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After Worlds Collide
Philip Wylie, Edwin Balmer

Warner Paperback Library, 1975

A handful of supermen colonize a distant planet. The classic sequel to WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE.


The Answer
Philip Wylie

Dove Entertainment Inc, 1996

In this novella, a beautiful being is found lying in a clear pool of water near where an island had been only moments ago--before the U.S. military dropped an H-Bomb on it. The being lay motionless, relaxed as if in death. It is an angel. Fear abounds that the military has shot down the angel Gabriel. At about the same time, the Russians are testing their own bomb in Siberia, and an angel is found by them also. Simultaneous hardcover release ...


Autumn Romance
Philip Wylie

Lancer Books, 1968


Possessed, A Novel Inspired by True Events
Philip J. Crowley and Kenneth C. Wylie

Sunstone Press, 2013

What had she done? Alone, scared, sitting in the holding cell of the Kalkaska County Sheriff's Department, Iris Harris never imagined she would be trapped in a battering relationship. Her life was not without struggles but by her forties she was content and fulfilled, teaching inner city children in the City of Detroit. A chance encounter, in a small mid-Michigan town, with an older outwardly pleasant and charming real estate agent, plunged her ...


Crunch & Des: Classic Stories of Saltwater Fishing
Philip Wylie

Skyhorse Publishing, 2014

Philip Wylie’s enthralling tales of saltwater fishing have been entertaining readers of the Saturday Evening Post since 1939. Captain Crunch Adams, skipper of the charter boat Poseidon , and his friend and partner Des Smith adventure high and low in the waters of Florida, coming face-to-face with big fish and bigger personalities along the way. Featuring twenty-two of Wylie’s best Crunch and Des stories, this is a delightful compendium of ...


After Worlds Collide
Edwin Wylie Philip & Balmer

Warner Books, 1973


An essay on morals
Philip Wylie

Rinehart & company, inc, 1947

"A science of philosophy and a philosophy of the sciences [and] a popular explanation of the Jungian theory of human instinct (title page); with author's introductory note."


Treasure cruise and Other Crunch and Des Stories
Philip Wylie

Macfadden Book Company, 1967

book, used classic novel


THE TREASURY OF SCIENCE FICTION CLASSICS: The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion; The Star; When Worlds ...
Harold W. (editor) (Edgar Allan Poe; H. G. Wells; Edwin Balmer; Philip Wylie; Arthur Conan Doyle; Jules Verne; Olaf Stapledon; E. M. Forster; Karel Capek; Aldous Huxley; Howard Koch; Garrett P. Serviss; F. Scott Fitzgerald; S. Fowler Wright) Kuebler

Hanover House, 1954


When Worlds Collide (Vintage Dell, #627)
Philip Wylie, Edwin Balmer

Dell Books, 1952

Cover states that this is the "NEW REVISED EDITION" Our solar system is being invaded; not by flying saucers or little green men, but by two rogue planets, the larger of which is on a collision course with Earth! That's the premise of Wylie's now-classic story (the co-author, Balmer, has been largely forgotten!). The novel intersperses horrific scenes of suicidal humanity with the heroic efforts of a small band of people to create spaceships. ...


When Worlds Collide and After Worlds Collide: 2 Big Volumes in 1
Philip Wylie, Edwin Balmer

Lippincott, 1960

Hardcover book containing two volumes of work. No indication of edition or publication date; the only dates are the original copyright dates of 1932 & 1933 respectively. The front cover states "Two great imaginative novels of the atomic age now combined in this one thrilling book." When Worlds Collide is about two renegade planets hurtling towards Planet Earth and the approaching possibility of complete annihilation. After Worlds Collide is ...


experiment in Crime
Philip Wylie

Lancer Books (72-935), 1965


Shot in the Dark
Judith (ed): Theodore Sturgeon, Leigh Brackett, Fredric Brown, Gerald Ke Merril

New York: Bantam Books # 751 2nd Printing, undated circa, 1952


Magic Animal
Philip wylie

Pocket, 1969



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