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The Mass of the Early Christians
Mike Aquilina

Our Sunday Visitor, 2007

What did the first Christians believe about the Eucharist? How did they follow Jesus' command, Do this in remembrance of me? How did they celebrate the Lord's Day? What would they recognize in today's Mass? The answers may surprise you. In The Mass of the Early Christians, author Mike Aquilina reveals the Church's most ancient Eucharistic beliefs and practices. Using the words of the early Christians themselves -- from many documents and ...


The Mass: The Glory, the Mystery, the Tradition
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Mike Aquilina

Image, 2013

An insightful and practical exploration of Catholicism’s most sacred tradition.   The Mass: The Glory, the Mystery, the Tradition is an engaging and authoritative guide to Catholicism’s most distinctive practice. And now, with the Church introducing revised language for the Mass, Catholics have a perfect opportunity to renew their understanding of this beautiful and beloved celebration.   With eloquent prose and elegant black-and-white ...


St. Monica and the Power of Persistent Prayer
Mike Aquilina, Mark W. Sullivan

Our Sunday Visitor, 2013

Many of us give up on prayer when we don't get the answer we want WHEN we want it. For nearly two decades, Saint Monica prayed for her wayward son. Years and years of prayers, seemingly unanswered. Countless tears shed with no relief. Yet she would not give up. That very act of persistent prayer blessed the entire Church, for we have all benefitted from the conversion of her son, Augustine, who became one of the most revered saints of all ...


The Fathers of the Church
Mike Aquilina

Our Sunday Visitor, 2013

We hear the voices of the early Church Fathers even today. Their teachings, their guidance, their insights, and their sacrifice shaped the Catholic Church. They defined the canon of Scripture. They developed our creeds and forms of worship. They defined Christianity's distinctive moral sense. But who were they? What can we learn from their ancient teachings? What can the Fathers teach the 21st century - about holiness, culture, faith, and the ...


The Feasts: How the Church Year Forms Us as Catholics
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Mike Aquilina

Image, 2014

Every day is a holiday in the Catholic Church. In their latest collaboration, Cardinal Wuerl and Mike Aquilina examine the history and traditions behind both favorite and forgotten holidays, from Christmas to Easter, from the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity to the Feast of the Holy Angels Catholic faith is festive, and the Catholic faithful count their days by celebrating the mysteries of Jesus’ life. There is a message to be found in the ...


A Year With The Angels
Mike Aquilina

Saint Benedict Press, 2011

In his previous release, you were invited to a year long retreat with the Church Fathers; now, Mike Aquilina presents a new volume of contemplations and prayers about those most mysterious of all created beings: the Angels. Drawing again from the deep well of the Fathers' wisdom, Aquilina has compiled a year's worth of reflections on the Nine Choirs of Angels. A Year With The Angels invites you to discover the authority and strength of the ...


The How-to Book of Catholic Devotions: Everything You Need to Know But No One Ever Taught You
Mike Aquilina, Regis J. Flaherty

Our Sunday Visitor, 2000

De-vo-tion (di-voh-shun) n. 1. Great love or loyalty, enthusiasm, or zeal. 2. Religious worship. 3. Prayers. You know a lot about the Catholic Church, or maybe you are just learning, but there are things that confuse you—like what to do when you pray a novena, or how to "offer up" something, exactly what the Angelus is, or any of the dozens of other devotions that set Catholics apart from other Christians. But help is here! The How-To Book of ...


A Year with the Church Fathers
Mike Aquilina

Saint Benedict Press, 2010

National Catholic Register Saturday Book Pick: Mike Aquilina's A Year With the Church Fathers (June 4, 2011) Times change, but human nature does not. Neither do the daily struggles that all Christians experience in their walk with the Lord. Today as two thousand years ago we fight anger, pride, lust, spiritual sloth. Now as then we strive to be more diligent in prayer, more faithful to the commandments, more patient and charitable toward ...


Angels of God: The Bible, the Church and the Heavenly Hosts
Mike Aquilina

St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2009

“Angels are a large part of reality and, as with other large parts of reality—speeding Mack trucks, for example, or looming brick walls—we benefit greatly from their service, and we ignore them at our peril.”—From the Introduction Angels are everywhere—as a matter of fact, right at your side. Forget the sweet-faced cherubs of popular culture, however, and brace yourself for a far more potent reality: powerful heavenly beings ...


The Church: Unlocking the Secrets to the Places Catholics Call Home
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Mike Aquilina

Image, 2013

From the bestselling authors of The Mass , an insightful and practical guide that explores the architectural and spiritual components of the Catholic Church. Your local church is not only a physical place, but a spiritual home. In this thought-provoking book, Wuerl and Aquilina illuminate the importance of the Church in its many guises and examine the theological ideas behind the physical structure of churches, cathedrals, and basilicas. How ...


Dion: The Wanderer Talks Truth (Stories, Humor & Music)
Dion Dimucci, Mike Aquilina

St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2011

Dion came up out of the Bronx in the 50s and tore through the music charts in a ferocious display of talent. He continued to make great music while slowly returning to his Catholic roots. His hard-won wisdom filters through his stories whether he's recalling how he went shopping with John Lennon and ended up on the cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band or what it was like to travel in the Jim Crow South with Sam Cooke. Praise for ...


Understanding the Mass: 100 Questions, 100 Answers
Mike Aquilina

Servant Books, 2011

The Mass may seem routine, and it may be the common property of millions of Catholics, but much lies beneath. Mike Aquilina not only answers practical questions about this central act of Catholic worship, but also walks you through the Mass, explaining the meaning behind the prayers and practices. Find answer to such questions as: What is the Real Presence? What are the Jewish roots of the Mass? Why is the Mass a sacrifice? Why do some people ...


The Fathers of the Church, Expanded Edition
Mike Aquilina

Our Sunday Visitor (IN), 2006

The Fathers of the Church , first published a decade ago, has become the standard popular introduction to the great teachers of early Christianity. Now, this new edition presents more material from more of the Fathers -- including authors from little-known traditions of Egypt, East Syria, North Africa, and the lands that make up modern Iran and Iraq. Also new with this edition is a section on selected "Mothers of the Church," holy women ...


Take Five: Meditations with Pope Benedict XVI
Mike Aquilina, Fr. Kris D. Stubna

Our Sunday Visitor, 2009

"God speaks quietly...But He gives us all kinds of signs...through a friend, through a book, or through what we see as a failure even through accidents. If I remain alert, I begin to feel how God is guiding me." -- Pope Benedict XVI   Discover Pope Benedict's wise and visionary perspective as a guide for your own daily spirituality. Find clarity, direction, and inspiration with five brief minutes of quiet reflection as if led by Pope Benedict ...


The Fathers of the Church Bible: Nabre
Our Sunday Visitor

Our Sunday Visitor, 2013

Bringing together Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition in one volume! The Fathers of the Church Bible , NABRE will instruct in the faith and enliven your interest in Scripture through the insights from the Church fathers. You'll enjoy the latest NABRE translation of the Bible, along with 88 full color inserts covering a wide range of writings from the Church fathers, including: What is the canon of Scripture? What was God doing before ...


The Witness of Early Christian Women: Mothers of the Church
Mike Aquilina

Our Sunday Visitor, 2014


Living the Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians
Scott Hahn, Mike Aquilina

Our Sunday Visitor, 2003

Until we get to heaven, we’re all unfinished Christians. There are no "self-made" success stories in the spiritual life. No do-it-yourself kits for aspiring saints. That’s why Living the Mysteries is ideal for a family member, friend, or fellow parishioner who was recently in the RCIA program and received the sacraments of initiation – baptism, confirmation, and the Eucharist – at the Easter Vigil. That’s why it’s perfect for a ...


Louder Than Words: The Art of Living as a Catholic
Matthew Leonard

Our Sunday Visitor, 2013

Is Catholicism more than giving up beer or chocolate for Lent? Even if it is good beer or great chocolate the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, we re called to have such faith that when others meet us they actually see Christ. But how do we do that in a world where Notre Dame means football and not Our Lady? By following the lead of so many before us... We have living examples of holy men and women who overcame the same types of ...


Through, With, and In Him: The Prayer Life of Jesus and How to Make It Our Own
Shane Kapler

Angelico Press, 2014

"Lord, teach us to pray"--the petition of the most intimate followers of Jesus--remains the heartfelt petition of every Christian disciple down to the present day. The divine gift of the "Our Father" is the foundation of our life of prayer, but it is only the beginning of how Jesus leads us through himself to the Father.  Shane Kapler's Through, With, and In Him offers practical ways to open up this vital dimension of our spiritual lives, ...


Good Pope, Bad Pope: Their Lives, Our Lessons
Mike Aquilina

Servant Books, 2013

Why did the author pick the popes you’ll meet in the pages of this book? Why not Gregory I, whom many would call the greatest pope of all time? Why not Leo X, who was pope at the beginning of the Protestant Reformation? Why not Leo XIII, who boldly stood up for the rights of workers? Every pope is by definition a remarkable man. But the popes whose stories you’ll read here were chosen because they reveal how the papacy developed. They show ...



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