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Real Ponies Don't Go Oink
Patrick F. McManus

Dh Audio, 1991

"True-life" tales of man against nature in a collection sure to entertain the most hard-to-please listener. 2 cassettes.


The Grasshopper Trap
Patrick F. McManus

Owl Book, 1986


Neve Sniff a Gift Fish
Patrick F. McManus

Recorded Books, 2000

By Patrick F. Mcmanus. Narrated By Norman Dietz. In the capters of Never Sniff A Gift Fish, McManus will teach you the wisdom that is usually shared only in the close ranks of modern-day hunters and gatherers. To complete your arsenal McManus also includes The Hunter's Workout Guide and a special Family Camper's Dictionary. Exercises like the hindquarter shuffle will make you move like a hunter. And phrases like "Yip-yip-yip-Owooooooo!" will ...


A Fine and Pleasant Misery
Patrick F. McManus

Demco Media, 2002

A selection of McManus's contributions to Field and Stream offers zany observations on the hapless victims of camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking. Book available.


Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs
Patrick F. McManus

Henry Holt & Co, 1987

In this collection of outrageously fresh stories, Patrick McManus introduces a variety of friends, old and new, and takes readers to a bunch of exotic locales. "Pat McManus is a treasure."


The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw
Patrick F. McManus

Henry Holt & Co, 1989

America's celebrated humorist takes a plunge into metaphysics, convinced he can hold his own with history's mythmakers! McManus provides a hilarious and unforgettable experience as he satirizes history, popular legends . . . and life itself!((Henry Holt--Humor)


Pavlov's Trout: The Incompleat Psychology of Everyday Fishing
Paul G. Quinnett

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 1998

Examines the mysteries of the sport of fishing from the perspective of modern psychology and explores the motivations that attract people to fishing.


I Fish; Therefore, I Am: And Other Observations
Patrick F. McManus

Galahad, 2001

Three bestsellers in one delightful volume--at an unbeatable price! With his own particular brand of wry tongue-in-cheek humor, Patrick F. McManus spins riotously amusing slice-of-life stories of men, women, and their adventures in the great outdoors. The laughter will start right at the clever titles: A Fine and Pleasant Misery , Never Sniff a Gift Fish , and T hey Shoot Canoes, Don't They? Full of enjoyable exposés such as "All You Ever ...


How I Got This Way

Holt Paperbacks, 2010

Patrick McManus, the bestselling author of such hilarious books as A Fine and Pleasant Misery and Never Sniff a Gift Fish , now offers readers solid thoughts on the qualities that define leadership, beginning with the need to be tall, and much more, in this outrageous collection of short pieces that reveals his tortuous trip along the writer's path.


The McManus Treasury I
Patrick F. McManus

Henry Holt & Co (P), 1995

For the first time, all four of Patrick F. McManus's zany books on outdoor life are available in an attractively boxed set. Contains The Grasshopper Trap, A Fine and Pleasant Misery, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, and They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?


Mountain Goats Never Say Cheese
Patrick F. McManus

Durkin Hayes Publishing Ltd., 1996

Follow the hilarious career of the world's worst wildlife photographer--from his first photos that almost show animals to a terrifying helicopter ride with a pilot who doesn't believe in flight, in "Mountain Goats Never Say Cheese". "Cubs" is the tale of ice, fire, mosquitoes, camping, skinny dipping, and the most successful practical joke ever. "But Where Is the Park Papa?" exposes the bizarre side of vacationing in what used to be nature. And ...


The 400 Pound Pumpkin
Patrick F. McManus

Dh Audio, 1999

Book by McManus, Patrick F.


How to Fish a Creek
Patrick F. McManus

Dh Audio, 1998

Patrick F. McManus has been compared to Mark Twain. He finds comedy in peoples' everyday lives and shares it with wit and understanding. Here, he tells listeners everything they need to know about fishing a "crick"--and then some!.


Crash Dive
Patrick F. McManus

Dh Audio, 1998


Scritch's Creek
Patrick F. McManus

Dh Audio, 1992

Hidden deep in a forest flows the perfect fish-filled creek--right next to the cabin of a massive mountain maniac. Laugh out loud at the accidental adventures of the young man who fishes the creek, fights Scritch's giant grandson, and gets caught with the horrifying Pearly, in "Scritch's Creek". Also includes "A Brief History of Boats and Marriage"", Boating Disorders", and "Out of Sync".


Patrick F. McManus Collector's Edition (Seventeen Hilarious Stories)
Patrick F. McManus

Dh Audio, 1999



Nude With Other Wildlife
Patrick F. McManus

Dh Audio, 2000

More shenanagans by the famed humor writer



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