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Fathom Collected Editions Vol. 5 (Volume 1)
Bill O'Neill, Joe Weems, JD Smith Michael Turner

Top Cow, 2000

(W&P) Michael Turner (co-W) Bill O1Neil (I) Joe Weems (C) Johnathan D. Smith Witness the climatic finale of the first Fathom story line as Top Cow proudly re-presents issues 8 and 9 in this special collected edition. These two pulse pounding issues wrap up the year long story of Aspen's quest to find out the truth of her past and stop Killian's plan for world domination! Find out who lived and who wound up becoming part of the ocean, ...


The Ghosts of Varner Creek
Michael L Weems

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Caution: Book contains adult content and themes. Reader discretion advised. In the summer of 1909, in the small town of Varner Creek, Texas, twelve year old Solomon Mayfield awoke one morning to find his mother and sister had disappeared. Through a series of cover-ups and denials, some aimed at protecting Sol, others at hiding the worst of secrets, Sol lived the rest of his life in a fog of half-truths and shadowed lies, haunted by ghosts of the ...


Diabolic Tales III
Aaron French, Vincent Daemon, ...

Diabolic Publications, 2013

The third installment of the Diabolic Tales series features short stories written by writers such as Mark Slade, Aaron French, and Richmond Weems, Scarlet Norton-Duperre to name a few. It showcases the talent of established and new writers. The content varies as does the subject matter, but all with the theme of pure horror. Each of the stories is unique, a chilling tale best read with the lights on. From menacing cuddly bears, to dark rituals, ...


How to Program Java Beans: With CD
Peter Coffee, Michael Morrison, ...

Ziff-Davis Press, 1997

This easy-to-follow, four-color tutorial will guide programmers through an introduction to general component development issues, intermediate level Java programming issues, and the design principles behind the Beans spec. The rest of the book teaches the reader how to develop useful Beans code in each of the Java Beans main API areas. A load of helpful software is found on the CD-ROM.


Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1 (Top Cow Crossover, 1)
Michael Turner, Bill O'Neil

Image, 1998

Top Cow Classics is proud to present the original special that started it all, Tomb Raider/Witchblade. Written and illustrated by superstar Michael Turner, you can now own this modern day classic in its purist form. Made available for the first time ever in a black and white format, this beautiful issue won't last long!!


Tomb Raider / Witchblade Revisited Special Vol. 1 No. 1
Michael Turner

Image Comics, 1998

comics. Direct Sales. Top Cow. December 1998.


Border Crossings (Catherine James Thriller)
Michael L Weems

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Two worlds collide when the corruption and crime from one of Mexico's most violent cartels spreads over the border. Taylor Woodall, a sophomore at the University of Texas, has been kidnapped in Cancun while on spring break. Private investigator Catherine James is on the case, but when the evidence begins pointing to a violent drug gang and the cartel puts out a hit on our heroine, she turns to the only man she knows she can trust . . . her ...


Witchblade / Darkness: Family Ties
Christina Z. Wohl

Top Cow Productions/Image Comics, 2001

The Witchblade and the Darkness have always been linked as related powers. But when Sonatine, a man obsessed with having the Darkness for himself, decides to steal it from Jackie Estacado, its current bearer, and place it into assassin extraordinaire, Ian Nottingham, the plan goes horribly awry. Detective Sara Pezzini, the host for the Witchblade, arrives on the scene and her power too, is taken. But the two cannot coexist and the reaction could ...


Five Fears of Fatherhood
Michael Weems

Original Works Publishing, 2013

A ten minute play collection featuring: SNIP - Did your last vacation include lying to your wife about an unsafely performed medical procedure? Did it involve your high level of intoxication and sheer disregard for body, family, health, and future? Did it really, really hurt for a week afterwards? No? Ted's did. Ted's got some explaining to do. (1M, 1F) GOOD TALK - Every father dreads the day of ‘the big talk’ with his son. What happens ...


Aphrodite IX, Edition# 1
David Wohl

top cow, 2000

Who is Aphrodite IX? Where did she come from? Who created her and for what purpose? These questions and many others will be on HER lips as well as everyone else's as they catch a glimpse of Top Cow's sure-fire hit APHRODITE IX, brought to you by Dave Finch, David Wohl, and Joe Weems


Witchblade Covenanttomb Raider
Turner Michael, Weems Joe, ...

Titan Books, 1999

Graphic Novel. This book collects Witchblade #1-#4, Toomb Raider/Witchblade Special #1 and Cyblade/Shi: The Battle for Independents #1. First Edition, May 1999


Kneeling in Bethlehem - A Festival of Readings and Carols for Advent and Christmas
Michael Burkhardt, Ann Weems

Morning Star Music Publishers, 2008

This Morning Star publication is a compilation of readings and songs for the Advent and Christmas seasons.


Outlook Magazine: Everything Is Political (April 2010 : The Peal & Repeal Issue, Volume 14 / Issue 11)
Tom Grote, Leslie Robinson, ...

Outlook Media, LLC., 2010

Monthly over-sized periodical for Columbus Ohio LGBT culture & lifestyle.


Fathom (3rd Series) #Ashcan 1A
Michael Turner

Image, 1998

Item: Fathom (3rd Series) #Ashcan 1A Publisher: Image Cover Date: 1998 Cover Artist: Writer: Michael Turner Artist: Michael Turner, Joe Weems, Jonathan D. Smith Notes: Solicited as Orlando Mega-Con 1998 Exclusive; Signed by Michael Turner; Solicited by Jay Company Comics Storylines: Appearances: This listing contains information from ComicBaseâ"¢ and © 2006 Human Computing


Bludgeon the Lime
Michael Weems

JAC Publishing & Promotions, 2011

Full-length play script. Bludgeon the Lime finds two couples- a tried and tired doctor and his society wife and a young lesbian couple who aren't quite revealed to the public- entering couples therapy to save their relationships. They meet Agatha who has instituted 'separation therapy' in hopes to reconnect her wayward clients. When the therapy goes awry, they each find a certain truth in distance from their significant others, and are faced ...


Programming And Problem Solving With Visual Basic.NET
Nell Dale, Michael McMillan, ...

Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2002

Visual Basic is arguably the most popular computer programming language for application development in the United States and around the world today. Visual Basic is also an excellent language to teach as a first computer language because of its easy-to-learn syntax and flexibility. This book treats Visual Basic as a serious programming language and not as just another Windows application. One concern that is frequently voiced when discussing the ...


Windows 95 Game Developers Guide Using the Game Sdk
Michael Morrison, Randy Weems

Sams Publishing, 1996

Focuses on all of the components within the Microsoft Windows 95 Game SDK as well as general Windows applications development.


Fathom: Child of Two Worlds v. 2
Bill O'Neil, Joe B., V Weems

Titan Books Ltd, 2001

There are Two Worlds...The One We Know and the One Below! From Michael Turner, the fan favourite artist of Witchblade and Tomb Raider, comes Fathom, the new graphic novel sensation. From the depths they rose in search of the child of two worlds, she who walked among the air-breathers but was part of another world, the world below. Her name is Aspen Matthews, and they showed her her heritage, the beauty of the oceans. But behind their concern ...


Say It Loud - Poems About James Brown

Whirlwind Press, 2011


Fathom #9 Museum Edition 18k Gold Michael Turner Signature (Pgx Graded 9.8)
Michael Turner, Bill O'Neil, 2006

Fathom #9 PGX Graded 9.8, 18k Gold Signature by Michael Turner, Jay Company Comics Museum Edition, #8 of 25 produced. Extremely RARE. recommended value is $1,650.



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