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The Complete Book of Sight Words: 220 Words Your Child Needs to Know to Become a Successful Reader (Flash ...
Shannon Keeley, Remy Simard, ...

Flash Kids, 2011

Learning to recognize common words that don't follow regular spelling rules--and can't be “sounded out”--is an important step to becoming a strong reader. The engaging activities in this workbook teach 220 of these essential words in a structured format that encourages independent work. Fun games and puzzles keep children's interest level high, unit tests review and reinforce new vocabulary.


L'Étape du Tour: Training and survival (The Middle Aged Mans Professional Cycling Year Book 2), 2014

In 'Étape du Tour', Mark Stephens takes you on his journey from cycling mad 19 year old climbing the Alps to completing the Étape du Tour as 50 year old in 2014. The book is full of anecdotes of Marks cycling history and culminates in the preparation, training, logistics of travelling to, competing and finishing one of the hardest sportives on the cycling calendar - The Étape du Tour. The book also includes stacks of hints and tips to prepare ...


Paris Roubaix Challenge & L'Étape Combo: The Paris Roubaix Challenge & L'Étape du Tour combined (The Middle ..., 2014

Read 'Paris Roubaix Challenge' and 'L'Étape du Tour' from Mark Stephens in one combined e-book. From breaking his collar-bone dressed as Santa Claus on a Christmas club-run; to the training to finish 'The Hell of the North' at Paris Roubaix to completing L'Étape du Tour - the same stage as the Professionals from Pau to Hautacam taking on the legendary climb up the Col de Tourmalet. The 'Combo' e-book contains hints tips and a guide to both of ...


Yoga Adjustments: Philosophy, Principles, and Techniques
Mark Stephens

North Atlantic Books, 2014

The quintessential guide to yoga assisting and hands-on teaching, Yoga Adjustments introduces the art and practice of providing yoga assists to yoga students. Addressing one of the most important topics in the yoga field, expert yoga instructor and best-selling author Mark Stephens covers the philosophy of yoga practice, the sensibilities of touch in teaching yoga and improving alignment, the seven principles of hands-on yoga teaching, and the ...


Something Has Come Between Us: A Treatise on Your Relationship with God (Hiking the Trail of Truth Book 5)

Creatspace, 2014

It's time to hike another Spiritual Journey in the company of award-winning Christian author, Mark Stephen Taylor. Something Has Come Between Us is an in-depth look at our personal relationship with God. It is an eye-opening account of what has actually come between God and mankind. Within this volume the author helps us to better comprehend the seemingly endless plight of the human race, and gives us a deeper understanding of the forces of ...


LONE PINE: A Story of Love Undying, 2013

LONE PINE: A Story of Love Undying...There are those who truly know what love is all about, and there are those who do not. This is a tragic yet incredibly heartwarming story about those who do. Narrated by Stands With The Bear of the Shoshone Nation, you are about to embark on a journey into the lives of four very intimate friends, who make their abode in Lone Pine, California; home of Mt. Whitney, highest mountain in the contiguous United ...


Managerial Economics
William F. Samuelson, Stephen G Marks

Wiley, 2008

Known for its consistent emphasis on decision-making, Samuelson & Mark’s 6 th edition provides a detailed introduction to managerial economics for undergraduates, MBAs, and executives alike. Each chapter opens with a description of a managerial problem that challenges the reader and concludes by revisiting and analyzing the decision. In addition to its inclusion of real-world applications and problems, The 6 th Edition has been ...


Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques
Mark Stephens

North Atlantic Books, 2010

Teaching Yoga is an essential resource for new and experienced teachers as well as a guide for all yoga students interested in refining their skills and knowledge. Addressing 100% of the teacher training curriculum standards set by Yoga Alliance, the world's leading registry and accreditation source for yoga teachers and schools, Teaching Yoga is also ideal for use as a core textbook in yoga teacher training programs. Drawing on a wide ...


Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes
Mark Stephens

North Atlantic Books, 2012

Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes presents the essential principles and methods for planning and sequencing yoga classes. Addressing one of the most popular topics in the yoga profession, this book offers sixty-seven model sequences of yoga poses ( asanas ) that cover the broad range of yoga student experience, including multiple sequences for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students; yoga for kids, teens, women ...


Managerial Economics
William F. Samuelson, Stephen G Marks

Wiley, 2011

The 7 th Edition of Managerial Economics continues to provide real-world examples and necessary decision-making skills for making thoughtful and advantageous managerial decisions.  Samuelson & Marks build on their strong behavioral coverage to better target this current and "hot topic" in business. This new edition includes general updates and revisions throughout including updated sections on behavioral economics, game theory, and price ...


African Perspectives on China in Africa
Ali Askouri, Horace Campbell, ...

Fahamu / Pambazuka News, 2007

Much existing commentary on China in Africa focuses on the vested interests of the West while the voices of independent African analysts and activists have been lost. In a unique collection of essays, the contributors to this book present African social, historical, and cross-continental perspectives on Chinese involvement in Africa. Contributors include Ali Askouri, Horace Campbell, Michelle Chan-Fishel, Moreblessings Chidaushe, John Blessing ...


The Monarchs

Crossroad Press, 2013

After her husband murders their daughter and then commits suicide, Courtney Edmiston, devastated and homeless, accepts an invitation to move in with her old college friend, Jan Blackburn. Jan lives with her brother, David, and eccentric Aunt Martha in the town of Fearing, North Carolina, at the edge of the Dismal Swamp. The Blackburn family has suffered its own recent tragedies — and Courtney learns that Jan and David have more than their ...


I, Avatar: The Culture and Consequences of Having a Second Life (New Riders)
Mark Stephen Meadows

New Riders, 2008

What is an avatar? Why are there nearly a billion of them, and who is using them? Do avatars impact our real lives, or are they just video game conceits? Is an avatar an inspired rendering of its creator’s inner self, or is it just one among millions of anonymous vehicles clogging the online freeways? Can we use our avatars to really connect with people, or do they just isolate us? And as we become more like our avatars do they become ...


Advancing the Human Right to Health
Jose M. Zuniga, Stephen P. Marks, ...

Oxford University Press, 2013

Advancing the Human Right to Health offers a prospective on the global response to one of the greatest moral, legal, and public health challenges of the 21st century - achieving the human right to health as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other legal instruments. Featuring writings by global thought-leaders in the world of health human rights, the book brings clarity to many of the complex clinical, ethical, ...


Gifted & Talented Reading, Writin & Math (Grade 1) by Flash Kids
Tracy Masonis, Vicky Shiotsu

Flash Kids, 2007

The Gifted & Talented Reading, Writing, and Math series specifically promotes the development of analytic thinking, language arts, and math skills. The books include activities to spark children’s imaginations, sharpen their thinking skills, and foster a love of learning.   The books include exercises to develop skill such as:   interpreting multiple meanings, brainstorming for story writing, solving visual puzzles, using context ...


Confessions of a Political Hitman: My Secret Life of Scandal, Corruption, Hypocrisy and Dirty Attacks That ...
Stephen Marks

Sourcebooks, Inc., 2008

The most influential people in a political race aren't the campaign managers, the strategists or even the candidates themselves. In fact, you won't even find them on a campaign's list of official members or volunteers. Enter the world of the political hitman. Few know that these operatives exist, and campaigns go to great effort to distance themselves from the people who dig up their dirt. But political hitmen wield a secretly powerful ...


The Bakelite Jewelry Book
Corinne Davidov, Ginny Redington Dawes

Abbeville Press, 1988

During recent years, the Bakelite jewelry of the 1930s has become a trendy and popular fashion accessory and much-valued collectible. The authors have assembled here the greatest array ever seen of Bakelite jewelry. 160 illustrations, 150 in color.


Paris-Roubaix: The Sportive Challenge (The Middle Aged Mans Professional Cycling Year Book 1), 2014

Paris-Roubaix; the queen of cyclings Classics and a Monument 'race'. This book covers the Paris-Roubaix Challenge; the 'Amateur' Sportive version over the same cobbles that the Pros will race on the next day. The book covers everything you need to undertake the Paris-Roubaix Challenge from equipment, clothing, travelling; tips and tricks for surviving the ride and how to ride the cobbles. The book is perfect if you are an independent ...


A Seeming Glass: A Collection of Reflected Tales
The Random Writers, Gail Jack, ...

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

'How can I read the futures if I cannot see your skin?' Six mysterious swans glide on a holographic pond in a totalitarian capital city. A terrified girl awaits her part in a ritual that could change the future... and the past. A dancer in ancient Jerusalem mourns her maimed sister and prepares for the performance of her life. A sword of legend sends its wielder back through the fiercest battles in history. A freshly qualified vampire hunter ...


Lovecraft eZine Megapack - 2012 - Issues 10 through 20, ..., 2013

This is a bundle of 'Lovecraft eZine' issues 10 through 20, the 2012 issues. This mega-pack includes the "A Night in the Lonesome October" tribue issue (October 2012)! Included in this mega-pack: 65 Lovecraftian tales: Tark Left Santiago, by Joseph S. Pulver, SR The Spaces Between Space, by Brett J. Talley Eliza, by Joshua Reynolds White Noise, by Michael Matheson The Vessels, by Nancy O. Greene Marked as Urgent, by A.J. French This Scattered ...



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