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The Legend of the Golden Snail
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2010

A young boy’s favorite storybook tells of a Golden Snail that lived long ago in the mythical Spiral Isles. When it journeyed through its magical realm, it took on the shape of a fantastical golden sailing ship. One day the ship was captured by a Great Enchanter and put under his spell. After he became bored with the Snail, the Enchanter banished it to the Ends of the Earth so no one else could ever sail in it. There it remains until a new ...


The Sign of the Seahorse
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 1992

In which the villainous Gropmund Grouper devises a dastardly scheme to rob the innocent folk of Reeftown of their homes and money, but is foiled by the efforts of the intrepid Pearl Trout, her fiery brother, Finneus, and brave Corporal Bert of the Soldiercrab Army. Graeme Base, who created Abrams' best-selling Animalia and The Eleventh Hour, now offers The Sign of the Seahorse, a sweeping drama of intrigue and excitement set in the ...


Little Elephants
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2012

One little boy living on a farm in rural Texas gets a big surprise when he discovers tiny flying elephants under his bed. But his mom doesn’t like critters in the house, so he tries to keep them a secret. Until one day they escape from his bedroom and cause havoc in the house. But when locusts invade the farm and start to destroy crops, the elephants come to the rescue! Bestselling author-illustrator Graeme Base has created a unique story with ...


Uno's Garden
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2006

Art + Arithmetic + Environmental Awareness=Graeme Base’s latest masterpiece From the creator of the international best-sellers Animalia, The Water Hole , and Jungle Drums Once again, beloved author Graeme Base introduces readers to a new world. And again, he interweaves the story with hidden images and mathematical problems (and solutions!), creating a book that can be read over and over, and at different levels for different ages. ...


The Water Hole
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2001

"The Water Hole" is a fusion of counting book, puzzle book, storybook and art book. Graeme Base takes the reader on a journey of discovery, from the plains of Africa and the jungles of the Amazon to the woodlands of North America and the deserts of the Australian outback. As one rhino gives way to two tigers, with three toucans waiting in the wings, the tale unfolds on many levels. Page by page the numbers increase as the animals come to their ...


Enigma: A Magical Mystery
Graeme Base

Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2008

Bestseller Graeme Base harks back to his classic New York Times bestselling solve-the-mystery story The Eleventh Hour in an all-new book that will “puzzle” and entice young readers.   Enter a magical world in this warm, funny, and enduring story about the special relationship between a grandson and his grandpa—and their love for magic.   Bertie Badger loves to visit the Retirement Home for Elderly Magicians and watch his ...


Jungle Drums
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2004

Best-seller Graeme Base is back with an all-new story filled with hidden pictures on every page! Little Ngiri is the Smallest Warthog in Africa. Tired of being teased by his bigger brothers and sisters, he wishes things could be different. When Old Nyumbu the Wildebeest gives Ngiri a set of magic drums, he is sure his wish is about to come true. But all the animals of the jungle are in for a BIG surprise as Ngiri's wish is granted in a most ...


The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 1993

When Horace the elephant turns eleven, he celebrates in style by inviting his exotic friends to a splendid costume party. But a mystery is afoot, for in the midst of the games, music, and revelry, someone has eaten the birthday feast. The rhyming text and lavish, detailed illustrations each provide clues, and it's up to the reader to piece them together and decide whodunit! "The fun of poring over the pictures is matched by the enjoyment derived ...


The Last King of Angkor Wat
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2014

Among the ruins of Angkor Wat, Tiger, Monkey, Water Buffalo, and Gecko argue over who would make the greatest king. An ancient elephant suggests a race to the top of the hill to prove each creature’s speed, strength, and cunning. But along the way, their strengths and weaknesses are revealed. Will any of them be good enough to be king? Graeme Base’s luscious illustrations of the Cambodian temple complex Angkor Wat—one of the most ...


Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 1993

This amazing alliterative "alphabet-alia" provides hours of fun for youngsters of all ages. "The fine art of the full-color alphabet bok is raised to new heights . . . Kids will love the outrageous illustrations, and get a kick out of the letter hunt."--Child Magazine.


The Water Hole Board Book
Graeme Base

Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2008

Graeme Base’s fun, bestselling environmental counting book is now an innovative board book!   Children will love counting from one to ten as animals of the world gather around a water hole. As one rhino gives way to two tigers, then three toucans, and so on, up to ten kangaroos, die-cut pages reveal the water hole in ten different worldwide habitats, from the African plains to the Himalaya mountains to the Australian Outback. But the ...


Worst Band in the Universe
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 1999

Castigated for defying tradition and playing an original tune on his Splingtwanger, thirteen-year-old Sprocc leaves Planet Bipp in search of musical freedom and enters the annual Worst Band in the Universe Competition. Includes a CD of songs supposedly recorded by the bands in the story.


Lewis Carroll

Harry N. Abrams, 1989

A re-issue of Graeme Base's colourful interpretation of Lewis Carroll's famous Jabberwocky poem, from Alice Through the Looking Glass.





The Discovery of Dragons
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 1996

The book follows the adventures of three explorers, a 6th-century Viking, the daughter of a 13th-century Chinese silk-trader, and a Prussion cartologist of the 19th century. They all turn out to be discoverers of dragons, both legendary and modern lizards.


The Art of Graeme Base
Julie Watts

Abrams, 2008

“With the eye of a Renaissance painter and the ear of Dr. Seuss, Aussie Graeme Base is not your basic children’s book author.” — People   This unique book, lavishly illustrated with original art and offering never before seen photographs and art, is an evocative look at the life and work of beloved and bestselling author and artist Graeme Base, the creator of the children’s classics Animalia and The Eleventh Hour , as well as ...


The Jewel Fish of Karnak
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2011

Far away in Ancient Egypt, Jackal and Ibis are brought before the Cat Pharaoh to be punished for stealing from the town market.  In a merciful moment, the Pharaoh decides to give the two friends one last chance: they must journey up the River Nile to the temple of Karnak and bring back something that has been taken from her ­ a beautiful and precious Jewel Fish. But she has a warning for the two: “Do not take anything else while you are in ...


The Discovery of Dragons: New Research Revealed
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 2007

Bestseller Graeme Base offers a new edition of the book that helped start the dragon craze Includes newly discovered American dragons! Fans of Graeme Base—and dragon lovers—will be thrilled to discover this brand-new edition of the classic book of serpentology, The Discovery of Dragons , first published in 1996. Now it includes a special section on “New World” dragons, before now unknown. Was Bjorn of Bromme one of the greatest ...


My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 1990

Here is a terrific tale with rollicking verse and marvelously detailed illustrations from Graeme Base, the Australian creator of the bestselling Anamalia and The Eleventh Hour. My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch is a fantastic journey "Down Under."


Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky: A Book of Brillig Dioramas
Graeme Base

Harry N. Abrams, 1996

Lewis Carroll's classic and inventive verse comes to life in a series of ingenious dioramas, colorful three-dimensional renderings of the rhyme by the best-selling author-illustrator of Animalia and The Eleventh Hour.



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