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Lucifer Book One
Mike Carey

Vertigo, 2013

Cast out of Heaven, thrown down to rule in Hell, Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his post and abandoned his kingdom for the mortal city of Los Angles.  Emerging from the pages of writer Neil Gaiman's award-winning series The Sandman, the former Lord of Hell is now enjoying a quiet retirement as the propretor of Lux, L.A.'s most elite piano bar. But now an assignment from the Creator Himself is going to change all that. If Lucifer agrees to do ...


The Naming of the Beasts

Audible Studios, 2012

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but if you ask Castor he'll tell you there's quite a bit of arrogance and reckless stupidity lining the streets as well. And he should know. There are only so many times you can play both sides against the middle and get away with it. Now, the inevitable moment of crisis has arrived, and it's left Castor with blood on his hands. Well, not his hands, you understand; it's always someone else ...


High Above Courtside: The Lost Memoirs of Johnny Most
Mike Carey

Sports Publishing LLC, 2003

A legendary NBA pioneer and one of the game's most intriguing characters, Johnny Most was the Boston Celtics' play- by-play radio broadcaster for all 16 of the team's championships and 37 years overall. His autobiography is the ultimate insider's in-depth look at the personalities of the players and coaches who contributed to "Celtics Pride." Most's numerous famous, shrill, almost ear-piercing calls, including pro basketball's most memorable ...


Lucifer Vol. 10: Morningstar
Mike Carey

Vertigo, 2006

Written by Mike Carey Cover by Christopher Moeller Art by Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly, Colleen Doran and Michael Wm. Kaluta The war in Heaven reaches its universe-shaking conclusion in MORNINGSTAR, the tenth volume of writer Mike Carey's celebrated series. Collecting issues #62-69, MORNINGSTAR gathers together the forces of Heaven, Hell, and everyone in between for a final battle to determine the fate of both Yahweh and Lucifer's Creations - a fate ...


Ender's Shadow - Ultimate Collection (Ender's Game Gn)
Mike Carey, Orson Scott Card

Marvel, 2012

The alien Formics twice attacked the human race. We barely won. Now, the international Fleet is drafting brilliant kids to train them to command our forces in the next war. And Sister Carlotta thinks she has found another one. From the teeming legions of unwanted children, she has plucked a promising candidate: Bean, the runt of the streets of Rotterdam - with a staggering brilliance as unexplainable as his mysterious origins, the secrets of ...


Lucifer Vol. 5: Inferno
Mike Carey, Peter Gross, ...

Vertigo, 2004

SC, TPB, in cello, New, Written by MIKE CAREY. Art by PETER GROSS, RYAN KELLY, DEAN ORMSTON, and CRAIG HAMILTON. Cover by CHRISTOPHER MOELLER. Published in January of 2004, Softcover, 168 pages, full color. MATURE READERS Cover price $14.95.


The Steel Seraglio, ...

ChiZine, 2012

The sultan Bokhari Al-Bokhari of Bessa has 365 concubines—until a violent coup puts the city in the hands of the religious zealot Hakkim Mehdad. Hakkim has no use for the pleasures of the flesh: he condemns the women first to exile and then to death. Cast into the desert, the concubines must rely on themselves and each other to escape from the new sultan’s fanatical pursuit. But their goals go beyond mere survival: with the aid of the ...


Lucifer Vol. 4: The Divine Comedy
Mike Carey

Vertigo, 2003


The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice

Vertigo, 2013

One of Publishers Weekly's Hot Fall Books of 2013! Tom Taylor has lived his life being mistaken for Tommy Taylor, the boy wizard from the world-famous series of novels penned by Tom's long-lost father Wilson. However, after a series of strange events start to parallel the lives of both Taylors--fictional and real--Tom realizes that he might be the character on page made flesh. In this first-ever original graphic novel spinning off from the ...


Thicker Than Water (A Felix Castor Novel)

Orbit, 2009

Old ghosts of different kinds come back to haunt Fix, in the fourth gripping Felix Castor novel. Names and faces he thought he'd left behind in Liverpool resurface in London, bringing Castor far more trouble than he'd anticipated. Childhood memories, family traumas, sins old and new, and a council estate that was meant to be a modern utopia until it turned into something like hell . . . these are just some of the sticks life uses to beat ...


X-Men: Original Sin
Mike Carey, Daniel Way

Marvel, 2009

After his bruising encounter with Cyclops and Emma Frost, Professor X is forced to revisit the biggest challenge and the biggest failure of his career: Logan. But the layers of lies hide one last, deadly secret which goes back to the days of the X-Men's founding - and the Professor's timing couldn't possibly be worse! Collects X-Men: Legacy #217-218, Wolverine: Origins #28-30, and X-Men Original Sin One-Shot.


Lucifer Book Two, ...

Vertigo, 2013

In this second LUCIFER hardcover, the Lightbringer is hard at work on a New Creation outside the bounds of any authority but his own, complete with a new pair of inhabitants for a new Garden of Eden. But as he tries his hand at universe building, back on Earth (and in Hell) schemes and betrayals continue to grow. And in the tale NIRVANA, a beautiful angel with an ancient score to settle puts out a contract on Lucifer Morningstar. But can the ...


X-Men Legacy: Collision
Mike Carey

Marvel, 2011

Called back to India at the request of his family, Young X-Man Indra is accompanied by friends Anole and Loa, and chaperones Rogue and Magneto. But the X-Men discover all is not well in Mumbai, and not just due to tensions with Indra's parents. Their exotic furlough turns dangerous when the city is overwhelmed by strange electromagnetic disturbances. In the wake of a particularly violent magnetic storm, the team encounters a super-powered ...


Detroit Tigers 1984: What a Start! What a Finish! (SABR Digital Library), ...

SABR, Inc., 2012

A SABR BioProject Book The 1984 Detroit tigers roared out of the gate, winning their first nine games of the season and compiling an eye-popping 35-5 record after the campaign’s first 40 games--still the best start ever for any team in major league history. The tigers led wire-to-wire in 1984, becoming only the third team in the modern era of the majors to have done so. And Detroit’s determination and tenacity resulted in a sweep of the ...


The Unwritten Vol. 8: Orpheus in the Underworlds

Vertigo, 2014

In this eighth volume of the critically-acclaimed new series from the Eisner-nominated creative team, Mike Carey and Peter Gross, Tommy ventures into the land of the dead to find and rescue Lizzie. But the journey through Hades pits Tommy against all kinds of enemies of undead. But none of these encounters prepare him for his meeting with the king -- or for the responsibilities he has to take on for some very familiar damned souls. Collects ...


Unwritten #1
Mike Carey

DC/Vertigo, 2009

Cover by Yuko Shimizu. Written by Mike Carey. Art by Peter Gross. Everyone's read the Tommy Taylor books, the popular series of novels turned pop culture phenomenon about a boy wizard's adventures. And everyone knows about Tom Taylor, the boy the novels were based on, whose life was so overshadowed by his Dad's fictional epic that Tom's become a lame Z-level celebrity at best and a human viral marketing tool at worst. But what if the resemblance ...


Weston Cage & Nicolas Cage's Voodoo Child HC
Mike Carey

Virgin Comics, 2008

Shadows can cloak the mysteries of the past, the deeds that should be forgotten, mistakes that should be ignored. But some shadows can't be held in the darkness for long, for some have a story to tell. Gabriel Moore is no ordinary child. He's not really living... but he's not really dead, either. In 1860, his father, Mason Moore, a plantation owner and abolitionist, is murdered by secessionists. As he and his mother attempt to flee, Gabriel ...


Suicide Risk Vol. 1
Mike Carey

BOOM! Studios, 2013

Even when there are only villains, being a hero makes you a... Eisner Award-nominated writer Mike Carey (UNWRITTEN, X-MEN: LEGACY) brings his first original ongoing series to BOOM! Studios! Heroes are dying, and cops are dying twofold. Humanity is underpowered in the face of their onslaught, and people are suffering untold casualties trying to stem the flow. After barely surviving a super-powered bank heist gone horribly wrong, beat cop Leo ...


Boston Celtics: Where Have You Gone?
Mike Carey, Michael D McClellan

Sports Publishing, 2005

When the Boston Celtics were running-and-gunning their way to 16 world championships, New England fans displayed their approval of the team's effort and heart by rooting especially hard for the bench players. It didn't matter whether a particular favorite was the sixth man or the twelfth. As long as the "chosen" player possessed determination, guts, emotion and, above all, hustle, the Celtics faithful would reward that player with cascades of ...


X-Men Legacy: Lost Legions (X-Men (Marvel Hardcover))
Mike Carey

Marvel, 2011

The X-Men have escaped the AGE OF X and returned to Utopia - unaware that something sinister followed them back. Upon discovering this new evil has been loosed into the world, Rogue and Magneto round up a team to hunt it down. But is this motley new crew of X-Men prepared for what awaits them? Collecting X-MEN LEGACY #250-253.



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