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Geographic Literacy: Maps for Memorization
Pat Rischar Davis

J Weston Walch, 2001

Geographic literacy means more than memorizing maps, of course. It s the doorway to understanding other cultures and becoming informed members of the global community. Geographic Literacy: Maps for Memorization is a one-stop, comprehensive resource for helping students master the physical locations and characteristics of foreign nations and regions. Easy to integrate into any geography or history class, the program includes, for every region: ...


Mother Moose Rhymes
Mary R. Palmer

Gannett Books, 1986


Beyond "Hello": A Practical Guide for Excellent Telephone Communication and Quality Customer Service
Jeannie Davis

Now Hear This Inc, 2000

This tutorial offers help to improve every telephone interaction a company has with its valued customers. Drawn from Davis' experiences, the book includes exercises, stories and examples of how attitude, telephone etiquette, communication styles and listening skills impact the bottom line.


Leading Women to the Heart of God: Creating a Dynamic Women's Ministry

Moody Publishers, 2002

Building a vibrant, God-honoring women's ministry is an enormous challenge. There are so many issues to consider and points of view to incorporate.  Leading Women to the Heart of God  is a comprehensive compilation of articles by leading Christian women addressing key areas of women's ministry. The topics range from 'Your Own Intimate Life with God,' to 'Building Your Confidence to Lead and Teach,' to 'Developing Leaders within Your ...


The Miracle of Intention: Defining Your Success
Pat Davis

Network Marketing Tutor, Inc, 2000

Published in 2000 by Network Marketing Tutor, Inc., this First Edition inspirational paperback measures 5 1/2" by 8 1/2", with 122 pages.


Whitney: Tribute to an Icon
Pat Houston

Atria Books, 2012

Whitney Houston’s extraordinary voice made her a star. Her beauty, style, and spirit made her an icon. In this magnificent collection, more than twenty of the world’s top photographers have joined together to celebrate the brilliant woman they were privileged to capture through their camera lenses. These photographs are a testament to Whitney’s dazzling physical presence, but they also remind us that she was a multidimensional woman: ...


The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex: Secrets and Techniques to Keep Your Relationship Red Hot
Pat Davis

Broadway Books, 2007

Every woman has a Passion Diva inside her -- that sparkling, sexy, lusty creature who is just waiting to be let out. Your Passion Diva knows all about the kinds of sex that will make your toes curl and leave you glowing with pleasure. She's the expert on what will get you in the mood, and knows all sorts of sultry ways to turn your man on and leave him panting with desire. Best of all, she knows how incredible sex can be with a little creativity ...


Sound System Engineering
Don Davis, Eugene Patronis, ...

Focal Press, 2013

Long considered one of the key books on the well-informed audio engineer’s shelf, Sound System Engineering provides an accurate, complete, and concise tool for all those involved in designing, implementing, and testing sound reinforcement systems. This new fourth edition includes eight new chapters leading the reader through both cutting-edge topics—e.g., IBM’s proposed thought-controlled sound system—and solid basics, such as ...


Wanda and the Wells of Mars: A Children's Novel
Pat Davis

AuthorHouse, 2009

In the year 2056, Wanda Roland, 13, is accidentally put on the spaceship taking her 23-year-old brother, Glen, and his companions, Mark James and Jim Rudolf, to Mars. Glen is angry to find his sister instead of a boy, scheduled to come with them. Wanda is convinced that it is all right to go to Mars, even though her parents object because of her migraine attacks. She is determined to find water on Mars.


God Loves Diversity and Justice: Progressive Scholars Speak about Faith, Politics, and the World

Lexington Books, 2013

Both personal and scholarly in tone, this book encourages readers to think theologically, ethically, and politically about the statement that declares: “God loves diversity and justice.” The multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-disciplinary, and multi-gendered identities of the eleven contributors and two respondents deepen the conversation. It considers questions such as: Do we affirm or challenge this theological statement? Do we ...


Frank and the Future of Mars
Pat Davis

PublishAmerica, 2002

Frank and the Future of Mars tells the Martian adventures of twelve-year-old Frank Wilson, in the year 2185. Frank lives in underground Saganville on Mars where his parents are gardeners. Frank must choose his life work. His father expects him to choose gardening, but Frank wants to try other occupations. He sneaks out of Saganville illegally, by himself, to look for diamonds in a crater on Mars. He discovers that diamonds are not important on ...


Badminton Rules (Play the Game)
Pat Davis

Ward Lock Ltd, 1999

This is an explanation of the rules of badminton, which contains the 1998 rule changes and should provide a thorough understanding of the scoring system, the equipment needed and details such as the size of court and the height of the net. It has been published in a concise, portable format.


Recipes for Successful Phoning
Pat Davis

Network Marketing Tutor, Inc., 2000


Estelle and the Escape from Mars: A Children¿s Novel by
Pat Davis

AuthorHouse, 2009

Thirteen-year-old Estelle lives with her cousins, Ray and Harry, under the care of their guardian, Uncle Graylon. In the year 2300, Estelle enjoys living at the beautiful Lakeside apartments on Mars. The air has been breathable for almost fifty years. She has fun, playing with the fish in their beautiful lake. Estelle and her cousins are always ready to travel to different parts of Mars. Once they visited the ¿face¿ formation. They didn¿t ...


Silent Power and Control
Pat Davis

iUniverse, 2010

Silent Power and Control is a collection of twenty-four short stories divided into eight different subject areas: Family, Men, Women, The Love of Animals, Lighthouses, Trains, The Ocean, and Science Fiction. It offers a wide range of stories from humorous fictional stories, to sad stories, and to stories with endings that may surprise you. They have been written for all ages, and hopefully will encourage readers to think about everyday life. ...


Guinness Book of Badminton
Pat Davis

Guinness World Records Limited, 1983

1983, Guinness Superlatives Ltd., Great Britain. Oversized hardcover, 166 pages. B&W photos throughout, color photo gallery. This title includes a variety of topics such as: the history of the game as well as the badminton association of England and the International Badminton Federation and more.


The Freeway to Happiness
Pat Davis

iUniverse Publishing, 2011

I was born on March 17, 1932, in Seattle, Washington. My family traveled from place to place trying to find work, and finally landed in California. I graduated from Visa High School in 1950 and went to work for Pacific Telephone Co. In 1967 I earned a modern executive management degree from International Correspondence School. While working part-time for the telephone company, I received an A.A. degree from Los Angeles Valley Jr. College in 1970 ...


The High Frontier: Human Colonies In Space

Space Studies Institute, Inc., 2013

In the early 1970s America had proved its leadership in Human Spaceflight but among the nation’s youth an anti-technology mindset was growing. Princeton Physicist and Professor Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill, inventor of the revolutionary Colliding-Beam Storage Ring technology that is now the basis of all high energy particle accelerators, asked his students if they could come up with a working Space Colony system to permanently and happily house ...


Avengers: Above and Beyond
Kurt Busiek, Roy Thomas, ...

Marvel Comics, 2006

The Avengers learn what too much of a bad thing can be when they face a city of robots and a village of Hulks! And in other international news, Blood Wraith has a big problem with Ultron's extermination of Slorenia! Meanwhile, Silverclaw shines and Triathlon triumphs in Kurt Busiek's penultimate Avengers saga! Featuring the villainy of Ultron, Diablo and Kang the Conqueror! Collects Avengers #36-40, 56, Avengers: Ultron Imperative, and Avengers ...


Hurray for Christopher: The Story of a Maine Coon Cat
Virginia Langley

Gannett Books, 1986

Book by Langley, Virginia



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