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Bradamant : The Iron Tempest
Ron Miller

Timberwolf Pr Inc, 2000

16 Hours. Unabridged, Full Cast. Before Xena™, before Wonder Woman™, fiction’s first major Warrior-Woman was Ludovico Ariosto’s Bradamant, the heroine of his classic 16th century poem, Orlando Furioso. In 7th century Europe of myths, gods and monsters, Bradamant vanquishes evil knights, rescues the unfortunate, fights black magic and destroys entire armies in her adventurous quest for her lost lover, Roggero, an enemy knight she once ...


Perrault's Fairy Tales (Dover Children's Classics)
Charles Perrault

Dover Publications, 1969

Here are the original eight stories from the 1697 volume Contes de temps passé by the great Charles Perrault (1628–1703) in a translation that retains the charming and unsentimental simplicity that has won Perrault a permanent position in French literature. These were among the earliest versions of some of our most familiar fairy tales ("Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Puss in Boots," and "Tom Thumb") and are ...


The Dore Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy (136 Plates by Gustave Dore)

Dover Publications, 1976

These 135 fantastic and grotesque scenes depict the passion and grandeur of Dante's masterpiece — from the depths of Hell onto the mountain of Purgatory and up to the empyrean realms of Paradise. Includes plates produced for The Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. Illustrations accompanied by appropriate lines from the Longfellow translation.


Praying the Rosary Step-by-Step

Rita Bogna, 2013

Few devotions have become as widespread among the Catholic faithful as the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is undoubtedly the most popular and common Marian devotion due to its simplicity, the ease with which it can be learnt and the profound and sublime character of its prayers and meditations. The Rosary has been variously described as “an epitome of the Old Testament,” “an abridgement of the New Testament,” “a ...


El cuervo (Spanish editon with illustrations) (Spanish Edition)

Macho Pubhouse, 2014

El cuervo (inglés: The Raven) es un poema narrativo escrito por Edgar Allan Poe, que fue publicado por primera vez en 1845 y constituye su composición poética más famosa, ya que este poema lo hco reconocido internacionalente. Son notables su musicalidad, el lenguaje estilizado y la atmósfera sobrenatural que logra recrear. El poema narra la misteriosa visita de un cuervo parlante a la casa de un amante afligido, y del lento descenso hacia ...


Scenes from the Bible

Chartwell Books, Inc., 2008

Gustave Dore (1832-1883) was an engraver, sculptor and illustrator from France. His wood and steel engravings illustrated books by Lord Byron, Cervantes, Poe, but he is best known for his Biblical illustrations. It was for these that he became famous in his own lifetime, and for which he reaped the most financial success and acclaim. Moving from Genesis to Revelation, this collection contains scenes from just about every Bible story you can ...


The Holy Bible: King James Version (Leather-bound Classics)

Canterbury Classics, 2013

The editors of Canterbury Classics have chosen to print the King James version of the Holy Bible , which contains both the Old and New Testaments. The Holy Bible was first copied by scribes and, because of its length and the time it took to hand write each book, only the elite had a copy. It wasn’t until the 1440s when Johannes Gutenberg invented his revolutionary printing press that the first printing of the Bible made copies available to ...


Dore Bible Illustrations
Gustave Dore

Dover Publications Inc., 1975

Nowhere but in the Bible were dramatic textual material and the artistry of Gustave Doré more perfectly matched. The Book of Books seemed to unleash a new power of creation in Doré not apparent in his previous work. In the Creation scenes, the horrifying visions of the Flood, the battle sequences with their monumental crowds, the plates depicting the life of Jesus — many of which have now become the standard iconography — and finally the ...


El Paraiso Perdido (Spanish Edition)

TRANSCRIPT solutions, 2011

Con Indice dinamico. Ilustraciones de Gustave Doré. El paraíso perdido (Paradise Lost en idioma inglés) es un poema narrativo de John Milton (1608-1674), publicado en 1667. Se lo considera un clásico de la literatura inglesa y ha dado origen a un tópico literario muy difundido en la literatura universal. El poema es una epopeya acerca del tema bíblico de la caída de Adán y Eva. Trata, fundamentalmente, del problema del mal, la caída ...


The Holy Bible: American Standard Version (ASV) [illustrated, high-level formatting] [223 illustrations] ..., 2011

The Bible Contains 223 detailed illustrations by Gustave Doré. This Bible offers a fully interactive table of contents. Old and New Testament.


The Holy Bible: Cassell's Illustrated Family Edition (Deluxe Limited Facsimile Edition)

Easton Press, 2011

With over 800 illustrations.


Diamonds and Toads (Illustrated Edition), 2012

”Diamonds and Toads” is a fairy tale by the French author Charles Perrault (1628-1703). It was first published in 1697; then it was translated in English by Andrew Lang (1844–1912) in 1889. The ebook contains beautiful illustrations by Gustave Doré (1832-1883), George Percy Jacomb Hood (1857-1929), Arthur Rackham (1867-1939), Harry Clarke (1889-1931).


"The Beautiful Story: A Companion Book to the Holy Bible, Containing a Narrative History of All the Events ...
J.W. Buel, Rev DeWitt Talmage, ...

Historical Publishing, 1887

An inspirational companion to the Holy Bible, profusely illustrated by Bida, Dore, and others.


Moody's Latest Sermons
Dwight Lyman Moody

Rhodes & Mc Clure Pub. Co., 1896


Doré's Illustrations for the Fables of La Fontaine (Dover Fine Art, History of Art)

Dover Publications, 2013

At the height of his powers, Doré produced these magnificent illustrations for La Fontaine's Fables . This volume includes all 84 full-page plates plus a selection of 39 vignettes from a rare, early edition and depicts, among others, scenes from "The Wolf and the Lamb," "Tircis and Amarante," and "Ulysses' Companions."


Dore's Spain: All 236 Illustrations from Spain
Gustave Dore

Dover Publications, 2004

From one of the most popular--and most prolific--illustrators of all time, 236 powerful drawings created by the artist during his trip to Spain in the 1870s. Includes a haunting view of Barcelona’s prison of the Inquisition, dynamic portraits of the huddled poor, soaring interiors of cathedrals, fiery Spanish dancers, and other works of art exuding the romantic style, abundant detail, and dramatic use of light and shade for which Doré was ...


Dore's Illustrations of the Crusades (Dover Pictorial Archives)

Dover Publications, 1997

Magnificent compilation of all 100 original plates from Michaud's classic History of the Crusades . Includes The War Cry of the Crusaders , The Massacre of Antioch , The Road to Jerusalem , The Baptism of Infidels , The Battle of Lepanto , and many more. Powerful, striking royalty-free illustrations. Captions.


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (illustrated by Gustave Dore)

Kerry Smith, 2010

Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner was originally published in the first edition of Lyrical Ballads in 1798. This electronic edition includes Coleridge's marginal notes from the 1817 edition and French artist Gustave Dore's illustrations produced in 1870.



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