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Gathering at the Hearth: Stories Mennonites Tell

Herald Press (VA), 2001



Four Great Plays by Henrik Ibsen (Bantam Classics)
Henrik Ibsen

Bantam Classics, 1984

Here, in a single volume, are four major plays by the first modern playwright, Henrick Ibsen. Ghosts -the startling portrayal of a family destroyed by disease and infidelity. The Wild Duck -- A poignant drama of lost illusions. An Enemy Of The People -- Ibsen's vigorous attack on public opinion.  And A Doll's House -- the play that scandalized the Victorian world with its unsparing views of love and marriage, featuring one of the most ...


Elizabeth Gaskell, : A Portrait in Letters

Manchester University Press, 2008

Elizabeth Gaskell is best known as a novelist and biographer, but she was also a lively and sensitive letter writer, with a vivacious interest in all that was going on around her. This selection from her letters, with a linking commentary,  provides a biography of Gaskell largely in her own words. It is in chronological order, with special chapters devoted to her family life, her travels, her charities and her life as an author who was also a ...


Curious and Interesting Geometry, The Penguin Dictionary of (Penguin science)
David Wells

Penguin Books, 1992

What do the Apollonian gasket, Dandelin spheres, interlocking polyominoes, Poncelet's porism, Fermat points, Fatou dust, the Vodernberg tessellation, the Euler line and the unilluminable room have in common?


A Treasury of Stephen Foster

Random House, 1946

Inside dust cover: THE SONGS of Stephen Foster live in our hearts. They are America's best-remembered folklore and are sung with a joy that makes everyone's voice ring out with rich melody. HERE ARE fifty of Foster's best songs for singing and playing. In the 224 pages of this book of music, text and illustrations are to be found all the tried-andtrue- favorites- My Old Kentucky Home, Camptown Races, Oh! Susanna, Old Black Joe...


Dictionary of Mathematics
John Berry, Ted Graham, ...

Routledge, 2000

In this Dictionary of Mathematics , key ideas, terms, and concepts are clearly explained in an accessible and easy-to-use format. Each entry begins with a short definition and is followed by an explanation and/or worked example. The more complex and important the term, the more detailed the entry. In writing each entry, the authors kept three questions in mind: what does the entry mean? why do I need to know it? how is it used? The method ...


The Amana Landscape
David B. Heusinkveld

Penfield Books, 2012

The Amana Colonies consists of seven villages in the middle of the Iowa prairie. For over 150 years, people have been visiting the Colonies. The villages are surrounded by 26,000 acres of farmland, timber, and river bottom. The Colonies provide a fantastic scenic backdrop for many Iowa artisans and crafters of all kinds. "The Amana Landscape" is the first of its kind; a photographic book that covers the natural beauty of the area. David B. ...


Cloud Design Patterns: Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for Cloud Applications (Microsoft patterns & ..., ...

Microsoft patterns & practices, 2014

Cloud applications have a unique set of characteristics. They run on commodity hardware, provide services to untrusted users, and deal with unpredictable workloads. These factors impose a range of problems that you, as a designer or developer, need to resolve. Your applications must be resilient so that they can recover from failures, secure to protect services from malicious attacks, and elastic in order to respond to an ever changing workload. ...


Real Men Understand Their Wives

Outskirts Press, Inc., 2013

Men say understanding a woman is IMPOSSIBLE This book is written by a Christian physician with many years of experience in counseling men in marital crisis. 1 Peter 3:7 encourages men to “live with their wives with understanding”. Dr. Sharp’s premise of marital failure is that many men do not understand their unique role in meeting the needs of their wives. The book is written using the author’s personal life experiences and lessons ...


Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
John Sharp

Microsoft Press, 2005

Visual C#, a feature of Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005, is a modern programming language designed to deliver a productive environment for creating business frameworks and reusable object-oriented components. Now you can teach yourself essential techniques with Visual C#—and start building components and Microsoft Windows®-based applications—one step at a time. With STEP BY STEP, you work at your own pace through hands-on, learn-by-doing ...


The Wall
John Hersey

The Limited Editions Club, 1957

Riveting and compelling, The Wall tells the inspiring story of forty men and women who escape the dehumanizing horror of the Warsaw ghetto. John Hersey's novel documents the Warsaw ghetto both as an emblem of Nazi persecution and as a personal confrontation with torture, starvation, humiliation, and cruelty -- a gripping and visceral story, impossible to put down.


Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Step by Step (Step by Step Developer)

Microsoft Press, 2013

Your hands-on guide to Visual C# fundamentals Expand your expertise—and teach yourself the fundamentals of Microsoft Visual C# 2013. If you have previous programming experience but are new to Visual C# 2013, this tutorial delivers the step-by-step guidance and coding exercises you need to master core topics and techniques. Discover how to: Create and debug C# applications in Visual Studio 2013 Work with variables, identifiers, ...


Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 11: Complete Case Files v. 11

2000 AD Graphic Novels, 2013

Mega-City One: the future metropolis bustling with life and every crime imaginable. Keeping order are the Judges, a stern police force acting as judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of all is Judge Dredd. He is the law and these are his stories. Volume 11 features the writing of comic-book legends Alan Grant (Lobo) and John Wagner (A History of Violence) along with the work of such classic artists as John Ridgway (Dead Man), Steve Dillon ...


Scandinavian Christmas: Essays and Stories, Recipes and Traditions
Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret, Whitney Pope, ...

Penfield Books, 2011

This book, a revision of Scandinavian Christmas, out of print for over a decade, features Christmas scenes from Washington to Pennsylvania. Essays and stories by Scandinavian writers about Christmas are included. There are stories by Selma Lagerlöf, facts about St. Lucia traditions for Swedish Americans, and information about Norwegian and Danish customs. Norwegian immigrant Elizabeth Koren s beautiful essay about Christmas is included. ...


A School on the Prairie: A Centennial History of Hesston College, 1909-2009
John E. Sharp

Cascadia Pub House, 2009

A School On The Prairie: This 100-year narrative history of Hesston College tells the compelling story of Kansas Mennonites at the turn of the twentieth century who developed a powerful vision for educating their children. Decade by decade the story unfolds, from difficult beginnings through two world wars, the Great Depression, cultural transitions, theological challenges, financial crises, and shifting demographics. The book offers a rich ...


Knots - Hitches and Their Uses
John Sharp

Tribune Pub. Co, 1966


Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Step By Step (Step by Step Developer)

Microsoft Press, 2012

Teach yourself how to build applications with Microsoft Visual C# 2012 and Visual Studio 2012—one step at a time. Ideal for those with fundamental programming skills, this tutorial provides practical, learn-by-doing exercises for mastering core C# language features and creating working applications and components for Windows. Discover how to: Work with variables, non-reserved identifiers, statements, operators, and methods Use the ...



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