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Nowhere Is a Place : Travels in Patagonia
Bruce and Paul Theroux Chatwin

Douglas & McIntyre, 1992


Under the Hula Moon : Living in Hawai'i
Jocelyn Fujii

Crown, 1992

Jocelyn Fujii's heartfelt paean to the land and people she loves, this lavish and vibrant book, captures and explores all of Hawai'i's beauty and singularity. A fantastic vacation between two hard covers. Full-color photographs.


A Christmas Card
Paul Theroux

Hamish Hamilton Ltd, 1978

Lost in a New England snowstorm, a family is sheltered by a mysterious old man who disappears the next morning, leaving behind a magical "Christmas card."


The Saddest Pleasure : A Journey on Two Rivers
Moritz Thomsen

Sumach Press, 1991



Paul. Theroux


Marvels of craft.... Theroux's mature style is an instrument of versitile capacity, unpretentious, vital, and unforced. The subjects are variousm the pitch exact.


Saint Jack
Paul Theroux

Houghton Mifflin, 1973

Jack Flowers knew he needed to shake things up when he jumped into the Straits of Malacca and hitched a ride to Singapore. Deftly identifying the fastest route to fame along the seedy port, Jack starts hiring girls out to lonely tourists, sailors, bachelors — anyone with some loose change and a wandering eye — soon making enough money to open two pleasure palaces. But just as Jack is finally coming into his own, a shocking tumble toward the ...


Last Places: A Journey in the North
Lawrence Millman

Mariner Books, 2000

A classic of northern exploration and adventure, LAST PLACES is Lawrence Millman's marvelously told account of his journey along the ancient Viking sea routes that extend from Norway to Newfoundland. Traveling through landscapes of transcendent desolation, Millman wandered by way of the Shetland Islands, the Faeroes, Iceland, Greenland, and Labrador. His way was marked by surprising human encounters--with a convicted murderer in Reykjavik, an ...


Sunrise with Seamonsters

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1986

The journeys of Paul Theroux take place not only in exotic, unexpected places of the world but in the thoughts, reading, and emotions of the writer himself. A gathering of people, places, and ideas in fifty glittering pieces of gold.


The Imperial Way
Paul Theroux

houghton mifflin company, 1987

Imperial Way, The, by Theroux, Paul And Steve McCurry


Special Beatles Anniversary Issue. Rolling Stone (February 16, 1984)
Paul, R.D. Laing, Leonard Michaels, Richard Price, and others contribute Theroux

Rolling Stone, 1984


Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds
Robert Coover, Maureen Gibbon, ...

Chronicle Books, 2007

With the first Centerfold, who just happened to be the radiant Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner masterminded a cultural icon: Playboy 's Playmate of the Month. Now, for the first time ever, Playboy has gathered together every Centerfold from every issue into one luxurious collector's edition. That's over 600 beauties. We've reproduced these Centerfolds exactly as they appeared in the magazine to create a full-size, deluxe volume. Paging through ...





George Harrison: Living in the Material World
Olivia Harrison

Harry N. Abrams, 2011

Drawing on George Harrison’s personal archive of photographs, letters, diaries, and memorabilia, Olivia Harrison reveals the arc of his life, from his guitar-obsessed boyhood in Liverpool, to the astonishment of the Beatles years, to his days as an independent musician and bohemian squire. Here too is the record of Harrison’s lifelong commitment to Indian music, and his adventures as a movie producer, Traveling Wilbury, and Formula One ...


The Last Place on Earth (Modern Library Exploration)
Roland Huntford

Modern Library, 1999

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the South Pole was the most coveted prize in the fiercely nationalistic modern age of exploration. In the brilliant dual biography, the award-winning writer Roland Huntford re-examines every detail of the great race to the South Pole between Britain's Robert Scott and Norway's Roald Amundsen. Scott, who dies along with four of his men only eleven miles from his next cache of supplies, became Britain's ...


The Cruise of the Rolling Junk
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hesperus Press, 2011

Tales of Scott and Zelda roadtripping, finally back in print   In an early series of journalistic pieces for  Motor magazine, F. Scott Fitzgerald described a journey he took with his wife Zelda from Connecticut to Alabama in a clapped out automobile which he called the "Rolling Junk." It is a piece of writing whose style, in free-ranging alternation of fact and fiction, has been compared to Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat . This ...


On the Edge of the Great Rift: Three Novels of Africa
Paul Theroux

Penguin Books, 1996

This volume contains three comic and sinister novels set against Africa's vibrant landscape. In Fong and the Indians, a Chinese immigrant in a ramshackle East African country learns to survive by making friends with his enemies; The Girls at Play is the story of white female teachers at an isolated school for African girls in the Kenyan Bush; and Jungle Lovers is the "comic and disturbing" story of an insurance salesman abducted by revolutionary ...


The Comedians (Penguin Classics)
Graham Greene

Penguin Classics, 2005

Three men meet on a ship bound for Haiti, a world in the grip of the corrupt “Papa Doc” and the Tontons Macoute, his sinister secret police. Brown the hotelier, Smith the innocent American, and Jones the confidence man—these are the “comedians” of Greene’s title. Hiding behind their actors’ masks, they hesitate on the edge of life. They are men afraid of love, afraid of pain, afraid of fear itself...


Dead Man Leading (20th Century Classics)
V.S. Pritchett

Oxford University Press, USA, 1984

First published in 1937, this thrilling novel tells the story of an expedition by three Englishmen into the Brazilian jungle; a journey which turns into an obsessive quest for the truth behind a missionary's disappearance seventeen years earlier. The three men are each linked in different ways to the same woman in England, and her presence overshadows the whole narrative. At the centre of the expedition is Harry Johnson, the son of the missing ...



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