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Ploughshares Fall 2014 Guest-Edited by Percival Everett, ...

Ploughshares / Emerson College, 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of Ploughshares, edited by Percival Everett. Ploughshares, a journal of new writing, is guest-edited serially by prominent writers who explore different personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles. Acclaimed novelist and short-story writer Percival Everett (Erasure, I Am Not Sidney Poitier) guest-edits this all-fiction issue. As Everett writes in his introduction, the stories "range from so-called mimetic to ...


The Museum Guard: A Novel
Howard Norman

Picador, 1999

Orphaned by a zeppelin crash at age nine, DeFoe Russet was raised in a Halifax, Nova Scotia, hotel by his magnetic uncle Edward. Now thirty, DeFoe works with Edward as a guard in Halifax's three-room Glace Museum. He and his uncle disturb the silence of the museum with heated conversations that prove them to be "opposites at life." Away from the museum, DeFoe courts the affection of Imogen Linny, the young caretaker of the small Jewish cemetery. ...


The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese: And Other Tales of the Far North
Howard Norman

HMH Books for Young Readers, 1997

Based on decades of research and extended collaboration with Inuit storytellers, award-winning author Howard Norman’s masterful retellings of ten Inuit tales invite readers on a unique story--journey from Siberia and Alaska to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. Dramatic illustrations inspired by stonecut art of the Inuit people capture the beauty and mystery of these stories as they carry us--sometimes laughing, sometimes crying--from village ...


NORTHERN TALES (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore Library)
Howard Norman

Pantheon, 1990

With tales from the tribal peoples of Greenland, Canada, Siberia, Alaska, Japan, and the polar region, told and retold during months-long winter nights, Northern Tales gathers together a rich diversity of traditions and cultures, spanning the Way-Back Time through the coming of the first white explorers. By turns tragic and comic, fantastic and earthy, frivolous and profound, this collection transports the reader to the haunting, little-known ...


A Convergence of Birds: Original Fiction and Poetry Inspired by Joseph Cornell
John Burghardt, Mary Caponegro, ...

D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2001

Jonathan Safran Foer, acclaimed young author of Everything is Illuminated , fell in love with the work of Joseph Cornell while still a student at Princeton University and embarked on an ambitious project: to interest some of America's best-known writers to create original fiction and poetry inspired by the boxed collages of this beloved artist. Beautifully designed and produced--with over 20 tipped-on color plates, some of which are reproduced ...


The Bird Artist: A Novel
Howard Norman

Picador, 1995

Howard Norman's The Bird Artist , the first book of his Canadian trilogy, begins in 1911. Its narrator, Fabian Vas is a bird artist: He draws and paints the birds of Witless Bay, his remote Newfoundland coastal village home. In the first paragraph of his tale Fabian reveals that he has murdered the village lighthouse keeper, Botho August. Later, he confesses who and what drove him to his crime--a measured, profoundly engrossing story of ...


What Is Left the Daughter
Howard Norman

Mariner Books, 2011

Howard Norman, widely regarded as one of this country’s finest novelists, returns to the mesmerizing fictional terrain of his major books— The Bird Artist , The Museum Guard , and The Haunting of L —in this erotically charged and morally complex story. Seventeen-year-old Wyatt Hillyer is suddenly orphaned when his parents, within hours of each other, jump off two different bridges—the result of their separate involvements with the ...


I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place
Howard Norman

Mariner Books, 2014

“The events of a single episode of Howard Norman’s superb memoir are both on the edge of chaos and gathered superbly into coherent meaning . . . A wise, riskily written, beautiful book.” — Michael Ondaatje Howard Norman’s spellbinding memoir begins with a portrait, both harrowing and hilarious, of a Midwest boyhood summer working in a bookmobile, in the shadow of a grifter father and under the erotic tutelage of his brother’s ...


Next Life Might Be Kinder
Howard Norman

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014

“After my wife, Elizabeth Church, was murdered by the bellman Alfonse Padgett in the Essex Hotel, she did not leave me.” Sam Lattimore meets Elizabeth Church in 1970s Halifax, in an art gallery. The sparks are immediate, leading quickly to a marriage that is dear, erotically charged, and brief.  In Howard Norman’s spellbinding and moving novel, the gleam of the marriage and the circumstances of Elizabeth’s murder are revealed in ...


Wishing Bone Cycle: Narrative Poems of the Swampy Cree Indians
Howard Norman

Ross Erikson, 1982

poetry, tr Norman, w/scholarly essay


Howard Norman

Mariner Books, 2008

Like many of Howard Norman’s celebrated novels, this intense and intriguingly unconventional love story begins with a crime. David Kozol has assaulted his father-in-law on a London street. What could possibly enrage David enough that he would strike the father of his new bride? Why would William, the gentle caretaker of an estate in Nova Scotia — along with its flock of swans — be so angry at the man who has just married his beloved daughter ...


My Famous Evening: Nova Scotia Sojourns, Diaries, and Preoccupations (Directions)
Howard Norman

National Geographic, 2004

Master storyteller Howard Norman draws on more than 30 years of visiting Nova Scotia for this remarkable ''book of selective memories.'' Combining stories, folklore, memoir, nature, poetry, and expository prose, the chapters of  My Famous Evening  ''may be seen as intersecting facets of reminiscence; there are certain refrains, themes, and preoccupations and I placed birds into as many of the book's nooks and crannies as possible.'' His goal: ...


Northern Tales: Stories from the Native Peoples of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions (Fairy Tale and Folklore ...
Howard Norman

Pantheon, 1998

Northern Tales transports readers to the haunting, mysterious world of the north. From tales of village life to stores of wily tricksters and wise shamans, from accounts of love and marriage to tales that warn of the danger in Northern hearts, Howard Norman offers stories of ordinary and extraordinary events.


Trickster and the Fainting Birds
Howard Norman

Diane Pub Co, 1999

With spare grace & lively wit, acclaimed author Howard Norman offers readers seven Algonquian stories of the outrageous antics of the singular maverick called Trickster. When Trickster sets out walking, mischief is never far behind. Whether he is cheating in a sleepwalking contest, teaching the shut-eye dance to ducks, or halting a wedding by transforming the groom into a kingfisher bird, Trickster sets the world askew. Tom Pohrt's richly ...


The Haunting of L.
Howard Norman

Picador, 2003

From the bestselling author of The Bird Artist , the final book in his Canadian trilogy (with The Bird Artist and The Museum Guard ): a novel about spirit photographs, adultery, and murder It is 1927. Young Peter Duvett has accepted a job as an assistant to the elusive portraitist Vienna Linn, in the remote town of Churchill, Manitoba. Across Canada, Linn has been arranging and photographing gruesome accidents for the private collection, in ...


The Northern Lights: A Novel
Howard Norman

Picador, 2001

In the frozen wilderness of northern Manitoba, fourteen-year-old Noah Krainik lives with his mother and cousin. With his quirky, cheerful best friend, Pelly Bay, he explores this exotic, lonely land—the domain of Cree Indians, trappers, missionaries, and fugitives from the modern world. When tragedy strikes, Noah must go on alone, discovering a new life in the south and the bustling of Toronto. It is there in the Northern Lights movie ...


Paradise, or, Eat Your Face: A Trio of Novellas
Alan Cheuse

Santa Fe Writer's Project, 2012

From acclaimed author Alan Cheuse comes a trio of provocative novellas. In the title piece, Paradise, or, Eat Your Face , we meet travel writer Susan Wheelis and follow her exotic journey to Bali, and into her own frustrated soul. Care centers on Rafe Santera, a recent stroke victim who was once a vibrant, intellectual romantic. Attended by one of his many female admirers, we find ourselves in the midst of an unusual and politically incorrect ...


In Fond Remembrance of Me: A Memoir of Myth and Uncommon Friendship in the Arctic
Howard Norman

Picador, 2006

In the fall of 1977, Howard Norman went to Churchill, Manitoba, to translate Inuit folktales, and there he met Helen Tanizaki, an extraordinary linguist translating the same tales into Japanese. In Fond Remembrance of Me recaptures their


Cogwheels and Other Stories
Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Mosaic Pr, 2014

From the literary giant of Japan, who is often referred to as the “Godfather of the Japanese short story,” and after whom the most coveted literary prize of Japan is named, the Akutagawa Prize, comes this collection of three of his greatest short stories.Akutagawa is probably best known for his story “Rasho?mon” which was adapted for the screen by legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. While he died at the young age of 35, the author penned ...


The Chauffeur: Stories
Howard Norman

Picador, 2002

Bringing together eight previously published stories the bestselling author of The Bird Artist explores the lives of a range of characters who share a sense of loneliness and obsession. In the title story Tokyo-born Mrs. Moro is driven every day by her chauffeur, Tuttle Albers, so that she can walk the beach in hope of seeing white pelicans while her driver reads the Japanese authors she lends him and falls in love with a zoologist; in "Jenny ...



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