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Impact Events (The Universe)
Jeff Zweerink, Ken Hultgren

Reasons To Believe, 2010

This booklet aims to buck the trend and keep students growing in their faith, rather than losing faith, as they head off to college. Dr. Jeff Zweerink and Ken Hultgren combine their studies and experience in science and Scripture to provide solid answers and useful tools for students.


The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature (Dover Art Instruction) [Paperback] ...
Ken Hultgren

Dover Publications, 1992


Walt Disney's Vacation Parade Volume 4
Don Rosa, Carl Barks, ..., ...

Gemstone Publishing, 2007

In Don Rosa's feature-length "Crocodile Collector," Donald Duck travels to Egypt to find Uncle Scrooge a rare duck-eating reptile. In "Oops, Wrong Story," Big Bad Wolf travels into a different forest and a different fairy tale. In "Preserve Psychiatry," eco-minded Fethry Duck sets out to sabotage Donald's Everglades hunting trip. In Carl Barks' "Donald Learns the Ropes," our hero masters bucking broncos, while Uncle Scrooge uses "The Metal ...


Giggle Comics, Number 29

American Comics Group, 1946

In this extra long issue of Giggle Comics you'll be in stitches with the following stories... In "Sh-hhhh!" super-kitten, Superkatt loses his powers, or does he? A good deed yields a spooky reward for the Duke and the Dope in "Observe, Dope". Spencer the Spook learns how to be more hospitable in ""There they go!" Two cute owls struggle with facts in "The Unwise Owls". A cheap donkey can't mow his lawn in "Hunk O' Hoss". A robotic butler serves ...


Walt Disney's Vacation Parade Volume 5 (v. 5)
Carl Barks, Kari Korhonen, ..., ...

Gemstone Publishing, 2008

80-page summer annual featuring the adventures of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and other beloved Disney characters! In a feature-length Carl Barks classic, Uncle Scrooge's zoo is a home for the world's rarest animals... and that's why he sends Donald and Gladstone Gander overseas on the danger-filled "Trail of the Unicorn!" Then it's Scrooge and the Beagle Boys who are on an exotic treasure trek in Kari Korhonen's "Treasure Treachery!" Floyd ...


Majesty of the Maker: Evidence for Design
Ken Hultgren

Reasons To Believe, 2007

Have you wanted to introduce your Bible study, Sunday school class, or small group to RTB material but weren't quite sure how? This study guide, the first in our Majesty of the Maker series, includes a series of five lessons, each featuring Scripture discussion questions, a short DVD presentation by an RTB scholar, and additional questions and readings to introduce participants to key science-and-faith issues.


The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature (Dover Art Instruction)
Ken Hultgren

Dover Publications, 1993

Former Disney animator offers expert advice on drawing animals both realistically and as caricatures. Use of line, brush technique, establishing mood, conveying action, much more. Construction drawings reveal development process in creating animal figures. Many chapters on drawing individual animal forms — dogs, cats, horses, deer, cows, foxes, kangaroos. 53 halftones, 706 line illustrations.


Walt Disney's Bambi (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 9)

Gladstone Publishing, 1988

In 1988, over forty-five years after the release of the film, Gladstone believes the original story is still the best, and, of the various interpretations that have been done, the retelling by Western Publishing's great illustrator Ken Hultgren has best stood the test of time. It was originally published in Dell Four Color 18 and is reprinted here (the 1942 edition is a $200 collector's item today).


The Know-How of Cartooning: A Manual of Instructions and Suggestions on the Art of Cartooning, Including ...
Ken Hultgren

Research Publishing Company, 1946


The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature
Ken Hultgren

McGraw-Hill, 1950

McGraw Hill Book Company Inc .,1950, 134 pp. - Sixth printing


In The King's Service

Vantage, 1962


The Art of Animal Drawing
Ken Hultgren

McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1950


Gladstone Comic Album #9: Walt Disney's Bambi
Ken Hultgren

Gladstone Publications, 1988


The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature (Dover Art Instruction) by Ken Hultgren ...
Ken Hultgren

Dover Publications, 1110


Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #38 (Volume 4, No. 2) (Walt Disney's)
Carl Barks, Ken Hultgren, ...

K.K. Publications, 1943

NOTE: it is chronologically, #38 in the series but is Volume 4, Number 2 - November 1943 NOTE: The reason this isssue is really expensive is because it is scarce. It is listed in the Global Comic Database, but there are no offers for it. It is also not listed on amazon, ABE, or Comic Book Realm. Many price guides were telling me it is worth around $400-$500 dollars, but we're selling it at $300.


L'art de dessiner les animaux
Ken Hultgren

Vigot Maloine, 1998

L"ART DE DESSINER LES ANIMAUX Construction Analyse des mouvements Caricature Ce livre incisif et bien pensé, écrit par un ancien animateur des studios Walt Disney, aidera les artistes de tous les niveaux à améliorer leurs capacités à dessiner une grande variété d'animaux, de façon réaliste, ou en caricatures. Voua apprendrez pourquoi l'auteur considère la construction, l'analyse de l'action et la caricature comme points essentiels ...


The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature (Dover Art Instruction) by Ken Hultgren ...
Ken Hultgren

Dover Publications, 1972



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