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When Millie Comes Back
Michelle Belanger

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015

A story of loss and return for all ages. Millie was a magickal cat who chose her family and moved on when her time came - with a promise to come back. Explore Millie's story with your Pagan children as an opportunity to discuss death and the grieving process. With gorgeous illustrations that children can color as they follow Millie's tale.


The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide: Protection Techniques for Encounters With The Paranormal

Llewellyn Publications, 2009

Chasing the unseen has become a popular pastime but most ghost hunters are unaware of the very real harm that can be done by malevolent human spirits, non-human entities, and a host of astral parasites. This guide from medium and paranormal investigator Michelle Belanger features proven protection techniques-and for the skeptics out there, highlights how the methods also work on a psychological level. You'll get straightforward instruction on ...


D is for Demon
Michelle Belanger

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

A devilishly fun romp through the alphabet in the tradition of Edward Gorey. Inspired by Michelle Belanger's Dictionary of Demons and illustrated by artist Jackie Williams. Madcap, witty, and irreverent at times, this is a picture book for adults and not children.


Sumerian Exorcism: Magick, Demons, and the Lost Art of Marduk (Ancient Magick)
Michelle A. Belanger

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Demonic possession, wicked spells, and ancient bindings all come together in this exploration of Sumerian magick and exorcism. Discover the roots of modern demonology and explore prayers and incantations from the very cradle of Western civilization. This book focuses on the original writings themselves, so you can read for yourself spells drawn from the Maklu Texts and other Sumerian magickal tablets. The translations present a fascinating view ...


The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned
Michelle Belanger

Llewellyn Publications, 2010

The Dictionary of Demons starts with a simple premise: names have power. In medieval and Renaissance Europe, it was believed that speaking a demon’s true name could summon it, compel it, and bind it.  Occult scholar Michelle Belanger has compiled the most complete compendium of demonic names available anywhere, using both notorious and obscure sources from the Western grimoiric tradition. Presented alphabetically from Aariel to Zynextyur, ...


Vampire Codex: 20th Anniversary Edition
Michelle Belanger

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Never before released to the general public, this twentieth anniversary edition of the influential "Vampire Codex" contains a faithfully scanned and annotated copy of the hand-lettered original rarely seen outside the library of House Kheperu. Penned in 1994, this definitive text on psychic vampirism provides insight into energy work and past lives, giving readers a rare peek inside the earliest development of the Kheprian system.


Watcher Angel Tarot Guidebook: myth, meaning, and creation
Michelle Belanger

Emerald Tablet Press, 2011

The definitive guide to the Watcher Angel Tarot. Explore the myth of the Watchers, angelic beings who abandoned heaven in pursuit of mortal love. Learn how their story, drawn from the Book of Enoch, inspired the Watcher Angel Tarot, a gorgeously illustrated deck which weaves a gripping narrative of the divine becoming human and the human becoming divine. With extended interpretations for all 78 of the cards, including detailed information on the ...


These Haunted Dreams
Michelle Belanger

Dark Moon Press, 2007

When you open the covers of "These Haunted Dreams" prepare to enter a diverse and vivid dreamscape populated by the strange, the nightmarish, and the macabre. A visionary artist sees too deeply into the secret life of one of his models. A businessman obsessed with time runs late for work and changes his life forever. A new homeowner discovers that his beloved residence is alive and has no intention of ever letting him leave. These tales and ...


Soul Songs from Distant Shores
Michelle Belanger, 2005

Exploring the poet in his varied guises as lover, mystic, lunatic, and seer, Michelle Belanger weaves lush and haunting images that will leave the reader awash in a sea of emotion. A collection as passionate as it is eloquent, Soul Songs takes readers through stages of elation, despair, inspiration, and consuming desire. Elegant, seductive, and insightful by turns, this rare collection of Michelle's poetry is not to be missed!


The Vampire Ritual Book
Michelle Belanger

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2007

The Vampire Ritual Book contains rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage written specifically for the modern vampire community. Explore vampire-themed seasonal rites, marriage ceremonies, and personal rituals within this tome. The book also includes a number of vampire-specific rituals, such as the promising of a donor, rites for founding new houses, and initiation ceremonies to bring a new vampire into the community.


Ghost Hunter's Guide to the Occult
Michelle Belanger

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

How do you tell the difference between the symbol for the Order of the Eastern Star and a Pentagram? What does a Wiccan mean when she says she practices witchcraft? Paranormal State's Michelle Belanger explores the complex and sometimes confusing realm of the occult, outlining the history of the Western tradition, defining key terms, and exploring the meaning of a variety of icons and symbols. When paranormal investigation takes you into the ...


Haunting Experiences: Encounters with the Otherworldly
Michelle Belanger

Llewellyn Publications, 2009

"An exceptional collection of ghost and haunting encounters—made even better because of Michelle Belanger's firsthand experience with them, on top of her extensive knowledge of the phenomena." —Loyd Auerbach, MS, parapsychologist and director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations Michelle Belanger's chilling collection of true ghost stories will take you further than you've ever gone before into the realm of spirits, astral entities, ...


Vampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices
Michelle Belanger

Llewellyn Publications, 2007

"There's no book available on the vampire culture today with the range, depth, and diversity of Belanger's Vampires in Their Own Words ." —Katherine Ramsland, author of Piercing the Darkness and The Science of Vampires "Belanger gives empathetic access to an emergent new magical-religious community . . . An important sourcebook for both the scholar and inquiring public." —J. Gordon Melton, Director, Institute for the Study of ...


V Special Edition
Father Sebastian, Michelle Belanger, ..., 2003

"V" is a new tomb about the dark path, philosophies teachings and traditions of Strigoi Vii (living vampyrism). It contains a collection of articles, essays and explinations of our dreams and expressions of modern vampyrism. The best writters and creative minds within the vampyre subculture including Michelle Belanger of House Kheper, Father Sebastian of Sabretooth, Layil Umbralux of House Sahjaza and Madame X of the Dreaming give inspiration ...


House Kheperu Archives: The Outer Teachings of House Kheperu
Michelle Belanger

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

Since its inception, House Kheperu has been distinguished as one of the most influential groups within the modern vampire community. But House Kheperu is much more than simply a vampire house. 2011 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the core group that would become known to the world as House Kheperu. In recognition of this milestone, founder Michelle Belanger has compiled this extensive tome featuring House Kheperu's most popular and ...


The Psychic Vampire Codex: A Manual of Magick and Energy Work
Michelle A Belanger

Weiser Books, 2004

The Psychic Vampire Codex is the first book to examine the phenomenon and experience of modern vampirism completely from the vampire's perspective. A fellow vampire writes in the forword that Michelle Belanger's system "introduced a breath of fresh air into the vampire subculture. It freed us to look at ourselves in a new light, and it also helped those outside our community to view us differently. No longer were we parasites or predators . . . ...


The Psychic Energy Codex: A Manual For Developing Your Subtle Senses
Michelle Belanger

Weiser Books, 2007

An authoritative manual for psychic development, The Psychic Energy Codex explores the roots of modern metaphysical beliefs, including the doctrine of the subtle body in the Western tradition, the origin of belief in the chakras, and core principles behind time-honored techniques such as meditation and creative visualization. Like Belanger's Psychic Vampire Codex, The Psychic Energy Codex makes esoteric topics accessible and understandable. ...


Walking the Twilight Path: A Gothic Book of the Dead
Michelle Belanger

Llewellyn Publications, 2008

Powerful and evocative, this postmodern Book of the Dead is for mystics, witches, goths, and anyone attracted to the beauty and mystery of death—a vital and transformational force that is integral to our daily lives. Become familiar with this intrinsic, yet denied, aspect of our lives as you contact your spirit companion, meditate on gravestone sculptures, create a necromantic medicine bag, and keep a personal book of the dead. Drawing on ...


Embracing the Darkness Understanding Dark Subcultures

Dark Moon Press, 2012

Author Corvis Nocturnum brings you an unprecedented collection of Satanists, vampires, modern primitives, dark pagans, and gothic artists, all speaking to you in their own words. These are people who have taken something most others find frightening or destructive, and woven it into amazing acts of creativity and spiritual vision. Corvis himself is a dark artist and visionary, and so it is with the eye of a kindred spirit that he has sought ...


Psychic Dreamwalking: Explorations at the Edge of Self
Michelle Belanger

Weiser Books, 2006

No single book ever before has brought together the history, theory and practice of dreamwalking--entering into another's dreamspace, even though you may be physically at a great distance. Michelle Belanger, the author of Psychic Vampire Codex, takes readers on an adventure into the subconscious world of dreams, territory that no amount of psychology or research has fully charted. This absorbing account, beginning with the author's own first ...



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