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Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5
Peter Krogh

DAM Useful Publishing, 2014

Store, Tag, Create. (It's not too late!) You want to tidy up your image library? Streamline your workflow? Get your images and collections out into the real world quickly and easily? 'Organizing Your Photos for Lightroom 5' brings clarity and simplicity to these sometimes confusing processes. By stepping back to view all your photographs through Peter Krogh's three-step approach, you will be able to create and share your images knowing your ...


Catalogage et flux de production pour les photographes (French Edition)
Peter Krogh

Eyrolles, 2010


DAM Book Digital Asset Management for Photographers [O'Reilly Digital Studio] by Krogh, Peter [O'Reilly ...
Peter Krogh

O'Reilly Media,2005, 0005

DAM Book Digital Asset Management for Photographers . O'Reilly Media, 2005.


The DAM Book 2nd (second) edition Text Only
Peter Krogh, 2009


The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers
Peter Krogh

O'Reilly Media, 2009

One of the main concerns for digital photographers today is asset management: how to file, find, protect, and re-use their photos. The best solutions can be found in The DAM Book , our bestselling guide to managing digital images efficiently and effectively. Anyone who shoots, scans, or stores digital photographs is practicing digital asset management (DAM), but few people do it in a way that makes sense. In this second edition, photographer ...


The DAM Book Guide to Multi-Catalog Workflow for Lightroom 5
Peter Krogh

DAM Useful Publishing, 2013

Lightroom is a wonderful tool for managing your photo collection, but it is really designed for a single-catalog workflow. Photographers who have very large collections, or need to work on multiple computers, or need to collaborate with others can get into a confusing mess pretty quickly. If you're in this situation, help is here. Built on the principles first outlined in The DAM Book, this multimedia eBook presents a thorough examination of ...


Gestion del archivo digital para fotografos / Digital File Management for Photographers (Spanish Edition)
Peter Krogh

Anaya Multimedia, 2009


Palestinians Under Occupation: Prospects for the Future
Peter F. Krogh

Center for Contemporary Arab, 1989

Multiple authors contribute to this work describing how the economic situation in the territories deteriorated and political control intensified during the period preceding the intifadah. The book address many questions including the role Israel plays in the occupation of the West Bank.


The Modern Ambassador: The Challenge and the Search

Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, 1983

Ambassadors -- United States.


Professionelle Bildverwaltung f+รข-+r Fotografen
Peter Krogh

Unknown., 2007



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