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The God That Failed
Arthur Koestler, Ignazio Silone, ...

Columbia University Press, 2001

The God That Failed is a classic work and crucial document of the Cold War that brings together essays by six of the most important writers of the twentieth century on their conversion to and subsequent disillusionment with communism. In describing their own experiences, the authors illustrate the fate of leftism around the world. André Gide (France), Richard Wright (the United States), Ignazio Silone (Italy), Stephen Spender (England), Arthur ...


Memoir from a Swiss Prison
Ignazio Silone

Cross-Cultural Communications, 2006

Cultural Writing. Memoir. Edited and translated from the Italian by Stanislao G. Pugliese. Ignazio Silone, anti-fascist and founding member of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) offers a politically conscious and soul searching memoir which details his own PSI activities and the various factors engendering the "necessity for action on behalf of liberty and democracy among the working classes." Over the course of his political career, Silone wrote ...


The Abruzzo Trilogy: Fontamara, Bread and Wine, The Seed Beneath the Snow (v. 1-3)
Ignazio Silone

Steerforth, 2000

The impoverished, desolate mountain regions of the Abruzzo during Mussolini's reign provide the backdrop for the three greatest novels by Ignazio Silone, one of the twentieth century's most important writers. In Fontamara , Bread and Wine , and The Seed Beneath the Snow - presented together for the first time in English to mark the centenary of the author's birth - Silone narrates the struggles of the cafoni, the farmers and peasants ...


Bread and Wine (Signet Classics)
Ignazio Silone

Signet Classics, 2005

One of the 20th century's essential novels depicting Fascism's rise in Italy. Set and written in Fascist Italy, this book exposes that regime's use of brute force for the body and lies for the mind. Through the story of the once-exiled Pietro Spina, Italy comes alive with priests and peasants, students and revolutionaries, all on the brink of war.


A handful of blackberries;
Ignazio Silone

Harper, 1953


Fontamara (Italian Texts) (Italian Edition)
Ignazio Silone

Manchester University Press, 1977

Fontamara is one of the Italian classics of the twentieth century. It was written in 1933 and was well-known in translation before it could be published in Italy. In England it was very popular in its Pengiun edition. Its author, Ignazio Silone, was a controversial figure throughout his life. He was a communist until 1931, later referring to himself as a 'Socialist without a party and a Christian without a church.' He wrote Fontamara first ...


Ignazio Silone

Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 1997


Vino E Pane (Italian Edition)
Ignazio Silone

Emc Pub, 1976


The God That Failed: A Confession
Ignazio Silone, Arthur Koestler, ...

Harper and Brothers, 1949


Bread and Wine
Ignazio Silone

Signet Classic, 1986



The secret of Luca
Ignazio Silone

Harper, 1958

In this novel, The Secret of Luca, the need to understand why Luca Sabatini accepts serving a life sentence for a homicide he never committed is almost an obsession for Andrea Cipriani, and the truth is retrieved by his obstinate digging. The landscape and the style are sparse as they background the search the younger man makes for the truth of a fellow villager, newly released from 40 years in a penitentiary. His innocence just proved, Luca, ...


The Seed Beneath the Snow
Ignazio Silone

Atheneum Publishers, 1965


The school for dictators
Ignazio Silone

Atheneum, 1963


Bread and wine by Silone, Ignazio
Ignazio Silone

Metheun & Co. Ltd, 1937


Ignazio Silone

Redwords, 1995


Il Seme Sotto La Neve (Oscar scrittori del novecento)
Ignazio Silone

Mondadori, 1999


Ignazio Silone

Atheneum, 1960


Emergency Exit
Ignazio Silone

Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, 1969



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