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Fathom #4 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 1999

Aspen is now a target for the government and the blue. She becomes captured by Killian a blue bent on the destruction of the human race.


Fathom #0 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 2000

You meet a woman named Aspen Matthews...Young, beautiful, marine biologist with a strange passion for the sea.For Aspen, she can only imagine what lies deep inside of the ocean.....and what secrets it holds.


The Ghosts of Varner Creek, 2011

A well-crafted balance of history and supernatural mystery. -Kirkus Reviews •A Barnes and Noble Nook Sci Fi/Fantasy Bestseller •A Kindle #1 Bestseller in Historical Fiction and Horror/Ghosts •An Amazon Top 100 Rated in Fiction, Top 10 in Mysteries Kirkus Reviews At 87, Solomon "Sol" Mayfield is taken on an otherworldly journey to discover what really happened to his family. Sol has been able to see ghosts ever since his mother and ...


Fathom, Vol. 1 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 2008

There are two worlds. The one we know, and the one below. Aspen Matthews has always been drawn to the sea, that is why she became a marine biologist. But when an underwater experiment goes horribly wrong, Aspen discovers her connection to life under the sea is far more than scientific. She discovers that she is a water nymph - able to live and thrive beneath the sea! Collecting issues 0 - 13 of Fathom.


Border Crossings: A Catherine James Thriller, 2011

Caution: Book contains adult content including violence and language on par with a cartel crime thriller. Reader discretion advised. Two worlds collide when the corruption and crime from one of Mexico's most violent cartels spreads over the border. Taylor Woodall, a sophomore at the University of Texas, has been kidnapped in Cancun while on spring break. Private investigator Catherine James is on the case, but when the evidence begins ...


Fathom #6 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 1999

Killian's new world order threatens to destroy all that Aspen holds dear and has grown to love. However Aspen has a terrible decision to make: should she join Killian's new order or stand against him as she discovers that she has amazing powers too?


Fathom #2 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 1998

When Navy pilot accidentally fires a torpedo at the DMD, Deep Marine Discovery, it has tragic results. Aspen Matthews finally realizes that she has a much closer relationship to the water than she expected.


Fathom #1 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 1998

There are two worlds. The one we know, and the one below. Aspen Matthews has always been drawn to the sea, that is why she became a marine biologist. But when an underwater experiment goes horribly wrong, Aspen discovers her connection to life under the sea is far more than scientific. She Discovers that she is a water nymph - able to live and thrive beneath the sea.


Fathom #5 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 1999

After the attack of the Japanese mining station, Japan and the United States prepare for war.Meanwhile Killain teaches Aspen the extent of her abilities.


Fathom #3 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 1998

While Navy pilot Chance realizes the tragic repercussions of his actions, Aspen Matthews attempts to return home to the surface. Meanwhile Killian and a dangerous group of Blue under the ocean attack a Japanese mning station to create strife between the Japanese and the American governments


The Art of the Darkness

Top Cow, 2007

10th Anniversary of The Darkness! In the vein of most Art of books for video games and films, the Art of the Darkness oversized book will feature 96 pages of art, thoughts from the original artists and no ads or useless text in this glossy, thick-papered, beautifully designed book. Covers, splash pages, collectible cards, sketches--the best of the best The Darkness art and some iconic images from video game and other peripheral Darkness ...


Fathom: Child of Two Worlds v. 2
Bill O'Neil, Joe Weems

Titan Books Ltd, 2001

There are Two Worlds...The One We Know and the One Below! From Michael Turner, the fan favourite artist of Witchblade and Tomb Raider, comes Fathom, the new graphic novel sensation. From the depths they rose in search of the child of two worlds, she who walked among the air-breathers but was part of another world, the world below. Her name is Aspen Matthews, and they showed her her heritage, the beauty of the oceans. But behind their concern ...


Artifacts, Vol. 1

Top Cow, 2011

Separately, thirteen mystical Artifacts will guide the fate of the Universe. Together, thirteen Artifacts will end the Universe! When a mysterious antagonist kidnaps Hope, the daughter of Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado, Armageddon is put into motion. Starring virtually every character in the Top Cow Universe, this is a series for diehard fans and new readers alike. Written by Top Cow Universe architect Ron Marz (Witchblade, Magdalena) and ...


Fathom #9 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 1999

A definite must own for any fan of Aspen/Fathom or any desiring to discover Fathom for the first time. Killians rebellion and persistence to challenge Admiral Mayweather and his armada is proving to be a war that will not easily be stopped. Now with Aspen's choice to be quite clear Aspen Matthews returns to Killian not to join him but to face him. Although her powers are becomicg stronger as the days go by to face Killian may be suicide for ...


Witchblade / Darkness: Family Ties
Christina Z. Wohl

Top Cow Productions/Image Comics, 2001

The Witchblade and the Darkness have always been linked as related powers. But when Sonatine, a man obsessed with having the Darkness for himself, decides to steal it from Jackie Estacado, its current bearer, and place it into assassin extraordinaire, Ian Nottingham, the plan goes horribly awry. Detective Sara Pezzini, the host for the Witchblade, arrives on the scene and her power too, is taken. But the two cannot coexist and the reaction could ...


Windows 95 Game Developers Guide Using the Game Sdk
Michael Morrison, Randy Weems

Sams Publishing, 1996

Focuses on all of the components within the Microsoft Windows 95 Game SDK as well as general Windows applications development.


Fathom #10 (Fathom V1)

Aspen Comics, 2001

First issue to break away from the nine issue story arc! The Spelunker Part 1 has Aspen seeking for an underwater monster/creature, but while in searching she finds something she didnt expect-- the sea drifter Baja.


Five Fears of Fatherhood (a short play collection)

Original Works Publishing, 2013

FEATURING: SNIP  (1m, 1f)  Did your last vacation include lying to your wife about an unsafely performed medical procedure? Did it involve your high level of intoxication and sheer disregard for body, family, health, and future? Did it really, really hurt for a week afterwards? No? Ted's did. Ted's got some explaining to do. GOOD TALK (2m) Every father dreads the day of ‘the big talk’ with his son.  What happens when the son has a few ...


Programming And Problem Solving With Visual Basic.NET
Nell Dale, Michael McMillan, ...

Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2002

Visual Basic is arguably the most popular computer programming language for application development in the United States and around the world today. Visual Basic is also an excellent language to teach as a first computer language because of its easy-to-learn syntax and flexibility. This book treats Visual Basic as a serious programming language and not as just another Windows application. One concern that is frequently voiced when discussing the ...


Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1 (Top Cow Crossover, 1)
Michael Turner, Bill O'Neil

Image, 1998

Top Cow Classics is proud to present the original special that started it all, Tomb Raider/Witchblade. Written and illustrated by superstar Michael Turner, you can now own this modern day classic in its purist form. Made available for the first time ever in a black and white format, this beautiful issue won't last long!!



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