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Seven Practices of Effective Ministry
Andy Stanley, Lane Jones, ...

Multnomah Books, 2004

There’s no scoreboard in the sanctuary, and the only plate is probably for the offering. But every church leader needs to know how to win, and every congregation needs to know when to cheer. This insightful book speaks to every church leader who yearns for a simpler, more effective approach to ministry. An engaging parable about one overwhelmed pastor is followed by an overview of seven successful team practices, each one developed and applied ...


Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication
Andy Stanley, Lane Jones

Multnomah Books, 2006

When You Talk, Are People Changed? Whether you speak from the pulpit, podium, or the front of a classroom, you don’t need much more than blank stares and faraway looks to tell you you’re not connecting. Take heart before your audience takes leave! You can convey your message in the powerful, life-changing way it deserves to be told. An insightful, entertaining parable that’s an excellent guide for any speaker, Communicating for a Change ...


Wishing on a Blue Star, ...

Dreamspinner Press, 2011

A Special Project by Dreamspinner Press & ManLoveRomance Press. Edited by Kris Jacen. How much impact can someone have on your life if you’ve never met them face to face? In this electronic age of E-mails, electronic publishing, and social networks, quite a lot. Through his emails, stories and blog, author Patric Michael has touched numerous hearts, minds and lives from the start of his career and further as he now takes us along on his ...


Comunicación, la clave para lograr cambios (Spanish Edition)
Andy Stanley, Lane Jones

Peniel, 2008

It is written creatively and the authors share seven concepts that will help you attract and impact your audience in a way that will leave them desiring more.


Truth Unchanged, Unchanging
Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Crossway, 1993

What is man? What is wrong with the human race? Unless we answer these questions correctly, we cannot hope to solve the problems in our world--problems such as crime, exploitation, greed, poverty, pollution, and war. Obviously those who shape social policy today are offering the wrong answers. In this masterful apologetic for the gospel, Dr. Lloyd-Jones exposes these flaws in modern thinking, especially in the "scientific approach." "It is a ...


John, Paul, George & Ben (DVD)
Lane Smith

Weston Woods Studios, 2006

This humorous and factual history of five lads who grew up to become founding fathers brings the early days of American history to life with sass and substance. Narrated by James Earl Jones, with music by Scott Huff and Robert Reynolds. Animation by MaGiK Studio.


Why Does God Allow War?
Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Crossway, 2003

Does God care about the sin and suffering in the world today? Why doesn't he bring an end to war and violence? When our lives seem shattered by personal tragedy, is there any answer? Is there any place to which we can turn to find hope and peace and true happiness whatever our circumstances? The ringing affirmation of this book is that there is indeed an answer-an answer that is rooted in the reality of God himself, and in what he has done ...


Out of the Depths: Restoring Fellowship with God
Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Crossway, 1995

Can we receive salvation from God unless we know what it is to repent? Is it possible for a person to be a Christian without true repentance? For the answers to such thought-provoking questions, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones turns readers to Psalm 51, which is perhaps the classic statement on repentance in all of Scripture. It not only models the process involved in receiving salvation and forgiveness for sins--from the Holy Spirit's conviction and ...


The Reading Turn-Around: A Five Part Framework for Differentiated Instruction (Practitioner's Bookshelf)
Stephanie Jones, Lane Clarke, ...

Teachers College Press, 2009

This book outlines a five-part framework for teachers, reading specialists, and literacy coaches who want to help their least engaged students become powerful readers. Merging theory and practice, the book offers practical strategies that elementary school teachers can use with struggling readers. The authors argue that teachers must learn to turn-around their own teaching practice, beginning with reading materials, lessons, and activities based ...


Architecture of the Old South
Mills Lane, Van Jones Martin

Abbeville Press, 1993

This photographic and scholarly tribute includes the finest examples of architecture of the Old South from early colonial times to the onset of the Civil War. Encompassing the whole of the South this volume covers the romantic plantations of Charleston to the governers palace in Williamsburg. It spans three centuries of distinctive American architectual forms. Organized chronologically, each period and region is covered thoroughly with many ...


Conflict Management Skills for Women (SkillPath Publications)

SkillPath Publications, 2011

While unmanaged conflicts, disagreements and out-of-control emotions can harm your important working personal relationships, effectively managed conflict can actually promote cooperation and build stronger relationships. You'll learn how to get a handle on the feelings of anxiety and anger that can sabotage your ability to deal effectively with conflict, how to keep disagreements from getting out of hand and how to negotiate resolutions when ...


Getting Things Done Keys To A Well Balanced Life
Jack Canfield, Jim Cathcart, ...

Insight Publishing, 2008

Yes, the keys to a well balanced life include getting things done, but what does that mean exactly? How does one unlock the secrets to getting things done one time and right-the first time? And how does one achieve a well balanced life? Do you think this is an impossible task? If you want your life to be better, then you have to be better. The changes you want will always have to begin with you-it will not be enough to just decide that you want ...


Celebrating Pride and Prejudice: 200 Years of Jane Austen's Darling Child
Hazel Jones, Maggie Lane

Lansdown Media, 2012


Architecture of the Old South: Georgia
Mills Lane

Abbeville Pr, 1990


Technical Communication: Strategies for College and the Workplace
Dan Jones, Karen Lane

Longman, 2001

Reflecting a unique collaboration between a distinguished teacher and a practicing technical writer, Technical Communication: Strategies for College and the Workplace prepares students to communicate effectively in college and on the job. Technical Communication is written for college students, regardless of their majors, who want to sharpen their communication skills and their knowledge of a wide range of technical documents. Acknowledging that ...


Architecture of the Old South: Mississippi and Alabama
Mills Lane

Abbeville Pr, 1989

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Weird Tales 359, ...

Wildside Press, 2012

Weird Tales 359 presents interviews with Laird Barron and Richard Kirk, features on books and weird music, and short stories by Stephen Graham Jones, Evan J. Peterson, Tom Underberg, Leena Likitalo, Joel Lane, and Conrad Williams -- plus poetry and the usual features.


Architecture of the Old South: Maryland
Mills Lane

Abbeville Pr, 1991


Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics, 1e
Lane Donnelly, Blaise Jones, ...


Authored by one of the world's preeminent authorities in its field, this new book represents today's best single source of guidance on pediatric diagnostic imaging! It presents more details for each diagnosis · more representative images · more case data · and more current references than any other reference tool. At the same time, its user-friendly format lets you access all of this information remarkably quickly! Covers the top diagnoses ...


Clinically Dead & Other Tales of the Supernatural
David A Sutton

Screaming Dreams, 2006

David A. Sutton's horror and dark fantasy fiction has been published in Final Shadows, Skeleton Crew, Shadows Over Innsmouth, Best New Horror, The Mammoth Book of Zombies, The Mammoth Book of Werewolves, Beyond, The Merlin Chronicles and many other publications. In a career that spans almost 40 years, David A. Sutton has won a World Fantasy Award, an International Horror Guild Award, and the British Fantasy Awards 12 times. Clinically Dead is ...



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