography
George Gamow

Viking Adult, 1970

My World Line : An Informal Autobiography


Biography of the Earth: Its Past, Present, and Future
George Gamow

Viking, 1941

Revised Edition. Text is clean and unmarked. Pages are bright but spotted and toned at edges. Minor wear to extremities. Tight and solid. We post pictures 24 hours after listing. So if you do not see a picture that has been provided by us, just check back in 24 hours. Please email us if you have any questions concerning shipping, or want more details regarding a certain book. We ship quickly via USPS. We also combine shipping on multiple item ...


One, two, three ... infinity;: Facts & speculations of science,
George Gamow

Viking Press, 1947

Over 120 delightful pen-and-ink illustrations by the author, add another dimension of good-natured charm to these wide-ranging explorations. A mind-expanding volume for the layman and the science-minded.



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