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Net Privacy: A Guide to Developing & Implementing an Ironclad ebusiness Privacy Plan
Michael Erbschloe, John R. Vacca

McGraw-Hill Companies, 2001

Privacy on the Internet is one of the most critical topics of the e-commerce age. Many companies store information about their customers and then sell this information on. This could be construed as crossing the privacy line. This book covers the key areas of setting up a privacy plan. It looks at the viewpoint of the customer, business-to-busienss privacy issues, the role of national and state governments, the role of international ...


A Thanksgiving Wish
Michael J. Rosen

Blue Sky Press, 1999

After her grandmother Bubbe's death, Amanda is worried that Thanksgiving will never be the same. But when she recalls Bubbe's favorite custom - having her grandchildren make wishes on wishbones she had saved up throughout the year - Amanda and her family discover the power and comfort embedded in tradition.


Search And Rescue: The Life and Love Looking for You
Michael Thompson

Heart And Life Publishers, 2011

When meaningful stories are told and passed down through time, elements and components of those stories can often get lost. The stories evolve and pieces get misplaced, parts get left out and the truth can go missing. What once was central can become secondary while secondary elements end up central. Add to that an evil force that is deliberately working against the story, tainting it, distorting it and you risk losing the true message ...


Lights From the East: Pray for Us
J. Michael Thompson

Liguori, 2013

"Holy” expresses the impossibility of attaining or grasping the Light that none can approach. In other words, it expresses the impossibility of comprehending or knowing that Light as fully as it is comprehended by God’s Word and Spirit alone, but which all the same is so close and attainable that all of our blessedness lies in seeing God face to face. —Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky   “Read Sheptytsky’s words again. ...


The Parchman Preacher : a christian suspense novel

BalboaPress, 2013

Martha, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Satan, and Jesus are key figures in this 1950s good-versus-evil suspense allegory of Christ’s beginning ministry. “I highly recommend The Parchman Preacher…short in length, but deep in meaning, I could hardly put this book down!” ~~ Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History series. “Michael Thompson has brought to life the Mississippi of my youth, complete with small town ...


The Conflict that was a War; In Vietnam and at Home
Mr. Jim Money

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

This book is a collection of 19 short stories put together by 19 Vietnam Veterans with their experiences, and their nightmare upon returning home from war. These stories capture what it was like for many of them before they entered the service; While they were in Vietnam, and what it was like to come home to a hostile social environment. These veterans from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force unlock their inner feelings that have ...


Search and Rescue: The Life and Love that Is Looking for You

Heart & Life Publishers, 2011

We desperately need to recover the critical components of a much Larger Story, the pieces of a Larger Gospel that have been lost, misplaced, or worse, stolen. Search and Rescue is an invitation to look for what has been lost in our lives and, more importantly, to realize we’re the ones lost and in need of being searched for, rescued and restored. In Search and Rescue, Michael Thompson encourages Believers and those curious to the faith to ...


Shock Totem 6: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted
Shock Totem, Gary McMahon

Shock Totem Publications, 2013

Shock Totem returns with its sixth issue, featuring stories that range from troubling tales of loss to chilling examinations of mankind’s dark side. In “Lighten Up,” four-time Stoker Award™-winner and Grandmaster of Horror Jack Ketchum gives us a dose of dark humor that still manages to be righteously menacing. “The River,” by rising star Lee Thompson, is a brutal tale of purgatory, wasted life, and regrets. Soulmates connect ...


Everyday Prayers Into the Kingdom
Michael K. Thompson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

In prayer, our spirits are led to a single source, a place where we can touch into the divine. This book of Prayers was a daily devotional practice for the last three years of Michael Thompson's life. They were assembled and published after his sudden death in the Fall of 2011. They cover a wide variety of situations and events that occur every day in our lives. This book is his legacy and gift to all who need a prayer. It was his hope ...


Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?: A Critical Appraisal of Modern and Postmodern Approaches to Scripture

Crossway Books, 2012

Is historical accuracy an indispensable part of the Bible’s storyline, or is Scripture only concerned with theological truths? As progressive evangelicals threaten to reduce the Bible’s jurisdiction by undermining its historical claims, every Christian who cares about the integrity of Scripture must be prepared to answer this question. Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? offers a firm defense of Scripture’s legitimacy and the ...


The Secret of the Elves in Helen
Delroy Michael Thompson

Alice Publishers, 2012

Helen is a real alpine tourist village in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Alfred, who lives in this enchanting, German-style town, enjoys exploring the nearby mountains. After he happens to rescue an elf King, he receives an invitation and top-secret directions to the King’s mysterious kingdom. A wonderful adventure ensues; this fine book ends with a rhyme summarizing the work of elves. It is a delightful book with great illustrations. ...


The Speculative Edge, Issue 9, April 2013, ..., 2013

In our April Fool's Day issue, we have absolutely no speculative work! The fiction section, edited by Danielle Rose, contains several excellent mainstream literary stories. We interview Sarah Braunstein - published this month in The New Yorker - about her first novel. We also have reviews of a must-see documentary, and a poetry chapbook. Don't miss this great issue!


Business Diagnostics - 2nd Edition
Michael Thompson, Richard Mimick

Trafford Publishing, 2002

Business Diagnostics is a timely and practical reference guide that allows the reader to acquire 'size-up' and diagnostic skills to asses the health of their company.


A World Without War
D.R. Thompson

Web del Sol Association, 2012

"A thought-provoking collection of essays. Don is the idealist's idealist!" -- Thom Hartmann, best selling author, radio personality and host of The Big Picture A WORLD WITHOUT WAR is a compilation of essays written since 2000 by activist producer and playwright Don Thompson (Tibet in Song, Democracy: A Work in Progress, L.A. Book of the Dead ). Written for popular webzines such as The Potomac Journal (ed. Michael Neff) and SolPix , the ...


Echoes from Calvary: Meditations on Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seven Last Words of Christ
Richard Young

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2005

This is a book that is certain to stir the soul with echoes, in both music and words, of the passion of Christ. That event transcends time or season; its power to uplift and inspire is endless. In 1786 Franz Joseph Haydn wrote what he considered to be his greatest composition, The Seven Last Words of Christ . Today it continues to provide musical and spiritual nourishment for millions through a format that links its seven main movements to ...


To Rome and Back With Martin Luther

Charis Publications, 2010

In the winter of 1510-1511 Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk from Erfurt, Germany, made a pilgrimage to Rome on behalf of his religious order. During the trip he and his companion monk met people and saw things that had a profound effect on both of them. Luther would go on to be the catalyst for the revolutionary movement known as the Protestant Reformation, and his trip to Rome would be part of the backdrop to the course he would eventually ...


Understanding Independent School Parents: The Teacher's Guide to Successful Family-School Relationships
Michael G. Thompson, Alison Fox Mazzola

Wise Teacher Press, 2012

Understanding Independent School Parents is a practical guide for teachers provides advice for forging successful relationships with independent school parents. Written by a seasoned school psychologist and an experienced classroom teacher, this book aims to help teachers and administrators understand today's families and maintain healthy relationships with them. Readers will learn how to create school environments that support both teachers ...


Ballet Barre and Center Combinations: Word Descriptions
Linda A. Crist

Princeton Book Co Pub, 2000

The author offers at least 10 possible versions of each traditional exercise. Barre combinations are included for all levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced. The brand new combinations cover a wide variety of intermediate and advanced centre work: battement tendu and pirouette, grand battement, battement fondu, grand adagio, relev and pirouette, small saut, petit allegro, medium petit allegro, grand allegro, ending saut and ending tours. ...


The Little River That Could
Earl Rhode

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

From the preface: This book is a mostly true story about the young Fox River, which was born thousands of years ago but is still alive and well today. Probably millions of words have been written about the Fox River between Green Bay and Portage, Wisconsin, and between Portage and the Wisconsin River via the canal at Portage. The Fox doesn’t start at Portage, however. This book is mainly about how the little Fox River performed in its first ...


The Black Man's Guide to Graduate School
Steven Kniffley PsyD, Jeremy Campbell PharmD, ...

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Six Black men frustrated with the stereotypes associated with being a Black male and the perpetual "only" syndrome they experienced in their graduate programs have come together to provide a much needed voice to encourage more Black men to go to graduate school. In this effort, these men created "The Black Man's Guide to Graduate School." This text covers all the information that aBlack male would need to successfully navigate the graduate ...



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