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Wrapped In Black: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult, ...

Sekhmet Press LLC, 2014

Read all the books in the WRAPPED Series *Wrapped In Red: Thirteen Tales of Vampiric Horror *Wrapped In White: Thirteen Tales of Spectres, Ghosts, and Spirits *Wrapped in Black: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult That least understood and most variable of personae, The Witch, remains a source of fascination and fear the world over. They walk among us, plying their skills, stealing our hearts -and perhaps other pieces of us- for ...


Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution
Michael Laimo, A.A. Garrison, ...

Grey Matter Press, 2013

WARNING! THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR WEAK OF STOMACH. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO READ THIS BOOK IF YOU'RE NOT READY TO CHALLENGE YOUR CONCEPT OF TERROR OR IF YOU'RE UNWILLING TO QUESTION WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS THE DEFINITION OF HORROR. Almost three decades ago, a literary movement forever changed the landscape of the horror industry. Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution is a collection of personal, intelligent and ...


The Call of Lovecraft, ...

Evil Jester Press, 2012

From the murky depths of the ocean to the unlit forbidden places beneath the earth, from the dark and distant past to uncertain futures, from far-flung outer space to the unholy evils that lurk in waiting in our very own backyards, sixteen masters of the macabre, old and new, explore a landscape of terror and madness -- and dare to answer the call of Lovecraft! Contributors: Ramsey Campbell, Lee Clark Zumpe, Jaqueline Seewald, William Meikle, ...


Ominous Realities: The Anthology of Dark Speculative Horrors
William Meikle, Martin Rose, ...

Grey Matter Press, 2013

Offering a collection of terrifying stories of science fiction, dark fantasy and speculative horrors, OMINOUS REALITIES is a dark thrill ride that explores what is in store for mankind. The terrifying journey takes you on an exploration of post-Apocalyptic worlds, to experience societies where dark corporations control every aspect of life, where humanity must consider horrifying alternatives, and takes you on a trip through horrifying ...


Gay City: Volume 4: At Second Glance
Eric Andrews-Katz

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

There are always at least two viewpoints to every story and yet, we usually only hear one. A different perspective can provide an entirely different story than the commonly known tale; the other side of the looking glass, so to speak. This year, our anthology series continues with volume 4: At Second Glance, an anthology dedicated to exploring those alternate angles. Inside you'll find exciting new tales by established authors such as Felice ...


Tales of Terror and Mayhem, ...

Evil Jester Press, 2012

A collection of terrifying stories from the rising stars of horror, including Jon Michael Kelley, Jeremy C. Shipp, Rebecca Besser, David C. Hayes, Bruce Turnbull, Chris Samson, Aaron J. French, Eric Dimbleby, Frank Endert, Mark Taylor, Suzanne Robb, Matt Kurtz, Charles Day, Gerry Huntman, D.G. Sutter, Scott H. Urban, Doug Rinaldi, Tara Sayers, Scott Taylor, Craig Saunders, Steven Gepp, Hollie Snider, and Gregory L. Norris. "Here's the ...


Carnival of the Damned
Gregory L. Norris, Hollie Snider, ...

Evil Jester Press, 2014

Fifteen tales of dark attractions just waiting for the next wary soul to offer the price of admission. SHOOT the Freak - win a prize! HAVE your caricature drawn? The price is right! GAZE upon the wonders our Oddities tent conceals! TRY the Ferris Wheel - it's the ride of a lifetime! WATCH the big top's center ring fill with beasts beyond imagination SEE a reflection of your darkest desires! LIVE in a world where maniacal clowns rule the night! ...


Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution
Michael Laimo, Ray Garton, ...

Grey Matter Press, 2013

SPLATTERLANDS reawakens and reimagines the hyperintensive writing style and controversial themes indicative of the original Splatterpunk movement. Containing the work of some of the freshest voices of our modern time, it is an anthology of deeply intelligent short stories whose extreme themes and graphic depictions of violence and terror are intended to have a lasting effect for years to come. Splatterlands is a disturbing collection that is ...


The Fierce and Unforgiving Muse: Twenty-six Tales from the Terrifying Mind of Gregory L. Norris
Gregory L. Norris

Evil Jester Press, 2012

Twenty-six new tales from the terrifying mind of Gregory L. Norris, including short stories, novelettes, and novellas. “In my experience of seven years on Voyager, I do not believe I have encountered a writer for whom I have greater respect in terms of intelligence, understanding, and talent. There is no one more capable to pen such a volume as Muse and, also, to do it so beautifully.” –Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek: Voyager


D.O.A. II - Extreme Horror Collection, ...

Blood Bound Books, 2013

"Make sure your health insurance covers psychiatric counseling before reading this book, because you're gonna need it. The experience of this collection may be likened to getting run over by a 666-car locomotive engineered by Lucifer. This is the cream of grotesquerie's crop, a Whitman's Sampler of the heinous, and an absolutely gut-wrenching celebration of the furthest extremities of the scatological, the taboo, the unconscionable, and the ...


The Invaders

Phaze Books, 2010

For Phillip McKinley, life in the rural town of Verdance seems textbook perfect on the surface: he's captain of the high school football team, dating the girl most of his buddies wish was theirs, and forced to endure the usual problems of popular, attractive eighteen-year-old guys. But Phillip, like the mysterious new arrivals to Verdance who take up residence at the local haunted house late one rainy night, is a young man with secrets. ...


Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification
Tracy L. Carbone, Gregory L. Norris, ...

Great Old Ones Publishing, 2013

"From a filmmaker’s perspective, these stories are truly cinematic, with compelling plots and well-drawn characters ... It’s anthologies like these that will inspire a new generation of storytellers and keep the current ones working overtime to move and entertain." From the Foreword by Patrick Rea, director of the Lionsgate Film, Nailbiter. Their desiccated corpses creep through dusty desert crypts and cursed bogs; crowded old world bazaars ...


Blue Willows

Phaze Books, 2010

Sometimes the best sex happens in the strangest of places.  For naïve musician Brent Dunne and brooding, handsome man-of-mystery Joe Legere, that place is a men's retreat in the Adirondacks designed to help the tougher sex get in touch with the beauty of being male.  Great sex soon evolves into something far deeper – a love blessed by a mysterious supernatural presence.  The young lovers will need all the help they can get when the same ...


Dead Bait: Horror Anthology
David Dunwoody, Gregory L. Norris, ...

Severed Press, 2009

A husband hell-bent on revenge hunts a Wereshark...A Russian mail order bride with a fishy secret...Crabs with a collective consciousness...A vampire who transforms into a Candiru...Zombie piranha...Bait that will have you crawling out of your skin and more. Drawing on horror, humor with a helping of dark fantasy and a touch of deviance, these 19 contemporary stories pay homage to the monsters that lurk in the murky waters of our imaginations. ...


Rotting Tales (A Zombie Anthology), ...

Pill Hill Press, 2011

They refuse to stay in their graves. They crawl through the dirt on a bloodthirsty mission for human flesh, and they won't stop until they're dead... again. That's right... zombies. They're everywhere in between the pages of this book. Lock the door, grab the shotgun, and remember to aim for the head.


Mason's Murder

MLR Press,LLC, 2012

Danger stalks Meredith, a handsome reporter exhuming secrets at a seaside resort where the shadow of an unsolved murder threatens not only his life but, worse, his heart. Reporting for a major gay men's magazine, Meredith arrived in Pelican Cove in search of one story but quickly got tangled in another---the unsolved murder of gay rights activist Mason Smith. Mason was handsome to the point of painful, a champion of equal rights, and the resort ...


MalContents: 4 Dark Horror Novellas, ...

Grand Mal Press, 2011

Four thrilling, disturbing novellas by Randy Chandler, Gregory L. Norris, Ryan C. Thomas, and David T. Wilbanks. An unfortunate prostitute joins a freak show to get away from her sordid past only to find that death follows her everywhere. A cooking show host is targeted by a jealous chef who wields a sharp blade and a supernatural grudge. A family man is given a choice by a deadly stranger to decide between love or survival. A former lover ...


Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology), ...

Pill Hill Press, 2011

Embrace your dark side with this eclectic collection of horror stories. Insane asylums, harvest legends, monsters in the closet; Tricks-and-Treats, dead bodies and horrific omens. Spooky shivers of terror are splashed onto every page. Drenched in the dark and dreary, this volume contains the following short stories: The Grinning Man by Marc Sorondo, As it Lies Sleeping by Eva Glynn Stephens, You're Invited to a Halloween Party-Time: 7 P.M. - ...


The Q Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Gregory L. Norris

Alyson Books, 2008

Go behind the scenes of the smash hit television show that just won’t die! From its origins as a reviled movie to its seven-year reign on the WB and UPN, Buffy spawned a new generation of vampire lovers. Gregory L. Norris has written episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and writes a blog about science fiction/fantasy television at


Shrunken Heads: Twenty Tiny Tales of Mystery and Terror
Gregory L. Norris

Elektrik Milk Bath Press, 2013

A woman wakes handcuffed to an antique desk. A mysterious key drives its possessor to obsession and madness. Famous figures find themselves in deadly, as-yet-undreamed scenarios history never recorded, where awe and fear play out with maximum effect in an economy of words. It's said that good things come in small packages. So, too, the wicked. Dare to open the covers of Shrunken Heads: Twenty Tiny Tales of Terror by Gregory L. Norris and unwrap ...



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