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Carmilla : The Return
Kyle Marffin

Design Image Group Inc., 1998

Kyle Marffin debuts with a provocative modern day retelling of Sheridan LeFanu's classic 19th century novella, resurrecting the genre's most notorious female vampire - the seductive Countess Carmilla Karnstein. Revealing her unwritten history while replaying the events of the original classic tale, Carmilla relentlessly stalks an unsuspecting victim through glittering city streets to the desolate northwoods, ultimately returning to ...


Gothique, 2012

Step into the dark side of the dark-wave. Join the children of the night -- desperately hoping, dreaming, wishing for it all to be true, to become real: Their songs, their books, their films and all their fashionable flirtations with imagined supernatural power and dark romance. Oh please, be real... A city anxiously embraces the grand opening of Gothique, 'Night Club Extraordinaire', mecca for the disaffected Goth kids and decadent ...


[ [ [ Gothique [ GOTHIQUE ] By Marffin, Kyle ( Author )Oct-13-2012 Paperback
Kyle Marffin

Createspace, 2012


Waiting for the 400
Kyle Marffin

Design Image Group Inc., 2003

She's the kind of dame that can turn a man's head, till danger doesn't matter anymore, till desire can only lead to death. Because folks are dying, and the tiny northwoods station master's in over his head now, waiting for the 400 and his red-headed beauty to step off the train with his ticket out of town.


Waiting For The 400 - A Northwoods Noir, 2012

And what exactly is a "Northwoods Noir"?  Picture Ida Lupino, Richard Widmark and Cornell Wilde in the B&W Noir classic film "Roadhouse".  Now think of that same type of tale told for a contemporary audience of readers schooled in 60 years of sizzling and even grittier mystery, thriller and neo-noir tension, suspense and romance.  In Kyle Marffin's WAITING FOR THE 400 - A NORTHWOODS NOIR, the proverbial 'end of the line', a lonely small town ...




Bird Songs of the Northwoods (Soothing Sounds of Nature)
The Disappearing Stranger (Adventures of the Northwoods, Book 1)
Northwoods Deep
The Northwoods Reader: Northern Wit and Wisdom, Volume 1
Northwood Carnival Glass: 1908-1925 Identification & Value Guide


Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: ...
To Kill a Mockingbird
Gone Girl: A Novel
The Fault in Our Stars
The Alchemist


Carmilla: A Pomegranate Vintage Vampire Edition
Carmilla: A Tragic Love Story
Carmilla: A Critical Edition (Irish Studies)
CARMILLA (illustrated, the first female vampire)

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