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Saved by a Tweet

Englishcombe Press, 2013

HOW DO YOU WANT TO FALL IN LOVE? This is a book for young adults. At the summer camp for diplomats' children, Tom from Kenya and Kay a Mohawk from Canada fall in love in their own musical way with lots of kisses. Geri, the French boy and the sexy Russian Thoma are busy making out. The Saudi Prince Mohammed and his girlfriend must remain virgins if they want their families’ blessing when they ask permission to marry. Will her mother object to ...


Jokes for Kids: All Clean Jokes for Kids Ages 9-12, Book #3 (Funny Jokes for Kids), 2012

This is the third book in the series “Funny Jokes for Kids.” It picks up right where Book #2 left off—with lots and lots of new and really funny, clean story jokes. The jokes in this book, as with all the books of this series, are of the longer variety. There are no short riddle or knock knock jokes here. Because of that children will love this as a reader book or just for fun. All these funny jokes for kids are all clean jokes and ...


Bruce Conner: 2000 BC-Part 2

Walker Art Center, 1999

Bruce Conner (1933-2008) first came to prominence in the late 1950s as a leader of the assemblage movement in California. Conner had close ties with poets of the San Francisco Renaissance (particularly Michael McClure) as well as with artists such as Wallace Berman, George Herms, Jess and Jay DeFeo. Conner's use of nylon stockings in his assemblages quickly won him notoriety, and saw his work included in Peter Selz's classic 1961 Art of ...


Talking with Leaders of the Past
Peter Watson Jenkins, Toni Ann Winninger

Celestial Voices, Inc., 2008

This is a challenging book filled with many surprises. The authors contact a group of master spirits on the Other Side, and through them interview 15 leaders, all born before 1900, who made their mark on the world. Each leader discusses issues from his or her famous past life. They all express their current thoughts and feelings with many marked changes of opinion. The leaders interviewed are: Pope John XXIII, Florence Nightingale, Albert ...


Life Lessons, Our purpose in being human

Celestial Voices, Inc., 2012

Anyone who has asked the question "Why do bad things happen to good people?" will find it clearly answered in Life Lessons: Our purpose in being human. The Masters of the Spirit World selected for this book 40 souls— channeled by Chicago-based psychic Toni Ann Winninger—who freely chose their life lessons before they incarnated on planet Earth. In dialogue with the book's editor, Peter Watson Jenkins, the souls were identified as having ...


Doug's Secret Christmas

Disney Press, 1997

Based on the prime time Christmas special shown on ABC and the Disney Channel. Because of the impending baby, Doug's parents aren't exactly concentrating on Christmas. When the day finally arrives, Doug wakes up alone; his sister--Cleopatra Dirtbike Funnie--was born early in the morning. Maybe it will be a great Christmas after all! National publicity campaign Available.


The Peter Matthiessen Reader
Peter Matthiessen

Vintage, 2000

"Our greatest modern nature writer in the lyrical tradition." -- The New York Times Book Review "Matthiessen is a great travel companion. . . . His knowledge of plants, animals and people is breathtaking." -- The Boston Globe Perhaps no writer has better articulated our relationship to the environment than Peter Matthiessen. From Wildlife in America to Men's Lives , his work has captured the wonder of the natural world--and the horrors of ...


Pond Water Zoo: An Introduction to Microscopic Life
Peter Loewer, Jean Jenkins

Atheneum, 1996

A whole new world appears when you view a drop of water through a small hand lens. The authors, in text and detailed illustrations, take the reader to that world, where diatoms live in beatifully etched glasslike shells. From one celled protozoa to other tiny animals that have developed bodies with hundreds of specialized cells, this is the perfect book for the budding scientist.


Star Trek Archives Volume 2: Best of the Borg (v. 2)
Michael Jan Friedman, Paul Jenkins

IDW Publishing, 2008

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships..." Ever since those chilling words reverberated throughout the bridge of the Enterprise, the Borg have been the most dangerous and relentless adversary of the entire Star Trek universe. Now, collected for the first time, their most fearsome adventures on the comics page!


Found Money
Peter Watson Jenkins

Celestial Voices, Inc, 2012

The common theme of the 18 short stories in this book is that money - or wealth of some kind - is found, not earned. It can be as little as a single coin, or as massive as a win on the lottery. The subjects jostle for attention, from the aristocrat who made his fortune in the South Sea Bubble, to a baker struggling to turn a financial corner in the midst of a popular uprising in this present time. There are two boy heroes, and a fluffy rabbit ...


The IBM Style Guide: Conventions for Writers and Editors (IBM Press), ...

IBM Press, 2011

The IBM Style Guide distills IBM wisdom for developing superior content: information that is consistent, clear, concise, and easy to translate. The IBM Style Guide can help any organization improve and standardize content across authors, delivery mechanisms, and geographic locations. This expert guide contains practical guidance on topic-based writing, writing content for different media types, and writing for global audiences. ...


The BIG Book of Doctor Doctor for Kids: An Interactive Joke Book That is as Much Fun to Play as it is to Read ..., 2012

The hilarious “BIG Book of Doctor Doctor Jokes for Kids” is filled with tons of fun doctor, doctor jokes. Kids of all ages will enjoy reading and telling their friends these clean and zany doctor, doctor jokes. This is actually more than just a book, it is interactive. Kids will have as much fun playing with this book as they will reading it. The laughter will be non-stop as these classic doctor doctor jokes are read out loud, over and ...


Conversations about Birth, Death, and Reincarnation

Celestial Voices, Inc., 2011

The author talks in a modestly lighthearted way with two imaginary friends about the journey of the soul from before its birth as a human being to its transition by death back to the Other Side where it came from. In the course of the Birth discussion issues touched on include: the Creator, why we have children, children's souls, learning lessons, conception, abortion, birth, children's memories, parenting, and talking to children about death. ...


Healing with the Universe, Meditation, and Prayer

Celestial Voices, Inc, 2010

Listening to our cry for help. "This book is the result of a car crash", says Peter Watson Jenkins. "I never knew the victim's name but a friend asked me to offer a prayer for healing. My colleague, Toni Ann Winninger, is in frequent contact with the Masters of the Spirit World, so I asked them for the most helpful way to pray." The Masters taught Peter how to pray effectively. This led him to ask them about accidents, diseases, and the ...


Escape to Danger
Peter Watson Jenkins

1st Book Library, 2000

This timely book has something of the urgency of The 39 Steps in it. The hero, Duncan, newly retired as a British carmaker, is deeply concerned at reports on the BBC News that religious terrorists are threatening to blow up Britain with atom bombs. Recently widowed and now with no job to hold him back, Duncan decides to leave Birmingham to visit Cornwall, hopefully well out danger from. the threatened firestorm. Not only do we sense the urgency ...


Great Outdoor Games for Kids: The Ultimate Collection of Fun Kids Games for Any Outdoor Occasion, 2012

In this book you will find great outdoor games for kids of all ages that will provide lots of challenge, fun and excitement. Some are new and others are unforgettable favorites. These games are all simple and require minimal items, if any at all. Most games do need a large open area where kids can run and jump and chase around safely. These outdoor games are perfect for parties, picnics, and camp outs or anytime you have a group of kids anxious ...


Spirit World Wisdom
Peter Watson Jenkins, Toni Ann Winninger

Celestial Voices, Inc, 2011

Miracles do happen! Toni Ann Winninger and Peter Watson Jenkins personally attest to that fact. Since 1st August 2007 they have received a steady stream of messages, answering questions and cries for help from readers of their blog. The messages have come from, the Ascended Masters, a group of senior spirit guides on the Other Side. Toni who is a skilled clear channel psychic with a worldwide audience translated their vibrational language. ...


Covert Surveillance: The Manual of Surveillance Training
Peter Jenkins

Intel Publishing, 1999


Wealth and Justice: The Morality of Democratic Capitalism (Values and Capitalism)

AEI Press, 2010

Popular opinion would have us believe that America's free market system is driven by greed and materialism, resulting in gross inequalities of wealth, destruction of the environment, and other social ills. Even proponents of capitalism often refer to the free market as simply a 'lesser evil' whose faults are preferable to those of social democracy or communism. But what if the conventional understanding of capitalism as corrupt and unprincipled ...


The BIG Book of Elephant Jokes for Kids: An Interactive Joke Book That is as Much Fun to Play as it is to ..., 2012

The “BIG Book of Elephant Jokes for Kids” is filled with the funniest elephant jokes you have ever heard. Kids of all ages will enjoy reading and telling their friends these clean and hilarious elephant jokes. This is actually more than just a book-- it is interactive. Kids will have as much fun playing with this book as they will reading it. The laughter will be non-stop as these classic and NEW elephant jokes are read out loud, over and ...



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